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List of Gods
Omoikane Japanese A god of wisdom
Onatha Iroquois The spirit of wheat
Oniata Iroquois A spirit of springs
Onuava Gallic/ Celtic An earth fertility goddess known only from inscriptions
Onuris Egypt/ Hellenic A god of hunting & war
Ophthalmitis Greek A goddess of eyesight
Opo Akan Ghana The god the ocean & inland lakes & rivers
Opocchtli Aztec A minor god of light a fisherman & hunters
Ops Roman A goddess of fertility, prosperity & the harvest
Oraios Gnostic Christian The primordial deity, one of seven androgynous elements born to the prime parent & ruler of the seven heavens of chaos
Orbona Roman A goddess of healing & childhood diseases
Orcus Roman A chthonic underworld god
Ordog Hungary that after the Christian derived became syncretized with the Christian Devil
Oreades Greek/ Roman These ladies are the animistic spirits of the mountains
Orehu Guyana A goddess of healing
Ori Yoruba/ Nigeria The god of wisdom
Orisanla Yoruba/ Nigeria A sky god that was designated to be the creator of earth & living things
Orisha Nla Yoruba A god ordered by Olorun to create solid ground
Oro Polynesia/ Tahiti A god of war
Orotalt of Lake A tutelary god
Orthia Sparta a locally worshipped mother goddess of later syncretized with the more widely accepted maternal deities such as Kybele
Orunmila Yoruba/ Nigeria A god of mercy & destiny
Osande Ovimbundu Angola A benevolent god that is a guardian deity
Osandobua Edo Benin A benign creator god that controls prosperity, health & happiness
Osanyin Africa A god of medicine
Oshe Yoruba A god of thunder & lightning
Oshossi Brazil A water god
Oshun West Indies A goddess of love & fertility
Oshun Yoruba A goddess of healing, fertility & rivers
Oshun Ana Yoruba A goddess of love
Osiris Egypt/ Africa Originally a chthonic grain god of fertility, burial rites & supreme god was worshipped from Ca. 3000 BCE-400 CE
Ossa Greek A goddess of rumors
Ostara/ Easter Germanic A goddess of spring & the sun
Ostaraki Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess
Osun Yoruba/ Nigeria A river & healing goddess within a festival of the Ibo-Osun
Ot Mongol A goddess of fire
Oto Hime Japanese A goddess of the sea
Otso Finland The spirit of bear (one of many circumlocutory epithets).
Ouranos Greek The primordial goddess of heaven and created and was the consort of the earth mother Gaia
Owiot Luiseno Cal. us the moon god who is the ancestral deity of this tribe
Oxlahun Ti Ku Maya The generic name for the 13 sky gods who may well be worshipped today
Oya West Indies A goddess of violent rainstorms
Oya Yoruba A warrior goddess of fire, rainstorms, justice & the wind
P'an Chin lien China A goddess of brothels, lasciviousness, prostitution & sex
P'an Niang China A goddess of vaccination
P'i Chia Ma China A god of ribs
P:erende Albanian A storm god that lets you know he is around with thunder & lightning. It was used by the Christians to identify their god in that region
P?iv?t?r Finland The goddess of day.
