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List of Gods
Posis Das Greek A sky god
Postvorta Roman A goddess of childbirth, midwives & the past
Pothos Greek A god of anxiety
Pothos Phonecia Hellenic A primordial being
Potina Roman A goddess of children's of beverages & drinking
Potrimpo Baltic A god of fertility
Poxlom Maya A god of disease
Poza Mama Siberian A goddess of the hearth fire
Ppiz Hiu Tec Maya A god of war
Prabha India A goddess of health
Prabhakari Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess
Prabhasa Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic An attendant god that answered to Indra
Pracanda Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A distinctive form of the goddess Durga
Pradipatara Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess of light
Pradyumma Davidian/ Tamil A god of love
Prahana Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A rather important mother goddess
Prajana Buddhist/ Mayhayana A goddess
Prajapati Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ Vedic This god is a primordial being
Prajnantaka Buddhist A god that is a guardian of the southern direction
Prajnaparamita Buddhist this goddess is a personification of the religious text
Prakde Kafir/ Afghanistan A local deity
Pramudita Buddhist/ Vajrayana in minor goddess
Pranasakti Hindu this goddess appears to be a rather terrifying deity that rules the centers of physical life
Pranidhasnaparamita Buddhist A philosophical deity
Prasannatara Buddhist/ Mayhayana A rather minor goddess that tramples upon some Hindu gods
Pratibhanakuta Buddhist A god
Pratibhanaspratisamvit . A goddess, one of context analysis
Pratisamvit Buddhist A collective name for four goddesses
Pratyangira Hindu goddess of rather terrifying aspect
Pratyusa Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic An attendant god of Indra
Praxadike Roman A goddess of enterprise
Praxidice Greek A goddess of justice
Prende Albania A goddess of love
Priapos Greek A fertility god that also guarded mariners
Priapus Roman A god of the shade
Prithivi Hindu A goddess of the earth
Priti Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess
Priyadarsana Buddhist/ Abeona in minor goddess
Prometheus Greek A god
Promitor Roman A minor god of agriculture is awful for the growth & harvesting of all crops
Pronoia Gnostic Christian A primordial being, the feminine side of the androgynous parent
Proserpina Roman A goddess of seed germination & spring
Proteus Greek A shape shifter prophet
Providentia Roman The goddess of forethought
Proxumae Roman/ Celtic The generic title of a group of goddesses that were personal guardian deities
Prsni Hindu/ Vedic The primordial Earth Goddess
Prthivi Hindu/ Vedic/ India The mother goddess of earth
Prthu Hindu/ Vedic The creator god that was the head of the solar pantheon, an avatar of Visnu
Ptah Egypt A god of architecture, masons, metal working & sunrise he built boats to carry the souls of the dead
Pu Ma phonation the title given to any god of high rank
Pu Hsing China A god of happiness
Pu'gu Yukaghir/ E. Siberia the sun god, he is associated with justice & honorable living & will punish those who are evil or pilot
Pudicitia Roman A goddess of modesty & chastity
Pukkasi Buddhist/ Vajrayana/ Tibet A goddess that is of terrifying appearance, why I do not know
Pukkeenegak Inuit A goddess of childbirth & clothes making
Punarvasu Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor & benevolent goddess of fortune
Purandhi Hindu/ Epic A minor goddess of prosperity & childbirth
Purusa Hindu/ Vedic A primeval creator god, the primordial being from whom the cosmos was formed
Purvabhahadrapada Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A benevolent minor goddess of fortune
Purvaphalguni Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor goddess of fortune
Purvashadha Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor goddess of fortune
Pusan Hindu/ Puranic/ Vedic A god of possessions, physical prowess, strength
Pusi Tikopia Polynesia if this God, the apotheosis of the reef eel
Puskaitis Lithuania A god of fruit
Puspa Buddhist/ Tibet A mother goddess
Puspatara Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess
Pusti Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A fertility goddess of northern India
Pusya Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Another minor goddess of fortune
Puta Roman A goddess responsible for the proper pruning of trees & shrubs respond
Pwyll/ Pwyll Pen Annwn Wales Sometimes the ruler of the underworld
