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Goddess name "Kubuddhi" Hindu Minor goddess whose name means stupid, she ran around with Gansea Hindu
Goddess name "Kubuddhi (stupid)" Hindu Minor goddess. One of the consorts of GANESA....
Supreme god name "Kucumatz" Guatemala Kukumatz. Supreme god of Quiche people of Guatemala.
God name "Kucumatz" Mayan God who created all things from itself Mayan / Quiche
Supreme god name "Kucumatz" Mayan / Quiche Indian, Mesoamerican / Mexico Supreme god. An androgynous being who created all things out of itself. Comparable with KUKULCAN....
"Kud" Korea The Caca and in embodiment of the evil principal that abound in the world
God name "Kudia" Siberia God of the sky Siberia
God name "Kuei Shing" China God of literature presides in Ursa major China
God name "Kuei Shing" Chinese God of literature. Believed to reside in the star constellation of Ursa major. Also Zhong-Kui....
God name "Kuei ku Tzu" China Another god of fortune telling
Goddess name "Kuga" Slovenia Goddess of fate. Slovenia
"Kujaku Myoo" Buddhist Gives protection against drought and protects against all evil in the Shingo sect of Japan. Buddhist
Spirit name "Kuju" Yukaghir Benevolent sky spirit who supplies with food Yukaghir
Spirit name "Kuju" Yukaghir / eastern Siberia sky spirit. A benevolent being who supplies mankind with food. When fish appear in great numbers in the lakes, they are thought to have fallen from the sky....
God name "Kuk" Egypt Primeval god, one of a pair, a member of the Ogdoad, who represent the darkness who reigned prior to the creation of any heavenly body. Egypt
God name "Kuklikimoku" Polynesia God of war. Polynesia
God name "Kuku-Ki-Waka-Muro-Tsuna-Ne-NoKami" Shinto / Japan Guardian deity. The god who guards the house and its environs as a whole....
God name "Kuku-Ki-Waka-Murpo-Tsuna-Ne-No-Kami" Japan / Shinto The god that guards the home & its environs
God name "Kuku-Toshi-No-Kami" Japan God responsible for a harvest of full grown rice, his shrines are often served by Buddhist priests. Japan
God name "Kuku-Toshi-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan God of grain. The deity responsible for the harvest of full-grown rice. His shrines are often serviced by Buddhist priests....
God name "Kuku-ki-waka-muro-tsunane-no-kami" Japan God who is the protector of houses, the name denotes the beams, and the ropes with which the beams were bound together. Japan
Deity name "Kuku-no-chi-no-kami" Shinto The deity of Trees, whose name is deity Stem-Elder. Shinto
"Kukudhi aka Kukuthi" Albanian An undead or vampire which grows stronger with time until, after thirty years, it reachs a final stage where he is no longer required to return to its grave and can live in a home during the day. He then typically travels to other lands as a merchant. Albanian
God name "Kukulcan" Maya He is the wind god that started life as a god of the Toltec
God name "Kukulcan" Mayan wind god who started life as a god of the Toltec Mayan
God name "Kukulcan" Mayan / Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. Kukulcan is, in origin, a Toltec god who was adopted by the Mayan culture and who corresponds closely with the Aztec deity QUETZALCOATL. He is chiefly concerned with reincarnation, but is also responsible for the elements of fire, earth and water. He is depicted with various attributes, including a torch or a lizard representing fire, maize for earth, and a fish for water. Also God B....
Demon name "Kukuth" Albania Female demon of sickness. Albania
Demon name "Kukuth/ Kukudhi" Albania This is a female demon of sickness had an unhappy life at as a human
Spirit name "Kul" Eskimo A water spirit who may be malevolent but generally helps with fishing. As a show of gratitude, it is customary to offer him some of the fish caughts at the beginning of the season. Eskimo
God name "Kuladevata (family god)" Hindu Generic name of a household god. The god is chosen by a family to be their guardian deity and they all assemble at his temple, as and when necessary, for worship. Also Kulanayaka....
Goddess name "Kuladevi" Hindu The family Goddess. Another name for Durga. Hindu
Goddess name "Kuladevi" Hindu Goddess. The female equivalent of a KULADEVATA....
Supreme god name "Kulcan" Mayan The Mayan supreme god. He was also a god of the four elements, the creator god, god of resurrection and reincarnation.
