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Goddess name "Gujeswari" India Mother goddess. Pray to her and you'll be granted los of goodies. India
God name "Gujo" Pakistan A god who had a town named after him in Sindh, Pakistan.
Goddess name "Gujo" Kafir / Afghanistan Tutelary guardian deity. A god of whom there is nothing other than a passing reference from among the extinct southern Hindukush tribe of Pachags. He may have been a local consort of the messenger goddess Zhiwu....
God name "Gukumatz" Mayan Feathered serpent";, a feathered snake god, one of the gods who created earth and humanity. Mayan
God name "Gukumatz" Mayan / Quiche, Mesoamerican / Guatemalan highlands sky god. The son of the creator gods E QUAHOLOM and E ALOM, and equating to the feathered serpent god of Aztec religion, QUETZALCOATL....
Goddess name "Gul-Ses" Hittite Collective name for all the goddesses of fate Hittite
Goddess name "Gul-Ses”" Hittite Collective name for goddesses of fate. They dispense good or evil, life or death. Also Hutena (Hurrian)....
God name "Gul-ses" Hittite Scribes of the gods who dispense good, evil, life and death Hittite
Goddess name "Gul-ses/ Gul-ases" Hittite These goddesses apparently are the scribes of the gods that dispense good, evil, life & death
Goddess name "Gula" Babylon / Sumeria Mother goddess of creativity, fire and with the power to inflict / cure disease. Babylon / Sumeria
Goddess name "Gula (great one)" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian Goddess of healing. Consort of NINURTA. Her animal is the dog. She may be synonymous with NIN'INSINA. Also mentioned in Hellenistic Babylonian times. A Gula temple is described at Uruk. Also NINTINUGGA....
Goddess name "Gula/ Gula Bau" Babylon / Sumeria A mother goddess of creativity, fire & with the power to inflict / cure disease
Goddess name "Gulissa Mata" Hindu Mother goddess who became a goddess of evil intent, inflecting sickness Hindu / Puranic / Epic
"Gullinburste [Golden bristles]" Norse The name of Frey's hog. Norse
"Gullinkambe or Goldcomb" Norse A cock that crows at Ragnarok. Norse
Goddess name "Gulliveig" Norse A goddess / sorceress of the Vanir race of gods
Goddess name "Gulsilia Mata" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. A SAKTI who in later Hinduism became regarded as of evil intent, inflicting sickness. Particularly known from Bengal....
God name "Gulu" Dinka Creator god Dinka
"Gulveig [Gold-thirst]" Norse A personification of gold. Though pierced and thrice burnt, she yet lives. Norse
Goddess name "Gum Lin" China Goddess of rivers and Bamboo. China
Spirit name "Gumeniki" Slavic A class of animistic spirits who look after storehouses and grainaries. Slavic
God name "Gunab" Hottentot God of evil who lived under a pile of stones on the Hades road. Hottentot
Goddess name "Gunabibi" Australian aboriginal Creator goddess. Also known as Kunapipi, she is extensively revered by aborigines in northern Australia, including the Yolngu people. Her cult bears some similarity to that of the Greek mother goddess DEMETER and to Tantric cults in India. For this reason the cult is thought to have been introduced from Asia to Arnhem Land and then to other parts of the Australian continent as early as the sixth century. Mythology indicates that Gunabibi has been perceived as a deity who came from the sea or the rivers during the Dreamtime but who reigns now over dry land. Among modern aborigines she is the subject of esoteric rituals which also involve the great serpent Yulunggul with whom Gunabibi has been closely involved....
"Gundari-Myoo" The terrific manifestation of the DHYANIBUDDHA RATNASAMBHAVA Japanese Buddhist. He bears three eyes and fangs. His eight arms and legs are decorated with snakes. Attributes include a skull on the hair and he stands on a lotus....
"Gungner" Norse Gungner [To tremble violently]. Odin's spear. Norse
Goddess name "Gungu" Aryan Goddess of the new moon who is invoked to place the fetus in the womb. Aryan
"Gunlad / Gunnlod" Norse One who invites war. She was daughter of the giant Suttung, and had charge of the poetic mead. Odin got it from her. Norse
"Gunnloed" German Teutonic earth Mother who looks after wisdom, creativity, fertility, health and protection.
