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Goddess name "Ho-Hsien-Ku" Chinese One of the `eight immortals' and the virgin of the mountains, goddess of agility, immortality and mother reverence. Chinese
God name "Ho-Musubi-No-Kami" Japan Fire god Japan / Shinto
God name "Ho-Musubi-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan Fire god. One of a number of fire KAMIS who are honored in special Hi-Matsuri festivals. The sacred fire can only be generated by a board and stick and is regarded as a powerful purifier in Shintoism. The most celebrated temple of the fire kamis is on Mount Atago near Kyoto; worshipers are drawn to it from all over Japan to obtain charms as protection against fire....
God name "Ho-No-Kagu-Tsuchi-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan Fire god. One of a number of fire KAMIS who are honored in special Hi-Matsuri festivals. The sacred fire can only be generated by a board and stick and is regarded as a powerful purifier in Shintoism. The most celebrated temple of the fire kamis is on Mount Atago near Kyoto to which worshipers are drawn from all over Japan to obtain charms as protection against fire....
God name "Ho-Po" China God who controls all rivers but in particular, the Yellow River China / Taoist
God name "Ho-Po" Taoist / Chinese River god. The so-called “Count of the River,” the deity who controls all rivers but particularly the Yellow River, and who is the subject of an official cult and sacrifice. According to tradition he achieved immortality by weighing himself down with stones and drowning himself. He received an annual sacrifice of a young girl until the end of the Shou Dynasty circa 250 BC. Also Hebo; Ping-Yi....
God name "Hoa Tapu" Tahiti God of war Tahiti
Goddess name "Hoatziqui" Mexico Goddess of justice Mexico
Supreme god name "Hobatoke" Norse The supreme god who lives in the sky. Sierra Leone
God name "Hod" Norse God of Winter norse
"Hodeken" German Means Little-hat, a German goblin or domestic fairy; so called because he always wore a little felt hat over his face.
God name "Hoder" Norse One of the three creating gods. With Odin and Loder H?ner creates Ask and Embla, the first human pair. Norse
God name "Hoder/ Hodur" Nordic The blind god
"Hodmimer's forest" Norse Hodmimer's holt or grove, where the two human beings Lif and Lifthraser were preserved during Ragnarok. Norse
God name "Hoenir" German This god gave all mortals the five senses
God name "Hoenir" German God who gave all mortals the five senses. German
God name "Hoenir" Scandinavia An Aesir god and the brother of Odin and Ludor. Together they slew Ymir, the great giant of the beginning. They created the earth from his flesh, the sea and fresh water from his blood, the mountains from his bones; then mankind from two trees, man from the ash and woman from the elm. Hoenir gave them their senses and understanding, intelligence and motion. The two lesser brothers are sometimes considered aspects of Odin, eventually disappearing, Hoenir as hostage to the Vanir at the end of the war with the Aesir. Scandinavia
God name "Hoenir" Nordic / Icelandic / Identified in the Voluspa / Poetic Edda / as the priest of the Viking gods who handles the “blood wands” i God. e. Divines future events. Some authors believe Hoenir to be a hypostasis of the god OTHIN, particularly concerned with giving the human race senses and feelings. Also known in north Germanic culture. He is said to have fled to Vanaheim after the great battle between the AESIR and VANIR gods....
God name "Hoenu" Scandinavia God of silence. He, along with his brother Lodur, created Ask and Embla, the first humans. Scandinavia
"Hofvarpner [Hoof-thrower]" Norse Gnaa's horse. His father is Hamskerper and mother Gardrofa. Norse
God name "Hogfather" Europian The Discworld's version of Father Christmas or Santa Claus. He wears a red, fur-lined cloak, and rides a sleigh pulled by four wild boars, Gouger, Rooter, Tusker and Snouter. In earlier times he gave households pork products, and naughty children a bag of bloody bones. Earlier than that, he was a Winter god of the death-and-renewal kind. The modern version is a jolly toymaker, with vestiges of the earlier myths (such as his Castle of Bones, a vast palace of ice which has nothing notably bony about it, except for the suggestion of a protruding femur or scapula here and there) still clinging to him.
