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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods
God Name: Linus Greek The personification of a dirge or lamentation, and therefore described as a son of Apollo by a Muse. Greek
God Name: Liosalfar Scandinavian The light Alfs who dwell in the city Alf-heim. They are whiter than the sun. Scandinavian
God Name: Lipse Greek Wind goddess Greek
God Name: Lir Ireland God of the ocean. Ireland
God Name: Lir Ireland Father of Fionmala. On the death of Fingula, the mother of his daughter, he married the wicked Aoife, who, through spite, transformed the children of Lir into swans, doomed to float on the water till they heard the first mass-bell ring. Ireland
God Name: Liris Hebrew A proud but lovely daughter of the race of man, beloved by Rubi, first of the angel host. Her passion was the love of knowledge, and she was captivated by all her lover told her of heaven and the works of God. At last she requested Rubi to appear before her in all his glory, and as she fell into his embrace was burnt to ashes by the rays which issued from him. Hebrew
God Name: Lisa Fon Africa God of the sun Africa
God Name: Lisa Fon/ Dahomey Africa A sun god
God Name: Litae Greek A personification of the prayers offered up in repentance. They are described as the daughters of Zeus, and as following closely behind crime, and endeavouring to make amends for what has been done but whoever disdains to receive them, has himself to atone for the crime that has been committed. Greek
God Name: Litavis Breton God of the forge. Breton
God Name: Liter Norse A dwarf that Thor kicked into Balder's funeral pile. Norse
God Name: Little-Endians Swift The two great empires of Lilliput and Blefuscu waged a destructive war against each other, exhausted their treasures, and decimated their subjects on their different views of interpreting this vital direction contained in the 54th chapter of the Blun-decral: "All true believers break their eggs at the convenient end." The godfather of Calin Deffar Plane, the reigning emperor of Lilliput, happened to cut his finger while breaking his egg at the big end, and very royally published a decree commanding all his liege and faithful subjects, on pains and penalties of great severity, to break their eggs in future at the small end. The orthodox Blefuscudians deemed it their duty to resent this innovation, and declared a war of extermination against the heretical Lilliputians. Swift
God Name: Lityerses Greek Lived in Phrygia, engaged in rural pursuits, and hospitably received all strangers that passed his house, but he then compelled them to assist him in the harvest, and whenever they allowed themselves to be surpassed by him in their work, he cut off their heads in the evening, and concealed their bodies in the sheaves, accompanying his deed with songs. Heracles, however, slew him, and threw his body into the Maeander. Greek
God Name: Liu Meng China Agriculture god China
God Name: Liu Pei China God of basket makers China
God Name: Lizard Islands Torquemada Fabulous islands where damsels outcast from the rest of the world are received. Torquemada
God Name: Ljubi Albania Demoness who could cause drought on less a virgin was sacrificed to her Albania
God Name: Llasar Llaesgyfnewid Welsh Battle god. Welsh
God Name: Llasar/ Llaesgyfnewid Wales A battle god
God Name: Llevelys Brittany The ruler of Brittany who got the dragon drunk on Meade. Brittany
God Name: Llew Llaw Gyffes Welsh His mother would not name him; cursed him never to marry; and that he could only be killed a certain, secret way. The Celts equated the name with a spirit essence and true being. Llew turned into an eagle and flew away. Welsh
God Name: Llorna Spain this female spirit Lehrer's people to their, normally, drowning in bogs, swamps, etc.
God Name: Llud Welsh A death God. Welsh
God Name: Llyr Welsh God of the sea and water Ireland/Welsh
God Name: Llyr/ Lear Lir Irish/ Wales A god of the sea & water
God Name: Lmag Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Lmmag Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God Name: Lo Shen China Goddess of rivers China
God Name: Lo Tsu Ta Hsien China God of barbers and beggars China
God Name: Lo Yu China God of tea China
God Name: Lo'cin-coro'mo/ Lo'cil/ Yegl'ie Yukaghir/ Siberia A hearth spirit
God Name: Loa Africa Spirit beings who were imported by Africa slaves Haiti/Puerto Rico
God Name: Loathly Lady France A lady so hideous that no one would marry her except Sir Gawain; and immediately after the marriage her ugliness - the effect of enchantment - disappeared, and she became a model of beauty. Love beautifies. France
God Name: Loba Duala Africa God of the sun Africa/Cameroon
God Name: Locana Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Loco Haiti/Vodun Patron of healers and plants, especially trees. Haiti/Vodun
God Name: Locrin Britain Or Locrine. Father of Sabrina, and eldest son of the mythical Brutus, King of ancient Britain. On the death of his father he became king of Loegria.
