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List of Gods 

Spirit name "Geyaguga" Cherokee The moon spirit. Cherokee
Angel name "Gezuriya" Malarcy The head guard of one of the celestial halls and the boss of the angel of the Sun. Malarcy
God name "Ghantaaani (bell in hand)" Buddhist / Mahayana God. One of the group of dhyanibodhisattva (meditation BUDDHAS). An emanation of Vajrasattva. Color: white. Attribute: a bell....
God name "Ghantakarna" Hindu God of healing Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Ghantakarna (ears like bells)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God of healing. An attendant of SIVA, worshiped as a guardian against diseases of the skin. Attributes: bell with noose, and hammer. NOTE: there is also a poorly defined goddess Ghantakarni....
God name "Ghantapani" Buddhist God running a round with a bell in his hand Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Ghasmari" Buddhist Goddess fond of blodd-filled bowls. Buddhist
Goddess name "Ghasmari (voracious)" Buddhist Goddess of terrifying appearance. One of a group of eight GAURIS. Color: green. Attributes: staff with bell....
God name "Ghede" Vodun God of death, and of fertility and love Vodun
God name "Ghentu" Hindu Minor god Hindu
God name "Ghentu" Hindu Minor god. Known in northern India as the god who “sends the itch.”...
Demon name "Ghoul" Persian A demon that feeds on the dead. Persian
"Gia tri luc" Buddhist Magical power of determination that Buddha confers on all who seek it and upholds it.
King name "Gian ben Gian" Arabia king of the Ginns or Genii, and founder of the Pyramids. He was overthrown by Azazil or Lucifer. Arabia
"Giants" Greek Of Greek mythology, sons of Tartaros and Ge. When they attempted to storm heaven, they were hurled to earth by the aid of Hercules, and buried under Mount Etna.
Angel name "Gibborim" Genesis Mighty Men of Renown, the offspring of angels and human women or descendants of Abel who married the daughters of Cain. The gibborim are genarlaly regarded as evil. Genesis
God name "Gibil" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Fire god. The son of AN and KI. By the Akkadian period he becomes known as GERRA....
God name "Gibil aka Gerra" Mesopotamia / Sumeria Girra, God of fire. He lived in the 'House of Awful Radiance,' and taught people to cook food. Mesopotamia / Sumeria
God name "Gibil/ Girra/ Girru" Mesopotamia / Sumeria A Fire God
God name "Gibini" Uganda Plague god associated with of the smallpox god Uganda
God name "Gibini" Gishu / Uganda, East Africa Plague god. Associated with the smallpox god ENUNDU, he is propitiated with offerings of vegetables and is symbolized by special trees planted near the house....
God name "Gibini Gishu" Uganda A plague God associated with of the smallpox god
"Gicholan" Siberia The supreme being "The-One-on-High". Siberia
"Gicholetinvilan" Siberia The supreme being "The-Master-on-High". Siberia
Angel name "Gidaijal" Enochian An angel luminary of the seasons. Enochian
Spirit name "Gidim" Sumerian The spirits of the dead, living in the Netherworld. Sumerian
God name "Gidja" Australia God of the moon. He can bestow the power of Dreamwalking. Australia
God name "Gigantes" Greek According to Homer, they were a gigantic and savage race of men, governed by Eurymedon, and dwelling in the distant west, in the island of Thrinacia; but they were extirpated by Eurymedon on account of their insolence towards the gods. Greek
Goddess name "Giia" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Mother goddess. One of a group of Astamataras (mothers). Color: red. Attributes: Indian gong and lute....
Spirit name "Gikuyu" Kikuyu One of the spiritual ancestors of all the Kikuyu people.
Goddess name "Gilfaethwy" Celtic A son of the goddess Don and brother of Gwydion and Arianrhod in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi. His uncle Math ap Mathonwy, king of Gwynedd, must keep his feet in the lap of a young virgin at all times unless he is going to war. Celtic
God name "Gilgames" Sumeria Early historical king of Uruk, who later became and deified and was considered a god of the underworld. Sumeria
God name "Gilgamesh" Greek A demigod of superhuman strength who built a great wall to defend his people from external threats, a sort of Sumerian equivalent to the Greek Heracles.