Spirit name "Gunnodoyak" A youthful heroic deity who was once mortal Iroquois (North American Indian). He was empowered by the spirit of thunder, Hino, to conquer the Great water Snake, enemy of humankind. The serpent devoured Gunnodoyak but was then slain by Hino, who cut open the snake, recovered the body of Gunnodoyak and returned him to his rightful place in heaven....
Goddess name "Gunura" Sumeria Goddess who had a seat named 'House Pure heaven,' in the Temple at Babil. Sumeria
Goddess name "Gunura" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian deity of uncertain status. Described variously as the husband of the goddess NIN'INSINA and the father of Damu (DUMUZI), but also as the sister of Damu....
God name "Gur-Gyi" Buddhist / Tibet Angry-one-of-the-tent. God of tents. Buddhist / Tibet
God name "Gur-Gyi Mgon-Po" Buddhist / Tibet A god of tents
God name "Gur-Gyi Mgon-Po" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet God of tents. A form of MAHAKALA usually attended by a man. Color: blue. Attributes: club, cup and knife....
Angel name "Gurid" Libya An angel who dislikes the cold so he only appears at the summer equinox. Put him on an amulet and he'll ward of the evil eye.
Angel name "Guriel" Libya One of the angels in charge of the zodiacal sign of Leo.
King name "Gurson" Libya Serves under Lucifer as king of the south side of Hell.
God name "Gurzil" Libya God in the shape of a bull. Libya
God name "Gusilim" Mesopotamia God who lives in the city of Dur. Mesopotamia
God name "Gusilim (loud voice)" Mesopotamian / Sumerian God. See also ISTARAN....
Demon name "Gusion" Christian A strong Great Duke of Hell, and rules over forty legions of demons. He tells all past, present and future things, shows the meaning of all questions that are asked to him, reconciles friends, and gives honour and dignity. He is depicted as a baboon. Christian demonology
Demon name "Guta" Hungary demonic being who who beats his victims to death. Hungary
Planet name "Guth" Roman One of the angelic soldiers of the planet Jupiter.
Angel name "Gutrix" Occultism An angel that flies on Thursdays and takes orders from the South wind. Occultism
Angel name "Gvurtial" Jewish An angelic guard of the 4th heaven. Jewish
Goddess name "Gwen" Celtic Goddess of happiness who was so beautiful that no one could live if they looked at her to long. Celtic
God name "Gwendion/ Gwydyon" Welsh A god of war
Goddess name "Gwenn Teir Bronn" Celtic Goddess of motherhood. Celtic
King name "Gwethyr" Wales king of the Upperworld Gwyrthur Ap Gwreidawl
King name "Gwethyr aka Gwyrthur Ap Gwreidawl" Welsh king of the Upperworld. Welsh
God name "Gwyddno" Welsh At one time was a sea God. Came down in legend as a monster or faery of the ocean. Welsh
Goddess name "Gwydion" Celtic / Welsh God of war. His mother is DON the Welsh mother goddess. He allegedly caused a war between Gwynedd and Dyfed. He visited the court of PRYDERI, son of RHIANNON, in Dyfed, and stole his pigs. In the ensuing combat Gwydion used magic powers and slew Pryderi. He seems to have underworld links, hence the route taken by the dead, the milky Way, was named Caer Gwydion....
"Gwyllion" Welsh The Dark Ones fairy women who lead travelers astray. Welsh
"Gwyn fab Nudd" Celtic A Celtic soothsayer. Brittonic Arthurian legend
God name "Gwyndion" Welsh A multi-taking god: A warrior-magician, Prince of the Powers of Air, the greatest of the enchanters and a shape-shifter. He also brought pigs to mankind. Welsh
King name "Gwynn Ap Nudd" Welsh king of the fairies and the underworld. Welsh
God name "Gwynn Ap Nudd" Celtic / Welsh Chthonic underworld god. Known locally from South Wales. The leader of the phantom hunt which chases a white stag. He equates with HERNE in England and ARAWN in more northern parts of Wales....
