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Goddess name "Kamrusepas/ Katahziwuri" Hittite She is the goddess of magic and healing
Deity name "Kamu-iku-musu-bi-no-kami" Shinto Daughter of the Divine-Life-Producing-Wondrous-Deity. Shinto
God name "Kamui" Japan sky god Japan
Goddess name "Kamui-fuchi" Ainu Lady Hearth. A Hearth Goddess who is also known as the Supreme Ancestress and the spirit of female reproductivity and the home. Ainu, Japan
God name "Kamui/ Tuntu" Ainu / Japan the sky god
"Kamulla" Kassite Proper guidance in Kassite
God name "Kan u Uayeyab" Maya He is the god who guarded cities.
"Kan-xib-yui" Mayan He re-created the earth after it was destroyed by the four Bacabs. Mayan
"Kana" Nazorean The Divine Source. Early Nazorean
"Kana d-Zidqa aka Habs'aba. Habshaba" Nazorean the Day of the Sun, and his bride Kana d Zidqa (the holy feast food offerings). heavenly Helpers of earthly Nazoreans during their ascent upward. Habshaba is said to deliver souls out of purgatory on his special day. Early Nazorean
God name "Kana-Yama-Biko-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan God of miners. Born from the vomit of IZANAMI and worshiped in the NanguJinja and other shrines. His consort is KANAYAMA-HIME-NO-KAMI. One of the KAMIS of the so-called “metal mountain.”...
Goddess name "Kana-Yama-Hime-No-Kami" Japan Goddess of miners with a very sad birth story Japan / Shinto
Goddess name "Kana-Yama-Hime-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan Goddess of miners. Born from the vomit of IZANAMI and worshiped in the Nangu-Jinja and other shrines. Her consort is KANA-YAMA-BIKO-NO-KAMI. One of the KAMIS of the so-called “metal mountain.”...
Deity name "Kana-yama-biko-no-kami" Shinto The deity of fire. Shinto
Deity name "Kana-yama-bime-no-kami" Shinto The deity of clay. Shinto
God name "Kanaloa" Hawaii God of the ocean Hawaii
Goddess name "Kanat-Nit'ufta" Nazorean Kanat is the title of a Ruling Goddess in the Nazorean heavens. Nitufta again means "drop" or formed impregnated seed. Early Nazorean
Hero name "Kanati" Cherokee Kanati "The Lucky Hunter". Sometimes called First Man. He lives with his wife Selu ("Corn") in the east where the Sun rises, and their sons, the Twin Thunder Boys, live in the west. Cherokee
Demon name "Kando" Japan The Ainus consider the heavens to be three in number. The first in order is called Shi-nish kando, "the greatest skies;" this is supposed to be the home of the chief of the gods, i.e. the Creator. The second order of heavens is called Nochiu-o kando, "the skies which bear the stars;" the second order of gods is supposed to dwell here. The last or lowest heavens are named range kando or urara kando, i.e. "the hanging skies" or "the fog skies;" the lowest orders of gods and some of the demons, especially the demons of thunder, are supposed to live here. Japan
God name "Kane" Hawaii God of fertility and fresh water Hawaii
God name "Kane" Polynesian / Hawaii God of light. A sky god comparable with the more widely known Polynesian deity ATEA. Considered to be part of a primordial trinity with KU (stability) and LONO (sound).See also TANE(MAHUTA)....
"Kanfi'il" Nazorean Kanfiel. A heavenly being. Early Nazorean
"Kanfun" Nazorean Uthra whose name is in the house of Life. Early Nazorean
Spirit name "Kangalogba" Pokot / Suk / Uganda A primordial female spirit personified in the dragonfly
Spirit name "Kangalogba" Pokot / Suk / Uganda / western Kenya, East Africa Primordial spirit. The female spirit personified in the dragonfly and also the apotheosis of the sacred river Oubangui. The mother of the creator god TORO....
Spirit name "Kangalogba Pokot" Uganda Primordial female spirit personified in the dragonfly Uganda
Goddess name "Kanikanihia" Hawaii Goddess of love Hawaii
Spirit name "Kanipinikassikueu" Canada The Caribou Master, is a powerful spirit in traditional Innu an Indegenous people of present day Canada and Quebec. In the myth, an Innu man goes to live with the Caribou. He marries one of the does, and becomes transformed himself into caribou form. He becomes the master of the caribou, and the provider of caribou for the Innu people.
