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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods
God Name: Irsirra Hurrian Goddess of fate and destiny. Hurrian
God Name: Irus Greek A son of Actor, and father of Eurydamas and Eurytion. He propitiated Peleus for the murder of his brother but during the chase of the Calydonian boar, Peleus unintentionally killed Eurytion, the son of Irus, Peleus endeavoured to soothe him by offering him his flocks but Irus would not accept them, and at the command of an oracle, Peleus allowed them to run wherever they pleased. A wolf devoured the sheep, but was thereupon changed into a stone, which was shown in later times on the frontier between Locris and Phocis. Greek
God Name: Iruwa Bantu God of the Wachaga, but they insist that the sun is not the same thing as God. Bantu
God Name: Iruwa Kenya Sun and war god. Kenya
God Name: Irvun Cameroon God of the sun. Cameroon
God Name: Isa Arabic The Muslim Jesus. The Messiah supported by the Holy Spirit
God Name: Isa Buddhist Guardian deity Buddhist
God Name: Isa Hindu Aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic
God Name: Isa Hindu/ Puranic An aspect of Siva
God Name: Isa Islam Was a prophet of Islam and will have an important role in the end times, establishing Islam and making war until he destroys all religions save Islam. He shall kill the Evil One.
God Name: Isa - Soma - Ulu'tuyar - Ulu Toyo'n - Uru'n Ajy Toyo'n Egyptian Ulu Toyo'n "Thou Beautiful Power, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern Heaven, Power of Heaven, From the Egyptian Book of the Dead
God Name: Isaf Arabian An Arabian idol in the form of a man, brought from Syria, and placed in Es-Safa, near the temple of Mecca. Some say Isaf was a man converted into stone for impiety, and that Mahomet suffered this one "idol" to remain as a warning to his disciples.
God Name: Isahi Kenya The supreme being of the Logoli. Kenya
God Name: Isakakate Crow The supreme being of the Crow. Plains Indians
God Name: Isakakate Crow Ruler of the Anasazi and a god of the heavens and the sky. Crow
God Name: Isamba Africa Goddess of the moon Africa
God Name: Isara Semitic Goddess of marriage and childbirth who dealt with the enforcement of oaths. Semitic
God Name: Ischys Greek A son of Elatus, and the beloved of Coronis at the time when she was with child (Asclepius) by Apollo. The god wishing to punish her faithlessness, caused Artemis to kill her, together with Ischys.Greek
God Name: Isdes Egypt Chthonic god of death Egypt
God Name: Isdustaya Proto-Hattic Goddess of of fate Proto-Hattic
God Name: Ises Africa Goddess of bow and arrow Africa
God Name: Isewahanga Tanzania The creator god of the Zinza. Tanzania
God Name: Ishaki Sumar God of the tempest. Sumar
God Name: Ishi-Kori-Dome Japan God/goddess of stonecutters Japan/Shinto
God Name: Ishkur Mesopotamia God of the storm and rain. Mesopotamia
God Name: Ishtar Assyrian/Babylon A mother goddess, fertility goddess, the goddess of spring, a storm goddess, a warrior goddess and goddess of war, a goddess of the hunt, a goddess of love, goddess of marriage and childbirth, and a goddess of fate. She was also an underworld deity, her twin sister being Ereshkigal, the Goddess of Death, but her dominant aspects are as the mother goddess of compassion and the goddess of love, sex and war. Assyrian/Babylon
God Name: Ishtar/ Inanna Babylonia She was the goddess of sexuality & of love and war
God Name: Isi India Goddess moderating the whole world, giving laws to Heaven, Earth, and Ocean, as the common parent both of gods and men, and as the productive cause both of corn and trees. India
God Name: Isinu Mesopotamian A two-faced god who carried messages for Enki. Mesopotamian
God Name: Isiququmadevu Zulu A swallowing monster who killed Untombinde and who then went on to the chief's kraal, swallowed up all the inhabitants, with their dogs and their cattle, as well as all the people in the surrounding country. Zulu