Spirit name "Hokewingla" Dakota Turtle spirit Dakota
God name "Hoki the Jokester" Discworld A nature god usually found haunting the deep woods of the Ramtops, in which he manifests himself as an oak tree or a flute playing half-man, half-goat figure. Thought of by many gods and people alike as a bloody nuisance and a bad practical joker, he was eventually banished from Dunmanifestin for pulling the old exploding mistletoe joke on Blind Io. Discworld
Deity name "Hokushin-O-Kami" Japan Astral deity, Ursa Minor Japan / Shinto
Goddess name "Holda" Germanic Goddess of beauty and love germanic
Goddess name "Holde" German The gracious lady, a sky goddess who rode the winds. Snow came from the feathers of her bed. German
Goddess name "Holi" India Goddess of happiness and merriment India
Goddess name "Holle" Germanic Goddess of the newborn emerged from the underworld, where she also accepts the souls of the dead germanic
God name "Holly King & Oak King" Celtic Two sacrificial gods
God name "Holly King and Oak King," Celtic Two sacrificial gods Celtic
"Holmus" Greek A son of Sisyphus, and father of Minyas. Greek
God name "Homagyrius" Greek The god of the assembly or league, a surname of Zeus, under which he was worshipped at Aegium. Greek
"Homeric Hymns" Greek By Andrew Lang Greek
Goddess name "Honabe" Huli Primeval goddess Huli
God name "Honir" Norse God who gave humans and their understanding and feelings. Norse
God name "Honir" Norse this is the god they gave humans and their understanding & feelings
"Honos" Roman Honor, Honus, the personification of honour at Rome. Roman
Demon name "Honoyeta" New Guinea An enormous snake demon who brought mortality to human beings. Papua New Guinea
God name "Honus" Roman God of military honors. Depicted as a youthful warrior carrying a lance and cornucopia....
God name "Honus/ Honos" Roman The god of military honors
King name "Hoples" Greek A son of Ion, a king of Athens between the reigns of Erechtheus and Cecrops
"Hor-Hekenu" Egypt In this form, Horus is the lord of protection Egypt
Goddess name "Hora" Roman Goddess of beauty Roman
Goddess name "Horae" Greek Horai, originally the personifications or goddesses of the order of nature and of the seasons, but in later times they were regarded as the goddesses of order in general and of justice. In Homer, who neither mentions their parents nor their number, they are the Olympian divinities of the weather and the ministers of Zeus; and in this capacity they guard the doors of Olympus, and promote the fertility of the earth, by the various kinds of weather they send down. Greek
Goddess name "Horae/ Horai" Greek The goddesses of order & the seasons, all three of them
God name "Horagalles" Finnish The Sami god of the sky and of thunder, normally depicted wielding a pair of war-hammers. His Finnish counterpart was Ukko, and he is generally associated with Thor. Horgalles was married to Raudna.
God name "Horagalles" Lappish weather god. The local embodiment of the Nordic (Icelandic) god THOR. Depicted as a bearded figure carrying a pair of hammers....
"Horcus" Greek Horkos, the personification of an oath, the son of Eris, and the avenger of perjury. Greek
God name "Horkos" Greek The god of oaths
God name "Horkos" Greek God of oaths. The son of ERIS (strife)....
"Horme" Greek The personification of energetic activity. Greek
"Hornie" Scotland Auld Hornie. The devil, so called in Scotland. The allusion is to the horns with which Satan is generally represented.
God name "Horus" Egypt A god of prophecy, healing, music, art, war, victory, light, the north & the sky
God name "Horus" Egypt Hor, Heru-ur, the Elder Son of Nut and Seb. A sky god whose eyes are the Sun and the moon. The falcon symbolizes him. Egypt
God name "Horus" Egypt The god of the sky, and the son of Osiris. His mother is Isis. Since he was god of the sky, Horus became depicted as a falcon, or as a falcon-headed man. Egypt
God name "Horus" Egypt Horus the Younger A solar deity, god of the rising Sun, of light, Son of Osiris and Isis. The latter taught him the arts of magick and healing through oracles. He absorbed and was identified with the other Horus gods-the Heru group. Egypt
God name "Horus" Egyptian The Mighty One of Transformations. Egyptian god, the son of Isis and Osiris. God of the all-seeing eye. His animal is the falcon.
God name "Horus" Egyptian The Egyptian day-god, represented in hieroglyphics by a sparrow-hawk, which bird was sacred to him. He was son of Osiris and Isis, but his birth being premature he was weak in the lower limbs. As a child he is seen carried in his mother's arms, wearing the pschent or atf, and seated on a lotus-flower with his finger on his lips. As an adult he is represented hawk-headed. Strictly speaking, Horus is the rising Sun, Ra the noonday Sun, and Osiris the setting Sun.
