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"Khwarenah" Persia A bit of a strange definition, possessed by all morals yet it is of fire which dwells in water
God name "Khyung-Gai mGo-Can" Buddhist Local god Buddhist / Tibet / Bon
God name "Khyung-Gai mGo-Can" Buddhist / Tibet Local god. Equating to the Hindu god GARUDA....
"Ki" Mesopotamia Chthonic principal, feminine in nature Mesopotamia / Sumeria
God name "Ki (the great one)" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Archetypal chthonic principle. According to some traditions, Ki is the daughter of ANS'AR and KIS'AR and consort of AN. As the cosmos came into being, An took the role of god of heaven and Ki became the personification of the earth and underworld. She is the mother of the god of the air, ENLIL, with whom she descended from the heavens. Some authorities argue that she was never regarded as a deity. There is no evidence of a cult and the name appears in a limited number of Sumerian creation texts. The name URAS (tilth) may relate.See also ANTU(M)....
"Ki/ Kiki" Mesopotamia / Sumeria A chthonic principal, feminine in nature
Goddess name "Kianda" Angola A goddess of the sea. She was traditionally worshipped by throwing offerings such as food and clothing into the sea. Angola
God name "Kianda" Kimbundu / Angola, southern Africa God of the sea. Guardian of the Atlantic Ocean and its creatures. Invoked by fishermen who place offerings on the shore. His presence may be symbolized by a skull....
God name "Kianda Kimbundu" Angola The god of the sea & fish
God name "Kianto" Mayan The god of foreign aliens, and the disease they brought with them. Mayan
God name "Kianto Lacandon" Maya This is the god of foreigners & all diseases
God name "Kibuka" Buganda / Uganda, East Africa God of war. The brother of the creator god MUKASA, said to reside on the island of Sese. According to tradition, he secured victory in war for the Buganda by taking the form of a cloud which hovered above their enemies and Rained spears and arrows. He apparently enjoyed a succession of temples in the past which housed the hidden statue of the god and his sacred shield....
God name "Kibuka Buganda" Uganda God of war Uganda
Goddess name "Kichijo Ten" Japan She is a goddess of good fortune & beauty
Spirit name "Kiehton" Algonquin Great spirit and creator. The Algonquin
Demon name "Kigatilik" Inuit Delightful fanged demon who has no love of priests Inuit
Goddess name "Kihe Wahine" Hawaii Kindly goddess of demons, who from the the goodness of her heart is also a goddess of lizards Hawaii
King name "Kihigilan" Koryak Thunder-Man. The Supreme Being, propitiated for purely material reasons, such as the procuring of a food-supply by hunting land and sea animals, the picking of berries and roots, and the tending of the reindeer herds. If the Supreme Being ceases to look upon the earth disorder at once begins. Koryak
Spirit name "Kiki" Greek The underlying flow of spirit and creativity that are inseperable, embracing the cycles of Life and death and the freedom of honoring the ancient, wild, inner woman. New Age
Spirit name "Kikimora" Slavic Female house spirit and counterpart of the Domovoi, to whom she is sometimes wedded. She lives in the cellar or behind the stove. At night she comes out to spin and help with the housework in a well-tended home. She is depicted as an average woman with hair undone, sometimes with chicken feet. Sometimes she might appear, spinning, as a portend to one about to die. Slavic
Spirit name "Kikumbha" India A supreme spirit who could die only by the hands of Vishnu. He was king of Shatpura and had great magical powers, so that he could multiply himself into many forms, though he commonly assumed only three. He carried off the daughters of Brahmadatta, the friend of Krishna, and that here attacked him and killed him under different forms more than once, but he was eventually slain outright by Krishna, and the city of Shatpura was given to Brahmadatta. India
"Killmoulis" Celtic An ugly Brownie, with an enormous nose and no mouth, who haunts mills. He is characterized by To eat he presumably stuffs the food up his nose. Although they often help the miller, they are fond of practical jokes. Celtic
Goddess name "Kilya" Inca Goddess of marriage Inca
God name "Kin" Mayan A Mayan Sun god.