God Name: Isis Egypt Goddess of childbirth, death, the earth, fertility, marital devotion, motherhood, healing, home, magic, the moon and the mother goddess Egypt
God Name: Isivsanen Karuk The maker of the Universe. Karuk
God Name: Iskur Mesopotamia Chief rain and thunder god Mesopotamia/Sumeria/Iraq
God Name: Island of Flame Egypt Though not a god, without it eight gods would never have came into being Egypt
God Name: Island of St Gaul Brandan. The flying island, the supposed retreat of King Rodrigo. So called from St. Brandan, who went in search of the Islands of Paradise in the sixth century. Gaul
God Name: Ismene Greek Daughter of OEdipus and Jocasta. Antigone was buried alive by the order of King Creon, for burying her brother Polynices, slain in combat by his brother Eteocles. Ismene declared that she had aided her sister, and requested to be allowed to share the same punishment. Greek
God Name: Ismenius Greek 1. A son of Apollo and Melia, who is said to have given his name to the Boeotian river which was before called Ladon or Cadmus. 2. A surname of Apollo at Thebes, who had a temple on the river Ismenus. The sanctuary of the god, at which the Daphnephoria was celebrated, bore the name of Ismenium, and was situated outside the city.Greek
God Name: Ismud Mesopotamia Dual-faced messenger god. Mesopotamia
God Name: Ismud Sumerian The visier of Enki, whose secrets he kept. Sumerian
God Name: Isodaetes Greek The god who distributes his gifts equally to all, occurs as a surname of Dionysus Zagreus. Greek
God Name: Isodetes Greek The god who binds all equally, is used as a surname of Pluto, to express his impartiality, and of Apollo. Greek
God Name: Israfil Islam The angel of music, who possessed the most melodious voice of all God's creatures. This is the angel who is to sound the Resurrection Trump, and will ravish the ears of the saints in paradise. Israfil, Gabriel, and Michael were the three angels that warned Abraham of Sodom's destruction. Islam
God Name: Issa Greek A daughter of Macareus in Lesbos, and the beloved of Apollo, from whom the Lesbian town of Issa is said to have received its name. Greek
God Name: Issaki Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess walking around with a headless child
God Name: Issitoq Inuit A deity that punishes those who break taboos. He usually takes the form of a giant flying eye. Inuit
God Name: Issoria Greek A surname of the Laconiaii Artemis, derived from , Mount Issorion, on which she had a sanctuary. Greek
God Name: Istadevata Hindu A generic title for a personal God or a house icon
God Name: Istadevata Hindu Generic title for a personal god or a house icon Hindu
God Name: Istadevata Hindu A favourite god a person chooses to show devotion and develop a special relationship with. Hindu
God Name: Istanu Hittite A god of judgment who was also a sun god
God Name: Istar Akkadia Goddess of fertility and war known as the star of heaven Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
God Name: Istar/ Estar Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A goddess of fertility & war known as the star of heaven
God Name: Istaran Mesopotamia Tutelary god of the city of Der Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God Name: Isten Egypt God related to knowledge and wisdom Egypt
God Name: Isten Hungary Chief deity Hungary
God Name: Isten/ Isden A god known from the the Middle Kingdom & later
God Name: Isthmus Greek The god worship­ped on the Isthmus (of Corinth), a surname of Poseidon, in honour of whom the Isthmian games were celebrated. Greek
God Name: Istustaya Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus Hittite
God Name: Isum Akkadia Minor god, possibly a god of fire Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
God Name: Isvara Hindu Epitaph of Siva Hindu
God Name: Itaba Haiti Ancestral goddess Haiti
God Name: Italus Italy An ancient king of the Pelasgians, Siculians, or Oenotrians, from whom Italy was believed to have derived its name.