King name "Kulika" Buddhist According to Buddhist legend, the first notable king of Shambhala, king Suchandra was the one who requested teaching from the Buddha that would allow him to practice the dharma without renouncing his worldy enjoyments and responsibilities.
King name "Kulika" Hindu One of the eight serpent kings, described as of a dusky brown colour and having a half-moon on his head. Hindu
God name "Kulika (of good family)" Hindu Snake god. One of a group of seven MAHANAGAS. Attributes: rosary and water jar. Three-eyed....
Goddess name "Kulisankusa" Jain Goddess of learning Jain
Goddess name "Kulisankusa (having an ax and a goad)" Jain / India Goddess of learning. One of sixteen VIDYADEVI headed by the goddess SARASVATI....
Goddess name "Kulisesvari (lady of the ax)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. Often depicted with a corpse. Color: white. Attribute: a staff....
Goddess name "Kulisevari" Buddhist Goddess often shown with a corpse Buddhist / Mahayana
God name "Kulla" Akkadia God of builders and responsible for the creation of bricks Babylon / Akkadia
God name "Kulla" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian God of builders. The god responsible for the creation of bricks....
Hero name "Kullervo" Finland Tragic antihero. Model for Túrin Turambar in Tolkien's Silmarillion.
Demon name "Kulshedra" Albania Female demonic individual in who may be either an enormous hag with pendulous breasts and / or a dragon like monster who spits fire Albania
God name "Kumarbi" Hittite / Hurrian Creator god. An antique deity who was usurped by more “modern” gods. He is the father of Ullikummi in Hittite legend....
God name "Kumarbi[s]" Hittite / Hurrian The creator / father of the gods
God name "Kumarbis" Hittite Creator / father of the gods Hittite / Hurrian
God name "Kumari" Hindu A name of Skanda, god of war. In the Brahmanas the term is applied to Agni. Hindu
Goddess name "Kumari (virgin)" Hindu Goddess. Generally recognized to be an epithet of DURGA. Worshiped at a famous temple on the southernmost tip of India at Cape Comorin. Also known in Nepal, where a small girl provides an earthly incarnation of the goddess....
Monster name "Kumbhakarna" Hindu A monster who, under the curse of Brahma, slept for six months at a time and remained awake for only a single day. Hindu
God name "Kumokums" Modoc Indian / Oregon, USA Creator god. He sat beside Tule lake, which was all that existed, and created the world by scooping out mud to form the earth. He added animals and plants, but finally became tired and went to sleep in a hole at the bottom of the lake, which he dug using a hill as a shovel....
God name "Kumokums Modoc" Oregon Creator god Oregon
King name "Kumuda" Hindu A Naga or serpent king whose sister, Kumudvati, married Kusa, son of Rama. Hindu
"Kun" China A mythological bird. China
God name "Kun Aymara" Bolivia Snow god and main deity Bolivia
Spirit name "Kun Lun" Chinese The Kunlun mountains are well known in Chinese mythology and are believed to be Taoist Paradise. The first to visit this Paradise was king Mu. He supposedly discovered there the Jade Palace of Huang-Di, the mythical Yellow Emperor and originator of Chinese culture, and met Hsi Wang Mu, the 'Spirit Mother of the West' usually called the 'Queen Mother of the West', who was the object of an ancient religious cult which reached its peak in the Han Dynasty, also had her mythical abode in these mountains.
God name "Kun tu bzan po" Tibet Head of god in the Bon pantheon Tibet
God name "Kun-Rig" Buddhist God associated associated with the prayer wheel Buddhist / Tibet
God name "Kun-Rig (knowing all)" Buddhist / Tibet God. Four-headed form of VAIROCANA. Attribute: prayer wheel....
Deity name "Kunado-No-Kami" Japan Guardian deity of roads and crossroads Japan / Shinto
Deities name "Kunado-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan Guardian deity. One of three KAMIS particularly concerned with the protection of roads and crossroads. They also guard the boundaries of the house and the ways leading to it. They may be known as Yakushin deities who protect against plague. Generally identified as MICHI-NO-KAMI or Chiburi-NoKami....