"Gwyrthur" Celtic Minor solar who brings the summer Sunshine. Celtic
King name "Gwythelyn Gorr" Celtic king of the Dwarfs whose magical bottles are required for the marriage feast of Kulhwch and Olwen. Celtic
"Gyges" Greek The ordinary name of the hundred-armed giant, who is sometimes called Gyas or Gyes. Greek
Goddess name "Gyhldeptis" Haida Kindly Forest goddess Tlingit / Haida
King name "Gylfe" Norse A king of Svithod, who visited Asgard under the name of Ganglere. The first part of the Younger Edda is called Gylfaginning, which means the Delusion of Gylfe. Norse
God name "Gyller [Golden]" Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
"Gymer" Norse A giant; the father of Gerd, the beloved of Frey. Norse
God name "Gynaecothoenas" Greek the god feasted by Women, a surname of Ares at Tegea. In a war of the Tegeatans against the Lacedaemonian king Charillus, the women of Tegea made an attack upon the enemy from an ambuscade. This decided the victory. The women therefore celebrated the victory alone, and excluded the men from the sacrificial feast. Greek
Spirit name "Gytrash" Britain A malevolent spirit that appears as a large dog or horse, and leads people astray. Britain
God name "Gzizis" Greek The Sun god of the Algonquians
Angel name "Gzrel" Jewish An angel involked to countermand evil decrees. Jewish
God name "HERYSAF (he who is upon his lake)" ORIGIN Egypt Primeval deity associated both with Osiris and Re. Herys”af is a ram god said to have emerged from the primeval ocean, possibly recreated in the form of a sacred lake at Hnes, the capital of Lower Egypt for a time at the beginning of the third millennium (during the First Intermediate Period). The god is depicted with a human torso and the head of a ram wearing the atef crown of Lower Egypt. Herys”af began as a local deity but took on national importance as the soul (ba) of RE, and of OSIRIS. Herys”af 's sanctuary was enlarged by Rameses II and the god is said to have protected the life of the last Egyptian pharaoh when the Persian and later Macedonian dominations began. He eventually became syncretized with HERAKLES in Greco-Roman culture and Hnes became known as Herakleopolis....
Goddess name "HUITZILPOCHTLI" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Blue hummingbird on left foot. Sun god, patron god of the Aztec nation. The tutelary god of the Aztecs who also regarded him as a war god. He is the southern (blue) aspect or emanation of the Sun god TEZCATLIPOCA, the so-called high-flying Sun, and the head of the group classed as the Huitzilpochtli complex. He is regarded, in alternative tradition, as one of the four sons of Tezcatlipoca. His mother is the decapitated earth goddess COATLICUE, from whose womb he sprang fully armed. He slaughtered his sister (moon) and his 400 brothers (stars) in revenge for the death of his mother, signifying the triumph of Sunlight over darkness....
God name "Ha" Egypt A god of the deserts to the west of Egypt
God name "Ha" Egypt Guardian god. Early deity of the western Sahara referred to as warding off enemies (possibly Libyan) from the west. Depicted in anthropomorphic form crowned by the symbol of desert dunes....
Spirit name "Ha Wen Neyu" Iroquois The great spirit of the Iroquois.
God name "Ha'o" Ethiopia The supreme being and sky god whose eye is the Sun. Ethiopia
God name "Haapkemnas" Takelma The god from before time and the creator of all things. Takelma
"Haar" Norse The High One, applied to Odin. Norse
Goddess name "Habetrot" Anglo-Celtic Goddess of healing and spinning and all who wore the clothing she made would never fall ill. Anglo-Celtic
Goddess name "Habetrot" Celtic A goddess of spell casting on the wheel of the year
God name "Habiesso" Africa A god of thunder
Angel name "Habioro" Enochian A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the East. Enochian
Goddess name "Habondia aka Habonde" Anglo-Celtic Goddess of abundance and prosperity. Anglo-Celtic
Goddess name "Habondia/ Abondia/ Abunciada/ Habonde" Britain A goddess of abundance & prosperity
God name "Habuiri" West Indies A creator and sky god who make plants grow. West Indies
"Habundia" Scotland queen of the White Ladies.
God name "Hacauitz" Mayan mountains god Mayan
God name "Hacha'kyum" Maya / Lacandon The god of the real people
Deity name "Hachacyum" Mexico The creator and principle deity of the Lacandon. Mexico
Deities name "Hachacyum (our very lord)" Mayan / Lacandon, Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. The creator of the world assisted by three other deities, his consort and two brothers, one of whom is Sucunyum, his counterpart (or alter ego) in the underworld. Also Nohochacyum (our great lord)....