God name "Horus-Harpocrates" Greek / Roman the god of quiet life and silence. Greek / Roman
Goddess name "Hosia" Greek Goddess of holy rituals Greek
God name "Hospitalis" Roman The guardian or protector of the law of hospitality, the title is applied to a distinct class of gods, though their names are not mentioned. The great protector of hospitality was Jupiter, at Rome called Jupiter hospitalis. Roman
God name "Hotei" Japan God of happiness and one of the seven gods of luck. If you rub his belly, you will receive good fortune. Japan
God name "Hotei" Shinto / Japan God of luck. One of seven gods of fortune known in Shintoism. He is depicted with a large belly and dressed in the robes of a Buddhist priest. Attributes include a fan and a large sack on his shoulder which “never stops to give, despite continuous demand.”...
Goddess name "Hotogov Mailgan" Siberia Goddess of heaven at night Siberia / Buriat
Spirit name "Hotoru" Pawnee wind spirit Pawnee
Goddess name "Hotr(a) (invoker)" Hindu / Vedic Minor goddess of sacrifices. She is invoked to appear on the sacrificial field before a ritual and is particularly identified with the act of prayer. Usually associated with the goddess SARASVATI....
Goddess name "Hotr[a]" Hindu / Vedic A minor goddess of sacrifices
Goddess name "Hotra" Hindu Minor goddess of sacrifices Hindu / Vedic
God name "Hotu-matua" s The legendary founding father of Easter Island arrived from over the sea with a fleet of his family and followers after surviving a great catastrophe. The god of earthquakes, Poku, had upended Hotu-matua's homeland with a crowbar, sinking Hiva into the ocean depths. Lemuria, Mu
"Hou Chi" China Lord of abundant harvests China
God name "Hou T'u" China God of the earth China
Nymph name "Houri" Koran The large blackeyed damsels of Paradise, possessed of perpetual youth and beauty, whose virginity is renewable at pleasure. Every believer will have seventy-two of these houris in Paradise, and his intercourse with them will be fruitful or otherwise, according to his wish. If an offspring is desired, it will grow to full estate in an hour. (Persian, huri; Arabic, huriya, nymphs of Paradise. Koran
Goddess name "Hours" Egypt underworld goddesses, the 12 daughters of Re Egypt
Goddess name "Hours" Egypt underworld goddesses. The twelve daughters of the Sun god RE. They act in concert against the adversaries of Re and control the destiny of human beings in terms of each person's life span, reflecting the supremacy of order and time over chaos. The Hours are sometimes represented on the walls of royal tombs in anthropomorphic form with a five-pointed star above the head. Also Horae (Greek)....
Deity name "Houushin-O-Kami" Shinto / Japan Astral deity. The apotheosis of the “little bear,” Ursa Minor....
Goddess name "Hov Ava" Russia Goddess of the moon. Russia
Goddess name "How" Chu China the is the goddess of the air
Goddess name "Hoy Kong" China A goddess of Ursa Minor
Angel name "Hraap" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Hraesvelger [Corpse-swallower]" Norse A giant in an eagle's plumage, who produces the wind. Norse
Angel name "Hrap" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Hraudung" Norse Geirrod's father. Norse
God name "Hreidmar" Norse Father of Regin and Fafner. He exacts the blood-fine from the gods for slaying Otter. He is slain by Fafner. Norse
"Hrim Thursar" Norse A new race begat by the only man and woman to survive the Great Flood. All Norse traced their descent to the Hrim Thursar, or "Hoar Frost." Scandinavian
"Hrimthursar" Norse Rime-giants or frost-giants, who dwell under one of Ygdrasil's roots. Norse
"Hringhorn" Norse The ship upon which Balder's body was burned. Norse
Angel name "Hroan" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Hrodvitner" Norse A wolf; father of the wolf Hate. Norse
"Hropt" Norse One of Odin's names. Norse
"Hrosthjof [Horse-thief]" Norse A giant. Norse
God name "Hrsikesa" Hindu God, a minor avatar of Visnu Hindu
God name "Hrsikesa (lord of the senses)" Hindu God. Minor avatara of VIS NU. His SAKTI is HARSA....