Goddess name "Giliiie" Pre - Christian Lithuanian Goddess of death. She is said to enter the house of a dying person, dressed in a white gown, and suffocate them....
Goddess name "Gillian" British Goddess spring. British
"Gilling" Norse Father of Suttung, who possessed the poetic mead. He was slain by Fjalar and Galar. Norse
Goddess name "Giltine" Lithuania The goddess of death whose sacral bird is the owl. Giltine proclaims disaster. She goes with the goddesses of black death. Lithuania
"Gimle [Heaven]" Norse The abode of the righteous after Ragnarok. Norse
"Ginnunga-ga" Norse The great yawning gap, the premundane abyss, the chaos or formless void, in which dwelt the supreme powers before the creation. In the eleventh century the sea between Greenland and Vinland (America) was called Ginnunga-gap. Norse
Goddess name "Giriputri" Bali Goddess of mountains and water. Bali
God name "Girru" Sumeria The god of fire and light and the patron of the arts and the god of civilization. Sumeria
God name "Gish" Afghanistan God of war Afghanistan
Goddess name "Gish" Kafir / Afghanistan God of war. Known chiefly among the Kati people in the southern Hindukush. Gish seems partly modeled on the Aryan (Vedic) god INDRA (see also INDR). One of the offspring of the creator god IMRA, his mother is named as Utr; she carried him for eighteen months before he wrenched himself from her belly, stitching her up with a needle. His consort is the goddess SANJU. He slaughters with great efficiency but is considered lacking in graces and intellect, emerging in a generally boorish light (see also THOR). His home is a fortress of steel atop a mythical walnut tree propped up by his mother which provides nourishment and strength for his warriors. The Rainbow is a sling with which he carries his quiver. Gish is associated chiefly with the villages of Kamdesh and Shtiwe but has been worshiped throughout the Kafir region with the sacrifice of hornless oxen, particularly prior to combat. A feast was given in his honor if the outcome was successful. Also Giwish....
God name "Gisl [Sunbeam]" Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
"Giszida" Mesopotamia Lord of the Tree of Truth, Mesopotamia
God name "Giszida" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / BabylonianAkkadian God. See Nin-giszida. See also NINGISZIDA....
Goddess name "Gita" Buddhist Mother goddess Buddhist / Tibet
Spirit name "Gitche Manitou" Algonquin The Great spirit, the Creator of all things and the Giver of Life. Algonquin
Spirit name "Gitche/ Manitou" Algonquin / Lenape The Great spirit, the All Father
"Gjallar horn" Norse Heimdal's horn, which he will blow at Ragnarok. Norse
"Gjallarrbridge [gjalla" Norse To yell, to resound]. The bridge across the river Gjol, near Helheim. The bridge between the land of the living and the dead. Norse
"Gjalp" Norse One of Heimdal's nine mothers. Norse
"Gjoll" Norse One of the rivers Elivagar that flowed nearest the gate of Hel's abode. Norse
God name "Glad [Clear" Norse Bright]. One of the horses of the gods. Norse
"Gladsheim" Norse Gladsheim [Home of brightness or gladness]. Odin's dwelling. Norse
God name "Glanis" France A Gaulish god associated with a healing spring at the town of Glanum in the Alpilles mountains of Provence in southern France.
"Glaser" Norse A grove in Asgard. Norse
Demon name "Glasya-Labolas" Christian A mighty President of Hell who commands thirty-six legions of demons. He teaches all arts and sciences just in an instant. He is the author and captain of manslaughter and bloodshed, tells all things past and to come, gains the minds and love of friends and foes causing love among them if desired, incites homicides and can make a man invisible. Christian demonology
"Glauca" Greek wife of Alcis.
"Glaucippa" Greek wife of Potamon.
God name "Glaucus" Greek This sea god went around muttering prophesies
"Glaucus" Greek A grandson of Aeolus, son of Sisyphus and Merope, and father of Bellerophontes. Greek
God name "Glaucus" Roman Sea god. See also GLAUKOS....