God name "King Wan" China God of chance. China
Demon name "Kingu" Akkadia A demon mentioned in the creation epic
Demon name "Kingu" Akkadia demon mentioned in the creation epic Akkadia
"Kingu" Babylon He is in the husband / son of Tiamat
Spirit name "Kini' je" Yukaghir / eastern Siberia sky spirit. The being in charge of keeping account of time. Also Ki'njen....
Spirit name "Kini'je" Siberia / East sky spirit who is in charge of keeping an accounting of the time. Siberia(East)
Spirit name "Kini'je/ Ki'njen" Yukaghir / E Siberia This sky spirit that is in charge of keeping an accounting of the time
God name "Kinich Ahau" Mayan God of war and the Sun. Mayan
Deity name "Kinich Ahau" Mayan A solar deity and father of Itzamna. Mayan
God name "Kinich Kakmo" Maya He is the Sun god & is symbolized by the Macaw
God name "Kinich Kakmo" Mayan God of the Sun and is symbolized by the Macaw. Mayan
God name "Kinnar" Semitic And musician god Semitic(West)
God name "Kinnar (divine lyre)" Western Semitic Musician god. Mentioned in Ugaritic texts and known from Phoenicia. Probably equating with the Syrian ADONIS. Also Kinnur....
Spirit name "Kinnara" India Group of spirit beings who it looked like birds with a human heads India
"Kinorohingan" Malaysia And his wife Suminundu had a beautiful daughter Huminodun. The people of Sabah were starving, so Kinoingan sacrificed Huminodun. Out of her body came rice seeds which grew bountifully. Malaysia
God name "Kinyras" Syria Local god of metalworking (thought to have come from Syria) Cyprus
God name "Kinyras" Greek Local god of metalwork. Known from Cyprus as a magician and smith. Derived from an older western Asiatic model.See also KOTAR....
Goddess name "Kiri Amma" Sri Lanka Goddess of healing, childhood diseases. Sri Lanka
Demon name "Kirmira" India A monster, brother of Vaka. He opposed the entrance of the Pandavas into the Kamyaka Forest, and threatened that he would eat Bhima. A furious combat ensued, in which Bhima and he hurled large trees at each other, but the demon was at length strangled and had all his bones broken by Bhima. India
Goddess name "Kirti" Hindu Goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Kirti (glory)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Goddess. The SAKTI of KESAVA. Attribute: waterjar....
God name "Kis" Egypt This god was venerated in Kusae
God name "Kisar" Akkadia Primordial god / dess Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia / Sumeria
Goddess name "Kishi Mojin" Buddhist Goddess of motherhood Buddhist / Japan
Goddess name "Kishi Mojin/ Kishimo Jin" Japan / Buddhism The goddess of motherhood
Goddess name "Kishijoten" Japan Goddess of good luck. Japan
Goddess name "Kishimo Jin" Japan The reformed mother goddess of the demons who now works as a child minder. Japan
Goddess name "Kishimo-jin" Japan? A goddess that changed her mind, maybe
Spirit name "Kisin" Mayan The god of death and earthquakes. If a person lied, was a thief, or committed murder or incest, their soul is given to Kisin, who punishes the spirit by alternate burning or freezing. Mayan
Demon name "Kiskil-lilla" Sumeria Your spirit is blasphemed and this night demon will get you. Sumeria
God name "Kis”ar" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian Primordial god(dess). The consort or equal of ANS'AR and mother or creator of AN and KI in the creation cosmos....
God name "Kitanitowit" Algonquin / E Canada A being who is present everywhere in the universe, he is invisible, like most gods
God name "Kitanitowit (good creator)" Algonquin Indian / eastern Canada Creator god. The first being who is present everywhere in the universe. He is invisible and is represented diagrammatically by a point surrounded by a circle on which are marked the four quarters....
Supreme god name "Kitchki" Manitou The Great spirit, "The Supreme God", "Father, Creator, universal Big Daddy." I'm sure you get the message. Manitou
Ghost name "Kitsune" Japan A foxy ghost. Japan
"Kiya'marak" Inuit Supreme being from he remains out of touch, and distinct and remote as regards ordinary mortals Inuit
"Kiya'rnarak (I exist)" Inuit Supreme being. An indistinct and remote character, out of touch with ordinary mortals, who created the world....