Angel name "Hru" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Hrungner" Norse A giant; friend of Hymer. Thor fought with him and slew him. Norse
God name "Hsi Ling su" China God of silk China
Goddess name "Hsi Shih" China Goddess who represents the old virtues and feminine qualities of Chinese women. She also sponsors a nice line of face creams, cosmetics and perfumes. China
Goddess name "Hsi Wang Mu" China Mother goddess of the Western Paradise and female energy. China
God name "Hsi shen" China God of joy. Fu Shen denotes a generic title for the beneficent gods of the Chinese. China
God name "Hsiao Wu" China God of prisons. China
Planet name "Hsieh T'ien chun" China God personification of the planet Saturn. China
God name "Hsien Nung" China Agriculture god. China
God name "Hsien Se" China Agriculture god. China
God name "Hsu Ch'ang" China God of archery. China
God name "Hsuan T'ien" China God of Wealth. China
God name "Hsuan Wen hua" China God of hair, hairdressers, shampoo and hair moisturisers.
Demon name "Hsuan-T'ien-Shang-Ti" China God who removes demons and evil spirits. Invoke for exorcism, matters involving water. China
"Htmorda" Enochian The senior element of Air associated with the moon. Enochian
God name "Hu" Celts Hu, Ceridwen, and Craiwy. Cherusci, A three-headed god called Triglat.
"Hu" Egypt The personification of Divine Utterance, the voice of authority. Egypt
Deities name "Hu" Egypt God personifying royal authority. One of several minor deities born from drops of blood emitting from the penis of the Sun god RE (see also SIA). Hu epitomizes the power and command of the ruler....
God name "Hu Baiyan" China God of the earthly Heroic Star. China
God name "Hu Daoyuan" China God of the water earthworm Star. China
God name "Hu Shen" China A god of hail
God name "Hu Sheng" China God of the Western Constellations. China
God name "Hu The Mighty" Wales Aka Hu Gadarn, Hugh Guairy. Father God of the Welsh who came to Wales and became part of the Welsh deluge myths.
Goddess name "Hu Tu" China Goddess of the Summer solstice, earth Mother and the personification of the earth. China
God name "Hu Yunpeng" China God of the Western Constellations. China
Demon name "Hua" Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
Spirit name "Huaca" Peru Huacas, spirits that either inhabit or actually are physical phenomena such as waterfalls, mountains, or man-made shrines. Peru
Spirit name "Huaca" Inca / pre - Columbian South America / Peru, etc spirit being. The apotheosis of a natural object such as a rock or a place of local importance such as a spring. It is uncertain whether the principle is one of animism (when a deity takes on different natural shapes at will) or anImatism (when an object is a supernatural being in its own right)....
"Huacas" Peru / Bolivia Any natural object that has an obvious supernatural manifestation
God name "Huan Yang ch'ang" China God of the heart. China
Spirit name "Huanacari" Inca A guardian spirit
Spirit name "Huanacauri" Inca / pre - Columbian South America / Peru, etc Guardian spirit. The apotheosis of a special spindle-shaped stone sited near Cuzco which protected the Inca royal family and also featured strongly in the maturation rites of male Inca adolescents. Also Wanakawri....
God name "Huang Fei-hu" China Originally an earth god who was promoted to the god Tai mountain eastern China and he now judges the souls of the dead when they come to his mountain. China
God name "Huang T'ing" China The Star God of Civil Virtue. China
God name "Huang Ti" China God of architecture and Astral god, some myths relate that Huang-ti manufactured and used "miraculous tripods" which were made in the "likeness of the Great Infinite," Tao, the concealed engine of the Universe. He also invented the compass. China
God name "Huang Ti" Chinese Astral god. Allegedly a deified emperor, the so-called “yellow emperor,” who rules the moving as distinct from dark heavens, the latter being presided over by the god PAK TAI. He is attributed with giving mankind the wheel....
"Huang-di" China Mythical yellow emperor. China
"Hubal" Arabic An Arab idol brought from Bulka, in Syria, by Amir Ibn-Lohei, who asserted that it would procure Rain when wanted. It was the statue of a man in red agate; one hand being lost, a golden one was supplied. He held in his hand seven arrows without wings or feathers, such as the Arabians use in divination. This idol was destroyed in the eighth year of "the flight." Arabic
God name "Hubal" Pre - Islamic / Arabian Local tutelary and oracular god. An anthropomorphic figure of the deity in red carnelian still stands in the holy city of Mecca....
Supreme god name "Huban" Elamite Supreme god of the Elamite.
God name "Huban" Elamite / Iran Tutelary god. Equating with the Sumerian ENLIL....
