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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods 

"Ichthyocentaurus" Greek A fish-centaur, or a particular kind of Triton. Ichthyocentauri were fabulous beings, the upper part of whose body was conceived to have a human form, and the lower that of a fish, while the place of the hands was occupied by a horse's feet. Greek
"Ictinike" Sioux The 'father of lies' who was expelled from heaven for deceit and trickery. Sioux
"Id?'an Mother" Asia Minor Cybele, who had a temple on Mount Ida, in Asia Minor.
"Ida" Hindu Of the earth, abundant food, and nourishment. She is also the granter of any blessings evoked through her. Hindu
God name "Ida Ten" Japan Young God who protects monasteries and is rather quick Japan
God name "Ida-Ten" Japan Buddhist God of law and monasteries. Japan
"Idaeus" Greek A son of Dardanus and Chryse, and brother of Deimas, went with his father from Peloponnesus, by way of Samothrace, to Phrygia, and settled on the mountains of Phrygia, which derived from him the name of Ida, or the Idaean mountains.Greek
"Idas" Greek A son of Aphareus and Arene, the daughter of Oebalus, whence he and his brother Lyriceus are called Apharetides, or Aphareidae.Greek
God name "Idavold" Norse A plain where the Gods first assemble, where they establish their heavenly abodes, and where they assemble again after Ragnarok. The plains of Ida. Norse
Goddess name "Idem Huva Finnish" Ugric Goddess of autumn Ugric
Goddess name "Idem Huva Finno" Ugric A Goddess of autumn
Goddess name "Idliragijenget" Inuit Goddess of the sea. Inuit
Demon name "Idlirvirisong" Inuit Demonic cousin of the sun Inuit
Goddess name "Idothea" Greek A Goddess of the sea
Nymph name "Idothea aka Eidothea" Greek The Nymph, a daughter of the aged Proteus, who instructed Menelaus, in the island of Pharos at the mouth of the river Aegyptus, in what manner he might secure her father and compel him to say in what way he should return home. Greek
God name "Idun or Idunn" Norse Daughter of the dwarf Svald, and wife of Bragi. She kept in a box the golden apples which the Gods tasted as often as they wished to renew their youth. Loki on one occasion stole the box and hid it in a wood; but the gods compelled him to restore it. Norse
"Idunn" Nordic The keeper of the apples of immortality
God name "Iegad" Pelew Is this is the God that is guilty of bringing light to earth
"Iemaparu" Pueblo/ Kachina? Corn mother
God name "Ifa" Yoruba God of wisdom, knowledge and divining Yoruba
God name "Ifing" Norse A river which divides the giants from the Gods. Norse
Spirit name "Ifreet or Afreet or Afrit" Arabian A powerful evil jin or Spirit of Arabian mythology.
God name "Ifru" Roman/ N Africa A God known from an inscription at Crita
God name "Ifru Roman" Africa God known from an inscription at Crita Africa
"Ifurin" Celtic The Hades of the ancient Gauls. A dark region infested by serpents and savage beasts. Here the wicked are chained in loathsome caverns, plunged into the lairs of dragons, or subjected to a ceaseless distillation of poison. Celtic
Goddess name "Igaehinvdo" Cherokee Goddess of the sun Cherokee
Spirit name "Igalilik" Inuit Hunting Spirit who travels through the icy wastes. Inuit
God name "Igaluk" Inuit God of the moon Inuit
God name "Igigi" Mesopotamia Collective name for the group of younger sky Gods. They were the gods of heaven, in contrast to the Anunnaki, who were the gods of the earth. Mesopotamia
God name "Ignerssauk" Inuit God of the sea, generally benevolent Inuit
God name "Ignirtoq" Inuit A God of light and truth. Inuit
Spirit name "Ignis Fatuus" Russian According to a Russian superstition, these wandering fires are the Spirits of still-born children which flit between heaven and the Inferno.
Spirit name "Iguanchi" Peru The benevolent and friendly chief Spirit who directs all the important acts in the life of the Jivaro. Peru
God name "Igwekaala" Nigeria A sky God. Igbos. Nigeria
God name "Ih P'en" Mayan Chthonioc fertility God, concerned with the growth of plants as well as family, property and other wealth Mayan
Goddess name "Ihi" Tahiti Goddess of learning, of wisdom. Tahiti
God name "Ihi aka Ehi" Egypt God of the sistrum. Egypt
"Ihi/ Ehi" Egypt He is the lord of the sistrum
God name "Ihoiho" Society Isl Creator God who created everything including the primeval waters Society Is.