"Kunapipi Alawa" Australia Type of magna mater, rather unpleasant who is still a part of the rite of passage for males Australia
Goddess name "Kundalini" Aztec Mother goddess responsible for provision of all food from the soil Aztec
"Kundalini" Yoga The energy associated with a spiralling, or circulating, fire serpent that lies dormant before its journey through the known chakras, and the hidden Dark Star whose perihelion passage through the system. Yoga
Goddess name "Kundalini" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Mother goddess. The spirit of the earth perceived in human form and responsible for the provision of all food from the soil. The earth is considered to be sacred and should not be owned by any one person, but can be utilized for the benefit of the community as a whole. Kundalini is believed to have been the mother of all other vegetation deities....
Deity name "Kunitokotatchi" Japan / Shinto Chief deity. Japan / Shinto
"Kunmanngur" Australia Is a serpent from an Aboriginal tale, "The Flood and the bird Men", told by Kianoo Tjeemairee of the Murinbata tribe. There are many names for the Rainbow serpent in Aboriginal mythology, depending on location and language. It is a powerful symbol of fertility and creation. Australia
God name "Kunti" India In her maidenhood she showed such respectful devotion to the sage Durvasas, that he gave her a charm by means of which she might have a child by any god she pleased to invoke. She called upon the Sun, and by him had a son named Karna, but without any detriment to her virginity; still, to keep her affair secret, the child was exposed on the banks of the Yamuna. India
God name "Kuntu bXan Po" Tibet / Bon This god was the head of the pantheon
God name "Kuntu bXan Po" Bon / pre - Lamaist / Tibet Head of pantheon. The chief god in the Bon pantheon, he engendered the world from a handful of mud scraped from the primeval waters and created all living things from an egg....
God name "Kuo Tzu i" China Another god of happiness
Goddess name "Kupal'nitsa" Russian Russian Mother goddess of the southwest, consort of Ivan Kupalo. She seems synonymous with Kubai-khotun and Kupalo / Kupala.
Goddess name "Kupala" Slavic The goddess of herbs, sorcery, sex, and midsummer. She is also the water Mother, associated with trees, herbs, and flowers. Slavic
Goddess name "Kupalo" Russia Goddess of midsummer. Russia
Goddess name "Kupalo" Russian Russian and Balkan midsummer goddess associated with water, magic, fertility, trees, flowers, and herbs.
Goddess name "Kupalo" Slavic A goddess of fertility, sex & fire
Spirit name "Kupole" Lithuanian The spirit of springtime vegetation and flowers. The Festival of Kupole was associated with Feast of St. John the Baptist. In this festival, women picked sacral herbs, danced and sang songs. Kupolines is also known as Rasos. Lithuanian
God name "Kura-Okami-No-Kami" Japan Rain god who may also cause snow falls Japan / Shinto
God name "Kura-Okami-No-Kami (great producer of rain on the heights)" Shinto / Japan Rain god. Known alternatively as the “dark Rain god,” he may also generate snow falls....
God name "Kurdalaegon" Caucasus Kurdaligon. God of blacksmiths who shoes the hooves of dead men's horses. Caucasus
God name "Kurdalaegon/ Kurdaligon Ossetian" Caucus mtns and in The god of all blacksmiths with a strange job
God name "Kurdaligon" Ossetian / Caucasus God of smiths. He assists the passage of dead souls by attending to their horses' shoes....
"Kuretes" Greek The nine dancers who venerate Rhea, who clashed their spears and shields to drown out the wails of infant Zeus. Greek
God name "Kurke" Prussia God of grain. Prussia
God name "Kurke/ Curche" Prussia he is a god of grain
Demon name "Kurma" Hindu / Puranic / Epic Avatar of Visnu. In the form of a tortoise he placed himself at the bottom of the sea of milk, and made his back the base or pivot of the mountain Mandara. The gods and demons twisted the great serpent Vasuki round the mountain' and, dividing into two parties, each took an end of the snake as a rope, and thus churned the sea until they recovered the desired objects. Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Deities name "Kurma(vatara)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Incarnation of the god VIS'NU. The second avatara of Vis'nu, Kurma appears in the form of a tortoise which acts as a pivot for the mountainous churning rod the gods employ to make ambrosia from the primal sea of milk after the flood. Kurma is depicted with a human torso surmounting a tortoise shell. Vis'nu is said to have appeared in this form in order to recover some of the possessions lost during the deluge. Attributes: club, conch, lotus and prayer wheel. Also the name for a vehicle of various deities....