God name "Huban Elamite" Iran A tutelary god
Spirit name "Hubris" Greek The daughter of Erebus and Nyx and the female spirit of insolence, violence, wantonness, reckless pride, arrogance and outrageous behaviour in general. Greek
Goddess name "Huchi" Japan Goddess of fire and of volcanic eruptions. The name Fuji is believed to be derived from "Huchi" or "Fuchi", the words for the Aino Goddess of Fire. Japan
"Huecuvoe" Chile The evil supreme being. Auraucanians, Chile
God name "Huehuecototl" Aztec A minor god, one of sexual lust
God name "Huehuecototl-Coyotlinahual" Aztec A minor god of feather workers
God name "Huehuecoyotl" Aztec The trickster god of music, dance, song. He is depicted in the as a dancing coyote with human hands and feet, accompanied by a human drummer. Aztec
God name "Huehuecoyotl (old coyote)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor god of sexual lust. One of the group classed as the XIUHTECUHTLI complex....
God name "Huehuecoyotl-Coyotlinahual (coyote his disguise)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor god of feather workers. One of the group classed as the XIUHTECUHTLI complex....
God name "Huehueteotl" Aztec Old god. A central Mexican / Aztec deity associated with fire
God name "Huehueteotl" Aztec An ancient god of the hearth, the fire of life. Associated with the pole star and the north, and serves as a skybearer. Aztec
God name "Huehuetotl (old god)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico God of fire. Associated with paternalism and one of the group classed as the XIUHTECUHTLI complex....
"Hugin [Mind]" Norse One of Odin's ravens. Norse
"Huh" Egypt The deification of eternity in the Ogdoad, his name itself meaning endlessness. Egypt
"Huiracocha" Inca The creator of the world. Inca
Deity name "Huiracocha/ Viracocho" Inca The supreme deity accused of a virgin birth & creator of of the world
God name "Huisiniamui" Peru A god of the Sun and sky. He invented vegetation, but was also fond of headhunting and cannibalism. Peru
Goddess name "Huitaca" Chibcha Goddess of the moon, intoxication, jolly bonking and letting the good times roll. Chibcha
King name "Huitzilopochtli" Aztec The Divine leader who rescued an ancestral people from his devastated island kingdom in the Atlantic Ocean, Aztlan. Arriving in the Valley of Mexico, they built a new capital to commemorate their lost city, when Tenochtitlan was constructed on a rocky island at the center of a man-made lake. Aztec
God name "Huitzilopochtli aka Mexitli" Aztec The "blue hummingbird", god of war and the Sun as well as the patron god of the Aztec nation.
God name "Huitznahua" Aztec Collectively, the remaining brothers of God of war who were defeated. Aztec
Goddess name "Huixtocihuatl" Aztec Goddess of the ocean and salt. Aztec
Goddess name "Huixtocihuatl (lady of Huixtorin)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Goddess of salt-makers. One of the group classed as the TLALOC complex, generally involved with Rain, Agriculture and fertility....
Goddess name "Hulda" German Goddess of marriage and fecundity, who sent bridegrooms to maidens and children to the married. German
Goddess name "Hulka Devi" Hindu Goddess of cholera. Hindu
Deities name "Hulluk Miyumko" Miwok The California Miwok name for the Pleiades. The Hulluk Miyumko were female deities who gave birth to "beautiful star chiefs".
"Huma" China A fabulous Oriental bird which never alights, but is always on the wing. It is said that every head which it overshadows will wear a crown.
Deity name "Humban" Mesopotamia Supreme deity Mesopotamia
King name "Hun Batz" Quiche One Big Monkey. A son of one of the Seven Ahpu, he is a hero and a multi-tasking deity. Quiche
Demon name "Hun Hau" Mayan God of death and the Head of demons. Mayan
God name "Hun Hunapu" Mayan Creator god. Mayan
God name "Hun Hunapu" Mayan / Yucatec / Quiche, Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. The father of HUNAPU and Ix Balan Ku. According to the sacred Mayan text Popol Vub, he was decapitated during a football game and his head became lodged in the calabash tree which bore fruit from that day....
God name "Hun Nal" Mayan God of maize. Mayan
God name "Hunab Ku" Mayan / Yucatec, Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. The greatest deity in the pantheon, no image is created of Hunab Ku since he is considered to be without form. His son is the iguana god, ITZAM NA, and he may have become the Mayan counterpart of the Christian god....