God name "Hachacyum/ Nohochacyum" Maya The creator the world who was helped by three other gods
God name "Hachiman" Japan A god of war that was based on an actual emperor, his sacred animal is the dove
God name "Hachiman" Shinto / Japan God of war and peace. A deity whose origins are confused. The name does not appear in either of the sacred texts of Shintoism, but such a deity was probably worshiped in the distant past with the alternative title of HimeGami or Hime-O-Kami. The cult center was on the southern island of Kyushu at Usa. In modern Shintoism, Hachiman originates as a member of the imperial dynasty. Named Ojin-Tenno and born in AD 200 to the empress Jingu-Kogo, he greatly improved the living standards and culture of Japan during his remarkable reign. The place of his birth was marked by a sanctuary and several centuries after his death, a vision of a child KAMI appeared there to a priest. The kami identified himself by the Chinese ideogram representing the name Hachiman, and thus the link developed. The site is, today, the location of a magnificent shrine, the Umi-Hachiman-Gu, where Hachiman has been perceived as a god of war. Soldiers departing for battle once took with them relics from the shrine. Hachiman is also a deity of peace and a guardian of human life and, when pacifism dominated Japan during the post-war era, he became more strongly identified in the latter context....
God name "Hachiman/ Hime-Gami/ Hime-O-Kami" Japan / Shinto A god of war & peace
God name "Hadad" Syria A god of storms, thunder and lightning, he also worked part-time as a sky and Sun god and a protecter of the harvest. Syria
Goddess name "Hadad" Western Semitic / Syrian / Phoenician weather god. Derived from the Akkadian deity ADAD. In texts found at the site of the ancient Canaanite capital of Ugarit [Ras Samra] , the name of Hadad apparently becomes a substitute for that of BAAL. His voice is described as roaring from the clouds and his weapon is the thunderbolt. His mother is the goddess ASERAH. During Hellenic times he was predominantly worshiped at Ptolemais and Hierapolis. His Syrian consort is ATARGATIS, who overshadowed him in local popularity at Hierapolis. Statues of the two deities were carried in procession to the sea twice yearly. According to the Jewish writer Josephus, Hadad also enjoyed a major cult following at Damascus in the eighth and ninth centuries BC. By the third century BC the Hadad-Atargatis cult had extended to Egypt, when he becomes identified as the god SUTEKH. In the Greek tradition his consort becomes HERA.See also ADAD....
God name "Hadad/ El" Canaan / Semite The god of lightning, thunder & storms
Goddess name "Hadakai" India Goddess of health and Rabies India
God name "Hades" Greek Or Pluton, Pluto, Plouton, Dis (Roman), and Aidoneus, the god of the lower world; Plato observes that people preferred calling him Pluton (the giver of wealth) to pronouncing the dreaded name of Hades or Aides. Hence we find that in ordinary life and in the mysteries the name Pluton became generally established, while the poets preferred the ancient name Aides or the form Pluteus. Greek
God name "Hades/ Pluto" Greek A god of death & one of the Olympian gods
Goddess name "Hae Soon" Korea Goddess of war Korea
"Haemon" Greek 1. A son of Pelasgus and father of Thessalus. The ancient name of Thessaly, viz. Haemonia, or Aemonia, was believed to have been derived from him.
God name "Haepuru" New Zealand A god of the heavens and part of a trinity who, along with Roiho and Roake fashioned the first human female. New Zealand
God name "Hafoza" Jate God of thunder and lightning. Jate
"Hag" Greek A female fury.
Nymph name "Hagno" Greek An Arcadian nymph, who is said to have brought up Zeus. Greek
God name "Hah" Egypt This is the god that was the bearer of heaven, a personification of infinity & eternity
God name "Hahana Ku" Mayan Messenger god. Mayan
God name "Hahanu" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian God of uncertain function. Known from passing reference in texts and from inscriptions....
"Hahgwehdaetgan" Iroquois the evil twin brother of Hahgwehdiyu. Iroquois
God name "Hahgwehdiyu" Iroquois The creator god; he planted a single maize plant in his mother's body. This single plant grew and was a gift to mankind. Iroquois
God name "Haikili" Hawaii The god of thunder.Hawaii Polynesian
God name "Haili'la" Haida / PNW A plague god associated with small pox. Interesting history. Cool
God name "Haili'laj" Haida Indian / Queen Charlotte Island, Canada Plague god. Particularly associated with smallpox. Believed to be so terrible that he is not even propitiated with food. He sails in a canoe of pestilence with huge sails like those of the white man's ships which brought plague to the Indians....
