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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods
God Name: Horcus Greek Horkos, the personification of an oath, the son of Eris, and the avenger of perjury. Greek
God Name: Horkos Greek The god of oaths
God Name: Horme Greek The personification of energetic activity. Greek
God Name: Hornie Scotland Auld Hornie. The devil, so called in Scotland. The allusion is to the horns with which Satan is generally represented.
God Name: Horus Egypt A god of prophecy, healing, music, art, war, victory, light, the north & the sky
God Name: Horus Egypt Hor, Heru-ur, the Elder Son of Nut and Seb. A sky god whose eyes are the sun and the moon. The falcon symbolizes him. Egypt
God Name: Horus Egypt The god of the sky, and the son of Osiris. His mother is Isis. Since he was god of the sky, Horus became depicted as a falcon, or as a falcon-headed man. Egypt
God Name: Horus Egypt Horus the Younger A solar deity, god of the rising sun, of light, Son of Osiris and Isis. The latter taught him the arts of magick and healing through oracles. He absorbed and was identified with the other Horus gods-the Heru group. Egypt
God Name: Horus Egyptian "The Mighty One of Transformations". Egyptian god, the son of Isis and Osiris. God of the all-seeing eye. His animal is the falcon.
God Name: Horus Egyptian The Egyptian day-god, represented in hieroglyphics by a sparrow-hawk, which bird was sacred to him. He was son of Osiris and Isis, but his birth being premature he was weak in the lower limbs. As a child he is seen carried in his mother's arms, wearing the pschent or atf, and seated on a lotus-flower with his finger on his lips. As an adult he is represented hawk-headed. Strictly speaking, Horus is the rising sun, Ra the noonday sun, and Osiris the setting sun.
God Name: Horus-Harpocrates Greek/Roman the god of quiet life and silence. Greek/Roman
God Name: Hosia Greek Goddess of holy rituals Greek
God Name: Hospitalis Roman The guardian or protector of the law of hospitality, the title is applied to a distinct class of gods, though their names are not mentioned. The great protector of hospitality was Jupiter, at Rome called Jupiter hospitalis. Roman
God Name: Hotei Japan God of happiness and one of the seven gods of luck. If you rub his belly, you will receive good fortune. Japan
God Name: Hotogov Mailgan Siberia Goddess of heaven at night Siberia/Buriat
God Name: Hotoru Pawnee Wind spirit Pawnee
God Name: Hotr[a] Hindu/ Vedic A minor goddess of sacrifices
God Name: Hotra Hindu Minor goddess of sacrifices Hindu/Vedic
God Name: Hotu-matua s The legendary founding father of Easter Island arrived from over the sea with a fleet of his family and followers after surviving a great catastrophe. The god of earthquakes, Poku, had upended Hotu-matua’s homeland with a crowbar, sinking Hiva into the ocean depths. Lemuria, Mu
God Name: Hou Chi China Lord of abundant harvests China
God Name: Hou T'u China God of the earth China
God Name: Houri Koran The large blackeyed damsels of Paradise, possessed of perpetual youth and beauty, whose virginity is renewable at pleasure. Every believer will have seventy-two of these houris in Paradise, and his intercourse with them will be fruitful or otherwise, according to his wish. If an offspring is desired, it will grow to full estate in an hour. (Persian, huri; Arabic, huriya, nymphs of paradise. Koran
God Name: Hours Egypt Underworld goddesses, the 12 daughters of Re Egypt
God Name: Hov Ava Russia Goddess of the moon. Russia
God Name: How Chu China the is the goddess of the air
God Name: Hoy Kong China A goddess of Ursa Minor
God Name: Hraap Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Hraesvelger [Corpse-swallower] Norse A giant in an eagle's plumage, who produces the wind. Norse
God Name: Hrap Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Hraudung Norse Geirrod's father. Norse
God Name: Hreidmar Norse Father of Regin and Fafner. He exacts the blood-fine from the gods for slaying Otter. He is slain by Fafner. Norse