God Name: Itchita Yakut/ Siberia This goddess of the earth prevents illness
God Name: Itchita Yakut Siberia Goddess of the earth, prevents illness Siberia
God Name: Ithacensian Suitors Greek The suitors of Penelope, wife of Ulysses, King of Ithaca. While Ulysses was absent, many suitors presented themselves to Penelope, affirming that Ulysses was certainly dead. Penelope put them off, saying she would give a definite answer when she had finished the robe she was weaving for Laertes, but at night she unravelled all she had woven during the day. At last Ulysses returned and slew the suitors. Greek
God Name: Ithm Canaan God of herds, usually sheep. Canaan
God Name: Ithomatas Greek A surname of Zeus, derived from the Messenian hill of Ithome, where the god had a sanctuary, and where an annual festival, the Ithomaea was celebrated in his honour. Greek
God Name: Ithome Greek A nymph from whom the Messenian hill of Ithome derived its name. According to a Messenian tradition, Ithome and Neda, from whom a small river of the country derived its name, were said to have nursed Zeus, and to have bathed the infant god in the well Clepsydra. Greek
God Name: Ithuriel Hebrew One of the angels commissioned by Gabriel to search for Satan, who had effected his entrance into Paradise. The other angel who accompanied him was Zephon. Hebrew
God Name: Ithuriel's Spear Hebrew The spear of the the angel Ithuriel, the slightest touch of which exposed deceit. Hence, when Satan squatted like a toad "close to the ear of Eve," Ithuriel only touched the creature with his spear, and it resumed the form of Satan. Hebrew
God Name: Ithuwa Tanzania The sun and creator god. Tanzania
God Name: Itonde Mongo Zaire The god of death and hunters Zaire
God Name: Itonde Mongo/ Nkuando Zaire the god of death & hunters
God Name: Itonia Greek Itonias, Itonis, a surname of Athena, derived from the town of Iton, in the south of Phthiotis. Greek
God Name: Itonius Greek Itonia, Itonias, Itonis or Itonius, a surname of Athena, derived from the town of Iton, in the south of Phthiotis. The goddess there had a celebrated sanctuary and festivals, and is hence also called Incolaltoni. From Iton her worship spread into Boeotia and the country about lake Copais, where the Pamboeotia was celebrated, in the neighbourhood of a temple and grove of Athena. Greek
God Name: Itonus Greek A son of Amphictyon, and husband of the nymph Melanippe, by whom he became the father of Boeotus and Chromia.Greek
God Name: Itpomu Sikkim The world and all that therein is are the children of Itpomu the Creative Mother. Sikkim
God Name: Ituana Brazil Goddess of the afterworld Brazil
God Name: Itukoviche Brazil A somewhat shy god who is responsible for the existence of the world. Brazil
God Name: Itzam Cab Mayan Chthonic earth god as well as a god of fire Mayan
God Name: Itzam Na/ Hun Itzamna/ Yaxcocahmut Maya Another creator god, water, agriculture, drawing, healing, medicine & the moon
God Name: Itzamna Maya The founder of the Maya culture, taught his people to grow maize and cacao, as well as writing, calendars and medicine. He was a good-natured god who was especially worshiped by the wealthier classes. He was associated with snakes and mussels. His father was Kinich Ahau or Hunab Ku. The city of Izamal was sacred to him.