Goddess name "Kiyo Hime" Japan Goddess of justice, opened Her heart to a mortal. But then she was abandoned by her lover. When She sought him, he fled from Her. coward, he hid in a temple bell. She took the form of a snake and enwrapped him until Her love-turned-to-anger ended his mortal existence. Japan
"Klaboutermannikin" Dutch Inhabit the figureheads of ships, giving them guidance and protection. Dutch
God name "Klehanoai (night-bearer)" Navaho / USA moon god. According to tradition, he was created at the same primordial time as the dawn, from a crystal bordered with white shells. His face is said to be covered with sheet lightning and the sacred primeval waters. The moon disc is actually a shield behind which the god moves invisibly across the night sky. He is never impersonated or depicted. Also Tlehanoai....
"Klippe" Scotland The local name for a fairy. Forfarshire. Scotland
God name "Kloanthes Hellenized/ Roman" Egypt A youthful god of Panoplois
Goddess name "Klotes" Greek A goddess of spinning
Goddess name "Klotho" Greek Clotho or Moirae, Goddess of spinning, one of the three fates. Hesiod (Theogony 127) has the personification complete for he calls them, together with the Keres, daughters of night; and distinguishes three, viz. Clotho, or the spinning fate; Lachesis, or the one who assigns to man his fate and Atropos, or the fate that cannot be avoided. Greek
Goddess name "Klotho" Pre - Homeric Greek Goddess of spinning. According to Hesiod, one of the daughters of ZEUS and THEMIS. An ancient deity linked with LACHESIS and ATROPOS as one of a trio of MOIRAI or Fates. She is depicted with a spindle....
Goddess name "Kn Sgni" India Goddess of the Sun. India
"Knaritja" Australia The earth and the sky had always existed and had always been the home of Supernatural Beings. The western Aranda believe that the sky is inhabited by an emu-footed Great Father (Knaritja), who is also the Eternal Youth (altjira nditja). He has dog-footed wives and many sons and daughters. "They lived on fruits and vegetable foods in an eternally green land, unaffected by droughts, through which the milky Way flowed like a broad river...".' They have an Eden-like place where only trees, fruits and flowers flourish. All these sky-dwellers are seen as ageless and beyond death. The Aranda, Australia
Spirit name "Kneph" Egypt Was originally the breath of life, his name meaning soul-breath. Indeed, according to Plutarch and Diodorus, kneph was identical with the Greek pneuma. Kneph in this context was a spirit that breathed life into things, giving them form. Egypt Kneph eventually became considered to be the creator god himself, in Elephantine, although his identity was finally assimilated into the more important god Amun.
God name "Ko Hsien Weng" China God of jugglers. China
"Kobold" German A German household goblin, also frequenting mines.
Goddess name "Kodamata" India Goddess of health and healing. India
Supreme god name "Kohkomhthena" Shawnee Supreme goddess and creatress. The Shawnee
Goddess name "Kokomikeis" S America Goddess of the moon mother of the Morning Star Blackfoot
Goddess name "Kokomikeis Blackfoot" NA ? The moon goddess mother of the Morning Star
Goddess name "Kokopell Mana" S America Goddess of fertility. Hopi
Goddess name "Kokopell' Mana" Hopi / SW USA A goddess of fertility
Deities name "Kokopelli" S America A fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with a huge phallus and antenna-like protrusions on his head), who has been venerated by many Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and Agriculture. He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music.
Goddess name "Kokyan" S America Creator goddess; she created humans, plants, and animals Hopi
Goddess name "Koliada" Poland Koljada, Kolyada. Goddess of time and personification of the Winter solstice. Poland
Goddess name "Kolias" Greek Goddess of foothills Greek
Goddess name "Kollapura-Mahalaksmi" Hindu Goddess Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Kollapura-Mahalaksmi" Hindu / Puranic Goddess. six-armed. Attributes: club, shield and wine glass....
God name "Kolpia" Phoenicia Lesser God of wind Phoenicia
God name "Kombu" Bantu / Africa This is the god of creation
God name "Kombu Bantu" Africa God of creation Africa
Goddess name "Komodia" Greek Goddess of happiness and amusement Greek
God name "Kon" Inca The god of Rain and wind that came from the south. He was a son of Inti and Mama Quilla. Inca
God name "Kon" Peru he is the god of all the desert
God name "Kondos" Finnish A god of cereal crops that was renamed by the Christians to St. urban
God name "Kondos" Pre - Christian Finnish God of cereal crops. Particularly identified with the sowing of wheat. After Christianization, he was absorbed by the figure of St. Urban....
