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Aphrodite (In Rome Venus)

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Hesiod says that she grew from the foam that gathered around the severed genitals of Titan Ouranos after they were thrown into the sea by his son Kronos. Kronos cut of Ouranos genitals, because Ouranos seduced his wife. This would make Aphrodite the oldest Olympian God.
In a text by Homer, there is another story of how Aphrodite was born. He says Aphrodite is a daughter of Zeus, the king of the Gods, and Goddess Dione. The story were she is their daughter is more common than Hesiods story. Sometimes Aphrodite is even called Dionaie (daughter of Dione) in poems. She drifted in the sea after her birth, before stepping ashore on Cyprus.
In Iliad she is also called Kypris, Lady of Cyprus, were her cult was very old and of non-Greek origin, and she also had an ancient association with Cythera off the southeastern corner of the Peloponnese. Her shrine at Cythera was thought to be the earliest in Greece, built by Phoenicians. She is a Goddess of Semitic origin were she was called Astarte or Ishtar.

Aphrodite is also very closely associated with water and sea, and she is very often shown with a shell or dolphins. Sailors honored her as their protector and believed that she could bring them victory in sea-battles. Surprisingly she was also worshipped as a war Goddess at Cythera and Sparta especially, and bringer of victory in Argos.
Aphrodite is regularly associated with Eros, the personification of amorous desire, who fulfills his purposes by inspiring love in Gods and mortals alike. In Hesiods Theogony he is said to be the primordial cosmic power, and that he attended Aphrodite from the time of her birth, and that he accompanied her to Olympus. In a later text Eros is said to be son of Aphrodite and Ares. Eros often helped Aphrodite mess around with the life of mortals.

One of the most famous tales of Aphrodite is the tale of her love for Adonis. Myrrha, daughter of Theias, king of Assyria, refused to honor Aphrodite. Aphrodite was furious and in revenge inspired Myrrha with incestuous passion for her own father. One time she slipped into his bed under the cover of darkness and Theias slept with her for twelve nights without realizing who she was. Finally he realized that he had slept with his own daughter and in horror Theias chased her with the sword.
Before he was able to catch Myrrha, she prayed to the Gods to help her, and after hearing her plea they turned her into a tree that bears her name, the myrrh-tree. Her father committed suicide shortly after.
Myrrha was pregnant and in time the tree broke open and Adonis was born. Adonis was so beautiful that Aphrodite didn´t want to share him with other Gods, and hid him in the underworld with Persephone. Persephone was also so enchanted with his beauty that she also wanted to keep him. Zeus, after consulting Kalliope the Muse of epic poetry, decided that Adonis was to spend one third of the year with Aphrodite, one third with Persephone and one third by himself, tough he decided to spend his own third also with Aphrodite.
Aphrodite tried to keep Adonis safe, but one time when he went hunting a wild boar killed him. Some texts describes his death as an accident, some say Ares killed him out of jealousy and some that Artemis killed him as revenge for Aphrodite for having caused the death of her own favorite Hippolytos.

Aphrodite was married to Hephaistos, God of fire and smithies. Hephaistos was son of Hera, who had deformed legs. Marriage between Aphrodite and Hephaistos was arranged by Zeus, the king of Gods. Aphrodite did not love Hephaistos, but was forced to be with him although she was in love with Ares, God of war. Helios, God of sun, who can see everything from the sky found out Aphrodite and Ares were having an affair and told about it to Hephaistos. Hephaistos was angry, but too scared to comfort Ares, so he did plan a trap for his unfaithful wife and her lover.
He fashioned a subtle net which was strong but invisible and spread it around his bed, causing the guilty couple to be caught up in it when they lay down. Hephaistos then summoned other gods to witness the sight. Gods did not take the affair so seriously that Hephaistos had hoped, and he just had to get used to having an unfaithful wife.Aphrodite and Ares had three children, two sons Deimos and Phobos (panic and fear) the terrible gods who strike confusion into the close-packed ranks of men fighting war, and a daughter Harmonia, Goddess of harmony and joy.

Thetis, Goddess of rivers and oceans, married Peleus, a mortal man, and all Gods were invited to join the feast. Eris, Goddess of dissent and strife, and comrade and sister of Ares, was not invited. She was furious, and decided to sabotage their wedding. In the middle of the wedding-feast she trough a golden apple in front of Goddesses Aphrodite, Athena and Hera, with the text ”to the most beautiful”. Zeus ordered that Paris, son of Priam and Hekabe, was to decide who of the Goddesses were the most beautiful. Paris judged in favor of Aphrodite because she did promise that he could marry Helen, the beautiful wife of the Trojan king.
There is little left from the original text that tells the story and only the part about Aphrodite's offering is completely preserved, but its said that Hera offered royal sway to Paris, and Athena promised success in war. The promise Aphrodite made to Paris led to the infamous war of Troy. Aphrodite had also a son Aineias with the mortal man Anchises. Aineias accompanied Paris in the Trojan war at the order of Aphrodite. In battle warrior Diomedes, who was Athena's favorite, tried to kill Aineias, and when Aphrodite comes to aid her son Diomedes stabs her.
Aphrodite flees to Olympus and Apollo comes to rescue Aineias from Diomedes. Homer writes about the wound suffered by Aphrodite, which caused ”divine blood Ichor, such as runs throughout the veins of blessed Gods” to flow out. Aphrodite revenged Diomedes by making his wife fall in love with another man and after Diomedes returned home from the war, the lovers tried to kill him. They did not succeed, and Diomedes did seek protection from Athena's temple and after that was protected by her against the anger of Aphrodite.