Demon name "Kankala(murti)" A violent / heavily armed aspect of SIVA Minor god. Traditionally accompanied in artworks by a skeleton, Kankala takes his place in mythology as the representation of the deity who slew V ISNU'S bodyguard VISVAKSENA. This was prompted by the refusal of Visvaksena to permit Siva an audience with Vis'nu. These illustrations were designed by Saivites as part of a propaganda exercise to demonstrate the superiority of Siva over Vis'nu....
Goddess name "Kankar Mata" Hindu Mother goddess who became a mother of evil intent Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Kankar Mata" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. A SAKTI who in later Hinduism became regarded as a SAPTAMATARA (mother) of evil intent. Known particularly from Bengal as a goddess who spreads disease....
"Kannan" India Who measured the Universe in three steps. India
God name "Kantatman" Hindu / Puranic / Epic God of Medicine and good health. Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Kantatman" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Obscure god of Medicine. The twentieth of the thirty-nine minor avataras of the god VIS'NU and possibly the same as DHANVANTARI, as he is said to be a “carrier of nectar.” By different genealogy he has been equated with PRADYUMNA, the god of love....
Goddess name "Kanti" Hindu Goddess whose name means desire Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Kanti (desire)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Goddess. The SAKTI of NARAYANA....
God name "Kao Kuo-Jiu" China Immortal being, Tutelary god of actors China / Taoist
God name "Kapali" Hindu God, one of the forms of the Rudra Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Kapali (wearing skulls)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. One of the group of eleven EKADASARUDRAS or forms of RUDRA....
Goddess name "Kapalini (carrying a cup)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
Goddess name "Kapo" Hawaii Goddess of abortions, fertility, childbirth and midwives Hawaii
Spirit name "Kappa" Japan These water spirits are strange, their food is blood & cucumbers, they are mischevious but extremely knowing & prove helpful to humans
"Kapu mate" Latvia Mother of graves, presided over cemeteries and graves. Latvia
God name "Karai-Shin" Buddhist God of lightning Buddhist / Japan
Deities name "Karai-Shin" Buddhist / Japan God of lightning. One of the deities grouped in Shintoism as the RAIJIN gods of thunder, storm and Rain....
Goddess name "Karaikkal Ammaiyar" Hindu / southern India Local mother goddess. Known from the town of Karikal as a deified ascetic who is depicted with an emaciated form. Attribute: playing cymbals....
Goddess name "Karalkal Ammaiyar" Hindu / S India A local mother goddess
Goddess name "Karalkal Ammaiyar Hindu" India Local mother goddess India
Goddess name "Karei" De De goddess of Thunder and storm Andaman Is.
Supreme god name "Kari Semang" Malya Supreme god who lets you know he is mad when it thunders Malya
Goddess name "Karini" Buddhist fear goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Karini" Buddhist / Mahayana Inferior goddess. An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
"Karkawan-Ziwa" Nazorean Being who assists Hauraran and Treasure of Light. Early Nazorean
God name "Karkota" Hindu A snake god
God name "Karkota" Hindu Snake god. One of a group of seven MAHANAGAS. Color: black. Attributes: rosary and waterjar. Three-eyed god....
Spirit name "Karkotaka" Hindu The evil spirit who bit Nala at the request of Indra, transforming Nala into a twisted and ugly shape. Hindu
Goddess name "Karmavasita" Buddhist Minor goddess who personifies the discipline of spiritual regeneration Buddhist
Goddess name "Karmavasita (control of karman)" Buddhist Minor goddess. One of a group of twelve VASITAS or goddesses personifying the disciplines of spiritual regeneration—karma(n) is an act, rite or deed originating in the hope of future recompense. Color: green. Attribute: a staff....
Monster name "Karnmapa" Bantu A monster which swallows the population of a village-or, indeed, of the whole country and is subsequently slain by a boy hero. Bantu
God name "Karora" Australia A creator god. He was born in a lake and, after fathering many children, he returned there to slumber. Australia
Goddess name "Karta" Latvia One of a trinity of fate goddesses that included her sisters Dekla and Laima. All three may have been aspects of Laima. Latvia
Goddess name "Karta" Pre - Christian Latvian Goddess of destiny. Known only from folk traditions....