Ghost name "Ihoiho" Tahiti The Ghosts of the dead, which were supposed often to visit the living, especially relatives, and to inflict illness or death. Tahiti
God name "Ihy" Egypt A young God personifying the jubilation emanating from the sacred rattle. Egypt
God name "Iju aka Ba-Chi" Nigeria The sky God who sends the fertilizing rain. Nigeria
Angel name "Ikal Ahau" Maya A chthonic death god, that strAngely enough, is considered to inhabit Christian church towers in Mexico
Hero name "Ikanam" Chinook A kind being who touched up the coyote's crude essays with a sharp stone, opening the eyes of men, and giving their hands and feet the powers of movement. He also acted as a "culture-Hero," introducing the first arts. The Chinook, Oregon/Washington
"Ikas" Algonquin Mother Earth Algonquin
Goddess name "Ikebana" Discworld The Goddess of Topiary, worshipped by the Militant Servitors of Ikebana. She is named after the Japanese art of formal flower arranging. Discworld
God name "Ikenga" Nigeria God of fortune and industry. Nigeria
God name "Ikenga Ibo" Nigeria A God of fortune, a benevolent deity
"Ikhekhu or Akhekhu" Egypt A semi-supernatural being described as a serpent with four legs, resembling an European griffin. Egypt
Spirit name "Ikoro" Nigeria The Spirit of the drums. Igbos. Nigeria
God name "Ikto" Sioux God of human speech. Sioux
God name "Iku" Nigeria God of death Nigeria
Deities name "Iku-Ikasuchi-No-Kami" Japan God of thunder, the most significant of the eight thunder Deities, Japan/Shinto
God name "Iku-Turso" Finland A malevolent sea monster and a God of war. Finland
God name "Ikvaku" Hindu/ Vedic An ancestral sun God, that creator god
God name "Il" Canaan Creator God Syria/Canaan/Lebanon
God name "Il" Semitic A Semitic name for God, similar to El.
God name "Il-a-bi" Ugaritic The father God. Ugaritic
Goddess name "Ila" Hindu Minor Goddess of sacrifices Hindu/Vedic
God name "Ilaalge" Semitic Local God Semitic
God name "Ilabrat" Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor God, heavy into politics
"Ilaeira" Greek A daughter of Leucippus and Philodice, and a sister of Phoebe, together with whom she is often mentioned by the poets under the name of Leucippidae. Greek
God name "Ilah" Semitic Moon God. South Semitic
"Ilai" Indonesia The male aspect of the supreme power, Indara being the female aspect. Together they made humankind. Indonesia
Goddess name "Ilamatecuhtli" Aztec Old mother Goddess
Goddess name "Ilankaka" Nkundo Goddess of the sun Nkundo
Goddess name "Ilankaka" Zaire A Goddess of war
Goddess name "Ilankaka" Zaire Goddess of war Zaire
Supreme god name "Ilanzi" Tanzania The Supreme God and creator. Tanzania
Goddess name "Ilat" Arabian Allat. "The Goddess", a pre-Islamic Arabian Goddess who was one of the three chief goddesses of Mecca who the pre-Islamic Meccans referred to as "The Daughters of God".
Supreme god name "Ilat" Kenya Means "thunder." In Suk it means rain, and is the name of the rain-god, as in Elgeyo. But some Suk say that Ilat is the Supreme God. Kenya
"Ilazki" Basque Apotheosis of the moon in a feminine form Basque
Supreme god name "Ilem" Siberian 'One who cannot speak'. The supreme God of the Siberian Ostiaks.
Goddess name "Ilithyia" Greek A Goddess of childbirth Eileithyia, Eilethyia, Eleuto
Goddess name "Ilithyia Eileithyia" Greek Eilethyia, Eleuto, Goddess of childbirth. Greek
"Ilkwang" Korea The Bodhisattva of Sunlight. Korea
"Illalei" Ethiopian Yet another supreme being and the creator humanity. Ethiopian this time
God name "Illapa or Illapa" Inca God of lightning, thunder and rain storms. Inca
God name "Illapa/ Illyapa/ Katoyalla" Inca He is the God of lightning, thunder & rain storms
Goddess name "Illargui" Basque Goddess of the moon Basque
Demon name "Illujanka" Hittite Hittite snake Demon.