God Name: Hrim Thursar Norse A new race begat by the only man and woman to survive the Great Flood. All Norse traced their descent to the Hrim Thursar, or "Hoar Frost." Scandinavian
God Name: Hrimthursar Norse Rime-giants or frost-giants, who dwell under one of Ygdrasil's roots. Norse
God Name: Hringhorn Norse The ship upon which Balder's body was burned. Norse
God Name: Hroan Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Hrodvitner Norse A wolf; father of the wolf Hate. Norse
God Name: Hropt Norse One of Odin's names. Norse
God Name: Hrosthjof [Horse-thief] Norse A giant. Norse
God Name: Hrsikesa Hindu God, a minor avatar of Visnu Hindu
God Name: Hru Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Hrungner Norse A giant; friend of Hymer. Thor fought with him and slew him. Norse
God Name: Hsi Ling su China God of silk China
God Name: Hsi Shih China Goddess who represents the old virtues and feminine qualities of Chinese women. She also sponsors a nice line of face creams, cosmetics and perfumes. China
God Name: Hsi Wang Mu China Mother goddess of the Western Paradise and female energy. China
God Name: Hsi shen China God of joy. Fu Shen denotes a generic title for the beneficent gods of the Chinese. China
God Name: Hsiao Wu China God of prisons. China
God Name: Hsieh T'ien chun China God personification of the planet Saturn. China
God Name: Hsien Nung China Agriculture god. China
God Name: Hsien Se China Agriculture god. China
God Name: Hsu Ch'ang China God of archery. China
God Name: Hsuan T'ien China God of Wealth. China
God Name: Hsuan Wen hua China God of hair, hairdressers, shampoo and hair moisturisers.
God Name: Hsuan-T'ien-Shang-Ti China God who removes demons and evil spirits. Invoke for exorcism, matters involving water. China
God Name: Htmorda Enochian The senior element of Air associated with the Moon. Enochian
God Name: Hu Celts Hu, Ceridwen, and Craiwy. Cherusci, A three-headed god called Triglat.
God Name: Hu Egypt The personification of Divine Utterance, the voice of authority. Egypt
God Name: Hu Baiyan China God of the Earthly Heroic Star. China
God Name: Hu Daoyuan China God of the Water Earthworm Star. China
God Name: Hu Shen China A god of hail
God Name: Hu Sheng China God of the Western Constellations. China
God Name: Hu The Mighty Wales Aka Hu Gadarn, Hugh Guairy. Father God of the Welsh who came to Wales and became part of the Welsh deluge myths.
God Name: Hu Tu China Goddess of the Summer solstice, Earth Mother and the personification of the earth. China
God Name: Hu Yunpeng China God of the Western Constellations. China
God Name: Hua Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God Name: Huaca Peru Huacas, spirits that either inhabit or actually are physical phenomena such as waterfalls, mountains, or man-made shrines. Peru
God Name: Huacas Peru/ Bolivia Any natural object that has an obvious supernatural manifestation
God Name: Huan Yang ch'ang China God of the heart. China
God Name: Huanacari Inca A guardian spirit
God Name: Huang Fei-hu China Originally an earth god who was promoted to the god Tai mountain eastern China and he now judges the souls of the dead when they come to his mountain. China
God Name: Huang T'ing China The Star God of Civil Virtue. China
God Name: Huang Ti China God of architecture and Astral god, some myths relate that Huang-ti manufactured and used "miraculous tripods" which were made in the "likeness of the Great Infinite," Tao, the concealed engine of the Universe. He also invented the compass. China
God Name: Huang-di China Mythical yellow emperor. China
God Name: Hubal Arabic An Arab idol brought from Bulka, in Syria, by Amir Ibn-Lohei, who asserted that it would procure rain when wanted. It was the statue of a man in red agate; one hand being lost, a golden one was supplied. He held in his hand seven arrows without wings or feathers, such as the Arabians use in divination. This idol was destroyed in the eighth year of "the flight." Arabic
God Name: Huban Elamite Supreme god of the Elamite.