God Name: Locrus Greek 1. A son of Physcius and grandson of Amphictyon, became by Cabya the father of Locrus, the mythical ancestor of the Ozolian Locrians. According to some the wife of the former Locrus was called Cambyse or Protogeneia. 2. A son of Zeus and Maera, the daughter of the Argive king Proetus arid Antaia. Greek
God Name: Loder Norse To flame. One of the three gods (Odin, Haener and Loder) who create Ask and Embla, the first man and woman. He is identical with Loke. Norse
God Name: Lodfafner Norse A protege of Odin. Norse
God Name: Lodur Germanic Creator god mentioned in the creation myth. germanic
God Name: Lodur[r] Germanic A creator god mentioned in the creation myth
God Name: Lofn Norse Goddess of love norse
God Name: Lofn Norse A goddess of illicit unions
God Name: Lofn Norse Goddess of illicit unions norse
God Name: Logia Ireland Goddess of the Lagan River Ireland
God Name: Logistilla Orlando The good fairy, and sister of Alcina the sorceress. She teaches Ruggiero to manage the hippogriff, and gives Astolpho a magic book and horn. The impersonation of reason. Orlando Furioso
God Name: Logos Christian The principle embodied in the flesh by Jesus the Christ
God Name: Logos Christian Word coming from the mind of their god Christian/Gnostic
God Name: Logos Christian Principle embodied in the flesh by Jesus the Christ Christian
God Name: Logos Gnosticn Christian The word coming from the mind of their god
God Name: Logos Greek Primordial spirit of reason Greek
God Name: Loha Klamath Beneficent goddess portrayed as a beautiful woman Klamath
God Name: Lohasur Devi India Goddess of the forging of iron India
God Name: Lokapala Hindu Gods Hindu
God Name: Lokesvara Buddhist Generic name for a group of deities such as Siva and Visnu Buddhist
God Name: Loki Norse Loki. To end, finish; Loke is the end and consummation of divinity. The evil giant-god of the Norse mythology. He steers the ship Naglfar in Ragnarok. He borrows Freyja's feather-garb and accompanies Thor to the giant Thrym, who has stolen Thor's hammer. He is the father of Sleipner; also of the Midgard serpent, of the Fenris-wolf and of Hel. He causes Balder's death, abuses the gods in ?ger's feast, but is captured in Fraanangerforce and is bound by the gods. Norse
God Name: Loko Benin God of trees. Fon Benin
God Name: Loko Fon Benin A god of trees
God Name: Lomo Ngbandi Zaire Goddess of peace, invoked at sunrise every day. Zaire
God Name: Long Mu Chinese Mother of Dragons was a Chinese woman who was deified as a goddess after raising five infant dragons.
God Name: Longatis Greek A surname of Athena derived from her being worshipped in a Boeotian district called Longas. Greek
God Name: Longius Roman The Roman soldier who smote Jesus with his spear. In the romance of King Arthur, this spear was brought by Joseph of Arimathea to Listenise, when he visited King Pellam, "who was nigh of Joseph's kin." Sir Balim the Savage, being in want of a weapon, seized this spear, with which he wounded King Pellam. "Three whole countries were destoyed" by that one stroke, and Sir Balim saw "the people thereof lying dead on all sides."