Deity name "Hunab Ku aka Hun Itzamna" Mayan . The Supreme Being and the greatest deity in the pantheon. Mayan
God name "Hunab Ku/ Itzamn" Maya The most important creator god & the greatest deity in the pantheon
God name "Hunahpa Utiu" Mayan Yet another god who helped create the human race. Mayan
God name "Hunahpu" Mayan A god, who with his twin Xbalamwque, overcame the powers of evil and of death of his father, then rose to the heavens to become the Sun and the moon. Mayan
God name "Hunahpu Gutch" Maya He is one of the 13 gods that mistakenly created humans
God name "Hunahpu Vuch" Quiche A hunting-fox bitch and god of the dawn. Quiche
God name "Hunapu" Maya Another creator god
God name "Hunapu" Mayan / Yucatec / Quiche, Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. According to the sacred text Popol Vub, the son of HUN HUNAPU and the twin brother of Ix Balan Ku. Tradition has it that, like his father, he was decapitated in a historic struggle with the underworld gods and subsequently became the Sun god, while his sibling is the apotheosis of the moon....
"Hundred-eyed" Greek Argus, in Greek and Latin fable. Juno appointed him guardian of Io [the cow], but Jupiter caused him to be put to death, whereupon Juno transplanted his eyes into the tail of her peacock.
Goddess name "Hung Sheng (boly one)" Chinese Guardian god. A deity who protects fishing boats and their crews against danger at sea in the Southern Ocean. His role is similar to that of the goddess KUAN YIN. Little is known of the origin of Hung Sheng, but he was allegedly a mortal who died on the thirteenth day of the second moon, which falls two days before the spring equinox when the sea dragon king, Lung Wang, is believed to leave the ocean and ascend into the heavens. The god is propitiated with cakes made from the first grain of the year, on the fifth day of the fifth month and in some traditions he is seen as an aspect of the sea dragon king....
God name "Hung Sing" China Guardian god of of fishing boats and their crews China
God name "Hunhau" Mayan Appears, sometimes with the head of an owl, sometimes as a dog. A god of the underworld and the land of the dead. Mayan
God name "Hunhau" Mayan / Yucatec / Quiche, Mesoamerican / Mexico God of death. One of the several “lords of death” listed in the codices who rule the underworld, Mictlan. Hunhau is generally depicted with canine attributes, or with the head of an owl.See also YUM CIMIL. Also God A....
Goddess name "Hunthaca" Guatemala Goddess of the moon. Guatemala
God name "Huo Pu" China God of fire China
Goddess name "Hur ki" Babylon / Mesopotamia Not the Goddess of the moon, just a very naughty girl. Babylon / Mesopotamia
"Hura-Te-Arangi" Maori Mother of the Snow, Frost, and Ice children. Maori, New Zealand
God name "Huraaan" Mayan / Quiche, Mesoamerican / Guatemalan highlands Creator god. Having created the world, he fashioned the first humans from pieces of maize dough. The counterpart of the Yucatec HUNAB KU....
God name "Hurabtil" Elamite The god in charge of the Tablets of Destinies Elamite / Iran
God name "Hurabtil" Elamite / Iran God of uncertain status. Known only from passing mention in Akkadian texts. Also Lahurabtil....
God name "Hurabtil Elamite" Iran A god known only from being mentioned in Akkadia texts
God name "Huracan" Quiche Creator god who fashioned the first humans Quiche
God name "Huracan/ Hurucan/ Hurakan/ Hurukan" Quiche A creator god that fashioned the first humans
God name "Hurakan" Nicaragua God of storms, thunder and hurricanes. Nicaragua
Goddess name "Huruing Wuhti" Hopi In the Hopi Indian creation story, they were a pair of women who survived the Great Flood. The Huruing Wuhti were later venerated as mother goddesses, because they gave birth to the Hopi people.
God name "Hushtahli" Choctaw The Sun god who doubles as a war god. Choctaw
King name "Hutsipamamau'u Ocean Woman" Chemehuevis The Great Mother, the creator of all things who created the earth from her flaking skin. Chemehuevis
Supreme god name "Huvi" Bushmen / Africa The supreme god
God name "Huvi" Ovimbundu / central Angola, West Africa God of hunting. All meat is kept in front of his shrines, which are decorated with poles capped by skulls. He is propitiated by dance and offerings, presided over by a priesthood....
Supreme god name "Huvi Bushmen" Africa Supreme god Africa
God name "Huvi Ovimbundu" Africa God of hunting Africa(west)
"Huwe" Botswana Yet another supreme being and creator of all things, this time from Botswana.
God name "Huzayui" Egypt serpent headed, winged god of the west wind Egypt