"Hainuwele" Indonesia 'The Coconut Girl' who, when she "answered the call of nature"; excreted valuable items. She was killed and buried by villagers but her boyfriend exhumed the corpse and cut it into pieces which he then re-buried around the village. These pieces grew into the various tuberous plants, giving origin to the principle foods the people of Indonesia have enjoyed ever since. Seram, New Guinea
God name "Haiyococab" Aztec The Aztec "Water Over earth," from which "the earth-upholding gods escaped when the world was destroyed by a deluge.
Goddess name "Haka" Polynesia The goddess who, along with her husband Tetoo, created the sky and the earth. Polynesia
"Hakahotu" Polynesia The earth Mother and guiding feminine principle. Polynesia
Goddess name "Hakea" Polynesian, Hawaii Goddess of the underworld. Her role was generally shared with the chthonic goddess Miru....
Spirit name "Hakui" Shinto A god who imbued his followers with a vigorous spirit and the will to fight enemies Shinto
God name "Hala" Guinea The sky god of the Kisi. Guinea
Goddess name "Hala" Kassite / Iraq Goddess of healing. Probably later syncretized with the Akkadian goddess GULA....
"Halahala" Hindu The name of a poison created from the sea when Devas and Asuras churned the sea in order to obtain Amrita, the nectar of immortality. Hindu
God name "Halahala (lord of poison)" Buddhist / Mahayana God of poison. A form of AVALOKITESVARA. Typically seated on a red lotus with the SAKTI on the left knee. Color: white. Attributes: arrow, bow, cup, grass, image of AMITABHA on crown, lotus, tiger skin and trident. Three-headed and three-eyed....
God name "Halakwulup" Tierra del Fuego A sky god whose eyes are the Sun and the moon. Tierra del Fuego
God name "Halboredja" Arizona God of the Sun, justice and victory. Arizona
God name "Haldi" Urartian / Armenia Tutelary god. Known from circa 1000 BC until circa 800 BC....
God name "Haldi Urart" Armenia Tutelary god Armenia
"Halia" Greek A sister of the Telchines in Rhodes, by whom Poseidon had six sons and one daughter, Rhodos or Rhode, from whom the island of Rhodes received its name. Halia, after leaping into the sea, received the name of Leucothea, and was worshipped as a Divine being by the Rhodians. Greek
God name "Haliacmon" Greek A son of Oceanus and Tethys, was a river god of Macedonia.
"Haliartus" Greek A son of Thersander, and grandson of Sisyphus, founded the town of Haliartus in Boeotia. He is further said to have been adopted with Coronus by Athamas
"Halimede" Greek One of the Nereides. Greek
"Halios" Greek The name of two mythical personages, one a Lycian, who was slain by Odysseus and the other a son of Alcinous and Arete. Greek
"Halios or Halius" Greek The name of two mythical personages, one a Lycian, who was slain by Odysseus and the other a son of Alcinous and Arete.
"Halirrhothius" Greek A son of Poseidon and Euryte. He attempted by violence to seduce Alcippe, the daughter of Ares and Agraulos, but he was taken by surprise by Ares, who killed him. Greek
"Halitherses" Greek A son of Mastor of Ithaca. He was a soothsayer. Greek
God name "Halki" Hittite God of barley and grain. Hittite
God name "Halki (barley)" Hittite / Hurrian corn god. He may also have been invoked by beer makers....
God name "Hallinskid" Norse Another name of the god Heimdal. The possessor of the learning way. Norse
"Halmus" Greek A son of Sisyphus, and father of Chryse and Chrysogeneia. He was regarded as the founder of the Boeotian town of Halmones. Greek
Goddess name "Halsodyne" Greek That is, "the sea-fed," or the sea-born goddess, occurs as a surname of Amphitrite and Thetys. Greek
Goddess name "Haltia" Finnish Goddess of healing Finnish / Ugric
"Ham Ziwa" Nazorean The male counterpart to the occult Tanna. Means: "radiance glowed". Early Nazorean
Hero name "Ham vareti" Persia The departed soul of a hero who hangs around to help and protect his descendants. Persia
Nymph name "Hamadryad" Greek A wood-nymph. Each tree has its own wood-nymph, who dies when the tree dies. Greek
Spirit name "Hamadryades" Greek / Roman Tree spirits whose existence is restricted to the tree that the guard when it dies they die
Spirit name "Hamadryades" Greco - Roman Animistic tree spirits. Vaguely defined female beings whose existence is restricted to the individual trees of which they are guardians....