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God name
"ADONIS (lord)"
Lebanon / Syria Fertility and vegetation god. Adonis is modeled on the Mesopotamian dying vegetation god DUMUZI (Hebrew: Tammuz). He appears as a youthful deity. The river Adonis [Nahr Ibrahim] is sacred to him largely because its waters flow red after heavy Winter Rains, having become saturated with ferrous oxide. In Hellenic tradition he is the son of the mythical Cyprian king Cinyras and his mother is MYRRHA. According to Hesiod he is also the son of Phoenix and Alphesiboea. He is the consort of APHRODITE. Tradition has it that he was killed by a boar during a hunting expedition and is condemned to the underworld for six months of each year, during which the earth's vegetation parches and dies under the summer Sun and drought. He was honored in a spring festival when priests in effeminate costume gashed themselves with knives. Frequently depicted nude and sometimes carrying a lyre. Also ATTIS (Phrygian); ATUNIS (Etruscan)....
Goddess name
"APHRODITE (foam-born)"
Greek / Cypriot Goddess of sexual love. She was a daughter of Helios and Amphitrite, or of Poseidon and Aphrodite, lastly of Oceåñuś. Greek

Greek The son of Anchises and Aphrodite, and born on mount Ida. On his father's side he was a greatgrandson of Tros, and thus nearly related to the royal house of Troy, as Priam himself was a grandson of Tros. He was educated from his infancy at Dardåñuś, in the house of Alcathous, the husband of his sister.
With the costs of higher education at an all-time high, the American Dream of a college education can seem like just that — a dream.
However the reality is that there are lots of things a prospective student can do to help offset the high costs of higher education.
If you’re trying to figure out how to go to college for free, we have some advice that might help you on your way.
We’ve covered a wide range of options from how to get free tuition through a grant to various service opportunities.
Take a look at these and other ways you might be able to score a free college education.
Goddess name
"Allat (goddess)"
Pre - Islamic northern / central Arabian Astral and tutelary goddess. One of the three daughters of ALLAH. At Palmyra she was regularly invoked as a domestic guardian either as Allat or ASTARTE with whom she is closely linked. At Ta'if she was symbolized in the form of a white granite stone. In Hellenic times she became syncretized with ATHENA or, according to Herodotus who called her Alilat, with APHRODITE....

Greek A surname of Aphrodite, which is derived from the town of Amathus in Cyprus.

Greek (Anterôs) was the son of Ares and Aphrodite, given to his brother Eros, who was lonely, as a playmate. He is the personification of unrequited love and punisher of those who scorn love, and is depicted as similar to Eros in every way, but with long hair and butterfly wings. The term was also used for the love which arises in the beloved boy in a pederastic relationship.

Greek / Etruscan The son of Ares and Aphrodite in Greek mythology, given to his brother Eros, who was lonely, as a playmate. He is the personification of unrequited love and punisher of those who scorn love, and is depicted as similar to Eros in every way, but with long hair and butterfly wings. Greek / Etruscan

Greek The blooming, or the friend of flowers, a surname of Hera, under which she had a temple at Argos. Before this temple was the mound under which the women were buried who had come with Dionysus from the Aegean islands, and had fallen in a contest with the Argives and Perseus. Antheia was used at Gnossus as a surname of Aphrodite. Greek
Goddess name
Carian Goddess of fertility Turkey. The Greeks equated her with Aphrodite. (Carian)
Goddess name
Carian / southwestern Turkey Fertility goddess. Equating with the Greek goddess APHRODITE....
Goddess name
Greek One of the great Olympian divinities, according to the popular and poetical notions of the Greeks, the goddess of love and beauty. Some traditions stated that she had sprung from the foam of the sea, which had gathered around the mutilated parts of Uråñuś, that had been thrown into the sea by Cronus after he had unmanned his father. (Theogony of Hesiod)
Goddess name
"Aphrodite Pandemos"
Greek A goddess of sex likely conflated with Aphrodite
God name
Greek God of hunting and healing. One of the great divinities of the Greeks, was, according to Homer, the son of Zeus and Leto. Hesiod (Theogony of Hesiod 918) states the same, and adds, that Apollo's sister was Artemis. Neither of the two poets suggests anything in regard to the birth-place of the god, unless we take "born in Lycia," which, however, according to others, would only mean "born of or in light." Apollo is one of the few Greek gods who did not sleep with Aphrodite
God name
Greek A daughter of Lelas and Periboea, was one of the swift-footed companions of Artemis. She was beloved by Dionysus, but fled from him, until Aphrodite, at the request of Dionysus, inspired her with love for the god.
Goddess name
Carthaginian / North Africa moon goddess. The Romanized form of the Punic goddess TANIT. Elsewhere she became syncretized into the cult of APHRODITE-VENUS. Annual games were held in her honor. She was brought to Rome in the form of an abstract block of stone (like that of KYBELE from Pessinus) and became popular there during the early part of the third century AD; in this guise she was known as the “mighty protectress of the Tarpeian hill.”...