"Kurma[vatara]" Hindu / Puranic / Epic An avatar of Visnu
"Kuru" Hindu A prince of the Lunar race, son of Samvarana by Tapati, a daughter of the Sun. Hindu
Goddess name "Kurukalla" Buddhist A goddess, usually of terrifying appearance
Goddess name "Kurukalla" Buddhist Goddess, usually of terrifying appearance Buddhist
Goddess name "Kurukalla" Hindu A goddess, one of the Tantric deities
Goddess name "Kurukalla" Hindu Goddess, one of the Tantric deities Hindu
Goddess name "Kurukalla" Tibet Goddess of riches Tibet
Goddess name "Kurukulla" Hindu (1) Goddess of boats. A Tantric deity generally depicted in a boat made of jewels. Also goddess of wine.(2) Goddess. Buddhist (Mahayana). The SAKTI of AMITABHA. Usually of terrifying appearance. Attributes: arrow, bow, flower, hook, noose, rosary and trident....
God name "Kurunta" Hittite This god's symbol is the stag. He is associated with rural areas. Hittite
God name "Kurunta?" Hittite He is a god of rural areas
God name "Kus" Akkadia God of herdsmen Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia / Sumeria
King name "Kus" Brahma A king of Brahma's seed who bore
God name "Kus" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian God of herdsmen. Identified in the Theogony of Dunnu....
God name "Kusag" Babylon Not only is he this patron god of priests, he is the high priest of the gods. Babylon
God name "Kushi-Dama-Nigi-Haya-Hi" Japan God of the Sun, the apotheosis of the morning Sun Japan / Shinto
Goddess name "Kushi-Dama-Nigi-Haya-Hi (soft fast sun)" Shinto / Japan Sun god. The apotheosis of the morning Sun sent down by the Sun goddess AMATERASU before Prince NINIGI appeared on earth....
God name "Kushi-Iwa-Mado-No-Mikoto" Shinto / Japan Guardian deity. The god who protects entrance gates....
God name "Kushi-Iwa-Mado-no-Mikoto" Japan Guardian god, protects entrance gates Japan / Shinto
God name "Kusor the Mariner" Phonecian Great God of Mariners and Inventors. Brother of Hasisu, 'son of law', craftsman of the gods. Invented mechanical devices, the fishing boat and fishing, architecture, and navigation. Skilled in divination, soothsaying, and the arts of incantation and magic formulas. Phonecian
"Kusta" Nazorean Kushta, means Truth, and the Monastery (Sangha) and is a name of Miryai, the spouse of Mind in Valentinian theology. Early Nazorean
God name "Kusuh" Hurrian God of the moon. Hurrian
God name "Kus”uh" Hittite / Hurrian / Anatolia moon god. Also KAS'KU....
Spirit name "Kutji" Australian aboriginal Animistic spirits. Malevolent beings who conceal themselves in undergrowth and rock crevices and manifest as animals and birds, including eagles, crows, owls, kangaroos and emus. Kutji are considered to have taken over wild creatures if their behavior assumes unfamiliar patterns. Only shamans may contain the influence of these spirits. Otherwise, they possess the potential to inflict disease and death on to human beings....
Spirit name "Kutkhu" Kamchadal / SE Siberia A male and guardian spirit
Spirit name "Kutkhu" Kemchadal / southeastern Siberia Guardian spirit. The counterpart of the Koryak QUIKINN.A'QU, he fashioned the created world into its present form and is the majordomo of the creator god. His consort is Ilkxum and his sister is Xutlizic. His children include SI'MSKALIN, TI'ZIL-KUTKHU and SI'DIUKU. In mythology he is depicted as a salacious character. Also Kutq; Kutkinnaqu....
Spirit name "Kutkhu Kamchadal" East Male and guardian spirit Siberia(East)
Spirit name "Kutkinnaku" Koryak / Siberia This is the spirit that taught mankind to haunt it & catch fish in addition to giving them the fire stick & the shamans drum
God name "Kuu" Finland God of moon.