God name "Glaukos" Greek A sea god, a rather bizarre story like many other god claims
God name "Glaukos" Greek Sea god. Allegedly an impoverished fisherman who ate a sea-grass with magical properties, dived into the ocean and remained there as a guardian deity of fishermen and their nets.See also PROTEUS....
Spirit name "Glauron aka Glaura" Fnose A beneficent spirit of the air, involked from the North. Fnose
Goddess name "Gleii" Fon / Benin, West Africa moon goddess. The consort of the Sun god LISA and the mother of a large number of minor astral deities, the gletivi, who became the stars of heaven....
"Gleipner" Norse The last fetter with which the wolf Fenrer was bound. Norse
God name "Gler [The glassy]" Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
Goddess name "Gleti" Benin Goddess of the moon Benin
Goddess name "Glipzo" Discworld The Howondalandish tribe of this Goddess believed that their ancestors resided in the moon. After a signal from their ancestors they were urged to kill anyone who didn't believe in Glipzo. Three years later the tribe was destroyed by a rock falling out of the sky, as a result of a star exploding a billion years before. Discworld
Spirit name "Glispa" Navaho spirit who gave the healing chant to the people Navaho
"Glitner [The glittering]" Norse Forsete's golden hall. Norse
God name "Glooscap" Canada The god of righteousness who made the plains, food plants, animals and humans. Canada
King name "Gluskap" Algonquin Was responsible for making all the good things in the universe from his mother's body. His evil brother Malsum created the mountains and valleys and all the nasty things. Algonquin
"Gluskap/ Glooscap" Algonquin The creator force
Demon name "Glykon" Gnostic-Mitharic The reincarnation of Asklepios, a demon with a human head & body of a snake
Angel name "Gmial" Christian An angelic traffic warden of the seven celestial halls. Christian demonology
"Gnaa" Norse She is the messenger that Frigg sends into the various worlds on her errands. She has a horse called Hofvarpenr, that can run through air and water. Norse
"Gnipa-cave" Norse The cave before which the dog Garm barks. Norse
"Gnitaheid" Norse Fafner's abode, where he kept the treasure called Andvarenaut. Gnita-heath. Norse
"Gnome" Norse The guardian of mines, quarries, etc. Norse
Demon name "Gnomes" Pan-European demonic beings who inhabit woods, mountains and water. Pan-European
Goddess name "Gnowee" Australia Sun goddess who lived on earth before there was a Sun. Gnowee's baby son wandered off while she was gathering yams and she began searching for him carrying a large torch. She continues to do so and her torch is the Sun. Australia
God name "Gobannon" Celtic The god of metalworking and the patron of blacksmiths, mechanics, and craftsman. Celtic
Spirit name "Goblin or Hobgoblin" Scandinavia A phantom spirit.
God name "Gobnu" Irish A god of skills to include Ale brewing
Ghost name "God" Christian The deity held by Christians to be the supreme reality and the sole creator of life, the universe and everything. A triple deity made up of four parts: God the Father, God the Son, God the Son in human form and the Holy ghost.