"Karttikeya" Hindu The son of Siva or Rudra, and to have been produced without the intervention of a woman. Siva cast his seed into fire, and it was afterwards received by the Ganges: Karttikeya was the result; hence he is called Agnibhu and Gangaja. Hindu
God name "Karttikeya" Hindu / Epic / Puranic (1) God. A form of SKANDA who was reared by the Pleiades stars and is generally represented therefore with six heads. (In Hindu mythology there are only six Pleiades, not the seven recognized in modern astronomy.) His SAKTI is KARTTIKI and his attendant animal is a peacock. Attributes: conch, hook, noose, prayer wheel, shield, spear, staff, sword and wood apple.(2) God. Buddhist. Equating with the Hindu god Skanda. Color: red. Rides upon a peacock. Attributes: cock, Sakti and staff....
God name "Karttikeya/ Skanda/ Scanda" Hindu / Puranic / Epic A god of war & a form of Skanda
Goddess name "Karttiki" Hindu Mother goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Karttiki" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. One of a group of nine NAVASAKTIS who, in southern India, rank higher than the SAPTAMATARAS....
Deities name "Karuilers siunes" Syria deities who were taken over by the Hittites in as gods of all oaths Syria
God name "Kasku" Hittite God of the moon known from inscriptions Hittite / Hurrian
God name "Kasku" Pre - Hittite / Hittite moon god. Known from inscriptions. Also KUS UH (Hurrian)....
"Kaswa" s Mahomet's favourite camel, which fell on its knees in adoration when the prophet delivered the last clause of the Koran to the assembled multitude at Mecca. This is one of the dumb creatures admitted into the Moslem Paradise.
"Kasyapa" Hindu Having assumed the form of a tortoise, Prajapati created offspring. That which he created he made; hence the word kurma (tortoise). Kasyapa means tortoise; hence men say, 'All creatures are descendants of Kasyapa.' This tortoise is the same as Aditya. Hindu / Puranic / Vedic
Demon name "Kasyapa (deriving from the Sanskrit for “tortoise”)" Hindu / Vedic / Puranic Primordial god. In Vedic literature a Divine demiurge and father of mankind, snake demons, DEVAS etc. His name stems, arguably, from the notion of the cosmos as a giant tortoise. He has had thirteen consorts. In other texts he is the father of the god NARADA who consorted with one of the daughters of DAKSA. Also PRAJAPATI....
Spirit name "Katajalina" Australian aboriginal Animistic spirit. Invoked at the ceremony of initiation by the Binbinga people once living on the west side of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Katajalina is reputed to live in an anthill and to carry off the spirit of the young initiate, kill him and then restore him to life as an adult. His presence is announced in the noise of the bull-roarer....
Deities name "Kataragama" Tamil / Sri Lanka Tutelary god. One of four great national deities and equating to the Hindu god SKANDA. Also Ceyon....
God name "Katargama" Sri Lanka Tutelary gody Tamil / Sri Lanka
Demon name "Katavi Ntamwezi" Tanzania And in a demonic being who is chief of the water-spirits Tanzania
"Katavul" India Ultimate creator all who exists in the world and able to judge humanity and to reward or punish India / Tamil / Sri Lanka
Supreme god name "Katavul" Tamil / southern India / Sri Lanka Supreme god. The ultimate creator of all that exists in the world and the judge of humanity able to reward or punish at will....
Supreme god name "Katavul Tamil" S India / Sri Lanka Such a supreme god that he was the ultimate creator all that exists in the world & able to judge humanity & to reward or punish at well
Goddess name "Katayana" Hindu Form the goddess Durga or Parvati Hindu / Puranic
God name "Kathar" Ugart this god not only built the Palace of Baal, but is responsible for architects, artisans & weapons makers
Goddess name "Kathirat" Canaan Wise goddesses Canaan
God name "Katoyalla aka Apu Illapu" Inca Katoyalla aka Apu Illapu, a very popular weather god. He was said to keep the milky Way in a jug and use it to create Rain. He appeared as a man in shining clothes, carrying a club and stones. Inca
"Katsinas" Acoma Children of Iatiku who could bring Rain and food Acoma
Goddess name "Kattakju" Innuit Goddess of healing. Innuit
Goddess name "Katyayani" Hindu Form of the goddess of Durga or Parvati Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Katyayarii" Hindu / Puranic Form of the goddess DURGA or PARVATI. Parvati, as the ascetic KALI, possessed a black skin. When SIVA ridiculed her she cast it off, and it was subsequently filled “with the combined brilliance of the gods” to create Katyayani. Her attendant animal is a lion or tiger....