Goddess name "Kongde" China Goddess of justice China
Goddess name "Kongsim" Korea Goddess of healing Korea
Goddess name "Kongsim" Korean Goddess of healing. Korean
Goddess name "Kono Hana Sakuya" Japan Goddess of spring Japan
Goddess name "Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime-No-Kami" Japan Goddess of mountains Japan / Shinto
Goddess name "Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan mountain goddess. The deity who guards the sacred Mount Fuji. A daughter of O-YAMA-TSU-MI and the consort of Prince NINIGI, her shrine is located on the summit of the mountain. She is also closely associated with Mount Asama about 80 kilometers to the north....
Spirit name "Koolukoolwani" Africa It is agreed among the Zoolus, that their forefathers believed in the existence of an overruling spirit, whom they called Villenangi [Umvelinqangi] (literally the First Appearer), and who soon after created another heavenly being of great power, called Koolukoolwani, [Unkulunkulwana,] who once visited this earth, in order to publish the news (as they express it), as also to separate the sexes and colours among mankind. Duling the period he was below, two messages were sent to him from Villenangi, the first conveyed by a cameleon, announcing that men were not to die; the second, by a lizard, with a contrary decision. The lizard, having outrun the slow-paced cameleon, arrived first, and delivered his message before the latter made his apperance. Amazulu, South Africa
Goddess name "Korawini" N American Mother of All Peoples and the goddess of jolly bonking. Paiute. North America
Goddess name "Korawini Paiute" W USA A goddess of intercourse
Goddess name "Kore (tbe girl)" Greek Youthful goddess of the corn. The more generic name for the goddess PERSEPHONE. Identified as the daughter of DEMETER. She is the spirit of the corn as distinct from her mother who is the giver of the corn. Depicted on coinage as a woman's head adorned with ears of corn. She is integral to the Eleusinian Mysteries in which she is abducted to Hades, resulting in the distress of her mother and the blighting of nature. At Samaria-Sebaste in Syrio-Palestine, Kore was the only deity worshiped, apart from the emperor....
"Kore or Core" Hopi The maiden, a name by which Persephone is often called. Greek
Goddess name "Kore/ Core" Greek A goddess of springtime
Goddess name "Kornjunfer" Germanic Goddess of grain germanic
Goddess name "Korobona" Caribbean Goddess of lakes Caribbean
Goddess name "Koros" Greek Goddess of extravagant joy and exuberance Greek
Goddess name "Korravai" Davidian / Tamil / S India / Sri Lanka though sweet to the to for (?) A war goddess
Goddess name "Korravai" Dravidian / Tamil / southern India / Sri Lanka war goddess. Worshiped in desert regions in southern India, thought to live in trees and equating to DURGA. She has a son, MURUKAN. Also Katukilal; Korrawi....
Goddess name "Korraval" Dravidian Goddess of war India / Dravidian / Tamil / Sri Lanka
Goddess name "Korrawi" India Goddess of battle and victory India / Tamil / Sri Lanka
Goddess name "Korrawi Tamil" India / Sri Lanka the goddess of battle & victory
"Korred" s The good-natured guardians of Brittany's standing stones.
Goddess name "Korrigan" French Goddess of underground springs French
Demon name "Korybantes" Asia Minor demonic companions of Kybele Asia Minor /
Goddess name "Koshchei" Russia The deathless, a powerful wizard or demigod who kidnapped Marena (Mara, the Russian goddess of death. Koshchie is the son of Vij, lord of the Underground, and travels on a war-horse or as a whirlwind. Russia
Goddess name "Kostroma" Russian Benevolent and malevolent fertility goddess; like the Greeks' Persephone, she is a dying and reborn daughter. Russian
God name "Kostromo" Russian Kostrubonko - A dying-and-ressurecting spring fertility-god. Russian
God name "Kostrubonko" Russia God of spring. "...in Little Russia it used to be the custom at Eastertide to celebrate the funeral of a being called Kostrubonko, the deity of the spring. A circle was formed of singers who moved slowly around a girl who lay on the ground as if dead, and as they went they sang:
God name "Kotar" Syria God of blacksmiths Syria
God name "Kotar" Western Semitic / Syrian Blacksmith god. Identified in the Ugaritic (Ras Samra) texts as building a palace for the god BAAL and forging his weapons for the conflict against the sea god YAMM. Known also from Phoenician inscriptions. Also Kos”ar, Chusor, KINYRAS....