God name "Ilma" Finland God of air. Symbolizes element of Air, the element of wind. Finland
God name "Ilmarinen" Finnish Finnish creator God, also a sky and smith god. He is also protective deity of travelers
God name "Ilmarinen" Finnish A God of good weather & the wind, he is also a protective deity of travelers & for a lark he forged the sun
Spirit name "Ilmatar" Finland Female Spirit of air; the daughter of primeval substance of creative spirit. Mother of Vдinдmцinen in Kalevala.
Goddess name "Ilmatar" Finland The virgin Goddess of the air. She is portrayed as androgynous with both male and female aspects, though she is primarily female. Despite her virginity, she was the mother of Vainamoinen, the god of music, Lemminkainen, god of magic, and Ilmarinen, the god of smithing. Finland
Goddess name "Ilmatecuhtli" Aztec The Goddess of the beauty and creator of the stars. Aztec
"Ilu" Polynesia Father of night. Samoa, Polynesia
King name "Ilus" Greek 1. A son of Dardanus by Bateia, the daughter of Teucer. Ilus died without issue, and left his Kingdom to his brother, Erichthonius. 2. A son of Tros, and grandson of Erichthonius. His mother was Calirrhoe, and being a great-grandson of Dardanus, he is called Dardanides.Greek
God name "Ilyapa" Inca God of storms and weather Inca
God name "Im" Mesopotamia Storm God Mesopotamia
"Im" Norse A son of the giant Vafthrudner. Norse
Deity name "Imana" Rwanda The Creator Deity(god) in Banyarwanda mythology in Rwanda.
God name "Imana Banyarwanda" Africa Chief God Africa(east)
Goddess name "Imazuma" Japan Goddess of lightning Japan/Shinto
Spirit name "Imberombera" Australia Travels over the country making everything and leaving Spirit children behind her. She sends out her spirit children to different parts of the country telling them to talk different languages. Kakadu, Australia.
"Imd" Norse One of Heimdal's nine giant mothers. Norse
God name "Imhotep" Egypt The first architect and physician known by name in written history. Two thousand years after his death, his status was raised to that of a God. He became the god of medicine and healing. He was linked to Asclepius by the Greeks. Egypt
God name "Imiut" Egypt Minor chthonic protective God Egypt
"Immaculate Conception" Roman The dogma that the Virgin Mary was conceived without Original sin. This dogma was first broached by St. Bernard, and was stoutly maintained by Duns Scotus and his disciples, but was not received by the Roman Catholic Church as an article of faith till 1854.
Goddess name "Immap Ukua" Inuit Goddess of the sea, mother to all of the sea creatures Inuit/Greenland
Spirit name "Immat" Islam Ensures the balance between the shariah or the exoteric aspect of the faith, and its esoteric, Spiritual essence. Neither the exoteric nor the esoteric obliterates the other. While the Imam is the path to a believer's inward, spiritual elevation, he is also the authority who makes the shariah relevant according to the needs of time and universe. Islam
Angel name "Imntd" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
Goddess name "Imo" Africa Goddess of justice Africa
Spirit name "Imo miri" Nigeria River Spirit. Igbos. Nigeria
Demon name "Imp" Greek A puny Demon or spirit of mischief.
