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Gay Marriage - God's New Law of Eden

This is the testament that pardons the Gays through the prophecy of God’s New Law. God’s New Law was written about in the Holy Bible in the book of Revelations by John but undeclared until now. Learn how God blesses the Gays and Gay Marriage through the recreation of Eden with two men. God loves his gay children and wants them to welcome him into their lives. Learn how God will provide guidence to his gay children and bless gay marriage if sought. Learn how God will take care of his gay children and bless their gay marriage if prayed to and asked for guidence. Learn about the treasures in Heaven that wait for the Gays and the blessing of gay marriage. Find freedom from social abuse with God and his New Law written to help the Gays understand that they are welcome with God in his kingdom. Learn about how God is willing to accept his gay children and offer to them a blessing with gay marriage. Help spread the word of God's love for his gay children and his gifts with gay marriage.