God Name: Itzcoliuhqui Aztec God of volcanoes, destruction and of the night Aztec
God Name: Itzcutintli Aztec Guardian goddess of the home Aztec
God Name: Itzeti Mara Edutzi Bolivia The sun god of the Araona. Bolivia
God Name: Itzli Aztec A god of stone, particularly in the shape of a sacrifical knife. He served Tezcatlipoca as the god of the Second Hour of the Night. Aztec
God Name: Itzpapalotl Aztec "Clawed Butterfly" or "Obsidian Butterfly" was a fearsome skeletal goddess, who ruled over the paradise world of Tamoanchan. Aztec
God Name: Itzpapalotl-Itzcyeye Aztec Minor mother goddess who was found only in the Valley of Mexico Aztec
God Name: Itztlacoliuhqui Aztec "Everything Has Become Bent by Means of Coldness", or "Plant-Killer-Frost". The god of frost. Aztec
God Name: Iubdan of the Faylinn Irish An Ulster god
God Name: Iunones Greek Goddesses of femininity Roman/Greek
God Name: Iusaas Egypt A goddess of Heliopolis whose name means, "she comes who is great". She plays a crucial role as the feminine principle in the creation of the world. Egypt
God Name: Iusaaset Egypt The female counterpart of Tem and a solar goddess. Egypt
God Name: Iuturna Roman Goddess of springs and who was real handy in times of drought Roman
God Name: Ivald Norse A dwarf. His sons construct the ship Skidbladner. Norse
God Name: Ix Ahau Mayan Goddess of the moon Mayan
God Name: Ix Ch'up Mayan Goddess of the moon Mayan
God Name: Ix Chebel Yax Mayan Goddess of teaching, childbirth, the moon, sexual relations, storms and water Mayan
God Name: Ix Chel Maya The goddess of the moon. Maya
God Name: Ix Kanan Mayan Vgetation goddess who takes care of bean plant Mayan
God Name: Ix Ku Mayan Goddess of rain Mayan
God Name: Ix Zacal Nok Mayan Inventor of weaving as well as Creator goddess Mayan
God Name: Ixbalanque Mayan God of the moon, also be twin of Hunahpu Mayan
God Name: Ixbalanque/ Hunapu Maya this god of the moon is also be twin of Hunahpu
God Name: Ixchebelyax Mayan Zapotec goddess. Mayan
God Name: Ixchel Mayan Zapotec earth goddess Mayan
God Name: Ixchel/ Ix Chel Maya She is the goddess of the moon
God Name: Ixcozauhqui Aztec Associated with paternalism & A god of fire
God Name: Ixcuiname Aztec Earth goddess. She was linked with sex, which in the Aztec mind was unclean, and thus she was also regarded as a personification of filth. Aztec
God Name: Ixion Greek A son of Phlegyas or, according to others, a son of Antion by Perimela, of Pasion, or of Ares. According to the common tradition, his mother was Dia, a daughter of Deioneus. He was king of the Lapithae or Phlegyes, and the father of Peirithous. He was bound to a revolving wheel of fire in the Infernal regions, for his impious presumption in trying to imitate the thunder of heaven. Greek
God Name: Ixmucane Maya Yet another of the 13 gods that created humans
God Name: Ixnetli Aztec A goddess of weavers
God Name: Ixpiyacoc Mayan One of the thirteen creator gods who helped construct humanity. Mayan
God Name: Ixpuztec Aztec A minor underworld god
God Name: Ixpuztec aka Mictlantecuhtl Aztec "broken face", underworld god on their way to whom the dead people’s skin would be ripped off by a wind of knives and would eventually live as skeletons. Aztec
God Name: Ixquimilli Aztec The god of cold, stone and castigation. Aztec
God Name: Ixquimilli-Itzlacoliuhqui Aztec/ Mexico A god of justice
God Name: Ixtab Maya She is the goddess of the hanged & suicides
God Name: Ixtab Mayan Goddess of suicide and wife of Chamer. Ixtab, depicted as a corpse with a rope around her neck, would accompany the suicides to their eternal rest Mayan
God Name: Ixtlilton Aztec "The Little Black One" God of healing and feasting. Aztec
God Name: Iya Lake "The Stone Child killed the evil spirit Iya. That’s how the Great Salt Lake was formed, from the blood of Iya. When you find a Stone Child, a perfectly round stone, the Stone Child will bring you home." - Lakota Myth
God Name: Iyatiku Pueblo/Navaho The mother of maize and humans. Pueblo/Navaho
God Name: Izanagi Japan Izanagi-no-Mikoto. "Male Who invites". Creator god, father god, man of men. Symbolizes magic. Japan
God Name: Izanagi and Izanami Japanese were the two young gods chosen to bring order to the world of chaos in Japanese mythology. Izanagi was a tall and as strong as a willow sapling, while Izanami, his consort, was delicate in manner and speech, and as beautiful as the air that filled the High Plain of Heaven. The Lord of Heaven then gave Izanagi his legendary spear, Amanonuboko.