Qa'wadliliquala Dza'wadeenox BC Canada Not only the Supreme God, but the guardian of the tribe as well as a river deity that insurers the salmon run
Qadshu Syria The goddess of fertility
Qaitakalnin Koryak/ Siberia A guardian spirit
Qamai'ts/ Sisnaaxil/ Ek Yakimtolsil Bella Coola/ BC Canada The creator goddess that lives in the upper heavens & controls the earth, she is never prayed to
Qasynan S. Arabia the god of the of smithies
Qebui Egypt A four headed, winged, ram headed god of the north wind
Qenqentet Egypt A goddess of memory
Qeskina'qu Koryak/ Siberia The sky spirit the apotheosis of daylight
Qetesh Egypt The goddess of love & beauty
Qetesh Syria A goddess of nature, whose cult was orgiastic
Qos N. Arabia A local weather/ rainbow god
Quabso Tanzania A goddess of health, fertility & rain
Quades W. Semitic fertility goddess
Quan Yin Buddhist A goddess of knowledge
Quan Yin China A goddess of fertility
Quat Banks Is./ Melanesia A creator god that knows how to enjoy life
Qudsu W. Sumeria the personification of holiness
Queen Maeve/ Medb/ Medhbh/ Madb Irish She was once a powerful goddess
Quetzalcoatl Aztec/ Toltec He is the god of the air & presided over commerce, fertility, wind & of wisdom
Quetzalcoatl/ Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Aztec A manifestation of sun the god, he is a savior of his people as well & there is not enough room here to tell his story
Quiahuitl Aztec The creator god/ sun deity of the third of the five world ages
Quinkini A'qu Koryak/ Siberia The founder of the world
Quinoa-Mama Peru A minor goddess
Quirinus Roman A god of thunder & of war
Quirinus Roman A god of war & the tutelary god of the Sabines
Quootis Hooi Chinook The creator goddess
Quzah N. Arabia A mountain & weather god
Ra Egypt A god of rebirth & war & the sun
Ra Nigeria A goddess of lightning, Thunder
Rachmay Canaan A goddess of health & nurses
Radha Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A goddess of emotional love
Rafu Sen Japanese A goddess of spring
Ragno Hopi She is associated with the creation of life
Rahko Finland The Karelian god of time; Rahko tars the moon describes the phases of the moon.
Rahu Hindu The primordial cosmic deity, therefore a god
Raiden Japanese A god of thunder
Raijin Japan/ Shinto The weather gods, inclusive
Rainha Barba Belem/ Brazil A goddess of thunder & lightning
Raja Indainda Batak The thunder god who is the spy and messenger of the other gods
Rajamatangi Hindu She is a goddess
Raka Hervey Is./ Polynesia got the winds
Raka Hindu/ Vedic A minor goddess of prosperity
Ran Scandinavia A goddess of the sea
Rana Neida Saami/ Lappland A goddess spring
Randeng China A goddess of teaching
Rangda Balinese A goddess of fertility & of sexuality, Lust
Rangi Maori/ New Zealand A god of the sky
Ranno Egypt A god of gardens
Ranu Bai India A goddess of rivers
Rapithwin Persia The god of the noon day heat
Rati Hindu/ Balinese A goddess of fertility, love, passion & of sex
Rati mbati ndua Fiji The god of the underworld who devours the dead
Ratis Celtic A goddess of protective fortifications
Ratri Hindu/ Vedic A goddess of the night
Ratu Mai Mbula Fijia A god of fertility
Ravana Hindu The demon King of Lanka who abducted Sita
Re'are'a Tahiti A goddess of happiness, joy
Renenutet Egypt A goddess of fortune, grain, milk, harvest, nursing babies Renenutet
Renpet Egypt A goddess of spring
Reret Egypt A goddess
Resep[A]Mukal Canaan/ Phonecia A war & plague god that originated in Syria
Reseph Mikal Phoenicia A god of lightning & thunder
Resheph Canaan A god of plague
Resheph/ Mikal/ Mekal Phoenicia The god of plague & of the underworld
Resphu Syria A god of war, worshipped in the Nile Delta
Revanta Hindu A god of hunters
Revati Hind/ Puranic/ Epic A minor goddess of fortune
Rhadamanthos Greek/ Roman A marriage of chthonic underworld god
Rhea/ Rheie Greek A primordial goddess of childbirth, earth, fertility, mountains
Rheda Germanic A goddess of spring
Rhiannon Irish A chthonic goddess of birds & horses
Riddi Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess
Riddihivasita Buddhist A minor goddess
Rigenmucha New Guinea A god
Rigisamus Roman/ Celtic A god of war
Rimmon Babylon Another sun god
Rind Scandinavia A goddess of winter
Ritona Roman/ Celtic The goddess of river fords
Robigo Roman A goddess of grain
Rod Slavic A god of fertility
Rodasi Vedic A goddess of lightning
Rohini Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor goddess of fortune
Rohini Jain A goddess of learning
Roma Greek/ Roman .