Demon name "Kuvalaswa" India A prince of the Solar race, who had 21,000 sons. Attended by his sons he attacked the great Asura, Dhundhu, who lived in a sea of sand, and harassed the devotions of the pious sage Uttanka. They unearthed the demon and slew him. India
Demon name "Kuvalayapida" Hindu An immense elephant, or a demon in elephantine form, belonging to Kansa, and employed by him to trample the boys Krishna and Balarama to death. The attempt failed and the elephant was killed. Hindu
God name "Kvasir" Norse The God of Ultimate Wisdom. Norse
Deities name "Kvasir" Nordic / Icelandic Minor god of wisdom. By tradition he was created from the saliva of the AESIR and VANIR deities, who thus combined their knowledge into a single being. He was slain by dwarfs who concocted a fermented drink from his blood, mixed with honey, and this mead became the inspiration of poets. He is also identified in Welsh mythology....
Goddess name "Kwan Yin" China Goddess of childbirth, compassion and mercy China
"Kwannoin" Buddhist / Japan Form of AVALOKITESVARA. See also KUAN YIN....
Goddess name "Kwannon" Japan Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. Japan
Goddess name "Kwanonn" Japan Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. Japan
Goddess name "Kwanseieun" Korea Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. Korea
Spirit name "Kwoith" Nuer / Sudan Creator god. The Nuer people have been affected by the expansion of Islam, and probably by Christianity, and recognize a supreme deity, or spiritual being, responsible for all creation. One of his epithets is Tutgar, meaning “strong and without limit.”...
Spirit name "Kwoth" Sudan Is considered to be the spirit in or of the sky. Like all spirits Kwoth is invisible and omnipresent, but he manifests himself in a number of forms. Nuer, eastern Sudan
Goddess name "Kyanwa" Nigeria Goddess of hunting. Nigeria
Goddess name "Kybele" Phrygian Phrygian mother of the gods; an Asiatic goddess associated with Rhea
Goddess name "Kybele/ Kybebe/ Cybele" Phrygian / NW Turkey A rather important Asian mother goddess who likely started as a mountain goddess
Goddess name "Kypala" Slavic Goddess of long life. Slavic
Angel name "Kyriel" Christians angels of the Mansions of the moon.
God name "Kyumbe" Zaramo / Tanzania, East Africa Creator god. Tradition has it that the earth and sky may have been present before this being emerged. He is, however, perceived as having engendered all living things on earth. He first created animals' bodies without tails. When they had their legs fitted, Kyumbe added tails as an afterthought....
"Kyumbe Zaramo" Tanzania He created all living things on the earth
Goddess name "L'etsa'aplelana" Bella Coola / PNW Canada The goddess who initiates the shamans
"L?laps" Greek A very powerful dog given by Diana to Procris; Procris gave it to Cephalos. While pursuing a wild boar it was metamorphosed into a stone. Greek
God name "LENUS" Celtic / Continental / European God of healing. A god of healing worshiped by the Celtic tribe of Treveri but later adopted by the Romans. The Trier sanctuary was a place of pilgrimage where large numbers of offerings were deposited, and carvings suggest that child patients were often present. Lenus's sanctuaries were usually associated with springs and some, if not all, had an abaton or room for recuperation....
Goddess name "LIbitina" Roman Chthonic goddess of death. Associated with funerals and interment....
"Labe" Arabian The Circe of the Arabians, who, by her enchantments, transformed men into horses and other brute beasts. She is introduced into the Arabian nights' Entertainments, where Beder, Prince of Persia, marries her, defeats her plots against him, and turns her into a mare. Being restored to her proper shape by her mother, she turns Beder into an owl; but the prince ultimately regains his own proper form.
King name "Lacedaemon" Sparta A son of Zeus by Taygete, was married to Sparta, the daughter of Eurotas, by whom he became the father of Amyclas, Eurydice, and Asine. He was king of the country which he called after his own name, Lacedaemon, while he gave to his capital the name of his wife, Sparta.
"Lachesis" Greek One of the fates. Greek
Goddess name "Lachesis" Pre - Homeric Greek Goddess of lot-casting. According to Hesiod one of the daughters of ZEUS and THEMIS. One of an ancient trio of MOIRAI with KLOTHO and ATROPOS, she sustains the thread of life and is depicted carrying a scroll....
"Lactanus" Greek Lactans, Lacturnus, and Lacturcia, Lactura, Roman divinities, who were believed to protect the young fruits of the field. Some believe that Lactans and Lacturcia are mere surnames of Ops, and that Lacturnus is a surname of Saturnus. Greek
God name "Lactanus" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Said to make the crops “yield milk” or thrive....