God Name: Longmen China The dragon gate where a carp can transform into a dragon. China
God Name: Lono Hawaii Primordial god of agriculture, peace, rain, clouds and the sky Hawaii
God Name: Loo Wit Klickitat/ PNW A goddess of fire, volcanoes
God Name: Loo Wit Klickitat Native American Goddess of fire, volcanoes PNW
God Name: Lopemat Latavia This is the goddess that created cattle
God Name: Lopter Norse The aerial. Another name of Loke. Norse
God Name: Lot Ireland Hideous Formorian war goddess and goddess of physical prowess and strength Ireland
God Name: Lothur Norse God of physical senses norse/Icelandic
God Name: Lotis Greek A nymph, who in her escape from the embraces of Priapus was metamorphosed into a tree, called after her Lotis. Greek
God Name: Lotus Egypt The Egyptians pictured God sitting on a lote-tree, above the watery mud. Jamblichus says the leaves and fruit of the lote-tree being round represent "the motion of intellect;" its towering up through mud symbolises the eminency of divine intellect over matter; and the Deity sitting on the lote-tree implies His intellectual sovereignty. Egypt
God Name: Lotus Greek Lotus-eaters or Lotophagi, in Homeric legend, are a people who ate of the lotus-tree, the effect of which was to make them forget their friends and homes, and to lose all desire of returning to their native land, their only wish being to live in idleness in Lotus-land. Greek
God Name: Louhi Finland The matriarch of Pohjola, hostess of the Underworld.
God Name: Louhi Finnish Goddess of the ocean and winter Finnish
God Name: Lover's Leap Greece The promontory from which Sappho threw herself into the sea; now called Santa Maura. Greece
God Name: Loviatar Finland The blind daughter of Tuoni and the mother of Nine diseases.
God Name: Lowalangi Indonesia God of the world above and source of anything good Indonesia/Nais Is.
God Name: Loxias Greek A surname of Apollo, which is derived by some from his intricate and ambiguous oracles and describes the god as the prophet or interpreter of Zeus. Greek
God Name: Loxo Greek A daughter of Boreas, one of the Hyperborean maidens, who brought the worship of Artemis to Delos, whence it is also used as a surname of Artemis herself. Greek
God Name: Lsraphm Enochian A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North. Enochian
God Name: Lu Dongbin China One of the Eight Immortals. China
God Name: Lu Hsing China God of employees, justice and salaries and another of the three gods who were known as Fu Shou Lu. China
God Name: Lu Tong-Pin China/Taoist Immortal being, he is Tutelary god of barbers. China/Taoist
God Name: Lu pan China God of carpenters. China
God Name: Lu' dja lako Indians Lu Dja Lako, a monster bull turtle. Southeastern Indians
God Name: Lua Roman Also called Lua mater or Lua Saturni, one of the early Italian divinities, whose worship was forgotten in later times. Roman
God Name: Luamerava Africa Goddess of sexual desire. Africa
God Name: Luandinha Brazil Goddess of water pictured as a snake. Brazil
God Name: Luaths Lurgann Celtic Warrior goddess. Celtic
God Name: Luaths Lurgann Ireland Goddess of midwives. Ireland
God Name: Luaths Lurgann Ireland Luaths Lurgann "the speedy-footed one" Warrior Goddess who was known the fastest runner in Ireland.
God Name: Luaths Lurgann Irish A goddess of midwives
God Name: Lubanga Buynyopro Uganda God of health. Uganda
God Name: Lubangala Bakongo Zaire God of the rainbow Zaire
God Name: Lubberkin or Lubrican Irish (Irish, Lobaircin or Leprechaun. ) A fairy resembling an old man, by profession a maker of brogues, who resorts to out-of-the-way places, where he is discovered by the noise of his hammer. He is rich, and while anyone keeps his eye fixed upon him cannot escape, but the moment the eye is withdrawn he vanishes. Irish
God Name: Lubins Ireland A species of goblins in Normandy that take the form of wolves, and frequent churchyards. They are very timorous, and take flight at the slightest noise.
God Name: Lucerius aka Luceria Greek Lucetius and Lucetia, that is, the giver of light, occur as surnames of Jupiter and Juno.