Spirit name "Kaukas" Lithuania spirit being, some type of goblin who brings good luck who is also bound to the notion of a dragon guarding treasure Lithuania
Goddess name "Kauket" Egypt Keket. A primordial goddess, one of the eight who represent chaos. She was a snake-headed woman who ruled over the darkness with her husband. Egypt
Goddess name "Kauket" Egypt Primordial goddess. One of the eight deities of the OGDOAD representing chaos, she is coupled with the god KEK and appears in anthropomorphic form but with the head of a snake. The pair epitomize the primordial darkness. She is also depicted greeting the rising Sun in the guise of a baboon....
Goddess name "Kaumari" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. The SAKTI of SKANDA (Kaumara) who in later Hinduism became regarded as one of a group of seven MATARAS (mothers) of evil intent. Also one of a group of eight ASTAMATARAS. She embodies lack of envy or, alternatively, delusion. Her animal is a peacock. Attributes: arrow, ax, bell, Book, bow, cockerel, lotus, spear, staff and waterjar....
Goddess name "Kaumauri" Hindu Goddess who later became considered a goddess of evil intent Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Kaumudi" Hindu Goddess of the light of the moon Hindu
Goddess name "Kaumudi (moonlight)" Hindu Goddess of the light of the moon. The consort of CANDRA....
"Kausika" Hindu A devotee mentioned in the Mahabharata as having gone to a hell of torment for having pointed out to robbers a road by which they pursued and killed some persons who fled from them. Hindu
"Kaustubha" India A celebrated jewel obtained at the churning of the ocean, and worn by Vishnu or Krishna on his bosom. India
God name "Kautar" Canaanite The craftsman god. Canaanite
God name "Kave" Finland Ancient god of sky, later the deity of the lunar cycle. Father of Väinämöinen. Also Kaleva.
Spirit name "Kavra'nna" Chukchee / E Siberia A Sun spirit, female type
Spirit name "Kavra'nna Chukchee" East Sun spirit, female type Siberia(East)
Spirit name "Kavra'riria (walking around woman)" Chukchee / eastern Siberia Sun spirit. The consort of the Sun in Chukchee mythology. Also Ko'rgina (rejoicing woman)....
God name "Kawa No Kami" Japan God of rivers Japan
Goddess name "Kaya Nu Hima" Japan Goddess of herbs Japan
Deity name "Kaza-ge-tsu-wake-no-oshi-wo-no-kami" Shinto Son of Youth-of-the-Wind-Breath-the-Great-Male. A deity involved in the Ritual of the General Purification. Shinto
God name "Kazyoba" Nyamwezi / Tanzania, East Africa Sun god. Regarded as the tutelary deity and creator of the tribe....
God name "Kazyoba Nyamwezi" Tanzania God of the Sun-held to be the creator and tutelary deity of the tribe Tanzania
Demon name "Ke'lets" Chukchee / Siberia The demon of death
Demon name "Ke'lets Chukchee" Siberia demon of death Siberia
Goddess name "Keawe" Hawaiian Creator god. An androgynous though apparently male principle or monad, he lived once in the dark empty abyss of Po. There, Keawe transformed primordial chaos into an orderly cosmos. He fashioned the sky from the lid of his calabash (a water-carrying gourd) and the Sun from an orange disc formerly kept inside the calabash. Keawe's first son was KANE, the god of light, and his daughter was Na Wahine, both created through his own powers of conception. He subsequently entered into an incestuous relationship with Na Wahine to father the chief pantheon of Hawaiian gods and goddesses, including most notably KU, LONO and Kanaloa, who became known, collectively, as the tripartite god....
Goddess name "Kebechet" Egypt Chthonic snake goddess Egypt
Goddess name "Kebechet" Egypt Chthonic snake goddess. The daughter of ANUBIS who was involved in the cult of the dead as the deity responsible for libations. She is depicted as a serpent....