God Name: Huban Elamite Iran A tutelary god
God Name: Hubris Greek The daughter of Erebus and Nyx and the female spirit of insolence, violence, wantonness, reckless pride, arrogance and outrageous behaviour in general. Greek
God Name: Huchi Japan Goddess of fire and of volcanic eruptions. The name Fuji is believed to be derived from "Huchi" or "Fuchi", the words for the Aino Goddess of Fire. Japan
God Name: Huecuvoe Chile The evil supreme being. Auraucanians, Chile
God Name: Huehuecototl Aztec A minor god, one of sexual lust
God Name: Huehuecototl-Coyotlinahual Aztec A minor god of feather workers
God Name: Huehuecoyotl Aztec The trickster god of music, dance, song. He is depicted in the as a dancing coyote with human hands and feet, accompanied by a human drummer. Aztec
God Name: Huehueteotl Aztec "Old god". A central Mexican/Aztec deity associated with fire
God Name: Huehueteotl Aztec An ancient god of the hearth, the fire of life. Associated with the pole star and the north, and serves as a skybearer. Aztec
God Name: Hugin [Mind] Norse One of Odin's ravens. Norse
God Name: Huh Egypt The deification of eternity in the Ogdoad, his name itself meaning endlessness. Egypt
God Name: Huiracocha Inca The creator of the world. Inca
God Name: Huiracocha/ Viracocho Inca The supreme deity accused of a virgin birth & creator of of the world
God Name: Huisiniamui Peru A god of the sun and sky. He invented vegetation, but was also fond of headhunting and cannibalism. Peru
God Name: Huitaca Chibcha Goddess of the moon, intoxication, jolly bonking and letting the good times roll. Chibcha
God Name: Huitzilopochtli Aztec The divine leader who rescued an ancestral people from his devastated island kingdom in the Atlantic Ocean, Aztlan. Arriving in the Valley of Mexico, they built a new capital to commemorate their lost city, when Tenochtitlan was constructed on a rocky island at the center of a man-made lake. Aztec
God Name: Huitzilopochtli aka Mexitli Aztec The "blue hummingbird", god of war and the sun as well as the patron god of the Aztec nation.
God Name: Huitznahua Aztec Collectively, the remaining brothers of God of war who were defeated. Aztec
God Name: Huixtocihuatl Aztec Goddess of the ocean and salt. Aztec
God Name: Hulda German Goddess of marriage and fecundity, who sent bridegrooms to maidens and children to the married. German
God Name: Hulka Devi Hindu Goddess of cholera. Hindu
God Name: Hulluk Miyumko Miwok The California Miwok name for the Pleiades. The Hulluk Miyumko were female deities who gave birth to "beautiful star chiefs".
God Name: Huma China A fabulous Oriental bird which never alights, but is always on the wing. It is said that every head which it overshadows will wear a crown.
God Name: Humban Mesopotamia Supreme deity Mesopotamia
God Name: Hun Batz Quiche "One Big Monkey." A son of one of the Seven Ahpu, he is a hero and a multi-tasking deity. Quiche
God Name: Hun Hau Mayan God of death and the Head of Demons. Mayan
God Name: Hun Hunapu Mayan Creator god. Mayan
God Name: Hun Nal Mayan God of maize. Mayan
God Name: Hunab Ku aka Hun Itzamna Mayan . The Supreme Being and the greatest deity in the pantheon. Mayan
God Name: Hunab Ku/ Itzamn Maya The most important creator god & the greatest deity in the pantheon
God Name: Hunahpa Utiu Mayan Yet another god who helped create the human race. Mayan
God Name: Hunahpu Mayan A god, who with his twin Xbalamwque, overcame the powers of evil and of death of his father, then rose to the heavens to become the sun and the moon. Mayan
God Name: Hunahpu Gutch Maya He is one of the 13 gods that mistakenly created humans
God Name: Hunahpu Vuch Quiche A hunting-fox bitch and god of the dawn. Quiche
God Name: Hunapu Maya Another creator god
God Name: Hundred-eyed Greek Argus, in Greek and Latin fable. Juno appointed him guardian of Io [the cow], but Jupiter caused him to be put to death, whereupon Juno transplanted his eyes into the tail of her peacock.