God Name: Izanagi/ Izanagi No Kami Japan/ Shinto One of the 17 creator gods & the male primeval god
God Name: Izanami Japan Mother goddess, the female counterpart to Izanagi. Japan
God Name: Izanami-No-Kami Japan "The Female Who Invites", Shinto earth mother who was given the task of creating the world. Japan
God Name: Izanami-No-Kami/ Izamnami Japan/ Shinto A creator goddess who died and giving birth to the fire god as well as the primeval female goddess
God Name: Izaz Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Izinr Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Izixp Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Iznr Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Izquitecatl Aztec Fertility god personified by the Maguey plant Aztec
God Name: Izraz Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Izuwa Tanzania Izua, Izuva. Another Creation and sun god, this time from Tanzania
God Name: Izxp Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Ja neb'a Slavic Benevolent goddess of the earth who can alter the physical structure of magma and stone, Terrakinesis. Slavic
God Name: Jabru Elamite/ Iran A sky god, a rather minor one
God Name: Jack A-Lantern Arabian A bog or marsh spirit who delights to mislead. These Arabian spirits were formed of "smokeless fire."
God Name: Jack Frost Discworld Leaves frosty tracings on icy windows. Can draw anything, but happens to really like fern patterns. Mentioned in Hogfather, when the newly created Verruca Gnome convinced him to branch out from ferns, feathers, and paisley. Discworld
God Name: Jacob's Ladder Genesis A ladder seen by the patriarch Jacob in a vision. It was set on the earth, and reached to heaven, and angels seemed to be ascending and descending on it. Genesis
God Name: Jacques Bonhomme French A sort of fairy good-luck, who is to redress all wrongs, and make all the poor wealthy. French
God Name: Jacy Brazilian Moon god and the creator of plant life. Brazilian
God Name: Jafnhar Norse Equally high. A name of Odin. Norse
God Name: Jagadhamba Hindu She Who dances the dance of life. The goddess of the cosmic energy which motivates evolution. Hindu
God Name: Jagannath Hindu Jagganath, Jagannatha, "Lord of the World". Name for Vishnu in his manifestation as Krishna. Hindu
God Name: Jagaubis Lithuanian Fire god. Lithuanian
God Name: Jagganath/ Juggernaut Hindu The god whose name means Lord of the World
God Name: Jahve Israel Jawhe, Jahveh. The god of Israel.
God Name: Jakomba Bangala Zaire A god of morality that controls human thought
God Name: Jalang Guinea, Mali The all-powerful supreme being of the Mdinge.
God Name: Jalk Norse A name of Odin. Norse
God Name: Jamaina Brazil Goddess of the ocean and is often represented as a mermaid. Brazil
God Name: Jambhala Buddhist Embodies the Wealth Deity aspect of all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of past, present and future, and grants longevity and prosperity in daily life. Buddhist
God Name: Jambuscha Hebrew Adam's preceptor, according to the pre-Adamites. Sometimes called Boan, and sometime Zagtith. Hebrew
God Name: Jamma Phonecia/ Canaan A god of of water, to be primarily a sea god
God Name: Jamshid Persia King of the Genii, famous for a golden cup full of the elixir of life. This cup, hidden by the genii, was discovered while digging the foundations of Persepolis. Persia
God Name: Jana Roman Two faced god of beginnings, arches, doors, entrances and gates. Roman
God Name: Janavasita Buddhist A minor goddess affiliated with knowledge or the control of knowledge
God Name: Jandira Brazil Goddess of the sea. Brazil
God Name: Janguli Buddhist Goddess of healing and snakebites. Buddhist
God Name: Janis Latvia Summer Solstice Deity and a fertility god. Latvia
God Name: Jannes and Jambres Egypt The two magicians of Pharaoh, who imitated some of the miracles of Moses. The Jannes and Jambres who withstood Moses, mentioned by St. Paul, are supposed to be the same. Egypt
God Name: Janus Roman Two faced god of beginnings, arches, doors, entrances and gates Roman
God Name: Japetus Greek A son of Uranus and Ge, a Titan and brother of Cronus, Oceanus, Coeus, Hyperion, Tethys, Rhea, etc. According to Apollodorus he married Asia, the daughter of his brother Oceanus, and became by her the father of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius, who was slain by Zeus in the war against the Titans, and shut up in Tartarus. Greek
God Name: Jar Sub Turkey This is the god of the universe
God Name: Jar'Edo Wens Australian A god of earthly knowledge and physical might, created by Altjira to ensure that people did not get too arrogant or self-conceited. He is associated with victory and intelligence. Australian aboriginal
God Name: Jara Hindu Goddess of the household, domestic health, happiness and prosperity. The night-eater of corpses. Hindu
God Name: Jarih Canaan God of the moon Canaan
God Name: Jarih/ Erah Canaan A Moon god
God Name: Jarilo Slavic A major Proto-Slavic deity of vegetation, fertility and spring, also associated with war and harvest.