God name "Improcitor" Roman A minor God of agriculture that worried over harrowing of the fields
Demon name "Imps" Discworld Imps are tiny Demons that perform minor tasks rapidly. A number of Discworld labour-saving devices exist which function by trapping small imps. The most notable is the iconograph, but others include watches, food processors, razors and personal organisers. The imps in these devices seem not to mind their jobs, although they get sarcastic if overworked or asked to do things outside their purview. Discworld
God name "Imra" Hindu/Kush The chief pre-Islamic God of the Hindukush Kafir people. He was worshipped as the god of creation. By his breath, Imra created other gods of Kafir pantheon. Frequent sacrifiices were made to Imra, sometimes for recovery from sickness, seasonable weather, or other material benefits, sometimes from motives of simple piety. Imra was more honored than the other gods at the religious dances. Hindu/Kush
God name "Imra" Kafir/ Afghanistan A creator God that is still worshipped today
God name "Imset" Egypt Funerary God charged with the care of the liver of the deceased. Egypt
God name "Imset/ Amset" Egypt This God is a funerary god charged with the care of the liver of the deceased
Angel name "Imtd" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
Supreme god name "In-Shushinak" Babylonia The Supreme God of the Elamites. East of Babylonia
God name "Ina" Polynesia A lunar deity daughter of Kui or Vaitere, who kept an eel in a jar, but it soon grew into the eel-God, Tuna, who tried to rape her. The people of Upolo rescued her and sentenced him to death. At his request, she buried his head in the sand and from it grew the first coconut. Ina is married to Marama, the god of the night. She lives in the sky during the daytime when her husband is not visible. Polynesia
Spirit name "Ina'hitelan" Koryak/ Siberia A guardian Spirit that supervises the skies
God name "Inachus" Greek A river God and king of Argos, is described as a son of Oceanus and Tethys. By a Melian nymph, a daughter of Oceanus, or, according to others, by his sister Argeia, he became the father of Phoroneus and Aegialeus, to whom others add Io, Argos Panoptes, and Phegeus or Pegeus. Greek
"Inahitelan" Siberia The supreme being whose name maens "Supervisor." Siberia
Goddess name "Inana" Mesopotamian/ Sumeria A Goddess of fertility, of love & war
Goddess name "Inana, Ištar,Ishtar" Akkadian / Sumerian The most important of all Mesopotamian Goddesses, and a multi-faceted personality, occurring in cuneiform texts of all periods. The Sumerian name probably means "Lady of Heaven", and the Akkadian name Ishtar is related to the Syrian Astarte and the biblical Ashtaroth is usually considered as a daughter of Anzu, with her cult located in Uruk, but there are other traditions as to her ancestry, and it is probable that these reflect originally different goddesses that were identified with her. Ishtar is the subiect of a cycle of texts describing her love affair and ultimately fatal relationship with Tammuz.
Goddess name "Inanna" Mesopotamia Inana, the original "Holy Virgin," as the Sumerians called her, is the first known divinity associated with the planet Venus. This Sumerian Goddess became identified with the Semitic goddesses Ishtar and later Astarte, Egyptian Isis, Greek Aphrodite, Etruscan Turan and the Roman Venus. Mesopotamia
Planet name "Inanna" Sumaria "Queen Moon". Near Eastern queen of heaven. She ruled over the stars, Planets, water, and light. Also symbolizes love, destruction of the indestructible, health, the moon workings. Sumaria
Goddess name "Inanna" Sumeria A Goddess of heaven, light, long life, the moon, & war
Goddess name "Inanupdikile" Panama A Goddess of rain
God name "Inapirikuri" Venezuela The primordial God who drew mankind from the ground and gave them their moral precepts. Venezuela
Goddess name "Inara" Hurrian The daughter of the Storm-god Teshub or Tarhunt and the Goddess of the wild animals of the steppe. Hurrian
Goddess name "Inaras" Hittite The Goddess of the wild animals of the steppe
Goddess name "Inaras" Hittite Goddess of the wild animals of the steppe. The one who set a trap for Illuyankas. Hittite
God name "Inari" Japan/Shinto God of fertility, rice, agriculture, and foxes. Inari's foxes, or kitsune, are pure white and act as his messengers. Japan/Shinto
"Incubus" Roman A nightmare, anything that weighs heavily on the mind. At one time supposed to consort with women an their sleep. Roman
God name "Indagarra" Burundi The supreme being and God of judgment after death created a man and a woman. Under him is Ryangombe. The Wa-Twa, Burundi
"Indara" Indonesia The Maiden, the earth. With Ilai, the sun, they are the supreme powers of the Torajas. They created mankind, but not plants and animals. Celebes, Indonesia
"Indeesa" Tanzania The creator gooddess who caused no afflictions and is invoked for inner reflection. Tanzania
"India" Indian Numerous Indian tribes keep Yuletide as a religious festival.