Nymph name "Hamadryads" Roman / Greek nymphs of trees supposed to live in Forest-trees, and die when the tree dies. The nymphs of fruit-trees were called Melides or Hamamelids. Roman / Greek
Nymph name "Hamadryas" Greek A daughter of Oreios who was the mother of eight Hamadryad nymphs by her brother Oxylus
Goddess name "Hamavehae" Roman Trinity of mother goddesses Roman / Rhineland
Goddess name "Hamavehae" Roman / Celtic / Rhineland Mother goddesses. A trio of matres known from inscriptions....
God name "Hambwira" Wisconsin The Sun god who wanders from land of Winnebago in search for truth. Wisconsin
God name "Hamedicu" Huron The supteme and most High god. Huron
"Hameh" Arabian In mythology, a bird formed from the blood near the brains of a murdered man. This bird cries "Iskoonee!" (Give me drink!), meaning drink of the murderer's blood; and this it cries incessantly till the death is avenged, when it flies away. Arabian
Spirit name "Hamendiju" India The Great sky spirit who watches over the people to see that no harm came to them.
Goddess name "Hami-Yasu-Hime" Japan Goddess of potters Japan / Shinto
God name "Hammon" Libya A god of the dead son
God name "Hammon" Libyan God of the evening Sun. An ancient deity depicted with ram's horns....
Supreme god name "Hammon aka Ammon" Libya An oracle god who had the shape of a ram. This was taken over by the Egyptians, who identified the god with their supreme god Amun; they called god of the oracle 'Amun of Siwa, lord of good counsel'. Libya
Goddess name "Hammu Mata" Hindu Mother goddess. Locally worshiped by the Bhils....
"Hamskerper [Hide-hardener]" Norse A horse; the sire of Hofvarpner, which was Gnaa's horse. Norse
"Han" India The black of darkness who was banished to the underworld then became the nighttime. Plains Indians
"Han Xiang-Zhi" China / Taoist Immortal being, there were eight. And here they are: Kao Kuo-Zhu; He Xian-Ku; Lan Kai-He; Li Thieh-Kuai; Lu Tong-Pin; Zhang Kuo-Lao; Zhong-Li Kuan. China / Taoist
"Han Xiang-zi" Taoist / Chinese Immortal being. One of the “eight immortals” of Taoist mythology. Once mortal beings, they achieved immortality through their lifestyle. Attributes include a basket of flowers and a flute.See also BA XIAN....
God name "Hana" Norse God of silence. Norse
Supreme god name "Hananim" Korea The most ancient supreme god presiding over the affairs of heaven and earth. Korea
God name "Hanghepi" Dakota God of the moon. Dakota
God name "Hanghepi Wi" Dakota The moon god
God name "Hani(s)" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian Minor god. The attendant of ADAD and linked with SULLAT....
God name "Hani-Yasu-Hiko" Japan / Shinto God of potters. Japan / Shinto
Goddess name "Hani-Yasu-Hiko" Shinto / Japan God of potters. The consort of HANI-YASU-HIME, he is one of the clay deities made from the faeces of the primordial goddess IZANAMI....
Goddess name "Hani-Yasu-Hime" Shinto / Japan Goddess of potters. The consort of HANI-YASU-HIKO, she is one of the clay deities made from the faeces of the primordial goddess IZANAMI....
God name "Hani[s]" Mesopotamia / Babylon / Akkadia A minor god
God name "Hanis" Sumerian A small-time god who, along with Sullat will escort Adad when he brings the flood. Sumerian
Goddess name "Hannahanna" Hittite Mother Goddess who recommends to the storm-god that he pay the Sea-god the bride-price for the Sea-god's daughter on her wedding to Telipinu. Hittite
Goddess name "Hannahannas" Hittite / Hurrian the mother goddess
Goddess name "Hannahannas" Hittite / Hurrian Mother goddess. Described as the “great mother.” In the legend of TELEPINU, the missing god, she sends a bee to locate him. When the bee stings Telepinu to awaken him, the god vents his rage on the natural world. NOTE: the priestesses of the Phrygian mother goddess KYBELE were, according to the Roman writer Lactantius, melissai or bees....