God name "God of Evolution" Discworld Is found 'sculpting' animals and since he hasn't figured out reproduction yet, he makes every animal unique. Although no-one believes in the God of Evolution, he survives thanks to his own strong belief. He does not believe in himself, because he is an atheist, but he believes in what he does. Discworld
God name "God of Prosperity" Chinese One of the Gods found in Malaysia and is very important to local Malaysian Chinese especially businessmen. Chinese
God name "God of the Gaps" Creationism The god who made everything that cannot yet be explained scientifically. Shrinks in power with each new scientific advance. Creationism
God name "God/ Deus/ Gott" Christian / Anglo-Saxon / Germanic / Roman Claimed to be the creator god around 325 C.E., still in vouge by the Christian sect
"Goewin" Welsh Was Math fab Mathonwy's foot-holder; she was raped by Gilfaethwy. Learning that she was no longer a virgin, Math punished Gilfaethwy and his accomplice Gwydion, and married Goewin himself. Welsh
Goddess name "Goewin/ Goewyn" Wales A goddess of sovereignty
"Gog" Gallic Consort of Magog
Goddess name "Goga" Melanesia Goddess of fire and Rain. Melanesia
"Gohone" Haudenosaunee The divinity of Winter, and things associated with that season. Haudenosaunee
God name "Goibbiu" Ireland God of the blacksmith craft, brews beers which grants immortality to the drinker. Ireland
God name "Goibnui/ Govannon" Celtic He is the god of the forge who's beer was so good, that the drinker gained immortality
"Goin" Norse A serpent under Ygdrasil. Norse
Demon name "Golab" Christian A spirit of wrath and sedition and an adversary of the seraphim. Christian demonology
"Goldfax [Gold-mane]" Norse The giant Hrungner's horse. Norse
"Goldtop [Gold-top]" Norse Heimdal's horse. Norse
Goddess name "Goleuddydd" Welsh Goddess Welsh princes who was frightened by pigs
"Golgus" Greek A son of Adonis and Aphrodite, from whom the town of Golgi, in Cyprus, was believed to have derived its name. Greek
"Goll" Norse A valkyrie. Norse
God name "Gomaj" India The Sun and moon are both called Gomaj, which is also used as a general term of god. India
"Gomul" Norse A heavenly river. Norse
God name "Gon-Po Nag-Po" Tibet A god of many names
God name "Gon-Po Nag-Po" Lamaist / Tibet God. See also MAHAKALA. Also Bram-zei gzugs-can; mGon-dkar; GUR-GYIMGON-PO....
God name "Gon-Po Peng" Tibet mountain god and the great guardian of Tantrism. Tibet
Demon name "Gonael" Christian One of the numerous guards of the gates of the North wind. Christian demonology
God name "Gonaqade't" Chilkat / American north Pacific coast Sea god. By tradition he brings power and good fortune to all who see him. He appears in several guises, rising from the water as a gaily painted house inlaid with blue and green Haliotis shell, or as the head of a huge fish, or as a painted war canoe. Generally depicted in art as a large head with arms, paws and fins....
God name "Gonaqade't Chilat" US PNW A sea god
Spirit name "Gonaqadet" Tlingit The spirit of the sea. Tlingit
God name "Gondas" Lithuanian A local god of domesticity and human sexuality. Lithuanian
"Gondul" Norse A valkyrie. Norse
God name "Gong Gong" China water god who is responsible for the great floods, together with his associate, Xiang Yao who has nine heads and the body of a snake. China
"Gopul" Norse A heavenly river. Norse
God name "Gor" Africa God of thunder Africa
God name "Goraknath" Hindu Guardian god who is an avatar of Siva Hindu
God name "Goraknath" Hindu Guardian god. An avatara of Si iva, worshiped among cow-herders and the founder of the gorakbnatbi sect in Nepal....
"Gorga" Greek wife of Hyppothooa.
"Gorge" Greek A daughter of Oeneus and Althaea, and the wife of Andraemon. When Artemis metamorphosed her sisters into birds, on account of their unceasing lamentations about their brother Meleager, Gorge and Deianeira alone were spared. Greek
"Gorgo" Greek According to the Odyssey, was one of the frightful phantoms in Hades. In the Iliad the Aegis of Athena contains the head of Gorgo, the terror of her enemies.
"Gorgophon" Greek wife of Proteus.
King name "Gorgophone" Greek A daughter of Perseus and Andromeda. Her name means "Gorgon Slayer", a tribute to her father who killed Medusa, the mortal Gorgon. Gorgophone is a central figure in the history of Sparta, having been married to two kings, Oebalus of Sparta (actually Lakonia, Sparta's region) and Perieres of Messenia, the region to the west of Lakonia which Sparta, in the late 8th or early 7th century B.C. enslaved. Greek
Angel name "Gotzone" Basque An angel messenger. Basque
God name "Gou Mang & Ru Shu" China These are the messengers of the sky god
God name "Gou Mang and Ru Shu" China Messengers of the sky god China
Goddess name "Govannon" Welsh A smith and the son of the goddess Don. He killed his nephew, Dylan Eil Don, not knowing who he was. One of the tasks given to Culhwch if he were to win the hand of Olwen was to get Gofannon to sharpen Amaethon's plough. Welsh
Goddess name "Govannon" Celtic / Welsh God of skills. Son of the goddess DON.See also GOBNIU....