God name "Kebechsenef" Egypt Funerary god responsible for at the lower portion of the body Egypt
Goddess name "Keca Aba" Russia Goddess of the Sun. Russia
"Kederli" George The St. George of Mahometan mythology. He slew a monstrous dragon to save a damsel exposed to its fury, and, having drunk of the water of life, rode about the world to aid those warriors who invoked him.
Goddess name "Kefa" Egypt Goddess of the Great Bear Egypt
"Kehama" Hindu A Hindu rajah who obtains and sports with supernatural powers.
God name "Kek" Egypt Kuk, Keku, the god of the darkness of chaos, the darkness before time began. Egypt
Goddess name "Kek" Egypt Primordial god. One of the eight deities of the OGDOAD representing chaos, he is coupled with the goddess KAUKET and appears in anthropomorphic form but with the head of a frog. The pair epitomize the primordial darkness. He is also depicted greeting the rising Sun in the guise of a baboon....
Goddess name "Kek t Ken" Egypt Goddess of love Egypt
Goddess name "Keket" Egypt Goddess of darkness associated with the the island of flame Egypt
Goddess name "Kele De" Ireland Very old goddess Ireland
Goddess name "Kele De/ Ceile De" Irish A very old goddess
Spirit name "Kelpie" Scotland a very bad tempered water spirit with only one eye and that likes to kill humans
Spirit name "Kelpie or Kelpy" Scottish A spirit of the waters in the form of a horse. Scottish
God name "Kematef" Egypt An epitaph for the primeval god Amun
God name "Kemos" Moabite / Jordan Tutelary god. Mentioned under the name of Chemosh in the Vetus Testamentum kings, as being one of the gods worshiped by the Israelite king Solomon. Eventually adopted by the Greeks and absorbed into the cult of ARES....
God name "Kemos Moab" Jordan Tutelary god Jordan
"Kemwer" Egypt An epithet of Horus, who was viewed as a hawk. Egypt
God name "Kemwer" Egypt A description of the Mnevis bull, a manifestation of the Ka (life-force / power) of the chief god, Atum-Ra. Egypt
"Kemwer/ Kemur" Egypt The Black Bull the venerated at Athribis
Spirit name "Keneun" Iroquois Chief of the Thunderbirds an invisible spirit Iroquois
God name "Keng Li Ssu" China God robbers. China
God name "Keng Yen cheng" China Another god of robbers and thieves. China
Supreme god name "Kenos" Tierra del Fuego God who was sent to earth by the supreme god, supposedly to bring order into the world. He goofed up and created humans. Tierra del Fuego
Goddess name "Ker" Greek A goddess of violent death
"Ker or Cer" Greek The personified necessity of death. Greek
Spirit name "Kere'tkun" Chukchee / eastern Siberia Sea spirit. The chief being in the ocean depths, known to the maritime Chukchee. His consort is Cinei'nen. He owns all the creatures of the sea and is said to wear a cloak of walrus gut and to be extremely fierce. He feeds on the bodies of drowned fishermen and is the subject of sacrifice. Also Peruten....
Demon name "Keres" Greek These were rather evil demon
Goddess name "Keret" Phonecian A son of El and soldier of the Goddess Sapas, but not very brave. Fought against the moon God Terah at his father's behest (eventually), but lost. Bought a costly wife: his son, Danel, was a prodigy. Phonecian
God name "Keret'kun" Siberia God of the sea. Siberia.
God name "Keret'kun/ Keretkun" Chukchee / Siberia A god of the sea
"Keri & Kame Bacairi" 1st nations These brothers are the accused of creating the human race
"Keri and Kame Bacairi." Bochica Keri and Kame Bacairi. Twin brothers who steal the Sun and the moon from a vulture then created humanity. Bochica
"Kerridwen" Celtic Kerridwen, Wise Crone Mother, Mother of bone and stone, Cutter of Ties, join me and watch over my rites this Samhain night. Celtic
God name "Kesava" Hindu This God is a minor avatar of Visnu
"Kesava (long-haired)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor avatara of VISINU. His SAKTI is KIRTI....