God Name: Jarina Brazil Tree goddess, well known for her capacity for drink. Bakairi, Brazil
God Name: Jarnsaxa Iron-chopper s One of Heimdal's nine giant mothers.
God Name: Jarnvid Iron-wood Norse A wood east of Midgard, peopled by giantesses called Jarnvids. This wood had iron leaves. Norse
God Name: Jarnvids Norse The giantesses in the Iron-wood. Norse
God Name: Jarovit W Slavic He is considered a war god
God Name: Jarri Hittite God of plague and pestilence, was also a god who helped the king in battle Hittite
God Name: Jaso Greek Goddess of health and recovery Iaso Greek
God Name: Jason Greek I.e. the healer or atoner, a name which the hero was said to have received from Cheiron, his instructor, having before been called Diomedes. The chief exploits of this hero are related in the article Argonautae, and we therefore confine ourselves now to his personal history. Greek
God Name: Jasy Jaterei Guarani God of the siesta. Guarani
God Name: Jata Borneo Goddess of the sky Borneo
God Name: Javine Lithuanian A household god who protects grain in barns. Lithuanian
God Name: Jawhe Israel Thought to be God of mountains prior to becoming the god of Israel,Mount Sinai is his suspected mountain Israel
God Name: Jawhe/ Jahve/ Jehovah Israel Thought to be a mountain god prior to becoming the god of Israel, Mount Sinai is his suspected mountain
God Name: Jaya-Vijaya Hindu Twin goddess, possibly forms of Durga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Jayakara Buddhist God who rides in a cage drawn by Cockatoos Buddhist
God Name: Jayanta Hindu God who is one of the 11 forms of the god Rudra Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Jayatara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Jazeriel Christians Angels of the Mansions of the Moon.
God Name: Jedza Poland Equivalent of Baba Yaga Poland
God Name: Jehennam India The Gehenna or Inferno of the Arabs. It consists of seven stages, one below the other. The first is allotted to atheists; the second to Manicheans; the third to the Brahmins of India; the fourth to the Jews; the fifth to Christians; the sixth to the Magians or Ghebers of Persia; and the seventh to hypocrites. The Koran
God Name: Jehovah Israel Creator god of Israel. A mix of of letters from Jhwh/Yhwh and Adonai - created so that people wouldn't utter the actual name. When Christians, unaware of the Jewish tradition, started to read the Hebrew Bible, they read it with the Masoretic vowels together with the consonants as written, and obtained Iehovah. Today this transcription is generally recognized as mistaken. Many religious groups continue to use the form Jehovah, because it is familiar and because the correct pronunciation is unknown.
God Name: Jen An China God of robbers China
God Name: Jesus aka Iesous Christian Joshua, Yehoshua, Yeshua. Another Son of God, the second person in the Trinity of Jehovah, and the source of Christian belief.
God Name: Jetaita Yamama Tirerra del Fuego And earth spirits of the fearful type Tirerra del Fuego
God Name: Jia Shi China Goddess and stellar deity China
God Name: Jian Lao Buddhist Goddess of the earth and permanence Buddhist/China
God Name: Jie Uganda The supreme god of the Akuj. Uganda
God Name: Jievaras Lithuanian A household spirit who protects grain. Sacrifices to Jievaras are made after the rye harvest. While cutting grain, women would leave a few grain tufts uncut, which would later be braided into plaits. They would also leave some bread and salt under the plait. Lithuanian
God Name: Jih Kuan T’ai Yang. China A sun god. China