Pa Canaan The goddess of droughts
Pa-bil-sag Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia The tutelary god of Isin
Pacha Mama Inca A chthonic goddess of fertility & the earth, now syncretized with the Christian Virgin Mary
Pachamac Inca A god of the earth
Padma Hindu The goddess that is the incarnation of Laksmi
Padma Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A snake god
Padmantaka Buddhist A god that is the guardian of the Western direction
Padmapani Buddhist A god, a Buddha designate
Padmatara Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess
Padsmosnisa Buddhist A god that is connected with the guardian deities
Paeon/ Paiawon Greek/ Crete A war god
Pah Pawnee A moon spirit
Pahtecatl Aztec A minor fertility god and concerned with brewing pulque
Pai Chung China A god of agriculture
Pai Yu China A god of the guitar
Paiowa Yana Piaute W. USA A goddess of the Evening star
Paiowa/ Yana Piaute W. USA She & her daughter created the first people
Pairikas Persia A goddesses of drought
Paivatar Finnish A goddess of war
Pajainen Finnish A god, the deity that killed the great bull in the legends of Finland
Pajau Yan Vietnam A goddess of health & healing
Pajonn Lapland a god of thunder known as the one who dwells in the heaven
Pak Tai/ Hsuan T'ien/ Shang Ti Chinese/ Taoist An astral god of war
Paka'a Hawaiian A god of the wind
Pakhet Egypt A goddess of hunting worshipped near Beni Hassan, in Middle Egypt
Palaniyantavan Hindu/ Dravidian/ Tamil A local god
Palemon Greek/ Roman A human that suffered apotheosis & became a minor sea god
Pales Roman A goddess of sheep & shepherds
Pali Kongju Korean A goddess of healing
Pallian Australia A god
Pan/ Consentes Greek/ Roman A god of flocks, herds & of shepherds
Pana Inuit She cares for the souls of the dead
Panacea Roman A goddess of health
Panao Kafir/ Afghanistan Not only a creator god but A generic title for deities controlling the natural world, they lived in the mountains
Pancabrahma Hindu this is the collective name for the five aspects of Siva
Pancamukha-Patradeva Buddhist A god, a beggar
Pandara Buddhist A goddess
Paneu Kafir/ Afghanistan The seven divine brother gods
Pang Che China A goddess of justice
Pansahi Mata Hindu one of the seven mother goddesses that later became regarded as evil
Pantang Mayag Borneo A goddess of love
Pao Kung China A god of the magistrates who was a victim of apotheosis as he lived from 999-1062 CE
Pao Yuan ch'uan China A god of the spleen
Pap-nigin-gara Mesopotamia/ Akkadia A god of war that was lord of the boundary stone
Papa Hawaii/ Maori/ New Zealand A goddess of the earth
Papas Phyrgian NW Turkey A local god
Papatuanuku Polynesia A chthonic mother goddess that evolved spontaneously in the cosmic night
Papaya Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus
Papsukkal Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ Hellenistic A messenger god as well as the gatekeeper for the remainder of the pantheon
Paramasva Buddhist/ Mayhayana A god
Paramita Buddhist A descriptive name of a philosophical deity
Parasurama Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic An incarnation of the god of Visnu
Parce Greek/ Roman A pair birth goddesses became the goddesses of fate
Pare Polynesian A goddess of volcanoes
Parendi Hindu/ Vedic a minor goddess of prosperity associated with accumulating wealth
Pariacaca Inca A weather god response will for rain & thunder
Pariskaravassita Buddhist A minor goddess, one of those personifying the discipline of spiritual regeneration
Parjanya Hindu/ Vedic He started out being a god of rain
Parna-Savari Buddhist/ Mayhayana A goddess
Partula Roman A goddess of childbirth
Parvati/ Sakti/ Ahladini-Sadini/ Sati/ Uma Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A goddess of the mountains
Pasiphae . A goddess of the moon
Pasithea Greek/ Roman A goddess of relaxation, meditation and hallucinations (the wife of Hypnos, god of sleep)
Pasowee Kiowa A female Manitou of health & medicine
Pasupati Hindu The god of animals
Patadharni Buddhist A goddess of passage that watches over curtains & doorways in line
Patecatl Aztec A god of medicine & surgery
Patollo Baltic The chief & war god
Patrimpas Lithuanian A god of agriculture, joy, peace, springtime
Pattini/ Pattinidevi Sri Lanka A goddess of summer and mother goddess
Paurnamasi Hindu A goddess of the full moon
Pautiwa Hopi The sun god
Pava Hindu The god of the winds
Pax Roman A goddess of peace
Pdry Canaan A goddess of mist
Peitho Greek A goddess of persuasion
Peju'lpe Yukaghir/ Siberia Aes guardian spirits look at the well being of animals under their care & benevolent to the hunter so long as he observes the rules and kills only when necessary
Pekko (or Pellon Pekko) Finland The god of crops, especially barley and brewing.
Pekko/ Pellonpekko Finnish A god of barley
Peko Estonia A god of fertility
Pele Hawaiian A goddess of fire, volcanoes & witchcraft
Pellervo (or Sampsa Pellervoinen) Finland The god of harvest.