God name "Lactanus/ Lactans" Roman A minor god of Agriculture
Goddess name "Lactura" Greek A grain goddess
Goddess name "Lada" Slavic Goddess of happiness and love. Slavic
"Ladogenes or Ladonis" Greek A name by which the poets sometimes designated Daphne, the daughter of Ladon. Greek
"Ladon" Greek The dragon who was believed to guard the apples of the Hesperides. He is said to have been able to assume various tones of voice, and to have been the offspring of Typhon and Echidna but he is also called a son of Ge, or of Phorcys and Ceto. He had been appointed to watch in the gardens of the Hesperides by Juno, and never slept; but he was slain by Heracles and the image of the fight was placed by Zeus among the stars. Greek
"Laeding" Norse One of the fetters with which the Fenris-wolf was bound. Norse
"Laerad" Norse A tree near Valhal. Norse
Goddess name "Laghusyamala (lightly dark colored)" Hindu / Puranic Minor goddess. Attributes: lute and wine glass....
Demon name "Lahama" Sumeria The water condition demons that it belonged to Enki
Goddess name "Lahamu" Babylonian In the Babylonian story of creation, Lahama is the daughter of the primordial goddess Tiamat. She guards the gate to the sea; the sea is her dominion. She holds an overflowing vase; she contains, bestows the waters of life. The Seven Tablets of Creation
Deity name "Lahamu" Mesopotamian / BabylonianAkkadian Primordial deity. Known from the Babylonian creation epic Enuma Elis as one of a pair who were created by TIAMAT from the primeval ocean and who, it is suggested, were represented by the silt of the sea-bed. Lahamu and LAHMU in turn created ANS'AR and KIS'AR, who created ANU....
God name "Lahar" Sumeria Cattle-god sent by Enlil and Enki from heaven to earth in order to make abundant its cattle. He is the brother of Ashnan. Lahar, along with his sister, were created in the creation chamber of the gods so the Annunnaki might have food and clothes. Sumeria
Goddess name "Lahar" Mesopotamian / Sumerian God of cattle. According to legend, he was sent to earth by the gods ENLIL and ENKI, to work in conjunction with the grain goddess AS'NAN. In iconography he usually has ears of corn sprouting from his shoulders. He may also carry a bow and club and is often depicted with a ram at his feet....
Goddess name "Lahe" Basque Goddess of health. Basque
God name "Lahmu" Akkadia First-born son of Apsu and Tiamat. He and his sister Lahamu were the parents of Anshar and Kishar, the sky father and earth mother, who begat the first gods. Lahmu was sometimes depicted as a snake, and sometimes as a bearded man with a red sash and six curls on his head. Akkadia
Deity name "Lahmu" Mesopotamian / BabylonianAkkadian Primordial deity. Known from the Babylonian creation epic Enuma Elis as one of a pair who were created by TIAMAT from the primeval ocean and who, it is suggested, were represented by the silt of the sea-bed. Lahmu and LAHAMU in turn created ANS'AR and KIS'AR, who created ANU....
God name "Lahurati" Elamite / Iran A solar deity. Appears to have been the counterpart of the Akkadian god Ninurta. Elamite / Iran
God name "Lahurati Elamite" Iran Yet another god
God name "Lai Cho" China Agriculture god. Not part of the locust cult. China
Deities name "Laima" Latvia And her sisters, Karta and Dekla, were a trinity of fate deities, part of a widespread European and Aegean conception of Destiny in the hands of three ageless ancient women. Latvia
Goddess name "Laima" Lithuanian A goddess trio of life & good fortune, the fates
Goddess name "Laima" Pre - Christian Latvian Goddess of fate. Particularly concerned with guarding women at childbirth, and with the newborn. Regarded as a household goddess of prosperity and good fortune....
Angel name "Lairz" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Lais" Greek A courtesan or Greek Hetaira. There were two of the name; the elder was the most beautiful woman of Corinth, and lived at the time of the Peloponnesian war. The beauty of the latter excited the jealousy of the Thessalonian women, who pricked her to death with their bodkins. She was contemporary with Phryne, her rival, and sat to Apelles as a model.
Goddess name "Laka" Hawaii Goddess of the wild plants which grow in the Forest. Very fond of singing and dancing. Hawaii
Goddess name "Laka" Polynesian / Hawaii Goddess of dancing. A minor deity who is nonetheless greatly revered by islanders in a hedonistic cult of song, dance and sexual liberality....