"Graabak" Norse One of the serpents under Ygdrasil. Norse
"Graad" Norse A heavenly river. Norse
"Graces" Roman Roman version of the Greek Charities. Roman
"Graces/ Gratiae" Roman These are the Roman version of the Greek Charities
"Graeae" Greek That is, " the old women," were daughters of Phorcys and Ceto. They had grey hair from their birth. Hesiod mentions only two Graeae, viz. Pephredo and Enyo; Apollodorus adds Deino as a third, and Aeschylus also speaks of three Graeae. Greek
"Graeae/ Graii" Greek The three old women or gray ones
"Grafvitner" Norse serpents under Ygdrasil. Norse
Goddess name "Grahamatrka" Buddhist A goddess whose name means demon mother
Goddess name "Grahamatrka" Buddhist Goddess whose name means demon mother. Buddhist
Goddess name "Grahamatrka" Nepal Goddess and stellar deity. Nepal
Goddess name "Grahamatrka (demon motber)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. One of the forms of VAIROCANA. Attributes: arrow, bow, lotus and staff. Three-headed....
Goddess name "Grainne" Ireland / Scotland / Manx Master herbalist and Goddess of the Sun. Ireland / Scotland / Manx
God name "Gramadevata" India Generic term for the local tutelary gods India
Goddess name "Gramadevata" India Generic term for a local tutelary deity. Such deities are identified as “not being served by Brahman priests.” Most are goddesses e.g. CAMUNDA, DURGA and KALI. Generally they are invoked in small villages where they guard boundaries and fields and are represented by a painted stone, but they are also to be found in larger towns and cities....
King name "Grangousier" Utopia king of Utopia, who married, in "the vigour of his old age," Gargamelle, daughter of the king of the Parpaillons, and became the father of Gargantua, the giant. He is described as a man in his dotage, whose delight was to draw scratches on the hearth with a burnt stick while watching the broiling of his chestnuts. (Rabelais: Gargantua.)
God name "Grannos" Celtic A god of healing & springs
God name "Grannus" Roman A god of healing affiliated with hot springs & mineral waters
God name "Grannus" Roman / Celtic / Continental / Europe God of healing. The name appears across a wide area generally associated with medicinal springs and hot mineral waters, including sites at Aix-laChapelle, Grand (Vosges), Trier, Brittany, and as far distant as the Danube basin. Grannus became syncretized with the Roman god APOLLO as Apollo Grannus, and baths were sometimes called Aquae Granni....
God name "Grannus aka Grannos" Celtic God of healing affiliated with hot springs and mineral waters. Celtic
Angel name "Granozin" Celtic Another angel of the 2nd hour of the night, this time serving under Farris.
"Grantorto" Ireland A giant who withheld the inheritance of Irena. Ireland
"Grateful" Buddhist Commemoration Stanza to Sakyamuni Buddha. Buddhist
Goddess name "Gratiae" Greek Greek Triple goddessess similary to the Graces.
Goddess name "Gratiae" Roman Goddesses. The counterparts of the Greek Charites. Identified with the arts and generally depicted with long flowing tresses, but otherwise naked....
Goddess name "Grdhrasya" Buddhist Minor goddess whose name translates to face of a vulture Buddhist
Goddess name "Grdhrasya (face of a vulture)" Buddhist Minor goddess. Grismadevi (goddess of summer)...
God name "Great Father" Celtic The Horned God, The Lord. Lord of the Winter, harvest, land of the dead, the sky, animals, mountains, lust, powers of destruction, regeneration. Represents the male principle of creation. Celtic
Goddess name "Great Mother" Celtic Represents the female principle of creation. Goddess of fertility, the moon, summer, flowers, love, healing, the seas, water. Celtic
"Green Dragon" George A public-house sign in compliment to St. George.