God name "Indr" Afghanistan Tutelary and weather God. Afghanistan
God name "Indra" Hindu A God of rain, storms, thunder & clouds
God name "Indra" Hindu The king of the Gods and ruler of the heavens, the god of thunder and rain and a great warrior who symbolises courage and strength. His mount is an elephant called Airavata and he has a golden chariot drawn by ten thousand horses. Hindu
God name "Indra" Mongolia The God of the sun and of light, associated with the east. Mongolia
Goddess name "Indrani" Hindu The Goddess of wrath and jealousy, and a daughter of Puloman, a demon who was killed by Indrani's future husband, Indra. She is beautiful and has one-thousand eyes. She is associated with lions and elephants. Hindu
Goddess name "Indukari" Hindu Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Goddess name "Inemes" Micronesia Goddess of love and of sexuality Micronesia
God name "Infoniwoo" Taiwanese God of child-birth and generation. Taiwanese
God name "Ing" Anglo-Saxon Ancestral God. Anglo-Saxon
Goddess name "Inghean" Ireland One of the sisters who made up a triple Goddess and goddess of summer. Ireland
Goddess name "Inghean/ Crobh/ Dearg Bhuidhe" Irish One of the isters who made up a triple Goddess & goddess of summer
God name "Inguma" Basque The God of dreams. He was regarded as a malevolent force who entered houses at night and plagued the residents with nightmares. Basque
"Ingun's Frey" Norse One of the names of Frey. Norse
Goddess name "Ini" Egypt Goddess of justice Egypt
Goddess name "Ini Heret" Egypt She is the Goddess of mediators, diplomats, statesman's & other professional liars
"Inkanyamba" Africa A legendary serpent living in a waterfall lake area in the northern forests near Cape Town, South Africa
"Inkosazana" Africa Who came out on the same day that men came out of the earth. She is not commonly seen. We hear it said the primitive men knew her. No one existing at the present time ever saw her. She is said to be a very little animal, as large as a polecat, and is marked with little white and black stripes; on one side there grows a bed of reeds, a forest, and grass;97 the other side is that of a man. Such is her form. South Africa
Goddess name "Inkosikasi" Africa A Chicken hypnotist and a beneficent sky Goddess. The Zulu, South Africa
Goddess name "Inmar" Finnish/Ugric Sky Goddess. Finnish/Ugric
Goddess name "Inmar Votyak" Finnish/ Ugric A sky Goddess that was taken over by the Christians and called of the Mother of God
"Inmutef" Egyptian Egyptian bearer of the heavens.
God name "Inmutef/ Inummutef" Egypt A minor canopic God
Goddess name "Inna" Africa Goddess of justice. Africa
Goddess name "Innana" Sumeria Goddess of love, procreation, and war Sumeria.
Goddess name "Ino" Greek Greek heroine who raised the infant Dionysus. Later she was elevated to a sea Goddess under the name of Leukothea. Greek
"Inous" Greek That is, the son of Ino, a name given to Melicertes and Palaemon. Greek
God name "Insitor" Roman God concerned with the sowing of crops and a helper of Ceres. Roman
"Instein" Norse The father of Ottar Heimske; the favourite of Freyja. Norse
God name "Inta" Aztec God of fire who is associated with paternalism. Aztec
"Intercidona" Roman One of the Deverra, three symbolic beings whose influence was sought by the Romans, at the birth of a child, as a protection for the mother against the vexations of Sylvanus. Roman
God name "Inti" Inca God of war and the sun and a patron deity of Tahuantinsuyu. Inca
God name "Intonsus" Greek I. e. unshorn, a surname of Apollo and Bacchus, alluding to the eternal youth of these Gods, as the Greek youths allowed their hair to grow until they attained the age of manhood, though in the case of Apollo it may also allude to his being the god of the sun, whence the long floating hair would indicate the rays of the sun. Greek
Spirit name "Inuat" Inuit These are the Spirit beings that reside with all living creatures & maintain the lamp of life
God name "Inuus" Roman An ancient protector of livestock, one of the di indigetes, indigenous Gods. He was probably a god of fertility or sexual intercourse, as his name was thought by some to be connected with the word inire, "to copulate". He was also sometimes identified with the Roman god Faunus. Roman
"Invidia" Greek The personification of envy, is described as a daughter of the giant Pallas and Styx. Greek
Goddess name "Inyan" Lakota The first of the superior Gods. Uncreated and existing before time, he created Maka and gave it the Earth Goddess Maka-akan, the second of the superior Gods and a part of Inyan. Creating Maka required all of Inyan's blood, which was blue, to form a great disk, beyond which there was nothing. This effort made Inyan hard and powerless. His blood became the blue waters and the sky, and Nagi Tanka (Sky God), the Great Spirit who is all powerful and called Skan (Most Holy), the third superior God. Lakota
God name "Inzak" Arabia The God who watches over his people. Bahrain, Arabia
Nymph name "Io" Greek A Nymph of the Argive River Inachos who was loved by Zeus. Greek
God name "Io/ Khio" New Zealand The chief God who appears to be known only to the nobility & the priests
"Iodameia" Greek A priestess of Athena Itonia, who was changed into a block of stone on seeing the head of Medusa. Greek
"Iole" Greek The last beloved of Heracles, and a daughter of Eurytus of Oechalia. According to some writers, she was a half-sister of Dryope.