God Name: Hung Sing China Guardian god of of fishing boats and their crews China
God Name: Hunhau Mayan Appears, sometimes with the head of an owl, sometimes as a dog. A god of the underworld and the land of the dead. Mayan
God Name: Hunthaca Guatemala Goddess of the moon. Guatemala
God Name: Huo Pu China God of fire China
God Name: Hur ki Babylon/Mesopotamia Not the Goddess of the moon, just a very naughty girl. Babylon/Mesopotamia
God Name: Hura-Te-Arangi Maori Mother of the Snow, Frost, and Ice children. Maori, New Zealand
God Name: Hurabtil Elamite The god in charge of the Tablets of Destinies Elamite/Iran
God Name: Hurabtil Elamite Iran A god known only from being mentioned in Akkadia texts
God Name: Huracan Quiche Creator god who fashioned the first humans Quiche
God Name: Huracan/ Hurucan/ Hurakan/ Hurukan Quiche A creator god that fashioned the first humans
God Name: Hurakan Nicaragua God of storms, thunder and hurricanes. Nicaragua
God Name: Huruing Wuhti Hopi In the Hopi Indian creation story, they were a pair of women who survived the Great Flood. The Huruing Wuhti were later venerated as mother goddesses, because they gave birth to the Hopi people.
God Name: Hushtahli Choctaw The sun god who doubles as a war god. Choctaw
God Name: Hutsipamamau'u Ocean Woman Chemehuevis The Great Mother, the creator of all things who created the earth from her flaking skin. Chemehuevis
God Name: Huvi Bushmen/ Africa The supreme god
God Name: Huvi Bushmen Africa Supreme god Africa
God Name: Huvi Ovimbundu Africa God of hunting Africa(west)
God Name: Huwe Botswana Yet another supreme being and creator of all things, this time from Botswana.
God Name: Huzayui Egypt Serpent headed, winged god of the west wind Egypt
God Name: Hvar Iran God of the sun Iran
God Name: Hvergelmer Norse A boiling cauldron in Niflheim, whence issues twelve poisonous springs, which generate ice, snow, wind, and rain.. The Northern Tartaros. Norse
God Name: Hxgzd Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Hyacinthus Greek The youngest son of the Spartan king Amyclas and Diomede (Apollodorus iii), but according to others a son of Pierus and Clio, or of Oebalus or Eurotas. He was a youth of extraordinary beauty, and beloved by Thamyris and Apollo, who unintentionally killed him during a game of discus. Greek
God Name: Hyades Greek That is, the rainy, the name of a class of nymphs whose number, names, and descent, are described in various ways by the ancients. Their parents were Atlas and Aethra, Atlas and Pleione, or Hyas and Boeotia; and others call their father Oceanus, Melisseus, Cadmilus, or Erechtheus. Greek
God Name: Hyagnis Phrygian A sun and fire god, also a god of lightning. Father of Marsyas, a satyr who challenged Apollo to a contest of music and lost his hide and life. Phrygian
God Name: Hyale s One of Diana’s nymphs.
God Name: Hyaninthos Greek A god of vegetation. Hyacinthus is a divine hero from Greek mythology.