"Greip" Norse One of Heimdal's nine giant mothers. Norse
"Gremory" Roman A strong Duke of Hell who tells all things past, present and future, about hidden treasures, and procures the love of women, young and old, but especially maidens.
God name "Grhadevi" India God of the household. India
Angel name "Grial" Jewish A guardian angel of the 5th heaven who appears on anti-Lilith amulets. Jewish
Goddess name "Grian" Ireland Faery goddess from County Tipperary and a goddess of war. Ireland
Goddess name "Grid" Norse Goddess of strength. Norse
"Griffin" Greek Griffon or Gryphon, has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. In heraldry the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature.
Angel name "Grigori" Jewish A group of fallen angels told of in Biblical apocrypha who mated with mortal women, giving rise to a race of hybrids known as the Nephilim, who are described as giants. Jewish demonology
"Grimner" Norse A kind of hood or cowl covering the upper part of the face. Grimner is a name of Odin from his traveling in disguise. Norse
Goddess name "Grismadevi" India Seasonal goddess who looks after summer, time, cycles, recreation and rest. India
"Groa" Norse The giantess mother of Orvandel. Thor went to her to have her charm the flint-stone out of his forehead. Norse
God name "Gu" Fon A blacksmith-god who took the shape of a trowel and made human beings from the celestial dung-heap. Fon
Supreme god name "Gua" West Africa Supreme god who created the universe and takes a special interest in Agriculture, blacksmiths and thunder. West Africa
Goddess name "Guabancex" Caribbean Goddess of the winds and Rain Taino / Caribbean
Angel name "Guabarel" Roman The angel who makes the leaves fall in autumn. Occult Lore
Goddess name "Guabonito" Haiti The sea goddess who teaches people about Medicines & health
Spirit name "Guaire" Ireland Guardian god / spirit of Bruigh. Ireland
Spirit name "Guaire/ Boinne Guary" Irish Guardian god / spirit of Bruigh
"Guamaonocon" Antilles The supreme being. Antilles
God name "Guan Di" Chinese The god of martial arts. Chinese
Goddess name "Guan Yin" China Goddess of mercy China
Goddess name "Guan Yin/ Guanyin" Chinese The goddess of mercy
"Guan Yu" China Deified in the Sui Dynasty as the epitome of loyalty and righteousness. China
Angel name "Guardian-Angel" Roman An angelic spirit which presides over the destiny of each individual.
God name "Gubaba" Assyria A little known god from Assyria
Goddess name "Gubarra" Sumerian Fire goddess. Sumerian
God name "Gucumatz" Mayan ("feathered serpent";) was a feathered snake god, one ofthe gods who created earth and humanity. Mayan
"Gucup Cakix" Mayan An evil giant, who pretended to be both the Sun and the moon. Mayan
God name "Gudratrigakwitl" Wiyot God who created the universe by spreading his arms. Wiyot
"Guebres" Persia Fire worshippers. Persia
Goddess name "Guede l'Oraille" Haiti A goddess of violent storms
Goddess name "Guede l'Oreille" Haiti Goddess of violent storms. Haiti
"Gugulanna" Mesopotamia / Sumeria Great Bull of heaven. Husband of Ereshkigal, queen of the Netherworld. Mesopotamia / Sumeria
Goddess name "Gugulanna" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Minor underworld deity. The consort of the goddess ERESiKIGAL, mentioned as the pretext on which the fertility goddess INANA descends to the netherworld....
Deity name "Guhyasamaja" Buddhist Treatise on the Sum Total of Mysteries. Protective deity. Buddhist
"Gui Xian" China The great Tortoise, one of the four Holy animals of Chinese mythology and a symbol of Longevity and Immortality. China
Demon name "Gui Xian/ Gui" China These demonic beings are descended from people that had either drowned & / or committed suicide & could not be reincarnated
Demon name "Guinechen" Araucanian A god whose fights with Pillan the thunder-god and Guecufu king of the demons keeps the universe in equilibrium. Araucanian
Ghost name "Guinevere" British Legendary queen consort of king Arthur. The Welsh form Gwenhwyfar can be translated as The White Fay or White ghost. British