Goddess name "Hano" Bella Coola A goddess of teaching
"Hanoona Wilapona" Mexico The Sun-father of the Zuni Indians. New Mexico
Deity name "Hansa" Hindu / Puranic The name, according to the Bhagavata Purana, of the "One Caste" when there were as yet no varieties of caste, but verily "one Veda, one deity and one Caste". Hindu / Puranic
"Hansa (goose)" Hindu / Puranic Minor avatara of VISNU. Depicted in the form of a goose....
Deities name "Hanui-o-Rangi (fatber of winds)" Polynesian God of winds and weather. He is the son of the sky god RANGINUI, who fathered him on one of his early consorts, Pokoharua, the sister of TANGAROA, the sea god. All the subsequent descendants of Hanui-o-Rangi are believed to rule over various aspects of the weather. Hanui thus fathered Tawhiri, the god of the northwest wind, whose son was Tiu. They control the fierce storms from the east. The children of Tiu include Hine-I-Tapapauta and Hine-Tu-Whenua, the deities overseeing the more gentle westerly winds. Hine-Tu-Whenua is the mother of Hakona-Tipu and Pua-I-Taha, controlling the southern and southwesterly gales....
"Hanuman" Hindu A celestial being, named Punjikasthala, who, due to a curse, was born on the earth as a female vanara. The curse was to be removed on her giving birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hindu
Goddess name "Hanuman (with large jaws)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Monkey god. Hanuman attends RAMA, one of the incarnations of VISINU, and personifies the ideal and faithful servant. He is the son of PAVANA, the god of winds, and is noted for his speed and agility in which context he is often worshiped by young men and athletes. He leads a mythical Forest army of monkeys, and is depicted as a monkey with a long tail. He takes a major role in the Ramayana epic searching for, and rescuing, the goddess SITA who has been captured by the demon Ravana. He may appear trampling on the goddess of Lanka [Sri Lanka]. Worshiped particularly in southern India but more generally in villages. Color: red. Attributes: bow, club, mane, rock and staff. May appear five-headed....
"Hanuman/ Hanumat" Hindu / Puranic / Epic Chief minister & general of the monkey people as well as a patron saint of learning
"Hanumat" Hindu The fleet-footed manifestation of wind. Hindu
Goddess name "Hanwasuit" Hittite Tutelary goddess of of the throne, kings received their mandate from her Hittite
Goddess name "Hanwi" Plains Goddess of the dawn and twilight, the most beautiful of all beings. Plains
God name "Hao" Ethiopia God who resided in the river. Ethiopia
God name "Hao" Janjero / Ethiopia Creator god. Personified by the crocodile and considered to reside in the river Gibe. He was propitiated with human sacrifice....
God name "Hao Ch'iu" China God of the heart China
God name "Hao Janjero" Ethiopia A god that resided in the river Gibe
God name "Haokah" Lakota Haokah is a god of thunder and lightning. His emotions are portrayed opposite the norm; he laughs when he is sad and cries when he is happy. In art, he is depicted as having two horns. Lakota
"Haoma" Iran A plant that suffered the indignity of being deified, its sap was an intoxicating drink used in a sacrificial ceremonies
God name "Hapantalli" Egypt God of the Nile, fish, barley, grain, herbs, water, dew, and fertility. Egypt
God name "Hapantalli aka Hapantalliyas" Irsirra He took his place at the moon-god's side when he fell from heaven on the 'kilammar'. Irsirra
God name "Hapantalli/ Hapi/ Hapy" Egypt A god of the Nile, fish, barley, grain, herbs, water, dew, & fertility
God name "Hapantalliyas/ Hapantalli" Hittite He took his place at the moon god's side
God name "Hapi" Egypt A god that protected the the lungs of the dead
"Hapi" Egypt One of the Four sons of Horus depicted in funerary literature as protecting the throne of Osiris in the underworld. Hapi is depicted as a baboon-headed mummified human on funerary furniture and especially the canopic jars that held the organs of the deceased. Hapi's jar held the lungs. Hapi was also the protector of the North. Egypt
King name "Hapmouche" French The giant flycatcher. He invented the art of drying and smoking neats' tongues. French
"Hapy" Egypt A deification of the annual flood of the Nile River. Egypt