God Name: Hyas Greek The name of the father and brother of the Hyades. The father was married to Boeotia, and was looked upon as the ancestor of the ancient Hyantes. His son, or the brother of the Hyades, was killed in Libya by an animal, a serpent, a boar, or a lion. Greek
God Name: Hydra Greek A monster of the Lernean marshes, in Argolis. It had nine heads, and Hercules was sent to kill it. As soon as he struck off one of its heads, two shot up in its place. Greek
God Name: Hyes Greek The moist or fertilising god, occurs like Hyetius, as a surname of Zeus, as the sender of rain. Greek
God Name: Hygeia Roman/Greek Goddess of health and the daughter of ?sculapios. Her symbol was a serpent drinking from a cup in her hand. Roman/Greek
God Name: Hylas Greek A son of Theiodamas, king of the Dryopes, by the nymph Menodice or a son of Heracles, Euphemus, or Ceyx. He was the favourite of Heracles, who, after having killed his father, Theiodamas, took him with him when he joined the expedition of the Argonauts. When the Argonauts landed on the coast of Mysia, Hylas went out to fetch water for Heracles but when he came to a well, his beauty excited the love of the Naiads, who drew him down into the water, and he was never seen again. Greek
God Name: Hylech Astrology That planet, or point of the sky, which dominates at man's birth, and influences his whole life. Astrology
God Name: Hymen Greek The god of marriage, was conceived as a handsome youth, and invoked in the hymeneal or bridal song. The names originally designated the bridal song itself, which was subsequently personified. The first trace of this personification occurs in Euripides or perhaps in Sappho. Greek
God Name: Hymenaeus Greek This poor god is the goddess of marriage
God Name: Hymenaios Greek/ Roman A god of marriage
God Name: Hymir or Hymer Norse A giant with whom Thor went fishing when he caught the Midgard-serpent. His wife was the mother of Tyr. Tyr and Thor went to him to procure a kettle for ?ger in which to brew ale for the gods. . Norse
God Name: Hyndla Norse A vala visited by Freyja, who comes to her to learn the genealogy of her favorite, Ottar. Norse
God Name: Hyperenor Greek One of the Spartae, or the men that grew up from the dragon's teeth sown by Cadmus, was worshipped as a hero at Thebes. (Apollodorus iii) There are two other mythical personages of this name, one a son of Poseidon and Alcyone (Apollodorus iii), and the other a son of the Trojan Panthous, who was slain by Menelaus. Greek
God Name: Hyperion Greek A Titan, a son of Uranus and Ge, and married to his sister Theia, or Euryphaessa, by whom he became the father of Helios, Selene, and Eos. Greek
God Name: Hyperippa Greek wife of Hippocoristes.
God Name: Hypermnestra Greek wife of *Lynceus (saved by his wife).
God Name: Hypermnestra Greek A daughter of Thestius and Eurythemis, and the wife of Oicles, by whom she became the mother of Amphiaraus. Her tomb was shown at Argos. One of the daughters of Danaus was likewise called Hypermnestra. Greek
God Name: Hyperopia Discworld The Goddess of Shoes. She has a small following that gathers in the Temple of Small Gods and worships the Sacred Lace of Hyperopia. Named after the technical term for long-sightedness, and it is possible that she is inspired by the Greek goddess Nike, and the shoes named after her. Discworld
God Name: Hypnos Greek The personification and god of sleep, the Greek Hypnos, is described by the ancients as a brother of Death and as a son of Night. At Sicyon there was a statue of Sleep surnamed the giver. In works of art Sleep and Death are represented alike as two youths sleeping or holding inverted torches in their hands. Greek
God Name: Hypseus Greek A son of Peneius, and the Naiad Creusa, or Phillyra, the daughter of Asopus, was king of the Lapithae, and married to Chlidanope, by whom he became the father of Cyrene, Alcaea, Themisto, and Astyageia. (Apollodorus) Another personage of this name occurs in Ovid (Metamorphoses v by Ovid). Greek
God Name: Hypsistos Hebrew/Greek The part of the Supreme Godhead that lets us understand the structure of nature from Infinity. Hebrew/Greek
God Name: Hyrieus Greek A son of Poseidon and Alcyone, was king of Hyria in Boeotia, and married to the nymph Clonia, by whom he became the father of Nycteus, Lycus, and Orion. Greek