Demon name "Kesi" India A demon with and was defeated by Indra. In the Puranas, a Daitya who took the form of a horse and attacked Krishna, but was killed that hero's thrusting his arm into his jaws and rending him asunder. India
Goddess name "Kesini" Buddhist Goddess Buddhist
Goddess name "Kesini (hairy)" Buddhist Goddess. An attendant of ARAPACANA....
Spirit name "Ketchimanet" Mayan Great spirit Iowa / Fox
"Ketq Skwaye" Huron Creator Huron
Deities name "Ketua" Ngbandi / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa God of fortune. One of seven deities invoked at daybreak. He controls both good luck and ill-fortune. According to tradition he has seven children: morning, noon, evening, night, Sun, moon and water. He accords to water the privileges of a firstborn son....
God name "Ketua Ngbandi" Zaire God of fortune invoked at daybreak Zaire
God name "Keyeme Taulipsang" S America God and lord of the animals South America
God name "Khadau" Hindu A pair of wooden sandles once worn by the hindu god Ram. Bharat placed them symbolically on Ayodhya's throne. Amur, Siberia
God name "Khadir" Pre - Islamic north African vegetation god. He wanders the earth returning to the same spot once in every 500 years and is said to have gained his immortality by drinking from the well of life. Similar in some respects to the Syrian god ADONIS and revered by Alexander the Great. Normally referred to as Al-Khidr (the green one)....
Goddess name "Khadoma" Tibet Goddess of knowledge Tibet
God name "Khandoba" Hindu Form of the god Siva Hindu
Goddess name "Khandsba" Hindu / late Form of the god SI IVA. Khandoba is believed to have emerged as a deity with a distinct cultic following no earlier than the thirteenth or fourteenth century, mainly in western India and centered on Jejuri, near Poona. The god is generally regarded as one of several martial forms which SI iva took to combat demons. His consort is the goddess MHALSA, considered to be a form of PARVATI. He is depicted bearing four arms and is usually mounted on a horse, but may also be accompanied by a dog. Attributes: bowl, drum, sword and trident. Also Makhari; Mallari; Martland....
Goddess name "Khasa" Hindu Minor goddess who controls the spirits of Forests Hindu / Vedic
Goddess name "Khasa (itch)" Hindu / Vedic Minor goddess. Daughter of DAKSA, consort of KASYAPA and a deity controlling spirits of Forests....
God name "Khasaparna" Buddhist God Buddhist
God name "Khasaparna (gliding through the air)" Buddhist God. A variety of AVALOKITESVARA. Color: white. Attributes: image of AMITABHA on the crown, and lotus....
God name "Khem" Egypt God of life and growth in nature, vegetation, animals, fertility Egypt
Goddess name "Khen-Ma" Buddhist Goddess who is the controller of the earth's demons Buddhist / Tibet
Goddess name "Khen-Ma" Buddhist / Tibet Goddess. The female controller of the earth's demons, attended by a ram. Attribute: a golden noose....
Demon name "Khen-Pa" Buddhist God who controls the demons of heaven Buddhist / Tibet
Demon name "Khen-Pa" Buddhist / Tibet God. The male counterpart of KHEN-MA, he controls the demons of heaven, attended by a white dog. Attribute: a crystal staff....
God name "Khentimentiu" Egypt This is the god that rules the destinies of all of the dead
God name "Khepera" Egypt Blue haired scarab god of transformation, water, creation and warriors Egypt
God name "Kherty" Egypt Chthonic earth god, was around from 2500 BCE Egypt
God name "Kherty (lower one)" Egypt Chthonic or earth god. Known from at least 2500 BC, Kherty acts as a guardian of royal tombs but displays a more ominous aspect threatening the soul of the ruler. Pyramid Texts warn that the king must be protected from Kherty by the Sun god RE. Depicted anthropomorphically or with the head of a ram....
God name "Khesef" Egypt Lion god who repels feelings of lust Egypt
Goddess name "Khio" Thai Goddess of song and green sapphires. Thai
Deity name "Khipa" Hittite Tutelary deity Hittite / Hurrian
Goddess name "Khipa" Hittite / Hurrian Tutelary deity. This may be an archaic name for the goddess MA. Also Khebe....