"Ion" Greek The fabulous ancestor of the Ionians, a son of Apollo by Creusa, the daughter of Erechtheus and wife of Xuthus.
"Iormungandur" Scandinavian Iormungandr. The Midgard serpent. The serpent that encompasses the whole earth. Scandinavian
"Ioskeha" Iroquois Creator of the first man and woman Iroquois
Supreme god name "Ipalnemohuani" Aztec 'he by whom the people live'. The Supreme God and the giver of Life. Aztec
Demon name "Ipet" Egypt She was originally the Demon-wife of Apep, the original god of evil. Egypt
Goddess name "Ipet/ Ipi" Egypt She started life as a hippopotamus Goddess
"Iphicles' Oxen" Greek Iphiclos or Iphicles was the possessor of large herds of oxen, and Neleus promised to give his daughter in marriage to Bias if he would bring him the oxen of Iphicles, which were guarded by a very fierce dog. Melampos contrived to obtain the oxen for his brother, but being caught in the act, he was cast into prison. Melampos afterwards told Astyocha, wife of Iphicles, how to become the mother of children, whereupon Iphicles gave him the coveted herd, and his brother married the daughter of Neleus. The secret told by Melampos to Astyocha was "to steep the rust of iron in wine for ten days, and drink it." This she did, and became the mother of eight sons.
Goddess name "Iphigeneia" Greek According to the most common tradition, a daughter of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra but, according to others, a daughter of Theseus and Helena, and brought up by Clytaemnestra only as a foster-child. Agamemnon had once killed a stag in the grove of Artemis, or had boasted that the Goddess herself could not hit better, or, according to another story, in the year in which Iphigeneia was born, he had vowed to sacrifice the most beautiful thing which that year might produce, but had afterwards neglected to fulfil his vow.Greek
"Iphimedeia" Greek A daughter of Triops, and the wife of Aloeus. Being in love with Poseidon, she often walked to the sea, and collected its waters in her lap, whence she became, by Poseidon, the mother of the Aloadae, Otus and Ephialtes.Greek
"Iphimedusa" Greek wife of Euchenor.
"Iphis" Greek A young man of humble parentage who died for love of Anaxarete. Greek
"Iphitus" Greek A son of Naubolus, and father of Schedius, Epistrophus, and Eurynome, in Phocis, was likewise one of the Argonauts.Greek
"Iphthima" Greek A daughter of Icarius, and sister of Penelope. Athena assumed the appearance of Iphthime, when she appeared to the unfortunate mother of Telemachus.Greek
Goddess name "Ipy" Egypt A mother Goddess that occasionally will wet nurse the king
Goddess name "Ipy aka Ipet" Egypt Apet, Opet, a benign hippopotamus Goddess known as a protective and nourishing deity. Egypt
Goddess name "Irene" Greek A Goddess of peace
Goddess name "Irene aka Eirene" Greek Goddess of peace and of spring. Greek
Spirit name "Irik" Borneo A primeval creator Spirit, in the form of a bird, who created the earth; with Ara, created mankind from clay. The Sea Dyaks of Sarawak, Borneo
God name "Irioba" Tanzania Iriuba, Enokwe. The sun, the sky, the only real God who created the world and all that it contains. Tanzania
"Iris" Greek A daughter of Thaumas (whence she is called Thaumantias) and Electra, and sister of the Harpies. Greek
Goddess name "Iris" Greek/Roman Goddess of the rainbow, or the rainbow itself. In classic mythology she is called the messenger of the gods when they intended discord, and the rainbow is the bridge or road let down from heaven for her accommodation. When the gods meant peace they sent Mercury. Greek/Roman
God name "Irma" Peru An early coastal name of the creator God. Peru
God name "Irmin" Germanic The mythical founder of the Hermiones tribe, son of Mannus, war God, Germanic
"Irminsul" Saxons The pillar that was said to connect heaven and earth, represented by oak or wooden pillars venerated by the Saxons.
Angel name "Irmiongot" Germanic This possibly Irmin, found in The Hildebrandslied, strAngely the poem shows Christian influence