God Name: I conjure you Egypt O sword, by the three Holy Names, ALBROT, ABRACADABRA, JEOVA! Be thou my fortress and defence against all enemies, visible and invisible, in every magical work. By the Holy Name SADAY, which is great in power, and by these other names, CADOS, CADOS, CADOS, ADONAY, ELOY, ZENA, OTH, OCHIMANUEL, the First and the Last, Wisdom, Way, Life, Virtue, Chief, Mouth, Speech, Splendour, Light, Sun, Fountain, Glory, Mountain, Vine, Gate, Stone, Staff, Priest, Immortal, MESSIAH, Sword, do thou rule in all my affairs and prevail in those things which oppose me. Amen. Ceremonial Magic Zendou Ki. A protecter spirit who, along with Myodou Ki, protects En no Gyoja. Japan Zeoteus. A son of Tricolonus, and founder of the town of Zoetia in Arcadia. Zephon [scarcher of secrets ]. The cherub despatched by Gabriel to find Satan, after his flight from hell. Ithuriel goes with him. Milton: Paradise Lost, iv. Zephyritis. A surname of Aphrodite, derived from the promontory of Zephyrium in Egypt. Zephyrus, the personification of the west wind, is described by Hesiod as a son of Astraeus and Eos. Greek Zervan, Zurvan, Zrvan. The god of time in Persian literature. Identified in the Greek texts with Chronos and, in the Roman world, with Saturn. Zerynthia. A surname of Aphrodite, from the town of Zerinthus in Thrace, where she had a sanctuary said to have been built by Phaedra. Zetes, a son of Boreas and Oreithyia, and a brother of Calais. Zetes and Calais, called the Boreadae, are mentioned among the Argonauts ( Apollodorus i.), and are generally described as winged beings though some say that they had wings at their heads and feet and others that they had them only at their feet or at their shoulders. Greek Zethus, a son of Zeus and Antiope, at Thebes, and a brother of Amphion. According to some he was married to Aedon, and according to others to Thebe. Greek Zeus, the greatest of the Olympian gods, and the father of gods and men, was a son of Cronus and Rhea, a brother of Poseidon, Hades (Pluto), Hestia, Demeter, Hera, and at the same time married to his sister Hera. Greek Zeuxippe, a sister of Pasithea or Praxithea, was a Naiad and married to Pandion, by whom she became the mother of Procne, Philomela, Erechtheus and Butes. Greek Zha-Zha. Angels which come against those who send the evil eye against the Baptized. Early Nazorean Zhir u Zahrun, means "the Illuminated and the Illuminating." Early Nazorean
God Name: I'lena Koryak/ Siberia An animistic spirit
God Name: Iabet Egypt The goddess of the Eastern Desert, of fertility and rebirth. She was a personification of the land of the east. Egypt
God Name: Iacchus Greek The solemn name of the mystic Bacchus at Athens and Eleusis. The Phrygian Bacchus was looked upon in the Eleusinian mysteries as a child, and as such he is described as the son of Demeter and Zeus, and as the brother of Cora, that is, the male Cora or Corus.
God Name: Iadalbaoth Gnostic Child from the egg of Chaos; the spirit of matter, the chief of the lower elohim and father of the six dark stellar spirits. Gnostic
God Name: Iae Brazil God of the moon. Iae and his brother, Kuat, stole the light from the vulture god Urubutsin. Kuat became the Sun god and Iae god of the Moon. Brazil
God Name: Iakchos Greek An epithet of Dionysus in the Eleusinian mysteries, derived from the element iacho, meaning "to shout." Greek
God Name: Ialanus Celtic The male deification of riverside clearings. Celtic
God Name: Ialemus Greek A personification of the dirge, or a song of a very serious and mournful character, only to be sung on the most melancholy occasions. Greek
God Name: Ialmenues Greek A son of Ares and Astyoche, and brother of Ascalaphus. One the Argonauts and a suitor of Helena. Greek
God Name: Ialonus Celtic The personification of the land and fertility god. Celtic
God Name: Iambe Greek Daughter of Pan and Echo, and a slave of Metaneira, the wife of Hippothoon. Others call her a slave of Celeus. The extravagant hilarity displayed at the festivals of Demeter in Attica was traced to her for it is said that when Demeter, in her wanderings in search of her daughter, arrived in Attica, Iambe cheered the mournful goddess by her jokes. Greek
God Name: Iamus Greek A son of Apollo and Evadne, was initiated in the art of prophecy by his father, and was regarded as the ancestor of the famous family of seers, the Lamidae at Olympia. Greek
God Name: Ianagi & Izanami Japan The god & goddess that created Japan
God Name: Iao Gnostic 'serpent-faced' Archon. Gnostic
God Name: Iapetos Greek The father of Atlas and ancestor of the human race, called genus Iapeti, the progeny of Iapetus. By many considered the same as Japheth, one of the sons of Noah. Greek
God Name: Iapis or Iapyx Greek Was a son of Iasus, and a favourite of Apollo, who wanted to confer upon him the gift of prophecy and the lyre, but Iapis, wishing to prolong the life of his father, preferred the more tranquil art of healing to all the others. He also cured Aeneas of the wound he had received in the war against La- tinus. Greek
God Name: Iarila Russia Goddess of Spring and fertility. She leads the dance at the Summer Solstice. Russia
God Name: Iasion Greek Also called Iasius, was, according to some, a son of Zeus and Electra, tLe daughter of Atlas, and a brother of Dardanus (Theogony of Hesiod 970 ) but others called him a son of Corythus and Electra, of Zeus and the nymph Hemera, or of Ilithyius, or of Minos and the nymph Pyronia.Greek
God Name: Iaso Greek A daughter of Asclepius or Amphiaraus, and sister of Hygieia, was worshipped as the goddess of recovery. Greek
God Name: Iasus 1 Greek A son of Phoroneus, and brother of Pelasgus and Agenor, or Arestor.