God Name: Luchtain Ireland Minor god of war and death. Ireland
God Name: Luchtain/ / Luchtar Irish A Minor war & death god
God Name: Luchtar Lud Welsh Chief god Ireland/Welsh
God Name: Lucifer Babylon Very haughty and overbearing. Lucifer is the name given by Isaiah to Nebuchadnezzar, the proud but ruined king of Babylon: "Take up this proverb against the King of Babylon, and say, ... How art thou fallen, from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!" (Isa. XIV. 4, 12). The poets feign that Satan, before he was driven out of heaven for his pride, was called Lucifer. Milton, in his Paradise Lost, gives this name to the demon of "Sinful Pride." Christian/Gnostic
God Name: Lucifer Gnostic The morning star. Venus is both an evening and a morning star: When she follows the sun, and is an evening star, she is called Hesperus; when she precedes the sun, and appears before sunrise, she is called Lucifer, the light-bringer. Gnostic
God Name: Lucifera Fairy Tale Pride lived in a splendid palace, only its foundation was of sand. The door stood always open, and the queen gave welcome to every comer. Her six privy ministers are Idleness, Gluttony, Lechery, Avarice, Envy, and Revenge. These six, with Pride herself, are the seven deadly sins. Her carriage was drawn by six different animals- viz. an ass, swine, goat, camel, wolf, and lion, on each of which rode one of her privy councillors, Satan himself being coachman. While here the Red-Cross Knight was attacked by Sansjoy, who would have been slain if Duessa had not rescued him.
God Name: Lucina Roman The goddess of light, or rather the goddess that brings to light, and hence the goddess that presides over the birth of children; it was therefore used as a surname of Juno and Diana. Roman
God Name: Lucy Christian Patron saint for those afflicted in the eyes. It is said that a nobleman wanted to marry her for the beauty of her eyes; so she tore them out and gave them to him saying, "Now let me live to God." The story says that her eyesight was restored; but the rejected lover accused her of "faith in Christ," and she was martyred by a sword thrust into her neck. Christian
God Name: Lud Celtic/British London; so called from Lud, a mythical king of Britain. Ludgate is, by a similar tradition, said to be the gate where Lud was buried. Celtic/British
God Name: Lud Welsh Chief god Ireland/Welsh
God Name: Lud/ Nudd/ Nuada Britain This god is London's namesake
God Name: Ludd Celtic/British God of the ocean, war and light. Celtic/British
God Name: Luduan China A beast which could detect truth. China
God Name: Lug Ireland God of commerce, magic and war. Ireland
God Name: Lugal-Irra Akkadia Chthonic underworld god Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
God Name: Lugeilan Caroline Is God of knowledge, strange but knowledge Caroline Is.
God Name: Lugeilan/ Luk Caroline Is He is a god of knowledge, strange but knowledge
God Name: Luggie s The warlock who, when storms prevented him from going to sea, used to sit on "Luggie's Knoll." and fish up dressed food.
God Name: Luggnagg s An island mentioned in Gulliver's Travels, where people live for ever. Swift shows the evil of such a destiny, unless accompanied with eternal youth.
God Name: Lugh Pan-Celtic "The Shining One", "Sun God", "Many Skilled", "Fair-Haired One", "White or Shining". A hero and god of War. Pan-Celtic
God Name: Lulal Sumeria The younger son of Inanna. He was the patron deity of Bad-tibira while his older brother, Shara was located at neighboring Umma. Sumeria
God Name: Lulong Borneo Goddess of love Borneo
God Name: Lumauwig Philippines Lumawig The supreme god and creator of all things. Philippines
God Name: Luna Greek The moon. The sun and the moon were worshipped both by Greeks and Romans, and among the latter the worship of Luna is said to have been introduced by the Sabine T. Tatius, in the time of Romulus. But, however this may be, it is certain, notwithstanding the assertion of Varro, that Sol and Luna were reckoned among the great gods, that their worship never occupied any prominent place in the religion of the Romans, for the two divinities had between them only a small chapel in the Via Sacra. Greek
God Name: Lunang Kafir/ Afghanistan The patron goddess of the Prasun river
God Name: Lunang Kafir Afghanistan Patron goddess of the Prasun river Afghanistan
God Name: Lung Yen China God of the liver China
God Name: Luonnotar Finland Spirit of nature, feminine creator.
