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List of Gods
NameOrigin Description
Aequitas . A minor spirit of fair dealing from 300 BCE
Anatis . A moon goddess?
Anus Hurrite . The king of heaven who declared war on the father of the gods, he lost
Arava . A moon goddess
Auxesia . A goddess of growth
Belili . A moon goddess
Biliku . A goddess of fire
Brisaya . A moon goddess
Ek Maya . A Babob
Gungu . A moon deity
Himalia . A goddess invoked to bless the harvest
Hintubuet . A moon goddess
Hunthaca . A moon goddess?
Hur ki . A moon goddess?
Hyaninthos . A god of vegetation
Isten/ Isden . A god known from the the Middle Kingdom & later
Ixbalanque/ Hunapu . this god of the moon is also be twin of Hunahpu
Lud/ Nudd/ Nuada . This god is London's namesake
Pasiphae . A goddess of the moon
Perkunas . the god of thunder & yes this is Perkons in a different nation
Pratibhanaspratisamvit . A goddess, one of context analysis
Roman . the very minor God of our culture
Spiniesis . agriculture - This poor minor god is charged with responsibility of uprooting thorn bushes
Sutekh/ Hurrian . A weather god
Telesto . A goddess of initiations
Tir Mumia . he is the god of wisdom concerned with writing
Verbti . A god of fire that the Christians identified with the devil
Wa kon da Hondon . .
Were Luo' . A chief god
Keri & Kame Bacairi 1st nations These brothers are the accused of creating the human race
Wele Abaluyia Chief god
Afi Abkhaz A god of rain & thunderstorms that does not tolerate women using his name
Lama Acadia A feminine benevolent protective demon that later became the half man and half bull guardian of palace entrances
Katsinas Acoma The children of Iatiku who could bring rain & food
Tsichtinako Acoma The female spirit of the creation myth
Uchtsiti Acoma Father of the gods
Disani Afghanistan The supreme fertility & mother goddess
Adroa Africa A god that is the an early version of Adro
Akuj Akuj Africa The chief deity
Amelenwa Africa A goddess of justice
Ananse Ashanti Africa The creator of the sun, stars, day, moon & night who often intercedes between gods & mortals
Andriam Vabi Rano Africa A goddess of water & lakes
Ani Africa A goddess of justice
Annalia Africa A river goddess
Atai Africa A goddess of justice
Azele Yaba Africa A goddess of justice
Aziri Africa goddess of possessions
Cagn Mantis/ Kalahari Africa The creator
Chango Africa A warrior god that Defense morals against enemies that want the land, wealth & women
Domfe Kurumba Africa The god of rain & wind
Dwyn Kazoba Baziba Africa He is in the god of the sun and as well as the moon
Dziva Africa A goddess of justice
Ebore Africa A sky god
Edinkira Africa A tree goddess
Egungun oya Africa Another form of the Yoruba goddess of divination
Eka Abassi Africa Creator of life
Ekineba Africa A goddess of teaching
Enekpe Africa A goddess of the family & guardian of destiny
Eseasar Africa An earth goddess
Fa Africa A god of divination
Gamab/ Ganna/ Gawa/ Gaunab Damaras Africa The supreme god & creator of the world who lives beyond the stars
Gor Africa The god of thunder
Habiesso Africa A god of thunder
Imo Africa A goddess of justice
Inna Africa A goddess of justice
Isamba Africa A moon goddess
Ises Africa A goddess of bow & arrow
Jok Africa A creator god
Juck Shilluck Africa This is the creator of the world
Lesa SE Africa A creator god
Lisa Fon/ Dahomey Africa A sun god
Luamerava Africa A goddess of sexual desire
Mahalbiya Hausa Africa A goddess of healing, fevers, ulcers
Mahu Fon Africa She is the supreme goddess of the earth as well as a goddess of the moon & fertility
Mantchu Muchangu Africa Strange but by teaching humans how to make clothes & covering their bodies he ended up being the god of dressmakers
Minga Bengale Shongon Africa This god of hunters also taught humans how to make nets
Mugasha Baziba Africa He is the god of water
Mujaji/ Modjajji Lovedu Africa A goddess of rain immortalized in the book, She by Rider Haggard
Nakiwulo Africa A goddess of justice