God Name: Iasus 2 Greek A son of Argus and Evadne, a daughter of Strymon, or a son of Peitho, the father of Agenor, and father of Argus Panoptes.
God Name: Iasus 3 Greek A son of Argus Panoptes and Ismene, the daughter of Asopus, and the father of Io.
God Name: Iasus 4 Greek A son of Io.
God Name: Iasus 5 Greek A son of Triopas, grandson of Phorbas, and brother of Agenor.
God Name: Iasus 6 Greek An Arcadian, a son of Lycurgus and Cleophile or Eurynome, a brother of Ancaeus and Amphidamas, and the husband of Clymene, the daughter of Minyas, by whom he became the father of Atalante.
God Name: Iasus 7 Greek A son of Eleuther, and father of Chaeresileus.
God Name: Iasus 9 Greek A son of Sphelus, the commander of the Athenians in the Trojan war, was slain by Aeneias.
God Name: Iatiku & Nautsiti Acoma NA The sisters who created man
God Name: Iatiku and Nautsiti Acoma Sisters who, when giving life to the snakes and fishes, accidentally created the Evil Spirit. Acoma. Native American
God Name: Ibath Irish One of the two sons of Magog, one of the ancestors of the Irish
God Name: Ibis or Nile-bird Egypt The Egyptians call the sacred Ibis Father John. It is the avatar' of the god Thoth, who in the guise of an Ibis escaped the pursuit of Typhon. The Egyptians say its white plumage symbolises the light of the sun, and its black neck the shadow of the moon, its body a heart, and its legs a triangle. It was said to drink only the purest of water, and its feathers to scare or even kill the crocodile. Egypt
God Name: Iblis Islamic The Islamic version of the Jewish/ Christian Devil
God Name: Ibmel Finland A sky god and a general name for various gods. Finland
God Name: Ibofanga Creek Aka Hisagita-Imisi, Hisagitaimisi. The Master of Breath, created the world and all other things. The Creek, Georgia
God Name: Icarius Greek Also called Icarus and Icarion. An Athenian, who lived in the reign of Pandion, and hospitably received Dionysus on his arrival in Attica. The god showed him his gratitude by teaching him the cultivation of the vine, and giving him bags filled with wine. Icarius now rode about in a chariot, and distributed the precious gifts of the god; but some shepherds whom their friends intoxicated with wine, and who thought that they were poisoned by Icarius, slew him, and threw his body into the well Anygrus, or buried it under a tree. Greek
God Name: Icauna Celtic The patronness of the Yonne River Yonne. France. Celtic
God Name: Icci Siberia The spirit of Mother Earth. Siberia
God Name: Iccovellauna Celtic Goddess of water. Celtic
God Name: Iccovellauna Ouranian God of Ale Brewing. Ouranian
God Name: Ice Giants Discworld Similar to the Jotuns of Norse mythology, the Ice Giants are apparently necessary for the Apocralypse. When this came close to occurring during the events of Sourcery, the Ice Giants, described as huge beings made of ice with tiny, coal-like eyes and riding tame glaciers, hurtled down towards the civilised world. They spoke with a pronounced Nordic accent. Discworld
God Name: Ichpuchtli Aztec The ruler of love, marriage, flowers, art, music, women, magic, spinning, fertility, sex, weaving, and changes. Ichpuchtli is also the Goddess of Sacred Prostitutes, and professions which imitate nature. Aztec