God Name: Luonnotar Finnish Goddess of the ocean Finnish
God Name: Luot Hozjit Saami Goddess of summer Saami/Lappland
God Name: Luperca Roman Or Lupa, an ancient Italian divinity, the wife of Lupercus, who, in the shape of a she-wolf, performed the office of nurse to Romulus and Remus. Roman
God Name: Lupercal Roman The place where Romulus and Remus were suckled by the wolf (lupus). A yearly festival was held on this spot on Feb. 15, in honour of Lupercus, the god of fertility. On one of these festivals Antony thrice offered to Julius C?sar a kingly crown, but seeing the people were only half-hearted, C?sar put it aside, saying, "Jupiter alone is king of Rome." Roman
God Name: Lupercus Roman An ancient Italian divinity, who was worshipped by shepherds as the protector of their flocks against wolves, and at the same time as the promoter of the fertility among sheep, whence he was called Inuus. Roman
God Name: Lupi Aymara God of the sun whose wife is the moon. Aymara
God Name: Lur Basques Lurbira. Earth mother of the Sun and of the Moon. One of the main spirits of the beliefs and mythical traditions of the Basques.
God Name: Lutinus Roman God of fertility Roman
God Name: Luz or Luez Daft The indestructible bone; the nucleus of the resurrection body. Daft
God Name: Lybie and Lamia Greek Lybie was the mother of Lamia by Poseidon and as there are virtually no references to Lybie in classical literature it seem likely that Lamia, Lybie and the Lamiae are all variations of the same myth concerning the beautiful queen of Libya, daughter of Belus and Libya. Lamia, in Greek mythology, queen of Libya. She was beloved by Zeus, and when Hera robbed her of her children out of jealousy, she killed every child she could get into her power. Hence Lamia came to mean a female bogey or demon, whose name was used by Greek mothers to frighten their children; from the Greek she passed into Roman demonology. Greek
God Name: Lycabas Greek The name of three fictitious personages mentioned by Ovid Metamorphoses. (iii, v, xii.) Greek
God Name: Lycaon Greek A son of Pelasgus by Meliboea, the daughter of Oceanus, and king of Arcadia. Others call him a son of Pelasgus by Cyllene , and Dionysius of Halicarnassus distinguishes between an elder and a younger Lycaon, the former of whom is called a son of Aezeus and father of Deianeira, by whom Pelasgus became the father of the younger Lycaon. Greek
God Name: Lycisca Greek Half-wolf, half-dog. One of the dogs of Act?on. In Latin it is a common term for a sheperd's dog, and is so used by Virgil. Greek
God Name: Lycomedes Greek A king of the Dolopians, in the island of Scyros, near Euboea, father of Deidameia, and grandfather of Pyrrhus or Neoptolemus. Once when Theseus came to him, Lycomedes, dreading the influence of the stranger upon his own subjects, thrust him down a rock. Some related that the cause of this violence was that Lycomedes would not give up the estates which Theseus had in Scyros, or the circumstance that Lycomedes wanted to gain the favour of Menestheus. Greek
God Name: Lycoreus or Lycoris Greek 2 A son of Apollo and the nymph Corycia, from whom Lycoreia, in the neighbourhood of Delphi, was believed to have derived its name. There are two other mythical personages of this name.