God name "Kotar/ Kautar/ Kusor" Syria A god Blacksmiths
God name "Kothar" Canaan God of blacksmiths and crafts. Canaan
God name "Kothar u Khasis" Canaan The god of crafts
God name "Kothar-wa-Hasis" Ugaritic god of arts and crafts.
Goddess name "Kotisri" Hindu A goddess of silk cultivation with responsibility of uprooting thorn bushes Sraddha Hindu.
Goddess name "Kotisri" Buddhist Mother goddess. The so-called “mother of 7,000 buddbas.”...
"Kotitonttu" Finland Tutelary of the home.
God name "Koto-Shiro-Nushi" Japan God of love Japan / Shinto
God name "Koto-Shiro-Nushi" Shinto / Japan God of luck. Probably syncretized early in Shintoism with the god EBISU....
Goddess name "Kottavei" India Goddess of war India
"Kottos" Greek One of the Titans. He had a hundred hands. (See Briareus.) Greek
Goddess name "Kotys" Thrace A goddess whose worship spread throughout Greece & Italy
"Kotys or Cotys" Phrygian A Thracian divinity, whose festival, the Cotyttia resembled that of the Phrygian Cybele, and was celebrated on hills with riotous proceedings.
Goddess name "Kou Njami" Siberia Goddess of Sun. Siberia
Spirit name "Kouretes" Greek Rustic spirits appointed by Rhea to guard the infant god Zeus in a cave on Mount Ida. Greek
Deities name "Kouretes" Greek Forest deities. Known from Ephesus and other sites as the spirits of trees and streams, they are also perceived as nymphs who dance in attendance on the baby ZEUS. The term is also applied to a bride or young woman....
Goddess name "Kourothropis" Greek A really obscure goddess, who wet nursed, this goddess is known only from ritual texts
Goddess name "Kourotrophos" Greek Obscure wet-nurse goddess. Known only from ritual texts....
God name "Kovas" Lithuania God of war Lithuania
Spirit name "Koyote" North American Indian Tutelary god. Recognized by several tribes, including the Navaho and Apache. He acts as a cult hero who intercedes with more remote creator spirits and teaches the Indian....
God name "Koyote or Coyote" Navaho At the time Coyote danced to make the corn grow, the story of the Great God Coyote commences. This is where Coyote first used his power given to him by the gods. At a Yeibache, ye'i·bicai, the people will dress up a poor man to look and act like Coyote. First Man told him to do many things. The other gods had the power, but they did not have the knowledge. First Man and First Woman were jealous of the others trying to grow corn and did not give them the knowledge to grow corn. They sent Coyote to go and make the corn grow. First Man and First Woman are themselves not to do such things, but they will have a hand in such things and send Coyote as their representative. Towards the end of the life of Coyote, he became almost mad with his power and it was taken from him because of this. Navaho
"Krak" Poland Legendary founder of Cracow. He rescued the people from control of a dragon.
"Krasnyi" Russian 'Red' or 'Beautiful'. Russian epithet to a girl and the Sun.
Goddess name "Kratesis" Greek Goddess of victory Greek
God name "Kratos" Greek God of strength Greek
Goddess name "Kratos" Greek God of strength. One of the sons of the goddess STYX and brother of BIA (force)....
Deity name "Krishna" Hindu 'Black.' This name occurs in the Rigveda, but without any relation to the great deity of later times. The earliest mention of Krishna, the son of Devaki, is in the Chhandogya Upanishad, where he appears as a scholar. Hindu
Deities name "Krishna" Indian The modern deity Krishna is the most celebrated hero of Indian mythology, and the most popular of all the deities. He is said to be the eighth Avatara or incarnation of Vishnu, or rather a direct manifestation of Vishnu himself. This hero, around whom a vast mass of legend and fable has been gathered, probably lived in the Epic age, when the Hindus had not advanced far beyond their early settlements in the north-west.