Nana Buluku Fon Africa The supreme god
Nyamwezi Africa A goddess of justice
Nzambi Africa A goddess of justice
Oba Africa A river goddess
Oboto Africa A goddesses of serenity
Obumo Africa A god
Osanyin Africa A god of medicine
Tenga Africa A goddess of justice
Untombinde Africa A goddess of justice
Wagadu Africa A goddess of physical prowess
Wuni Africa A god
Uwolowu Africa/ Akpossa A god
Sio Humis Ahopui The rain god
Chup Kamui Ainu A goddess of war & the sun
Fuji Ainu/ Japan A goddess of fire & volcano & chief goddess
Kamui/ Tuntu Ainu/ Japan the sky god
Ashirat Akkad A goddess of the Evening star
Kingu Akkadia A demon mentioned in the creation epic
Ereshkigal Akkadia/ Hittite This goddess is the mother of the storm god as well as an underworld goddess
Isinu Akkadia/ Mesopotamia this god, a messenger, was a dual faced god
Lamatsu Akkadian A demones of fever & disease among infants
Akycha Alaskan A goddess of war
Dragoni Albania A god of thunder & lightning
Fatit/ Merin Albania Female entities that are in charge of the individuals destiny
Kukuth/ Kukudhi Albania This is a female demon of sickness had an unhappy life at as a human
Kulshedra Albania A female demonic individual in that may be either an enormous hag with pendulous breasts &/ or a dragon like monster that spits fire
Ljubi Albania A demoness that could cause drought on less a virgin was sacrificed to her
Prende Albania A goddess of love
Shurdi Albania A storm god that had been revered in recent times
P:erende Albanian A storm god that lets you know he is around with thunder & lightning. It was used by the Christians to identify their god in that region
Perit Albanian A goddesses of justice
Tomor Albanian A creator & wind and god, he is still around
Tomor Albanian A god of the winds as well as a creator god, he is still worshipped today
Chuginadak Aleut A goddess of fire & volcano
Agu'gux Aleut[USA] The creator god that was claimed to be the Christian god under Russian Orthodox priests
Chibiabos Algonquin The brother of Nanabush
Gluskap/ Glooscap Algonquin The creator force
Ikas Algonquin Mother Earth
Malsum Algonquin A destructive brother of Gluskap
Manibozho Algonquin He is the god created the earth & humans as an after thought
Nanabush/ Manabozho/ Wisaaka/ Glooscap Algonquin The creator & good spirit
Kitanitowit Algonquin/ E. Canada A being who is present everywhere in the universe, he is invisible, like most gods
Gitche/ Manitou Algonquin/ Lenape The Great Spirit, the All Father
Eriskegal Allatu/ Babylon She is one of the divinities who ruled the netherworld
Evaki Amazon/ S.A. A goddess of the night
Milkom Ammonite (E.Jordan) He is the chief god, & may have of been worshipped by King Solomon under a different name
Molek/ Moloch Amorite A god of fire that children were sacrificed to IAW 1 Kings11:7 & 2 Kings 23:10 only
Khadau Amur/ Siberia The creator god, neat story
Mamaldi Amur/ Siberia She is the co-creator of earth but she was killed by her husband for creating Asia, for spite she created souls for at the magicians he built
Ararat Anatolia The ancient creator goddess
Inaras Anatolia A goddess of liquor
Sipylene Anatolia/ Symnra The mother goddess worshiped in the Metroon sanctuary
Kubaba Anatolia/ Syria The chief goddess of the Neo Hittites
Karei Andaman Is. de goddess of Thunder & storm
Lau Andaman Is. these are spirit beings that are created when an islander dies
Morva Andaman Is./ Indian Ocean They are invisible sky spirits
Chickcharney Andros Is./ Bahamas A small furred/ feathered spirit of the forest
Baldaer Anglo-Saxon The dying god who is the same as Balder
Ing Anglo-Saxon An ancestral god
Wayland Anglo-Saxon A god of blacksmiths
Kianda Kimbundu Angola The god of the sea & fish
Kuanja Angola A goddess of hunting
Musisi Ndonga Angola A messenger god
Osande Ovimbundu Angola A benevolent god that is a guardian deity
Zambi Angola The supreme being
Guamaonocon Antilles Mother Earth
Men Ascaenus Antioch/ Asia Minor A local tutelary god
Abira Antioquia The creator.