Roman . the very minor God of our culture
Rongo Maori A god of cultivated plants
Rongommatane Polynesia The god of agriculture, especially the sweet potato
Rosmerta Celtic/ Roman/ Gaul A goddess of healing, water, & sacred springs
Rozanica Slavic A goddess of winter
Rsbha Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic This god is an unusual avatar of is the god Vishnu
Rubanga Alur Uganda creator god
Ruda N. Arabia A tutelary god, an androgynous being
Rudiobus Roman/ Gallic Thought to be a horse god
Rudra Hindu/ Vedic A god of death, disease, healing, jungle, lightning, storms, thunder & the wind
Rudracandra Hindu A distinct form of the goddess Durga
Rugaba Uganda A god of the sky
Rugievit Rugen Is./ Slavic A local war &
Rugiu Boba Lithuanian A goddess of autumn
Ruhanga Bunyoro Uganda this creator god was the initiator of the world, regarded as distant & if ever invoked
Rukko Mandan The creator
Rukmini Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess who is avatar of Laksmi among other things
Rumina Roman A goddess of infants
Runcina Roman? A goddess of agriculture who presides over weeding
Rundas Hittite/ Hurrian A god of fortune that is associated with hunting
Ruoini Buddhist/ Mayhayana A minor goddess
Rusalki Slavic/ Russia They were water nymphs & not nice
Rusina Roman? A goddess of fields and open country
Rwewti Egypt A lion god who guards the temple of heaven
Ryangombe Rwanda/ E. Africa The tutelary god & ancestral deity
Ryuhwa Korean A goddess of water
Ryujin Japan/ Shinto The dragon god that controls of thunder & rain
Sa Kono E. Guinea A creator god, one of a pair of creator deities
Sabaoth Gnostic Christian A creator god
Sabazios Phrygian/ NW Turkey A god of agriculture
Saci India A goddess of physical prowess, Strength
Sadaksari[Lokesvara] Buddhist/ Lamaist/ Tibet A variety of Avalokitesvara that is incarnate in succession of the Dali Lamas
Sadarnuna Sumeria The goddess of the new moon
Sadbhuja-Sitatara Buddhist A god
Sadhumati Buddhist/ Vjarrayana A minor goddess
Sadrapa Syria A god of healing
Sadwes Persia A goddess rain, of storms, thunder, lightning, hail, snow
Safekh aabut Egypt A goddess of knowledge
Saga Norse A goddess of history
Saga Scandinavia A goddess of knowledge & waterfalls
Sagaramati Buddhist A god
Sagbata Dahomey A god of smallpox
Sahar Aramaic A moon god
Sai' Al Quan Nabataean/ W. Semitic A local guardian God is believed to be the protector of caravans
Saitada Celtic A goddess of mourning
Sajara Songhai The rainbow god