Goddess name "Krittika" India Goddesses of the Pleiades India
Monster name "Krodha" India The mother "of all sharp-toothed monsters, whether on the earth, amongst the birds, or in the waters, that were devourers of flesh." India
God name "Krodhadevatas" Buddhist These are the gods of terror
God name "Kronos" Pre-Greek A fertility god celebrated by of harvest festival of Kronia
Supreme god name "Kronos" Pre - Greek Archetypal fertility god. He is of unknown origin but is the son of the earth mother GAIA and the sky god OURANOS, whom he usurped after castrating him. His consort is RHEA. So as not to suffer a similar fate to his father he swallowed all his children except ZEUS who was kept from him by a ruse. Zeus eventually hurled Kronos into Tartaros, the abyss in which all the TITANS were confined. He was celebrated in the Greek harvest festival of kronia which equalled the Roman saturnalia. During Hellenic times he was the supreme god at Byblos [Syria]. He is depicted on coinage of Antiochus IV (175-164 BC) nude, leaning on a scepter, with three pairs of wings, two spread and one folded....
Cyclop name "Kronos or Cronus" Greek A son of Uranus and Ge, and the youngest among the Titans. He was married to Rhea, by whom he became the father of Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. Cheiron is also called a son of Cronus. At the instigation of his mother, Cronus unmanned his father for having thrown the Cyclopes, who were likewise his children by Ge, into Tartarus. Out of the blood thus shed sprang up the Erinnyes. Greek
Goddess name "Krosdari" Hindu Goddess, a rather emancipated goddess Hindu
"Krsanu" India An ineffectual guardian of immortality's plant who failed to prevent the falcon bringing Soma. India
Goddess name "Krsodari (thin-waisted)" Hindu Goddess. An emaciated form of CAMUNDA, a personification of famine. She stands upon a corpse. Attributes: club, iron rod, skull and trident....
Goddess name "Krttika(s)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess(es) of fortune. Strongly malevolent NAKSATRA(S) con sisting of the six stars in the Pleiades constellation who become nurses of the god SKANDA. (In Hindu mythology there are only six Pleiades, not the seven recognized in modern astronomy.)...
Goddess name "Krttika[s]" Hindu Minor malevolent goddess / es Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Krtya" Hindu Goddess of witchcraft Hindu
God name "Krukis" Russia Patron god of smiths and domestic animals. Russia
God name "Krumine" Lithuania God of grain. Lithuania
"Krumu mate" Latvia Mother of shrubs, presided over bushes, shrubs and saplings. Latvia
"Krun" Nazorean Akrun. The ruler of one fo the levels of darkness. Called the "mountain of flesh". Opponent of Hibil Ziwa. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Ksama" Hindu In minor goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Ksama (patience)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess. One of the daughters of DAKSA. Attribute: trident....
Spirit name "Ksantiparamita" Buddhist Philosophical deity. One of the PARAMI TAS. spiritual offspring of RATNASAMBHAVA. Color: yellow. Attributes: jeweled banner and white lotus....
Deity name "Ksantiparmata" Buddhist A philosophical deity
God name "Ksetrapala" Hindu / Puranic God of passage. Form of the god BHAIRAVA specifically designated as a guardian deity of doorways. Also regarded as a tutelary deity in Saivite temples. Stands upon a lotus and possesses a number of attributes....
Goddess name "Kshumai" Kafir / Afghanistan A beneficent fertility goddess
Goddess name "Kshumai" Kafir / Afghanistan Fertility goddess. A benefi cent goddess appearing in the guise of a goat. Legend has it that either she or her eldest daugh ter is the mother of the god MON. She is said to have given mankind the boon of goats, grapes, other fruit and vegetation in general. She was called upon in times of sickness. She is depicted in wooden statues with prominent long breasts and vulva. Also Kime....
Goddess name "Kshumai Kafir" Afghanistan Beneficent goddess of fertility Afghanistan
"Ksitigarbha" Buddhist / Mahayana 'Earth-Womb'. "Name of a Bodhisattva who saves suffering beings in the hell" he aspires to deliver sentient beings wandering astray in the five(or six) paths of mundane existence. Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Ksitigarbha (womb of the earth)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. Known exten sively from northern India to China and Japan. One of the group of female BODHISATTVAS or buddha designates. Color: yellow or green. Attrib utes: Book, bowl, jewel, staff and water jar. In China she is recognized as an underworld deity, Di zang. In Japan she becomes a guardian deity of passage, Jizo....
"Ktazil Bhira Dakia" Nazorean The Chosen Pure One (Yawar). Early Nazorean
God name "Ku" Hawaii God of power, war and warriors Hawaii
Deity name "Ku" Polynesian / Hawaii Primordial being. An aspect of a tripartite deity which also includes KANE, the light, and LONO, sound. They existed in chaos and darkness, which they broke into pieces to allow the light to come in....
God name "Ku Uasa" Finnish God of water. Finnish
God name "Ku'nkunxuliga" Ma'malelegale Indian / British Columbia, Canada Tribal god. The personification of the thunderbird, known to many Indian tribes, who lives in a palace in the upper world. The noise of the thunder is the beating of its wings....
God name "Ku'nkunxuliga Ma'maelegae" BC Canada Tribal god and personification of the Thunderbird BC Canada
God name "Ku'urkil" Chukchee / Siberia Not only god, but a powerful Shannon & the first man
Deity name "Ku'urkil" Chukchee / eastern Siberia The founder of the world. Not only a deity, but a powerful shaman and the first human. He equates with the Koryak deity QUIKINN.A'QU....
God name "Ku'urkil Chukchee" Siberia Not only god, but a powerful Shannon and the first man Siberia
God name "Kuan Ti" China God of literature and fortune telling. China
Goddess name "Kuan Yin" China Benign guardian goddess, probably of India origin China / Taoist
Goddess name "Kuan-Yin" China Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. China
Goddess name "Kuanja" Angola Goddess of hunting. Angola
God name "Kuat" Brazil God of the Sun and war. Brazil
Goddess name "Kubaba" Hurrian gave bread to the fisherman and gave water, she made him offer the fish to Esagila Shrines in her honour spread throughout Mesopotamia. In the Hurrian area she may be identified with Kebat, or Hepat, one title of the Hurrian Mother Goddess Hannahannah
Goddess name "Kubaba" Kish This goddess, a former barmaid, reigned as queen of the third dynasty for 100 years
Goddess name "Kubaba" Anatolian / northern Syrian Mother goddess. She was worshiped particularly at Carchemish and seems to equate with the Hittite goddess SAUSKA. Attributes include pomegranate and mir ror. Also Gubaba, Kupapa....
Goddess name "Kubai-khotun" Anatolian 'Great Mother'; she dwells in the 'tree of life' or under its roots and protects and supports humans and animals. Her milk is the origin of the milky Way. She was the primordial mother-goddess. Anatolian
God name "Kubera" Hindu / Puranic / Vedic / Epic He is the guardian of the north as well as a god of riches
Spirit name "Kubera" India A chief of the evil beings or spirits living in the shades: a sort of Pluto. India
Spirit name "Kubera (misshapen)" Hindu / Vedic, Epic / Puranic (1) God of riches. He was originally the head of the YAKSAS spirits of the Forests, but by Puranic times was associated with wealth and productivity. He is also a dikpala guardian of the northern quarter. The son of Pulastya and Idavida, his consorts include Yaksi, VASUDHARA and Vriddhi. Identified with the city of Alaka. He is depicted as a dwarfish figure riding upon a Brahman or a chariot. Color: white. Attributes: generally carrying a purse, but occasionally with various other items. Also Kuvera, Kauveri.(2) God of riches. Buddhist-Lamaist [Tibet]. One of a group of DHARMAPALA with terrible appearance and royal attire. Also a dikpala or guardian of the northern quarter. Color: yellow. Attributes: ax, banner, club, cup, hook, Ichneumon disgorging jewels, noose, reliquary and occasionally a trident....
Goddess name "Kubjika" Hindu Goddess of writing Hindu
Goddess name "Kubjika (hump-back)" Hindu Goddess of writing. Personification of the thirty-two Tantric syllables....