God Name: Lycurgus Greek A son of Dryas, and king of the Edones in Thrace. He is famous for his persecution of Dionysus and his worship on the sacred mountain of Nyseion in Thrace. The god himself leaped into the sea, where he was kindly received by Thetis. Zeus thereupon blinded the impious king, who died soon after, for he was hated by the immortal gods. Greek
God Name: Lycus Greek 1. One of the sons of Aegyptus. 2. A son of Poseidon and Celaeno, who was transferred by his father to the islands of the blessed. 3. A son of Hyrieus, and husband of Dirce, one of the mythical kings of Thebes. 4. A tyrant of Thebes, is likewise called by some a son of Poseidon, though Euripides calls him a son of Lycus. Greek
God Name: Lydia Greek Daughter of the King of Lydia, was sought in marriage by Alcestes, a Thracian knight; his suit was refused, and he repaired to the King of Armenia, who gave him an army, with which he laid siege to Lydia. He was persuaded by Lydia to raise the siege. The King of Armenia would not give up the project, and Alcestes slew him. Lydia now set him all sorts of dangerous tasks to "prove the ardour of his love," all of which he surmounted. Lastly, she induced him to kill all his allies, and when she had thus cut off the claws of this love-sick lion she mocked him. Alcestes pined and died, and Lydia was doomed to endless torment in hell, where Astolpho saw her, to whom she told her story. Greek
God Name: Lykurgos Greek The name of a god of N.Arabia, that was supposed to promote fruit bearing trees
God Name: Lympha Roman Goddess of healing waters. Roman
God Name: Lynceus Greek A son of Aegyptus and Argyphia, and husband of the Danaid Hypermnestra, by whom he became the father of Abas. He was king of Argos, whence that city is called Abas. Greek
God Name: Lyr Welsh LLyr, a god of the sea. Welsh
God Name: Lyre Greek A lyre is a stringed musical instrument well known for its use in Classical Antiquity. The recitations of the Ancient Greeks were accompanied by it. According to ancient Greek mythology, the young god Hermes created the lyre from the body of a large tortoise shell (khelus) which he covered with animal hide and antelope horns. Lyres were associated with Apollonian virtues of moderation and equilibrium, contrasting the Dionysian pipes which represented ecstasy and celebration. Greek
God Name: Lyrus Greek A son of Anchises and Aphrodite and brother of Aeneas Greek
God Name: Lysithea Greek A daughter of Oceanus by Tethys and one of Zeus' lovers. Greek
God Name: Lysius Greek I. e. the Deliverer, a surname of Dionysus, under which he was worshipped at Corinth, where there was a carved image of the god, the whole figure of which was gilt, while the face was painted red. Greek
God Name: Lysizona Greek I. e. the goddess who loosens the girdle, is a surname of Artemis and Eileithyia, who were worshipped under this name at Athens. Greek
God Name: Lyssa Greek The personification of rage, particularly martial rage, fury, raging madness, frenzy, and, in animals, the madness of rabies. Greek
God Name: Lyterius Roman I. e. the Deliverer, a surname of Pan, under which he had a sanctuary at Troezene, because he was believed during a plague to have revealed in dreams the proper remedy against the disease. Roman
God Name: Ma Africa The Goddess of Creation, and mother of Mbali-yamswira. South Africa
God Name: Ma Anatolia Mountain Mother and a fertility and vegetation goddess. Anatolia
God Name: Ma Asia Minor The personification of fruitfulness. Asia Minor
God Name: Ma Cappadocia/ Anatolia/ Turkey A fertility & vegetation goddess
God Name: Ma Comana A warlike deity identified by the Greeks with Enyo and by the Romans with Bellona. Comana
God Name: Ma Greek The name of a nymph in the suite of Rhea, to whom Zeus entrusted the bringing up of the infant Dionysus. Greek
God Name: Ma Greek Ma signifies probably mother, as in Aeschylus, who applies it to the earth to designate her as the mother of all. Greek
God Name: Ma Greek Rhea herself was by the Lydians called Ma, and that bulls were sacrificed to her, whence the name of the town Mastaura was derived. Greek
God Name: Ma Emma Baltic Goddess of Midsummer. Baltic
God Name: Ma Kiela Africa The personification of boiling and dyeing fabrics. Southern Africa
God Name: Ma Kiela Bakongo Zaire The deified head of a band of mortal women
God Name: Ma Ku China Goddess of springtime. China
God Name: Ma Rba Nazorean One of the names of the Great Sealing of the Mighty Sublime Life. Early Nazorean
God Name: Ma Shi China A goddess & stellar deity