Spirit name "Khitka" Russian Kidnapping spirit; an aspect of the Rusalka. Russian
God name "Khnum" Egypt Khnemu, one of the earliest Egyptian gods, originally the god of the source of the Nile River. Since the annual flooding of the Nile brought with it silt and clay, and its water brought life to its surrounds, he was thought to be the creator of human children, which he made at a potter's wheel, from clay, and placed in their mothers' wombs. He was later described as having molded the other gods, and he had the titles Divine Potter and Lord of created things from himself. Egypt
Goddess name "Khnum" Egypt / Upper Chthonic or earth god. Said to create human life on a potter's wheel but strictly at the behest of creator deities. He is usually seated before a potter's wheel on which stands a naked figure in the process of molding. The Khnum cult was principally directed from sanctuaries at Esna, north of the first Nile cataract, and at Elephantine where mummified rams covered with gold leaf and buried in stone sarcophagi have been discovered. Khnum supervises the annual Nile flood, which is physically generated by the god HAPY. His consort at Esna is the goddess Menhyt. Khnum is also described at other sites as the BA or soul of various deities including GEB and OSIRIS. Depicted anthropomorphically or with the head of a ram....
God name "Khnum/ Kneph/ Khnemu" Egypt A smith god who forms humans on his potter's wheel
God name "Kho" Vietnamese Vietnamese god of fishermen.
"Khodumodurno" Bantu Kammapa or Karnmapa, a huge, shapeless thing that swallowed every living creature that came in its way. Bantu
Goddess name "Khon-Ma" Tibetan Chthonic goddess. Ruler of a horde of demons who live in the earth and who may infest houses. She is depicted typically wearing yellow robes and with attributes including a golden noose. Her vehicle is a ram. To guard against her influence, a ram's skull is hung from the doorpost of a dwelling and filled with offerings....
God name "Khons" Egyptian God of healing. Egyptian
Goddess name "Khons(u) (wanderer)" Egypt / Upper moon god. Recognized from at least 2500 BC but best known during the New kingdom (mid-sixteenth century BC). A significant deity at Thebes, where he is described as an offspring of AMUN and MUT. His sacred animal is the baboon. There is a Khonsu precinct as part of the Temple of Amun in the Karnak complex. From the Greco-Roman period there exists a sanctuary of Kom-ombo where Khonsu is seen as the offspring of the crocodile god SOBEK and the mother goddess HATHOR. Depicted anthropomorphically or with a falcon's head, but in either case enveloped in a close-fitting robe. He wears a crown consisting of a crescent moon subtending a full moon orb....
God name "Khons[u]/ Khons Hor" Egypt A god of healing & the moon
Deity name "Khonsu" Egypt Aka Chons, Khensu, Khons, Khonsu or Khonshu, is an ancient lunar deity, from before formal structure was given to a pantheon. His name reflects the fact that the moon travels across the night sky, for it means The Wanderer, and also had the titles Embracer, Pathfinder, and Defender, as he was thought to watch over night travelers. Egypt
God name "Khonuum" Pygmies / Africa The chief god
God name "Khonuum Pygmies" Africa Chief god Africa
God name "Khopun" Slavonic River god. He drowned people in retribution for their misdeeds. Slavonic
Spirit name "Khoromozitel" Slavic A house spirit in Slavic folklore. They are masculine, typically small, and sometimes covered in hair all over. According to some traditions, they take on the appearance of current or former owners of the house and have a grey beard, sometimes with tails or little horns.
Spirit name "Khoromozitel/ Domovi/ Dovomik" Slavic These are domestic spirits, sadly not be sipping kind
God name "Khors" Slavic Korsha, Korssa, Chors, Corsa, Xors. A Sun or daylight god, he may be synonymous with Dazhbog and Bielbog. He was invoked him for hunting and against diseases. Slavic
"Khosaadam Yenisei" Siberia Driven out of heaven to become an eater of souls Siberia
"Khovaki" Siberia Creator of the world Siberia
"Khovaki/ Savaki" Tungus / Siberia This entity is guilty of being in the creator of the world
Angel name "Khshathra Vairya" Zoroastrianism Khshathra Vairya 'Desirable Dominion', the angel presiding over metals. Zoroastrianism
God name "Khu" Vietnamese the brother of the Vietnamese god of fishermen.
God name "Khusor" Semitic God of navigation and incantations Semitic