Greek Or the Graces. Aphrodite's retinue was usually completed by the Charites and were usually considered the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, though they were also said to be daughters of Dionysus and Aphrodite, or of Helios and Aegle Greek
King name
Greek A famous Cyprian hero. According to the common tradition, he was a son of Apollo by Paphos, king of Cyprus, and priest of the Paphian Aphrodite, which latter office remained hereditary in his family, the Cinyradae. Greek
Goddess name
Greek Or Cythera, Cytherias, different forms of a surname of Aphrodite, derived from the town of Cythera in Crete, or from the island of Cythera, where the goddess was said to have first landed, and where she had a celebrated temple. Greek
Goddess name
Greek Or Despoena, the daughter of Poseidon and Demeter after they mated disguised as horses. Despoena, the ruling goddess or the mistress, occurs as a surname of several divinities, such as Aphrodite, Demeter and Persephone. Greek
Goddess name
Greek 1. A goddess of fruit. A daughter of Demeter and Poseidon. Known as Pomona to the Romans 2. The ruling goddess or the mistress, occurs as a surname of several divinities, such as Aphrodite, Demeter and Persephone. Greek
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8 ways to attend college for free

1. Grants and scholarships
Financial aid — the traditional way of eliminating college costs — is still available. To increase the odds of landing grants and scholarships, Doug Hewitt, co-author of “Free College Resource Book,” advises students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, and then focus on local prizes.

“There are more scholarships you’ll qualify for in your home state than nationally,” says Hewitt. “Look at local organizations and talk to your high school (guidance) counselor.”

And remember to start your search early. You won’t be the only person wondering how to go to college for free and scholarships can be limited to a first come, first served basis. You should also keep in mind that you don’t need to wait for your senior year to start hunting for scholarships. There are grants and awards available at all high school grade levels.

2. Give service to your country
The U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force, Military (West Point), Merchant Marine and Naval academies offer free college opportunities to students who serve after college, but cash is also available through ROTC programs closer to home.

Service requirements for ROTC programs vary, but all require students to complete military training on campus and commit to up to 12 years, depending on the branch of service. Students leave with training, a guaranteed job and opportunities for more free education.

AmeriCorps, a national service organization that offers education awards in exchange for community work, provides an award of up to $5,730 for each full year of service. Maximum years of service vary among AmeriCorps programs. Members also receive a living stipend while serving in the program.

3. Work for the school
Schools charge students tuition, but their employees often can get a free education. “This is a great option, especially for older students with job experience,” says Reyna Gobel, author of “CliffsNotes Graduation Debt.” “If you’re 18, you might not qualify for a job that provides (tuition) benefits.”

Schools typically provide benefits for full-time workers and sometimes require a certain level of experience, Gobel says. Future students can find out about their school’s policy by calling the admissions office.

4. Waive your costs
Some students can get a free pass based on academic performance or other factors.

The North American Council on Adoptable Children in St. Paul, Minnesota, reports that Connecticut, Kentucky, Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida and Maryland offer waivers at certain public schools for adopted and foster care children.

Other schools offer waivers for Native American students, senior citizens and dislocated workers. To find out what your school offers, call the financial aid office.

5. Become an apprentice
An apprenticeship is another solid option when you’re determining how to get free tuition. They can also open you up to job opportunities post-college.

Overall, your average apprenticeship program will take 1-6 years. You will probably be required to put in that time along with at least 2,000 hours of field work annually. The good news is that there are apprenticeships in more than 1,000 occupations, which can give you more options.

In exchange, the sponsoring employer pays for college or technical training and provides a salary. A list of available programs is available at the ApprenticeshipUSA website.

6. Have your employer pick up the costs
Another way you might receive a free college education is through your employer. Often given in the form of an employee reimbursement, there are plenty of employers that can help curb the cost of higher education.

7. Be in demand
Another great way to find out how to go to college for free is to determine if your field of study is “high-needs.” Will your studies result in a career that’s high in demand? Ask yourself this before you even enroll if you’re trying to cut the cost of college.

Generally, schools will offer incentives to anyone focusing their studies on math, science, nursing, teaching, and social work. There are also additional opportunities available through organizations like Teach for America, the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program and the National Institutes of Health.

The nursing program at the University of Portland in Oregon has offered scholarships covering approximately 80% of the final 2 years of undergraduate study, if students sign a 3-year employment contract with the local health system, Fabriquer says. “There are similar programs in (high-needs) fields across the country,” he adds.

8. Choose a school that pays you
Last on our list of ways on how to get free tuition, and probably the riskiest. There are, indeed, schools that will pay you to focus your studies in a single subject (which they dictate). Schools such as the Webb Institute and the Curtis Institute of Music offer a select range of academic programs and pick up the tuition cost for every student. Just think long and hard about your decision before you commit to this course.