God Name: Ma Shi-Ko China Queen of Heavens and Goddess of the Seven Seas. China
God Name: Ma'at Egypt Truth, order, balance and justice personified. Egypt
God Name: Ma-ku China Goddess of spring. China
God Name: Ma-zu China A sea goddess that is a benevolent guardian of fisherman
God Name: Ma-zu aka Matsu China Ma-Tsu, A-Ma, and Mizu-Gami, Goddess of the sea who is a benevolent guardian of fisherman. When you are facing great difficulty, you can call her Ma-zu and she will immediately come to your rescue. If, however, you address her as the "Empress of Heaven", she will have to take time to put on her fine clothing and will be delayed in coming to your aid. China
God Name: Maa-Ema Estonian Estonian earth goddess
God Name: Maahes Egypt A lion-god, the devourer of the guilty and protector of the innocent. Egypt
God Name: Maahes/ Maa/ Myhs/ Mihos Egypt He's the god of sight, sun god of the Nile Delta, & the midsummer
God Name: Maanegarm or Moongarm Norse Maanegarm or Moongarm [Moon-swallower]. A wolf of Loke's offspring. He devours the moon. Norse
God Name: Maat Egypt A goddess of justice, truth & stability
God Name: Mab Celtic A miniature creature who drives her chariot across the faces of sleeping people and compels them to dream dreams of wish-fulfillment. Celtic Fairy tale
God Name: Mab Welsh The faries' midwife. Sometimes incorrectly called queen of the fairies. Welsh
God Name: Mab Welsh The "fairies' midwife" i.e. employed by the fairies as midwife of dreams to deliver man's brain of dreams. Welsh
God Name: Mabb Irish "utter intoxication." Originally Queen of Tara,later Queen of the Faeries and mythological queen of Connaught. She dumped her husband, King Conchobar and created nine Irish kings in succession and took each one her lover. She was also a fierce battle queen. Irish
God Name: Mabon Celtic Minor sun god who also ironically represses. & of freedom, harmony & unity
God Name: Mabon ap Modron Celtic "divine son", the son of Modron "divine mother"). Synonymous with the Ancient British god, Maponos. He was a hunter god who was stolen from his mother three days after his birth. He then lived in Annwn until he was rescued by Culhwch. Because of his time in Annwn, Mabon stayed a young adult forever. Celtic
God Name: Mac Da Tho Irish God of the otherworld. Irish
God Name: MacCecht Ireland He was a man of strong and fear. inspiring countenance. The shaft of his lance was the weight of a plough-yoke. He had a wooden shield covered with plates of iron, and upright in his hand he held a spear from the iron point of which blood dripped. Ireland
God Name: MacCuill Ireland Son of the hazel, one of the last Tuath kings, was so-called because he worshipped the hazel. Fairies danced beneath the hawthorn. Ogham tablets were of yew. Lady Wilde styled the elder a sacred tree; and the blackthorn, to which the Irishman is said to be still devoted, was a sacred tree. Ireland
God Name: MacGreine Ireland 'Son of the Sun', he was the husband of Eriu. Ireland
God Name: Macaber Arabic The dance macaber. The Dance of the dead (French, dance macabre.) A dance over which Death presides, supposed to be executed by the dead of all ages and conditions. Arabic
God Name: Macar or Macareus Greek 1. A son of Helios and Rhodes, or, according to others, a son of Crinacus, who after the murder of Tenages fled from Rhodes to Lesbos. Greek
God Name: Macedon Greek A son of Zeus and Thyia, and a brother of Magnes, from whom Macedonia was believed to have derived its name. Greek
God Name: Macha Ireland One of the greatest of the women of the Tuatha de Danaan, she fed on the heads of men slain in battle. She, along with Badb and Morrigu, used powers of enchantment to bring mists, clouds of darkness, and showers of fire and blood over the Firbolgs at Teamhair for three days. The daughter of Emmass, she was killed by Balor in the second battle of Mag Tuireadh. Ireland
God Name: Macha[s] Irish One of the aspects of the triple Morrigu, also a goddess of fertility, festival &, sports & war
God Name: Macuilcozcacuauhtli Aztec Macuilcozcacuauhtli (five vulture) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God Name: Macuilcuetzpalin Aztec Macuilcuetzpalin (five lizard) - one of the Ahuiateteo the, gods of excess. Aztec
God Name: Macuilmalinalli Aztec Macuilmalinalli (five grass) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God Name: Macuiltochtli Aztec Macuiltochtli (five rabbit) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God Name: Macuilxochitl Aztec Macuilxochitl (five flower) - the god of games and gambling, and chief of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec