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List of Gods
Ve Nordic/ Icelandic A god been listed in the prose Edda
Ve'ai Koryak/ S. Siberia The feminine vegetation spirit & personification of the grasslands
Ved Ava Finnish/ Ugric A goddess of water
Veden Emo Finnish A goddess of water
Vedenemo ("mother of waters") Finland Karelian goddess of water.
Veive Etruscan A very young god
Veja Mate Latavia The goddess of the wind was also responsible for birds & the woodlands
Velaute'mtilan Koryak/ SE Siberia He is a vegetation spirit
Veles/ Volos Russia/ Slavic A god of flocks & herds, death & the Underworld
Vellamo Finland The wife of Ahti, goddess of the sea, lakes and storms. A current image of Vellamo can be seen on the coat of arms of P?ij?nne Tavastia.
Vellamo Finnish A goddess of the sea
Velu Mate Latavia A chthonic underworld goddess & the queen of the dead
Venda Davidian/ Tamil this creator god was an ancient vegetation deity
Venilia Roman A goddess Coastal waters
Venkata Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A form of the god of Visnu
Venus/ Dion/ Cytherea Roman A goddess of love, beauty, springtime, vineyards
Verbeia British A goddess of the Wharfe & Avon Rivers
Verbti . A god of fire that the Christians identified with the devil
Verdandi Norse A goddess of the present
Verethragna Persia Iran The god of victory, he is perceived to be present in the wind
Verevctor Roman A minor god of plowing who was associated with the sacrifices to Tellus & Ceres
Veritas Roman A goddess of truth
Verplaca Roman A goddess of family harmony
Vertumnus Roman A god of change, commerce, fruits, gardens, plants, orchards & seasons
Vertumnus Roman A minor god of orchards & gardens, likely of of Etruscan origin his festival is beingVertumnalia on August 13th
Vesna Slavic A goddess of spring
Vesta Roman A goddess of the hearth fire & marriage
Vetali Buddhist/ Tibet A goddess of terrifying appearance
Vi of Wara German A goddess of healing springs
Victoria Roman the goddess of victory that became an attack by the Christians with an angelic capacity
Vidyadevi Jain/ India The generic title for a group of 16 goddesses that are associated with knowledge & learning
Vidyesvara Hindu The generic title for the eight emancipated beings that are aspects of Siva
Vidyraja Buddhist/ Meola A tutelary god concerned with the implementation of the law
Vierge Haiti/ Vodun A sea goddess
Vila Slovenian A goddesses of justice
Viracocha Inca A god of storms & war The chief deity
Viranakka Saami A goddess of hunting
Virginia Roman A goddess of politics
Virtus Roman A goddess of justice, Virtue, Valor
Vivasvat Indian A god of warriors
Vodni Panny Slavic A goddesses of rivers
Volos Slavic A god of death & commerce Veles
Voluptas Roman A goddess of sensual pleasure
Voluspa Scandinavia A goddess of wisdom
Vor Scandinavia A goddess of knowledge, wisdom & prudence
Vulcan Roman A god of fire, inventing & metal working
Wa kon da Hondon . .
Wachilt Celtic Minor sea goddess
Wadd S. Arabia A moon god
Wagadu Africa A goddess of physical prowess
Wah Kah Nee Chinook A goddess of winter
Wahini Hal Polynesian The demonic mother figure
Wak Ethiopia The supreme god
Wakahirume Japanese A goddess of the dawn
Wakan Tanka Lakota A collective union of the Manitous
Wakinyan Dakota The thunder spirit.
Wakonda Omaha/ Sioux The Great Spirit
Wakwiyo Tewa A goddess of the winds
Walo Australia The sun & war goddess
Wang Mu Niang Niang China A goddess of female energy
Wang the Pure China A god of sport & gambling
Wantu Sudan The supreme god
War Hsuan China A god of robbers
War Pin China A god of shoemakers
War Ssu miao China A god of Druggists
Wardi Mumi Finno Ugric A goddess of war
Wari Ma Te Takere Polynesia This goddess was a coconut shell divinity
Warna Scandinavia A goddess of healing charms & war
Warrta Hindu A goddess of happiness
Wayland Anglo-Saxon A god of blacksmiths
Weiwobo China A goddess of female Energy
Wele Abaluyia Chief god
Wepwawet Egypt The god of war & of the funerary cult
Were Luo' . A chief god
White Lady Celtic Dryad of Death
Widapokwi Yavapai A goddess of health & whirlwinds
Wigan Philippine A goddess of water
Wilden Wip German A goddesses of healing
Winonah Ojibwa Daughter of the goddess Nokomis & a virgin mother
Wisagatcak Cree The trickster god
Wodan Germanic A god of war
Wopeh Lakota A goddess of happiness & pleasure
Wotan Germanic A god of inspiration & magic
Woto Oto/ Shongo A god of fire
Wuluwaid Aus A male rainmaker
Wuni Africa A god
Wuriupranili Aus. A sun goddess
Wurusemu/ Wuruntemu Hittite The sun goddess of Arrina
Xantho Greek One of the Nereides
Xatel Ekwa Hungarian A goddess of war & the sun
Xbaquiyalo Maya A goddess
Xenia Greek A nymph
Xevioso Fon A god of thunder
Xiling Shi China A goddess of justice
Xilonen Aztec A goddess of happiness & maize
Xipe Totec/ Aztec A god of agriculture, plants, seeds, fertility, jewelers, sacrifice & springtime
Xiuhtecuhtli/ Otontecuhtli/ Huehueteotl Aztec The god of fire
Xmucane Maya The goddess of childbirth
Xochipili Aztec The god of flowers, sport, love, games, feasting, maize & pleasure
Xochiquetzal Aztec A goddess of agriculture, fertility, love, sensual pleasure, sex, happiness, the moon & weavers
Xoli Kaltes Hungarian A goddess of warriors & of the dawn
Xolotl Aztec A god & bad luck, monsters & magicians
Xpiyacoc Maya The god of marriage
Xpuch & Xtah Maya The worlds first heavenly servants, prostitutes
Xtabay Maya A goddesses of seduction
Yacatecuhtli Aztec He is the god of merchant adventurers
Yaluk Maya The head lightning god
Yam Canaan A god of rivers & of the sea
Yama Hindu A god of death
Yamm Ugarit A god of the sea
Yang Chen Buddhist A goddess of learning & teaching
Yangombi Bantu A god of creation
Yanguang Pusa China A goddess of healing & eyes
Yansa Brazil A goddess of fire
Yanwang China A god of death
Yaparamma India A goddess of commerce
Yarikh Canaan A god of the moon
Yarilo Slavic A god of fertility
Yarovit Slavic A god of victory
Yarris Hittite He is a god of pestilence
Yaya Zakurai Japanese A goddess of spring
Yeba Ka Navaho The male leader of the gods
Yebaad Navaho The female leader of the gods
Yehl Tlingit A god
Yeitso Navaho The child of the sun, a giant in Navaho legend
Yemanja Imanje/ Brazil The ocean goddess of the crescent moon
Yemaya Imanje/ Caribbean The goddess of the deep sea
Yemonja Nigerian/ Yoruba She is one of the great goddesses
Yen Lo China A god of death
Yen Wang China A god of death
Yen cheng China A god of robbers
Yhi Karraur The goddess of light & creator goddess
Yiacatechutli Mexico The god of merchants
Yima Persia The god of light
Yingxi Niang China A goddess of happiness
Ymoja Yoruba A goddess of rivers & of the sea
Ynakhsyt Yakut/ Siberia A goddess of cattle
Yolkai Estsan Navaho A goddess of war, the dawn, fire & the moon
Yu Ch'iang China A god of the ocean wind
Yu Huang Shang Ti China A god
Yu Nu China A goddess of Leo
Yu Te China A god of vaccination
Yu Tzu China A god rain
Yuki Onne Japanese A goddess of death by freezing
Yum Cimih Maya A god of death
Yum Kaax Maya A god of agriculture & maize
Yun T'ung China A god of clouds
Zaba Hurrite The god of war
Zababa Kish The chief of the gods
Zaka Haiti/ Vodun A god of agriculture
Zalmoxis Greek He sometimes symbolized immortality
Zam Persia An earth spirit
Zambi Angola The supreme being
Zanahary/ Zanaharibe Railanitra Madagascar He was the creator god
Zaoshen China A god of kitchens
Zaramama Peru Grain goddess
Zaria Slavic A goddess of beauty
Zarpandit Assyrian/ Babylonian An early pregnancy goddess
Zarya Slavic A goddess of healing waters
Zashapuna Kastama He is the chief god of the town of Kastama
Zeme Mate Latvia The creator of earth
Zemyna Lithuanian A goddess of childbirth & life
Zephyrus Greek The god of the west wind
Zeus Greek The god of the sky & ruler of the Olympian gods
Zeuxippe Greek One of the Oceanides
Zhongguei China A god of examinations
Zipaltonal Nicaragua The female spirit that is the creator of all earth
Zisa Germanic A goddess of autumn
Ziva Slavic A goddess of long life
Ziva Siva Slavic A goddess of life
Zizilia Poland A goddess of love & sexuality
Zonget Khanty Siberia The goddess of hunting
Zoria/ Zorya Slavic A goddess of morning, dawn & beauty
Zu/ Imdugud Assyria The god of thunder and storms
Zurvan Persia The god of infinite time
Zvezda Dennitsa Slavic The morning star goddess
Zvoruna Lithuania A goddess of the hunt & of animals
Zvoruna Slavic A god of hunting
Zywie Poland A goddess of health & healing
dMu-bDub Kam-Po Sa-Zen Tibet/ Bon a sky god & the head of the ancient pantheon
du-l Halasa SW Arabia A god that was demoted to the rank of an idle
gNyan Tibet the spirits that are a thing but nice
gSan Sgrub Bon Tibet A god that was absorbed into a variety of Yama in Lamaism
gShen-Lha-Odkhar Bon/ Tibet he is the god of light
gShen-Rab Bon/ Tibet The supreme god
sMan-Bla Buddhist/ Tibet A god, in medicine Buddha