Gans Apache/ SW USA Mountain spirits
Afreet Arabia They are unclean spirits
Al Uzza Arabian A goddess of the dawn
Aisha Arabic A goddess of water
Al Lat Arabic A goddess of fertility, procreation & the earth
Alat Arabic An astral goddess
Baltis Arabic A local goddess
Hilal Arabic A god of the new moon
Hubal Arabic A local tutelary & oracular god
Jinn Arabic A class of demonic beings that started out as a nature spirits
Kahilan Arabic A tutelary god known only from inscriptions
Manat Arabic A goddess, a daughter of Allah
Mandah/ Mundih Arabic A collective name of gods, guardian deities that took care of irrigation
Sahar Aramaic A moon god
Karora Arandan The creator
Esceheman Arapaho Grandmother earth
Elel Puelche Argentina A malevolent demonic being
Nesaru Arikara The Power Above
Nishanu Arikara The great sky spirit
Aramazd Armenia A god
Bagvarti Urat Armenia A tutelary goddess
Barsamin Armenia A weather/ sky god
Haldi Urart Armenia A tutelary god
Meher Armenia A sun god that was closely linked with Mithra
Nana Armenia A mother goddess
Selardi Armenia A moon god
Sivini Armenia The sun god
Spadareamet Armenia A chthonic goddess concerned with fertility of the earth & death, the Christians equate her name with hell
Tork Armenia This god is the guardian of the mountains & their inhabitants
Vahgan Armenia A god of victory, born from fire & has flames for hair
Teibas Armenia/ Uart A tutelary god
Tork Armenian A mountain god that is very hard on the eyes
Vahagn Armenian A god of war
Nyankopon Ashanti Sun god
Marsyas Asia Minor A woodland satire that was flayed to death by Apollo
Men Phygia Asia Minor A moon god that ruled over in the heavens, but the underworld as well
Korybantes Asia Minor/ Greece Demonic companions of Kybele
Jokwa Asian A goddess of justice
Ka'cak Asiatic/ Inuit A sea spirit & of rather unpleasant habits
An Zu Assyria The goddess of chaos
Anshur/ Ashur/ Asshur Assyria Not only be goddess of the sun, but it was the that killed the dragon of chaos during creation
Ashur Assyria The chief deity of war & fertility
Kadi Assyria The goddess of justice
Mutu Assyria He is the personification of death & the god of the underworld
Namtaru Assyria A god of plagues
Nebo Assyria The god of teaching, writing & wisdom and in
Zu/ Imdugud Assyria The god of thunder and storms
Ninkarrak Assyrian A goddess of healing
Tammuz Assyrian A god of agriculture & fertility
Nergal Assyrian/ Babylonian One of the divinities who ruled the netherworld, a goddess of war & death
Zarpandit Assyrian/ Babylonian An early pregnancy goddess
Asintmah Athabasca/ Canada/ USA A goddess of midwives
Baiame/ Daramulun/ Nurundere Kamilaroi/ Wiradyuri Aus A god of all things & master of life death