Pellon Pekko Finnish A god responsible for the duration & harvest in the barley, used to make beer. Under Christianity you may find him with the name of St. Peter
Pemba West Africa A god
Pen Annwen Welsh An underworld god almost synonymous with Pwyll & Pryderi
Penates Roman Hearth gods chosen by the head of household
Penelope Greek A goddess of spring
Perimb Brazil A moon goddess & supreme being
Perit Albanian A goddesses of justice
Perkele Finland The Devil. Originally Perkele was not the Devil but a god of thunder and can be seen as an earlier form of Ukko. Related to Baltic Perkunas and Norse Thor.
Perkons Latvia A god of thunder that brings beneficial rain & is a fertility god
Perkunas . the god of thunder & yes this is Perkons in a different nation
Perkuno Baltic The thunder god
Perse Greek underworld goddess
Persephone Greek A goddess of death & spring
Perun Russia The thunder & creator god
Perun Slavic A god of war, justice, lightning & thunder
Peruwa/ Pirwa Hittite a horse god
Phan Ku China A god
Phanebal Semitic youthful warrior god
Phanes Greek The primordial sun god & the first one to emerge from the cosmic egg created by Kronos
Phantasos Greek A god of dreams by inanimate objects
Pharmacides Greek A goddesses of health & drugs
Phebele Congo The male god who fathered man
Pheme Greek A goddess of fame
Phobetus Greek A god of dreams by animals
Phoebe Greek A goddess of the moon
Phoebus Greek A god of enlightenment
Phorkys Greek A Minor sea god noted by Hesiod
Phosphoros Greek This is the god of the morning star
Phul Mata Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A mother goddess that became one of the evil ones
Phyi-Sgrub Buddhist/ Tibet He is a form of a god Yama
Pi Hsia Yuan Chin China A goddess of birth, midwives & healing
Pianan Aztec a minor god of war
Picullus Roman/ Prussia will god that was taken over by the Christians as a their Devil
Picus Roman A god of agriculture
Picvu'cin Chukchee/ E. Siberia The god of hunters that rides around on a sled drawn by mice
Pidray Canaan/ Phonecia A minor fertility goddess noted in creation texts & treaties
Pien Ho China A god of jewelers
Pietas Roman A minor god
Pihatonttu Finland Tutelary of the yard.
Pikuolis Lithuania A god of death, the underworld & of evil
Pilnytis Lithuania A god of wealth
Piluitus Latvia A fertility god
Pilumnus Roman A minor guardian god that oversees the protection of an infant at birth
Pinga Inuit The goddess that takes souls of the dead to heaven
Pinikirz Elamite Iran A mother goddess
Piru Finland Spirit, demon. Probably later loan word related to "spirit".
Pistis/ Pistis Sophia Gnostic Christian The primordial female force
Pitao Cozobi Zapotec Mexico The corn god
Pitari Hindu/ Puranic Bo benevolent, she's one of the consorts of Siva
Piyusaharana Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Though obscure, this is a physician god
Pleiades Greek A goddesses of the Pleiades
Pluto Roman The god of the underworld
Plutos Greek He is a minor god of riches
Po Yan Dari Cambodian A goddess of healing & diseases
Poena Greek The goddess of retaliation & retribution
Poeninus Roman/ Celtic Europe a mountain god
Poleramma Telegu India A plague goddess associated with smallpox
Pollux Roman A horse god
Poloknalai Kafir/ Afghanistan A goddess of animals
Polyboulus Greek A goddess of wisdom
Polydamna Egypt A goddess of healing & herbs
Polymnia Greek/ Roman A goddess of mimes
Pomona Roman A goddess of autumn, fruits, fruit trees, gardens & prosperity
Pon Yukaghir/ Siberia The Supreme creator god worshiped from prehistoric times until at least 1900 C. E.
Pontos Greek A god of the sea
Por Brazil A moon god
Pore/ Pura Guyanan/ SA He created the earth & all living things
Portunus Roman This god of passage was responsible for guarding the entrance of the city & the house with a festival on August 17th. He sidelines as the guardian of the Tiber estuary
Poseidon Greek A god of earthquakes & the ocean
Poshjo Akka Saami/ Lappland A goddess of Winter