Goddess name "Lakshimi" Indian She is the goddess of beauty & wealth, but very fickle & claims no god can sustain her for very long
Goddess name "Lakshmi" India The goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. India
"Laksmana" Hindu The promoter of fortune, was ever deeply attached from his infancy to his eldest brother, Sri Rama, the delight of the world. Hindu
God name "Laksmana (with auspicious marks)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. A halfor younger brother of the god RAMA. The son of Dasaratha and Sumitra, his consort is Urmita. He often stands to the left of Rama and may be depicted holding a bow (see also SATRUGHNA). Color: golden. Attributes: bow and ornaments....
Goddess name "Laksmi" Hindu Goddess of Agriculture, love, beauty, prosperity, Lotus flowers, wealth, and pleasure Hindu / Puranic / India / Epic
"Lalaia'il" Bella Coola The Manitou that initiated the shaman
God name "Lalaia'il" Bella Coola Indian / British Columbia, Canada God of shamans. The deity who initiates into the shamanistic circle. He lives in the Forest and carries a wooden wand bound with cedar bark which he waves, creating a singing noise. He also frequents woodland lakes and ponds. When a woman meets him she is said to menstruate, while a man develops a nose bleed. Also Kle-klati-e'il....
Goddess name "Lalbai" India A goddess of healing, & cholera
"Lalita" India Has three aspects as virgin (Bala), mother (Tripurasundari) and crone (Tripura Bhairavi) and is the waxing moon as Kali is the waning moon. She represents love and sexuality while Kali represents death. India
"Lalita Tripurasundai Tantric" India She is the symbol of cosmic energy & of the secret ruler of the world
"Lalli" Finland Finn who slew Bishop Henry on the ice of lake Köyliö, according to a legend.
Demon name "Lama" Acadia A feminine benevolent protective demon that later became the half man and half bull guardian of palace entrances
Demon name "Lama" Acadia Feminine benevolent protective demon who later became the half man and half bull guardian of palace entrances Acadia
God name "Lama" Hittite A protective god whose epitaph was Innara
Goddess name "Lamaria" Svan Goddess of the fertility of the land, of childbirth and the protection of women. She is also goddess of the hearth. Svan
Goddess name "Lamaria" Svan / Caucasus Tutelary goddess. Particularly invoked by women as a hearth goddess and protector of cows. Her name may have been derived under Christian influence....
Goddess name "Lamaria Svan" Caucasus A tutelary goddess, it is suspected that her name as been christianized
Demon name "Lamatsu" Akkadia demon of the South-west wind bringing droughts, famines and locusts. Akkadia
Spirit name "Lamia" Greece She is a vampire type spirit who stole small children and sucked people's blood, currently accepted in modern Greece
"Lamia" Greek The friend and charioteer of Antilochus. Greek
Hero name "Lamia" Greek A daughter of Poseidon, became by Zeus the mother of the Sibyl Herophile. Greek<.li>.
"Lamia" Greek Lamia by John Keats, A son of Apollo and Phthia, a brother of Dorus and Polypoethes, in Curetis, was killed by Aetolus.
"Lamia" Greek A son of Bias and Pero, and a brother of Talaus, took part in the expedition of the Argonauts, and in that of the Seven against Thebes. Greek
King name "Lamia" Greek A female phantom, by which children were frightened. According to tradition, she was originally a Libyan queen, of great beauty and a daughter of Belus. She was beloved by Zeus, and Hera in her jealousy robbed her of her children. Lamia, from revenge and despair, robbed others of their children, and murdered them; and the savage cruelty in which she now indulged rendered her ugly, and her face became fearfully distorted. Zeus gave her the power of taking her eyes out of her head, and putting them in again. Greek
Demon name "Lamia" s A hag or demon. Keats's Lamia is a serpent which had assumed the form of a beautiful woman, beloved by a young man, and gets a soul.
"Lamies" Africa African spectres, having the head of a woman and tail of a serpent.
Spirit name "Lamin" Basque A spirit of human form, generally female, with the feet of an animal. Basque
"Lamminin" Scottish Lamkin, Linkin or Bold Rakin. A scottish ogre, represented in the ballad as a bloodthirsty mason; the terror of the Scots nursery.
"Lamp of Phoebus" Greek The Sun. Phoebus is the mythological personification of the Sun. Greek
"Lampos and Phaeton" Greek The two steeds of Aurora. One of Act?on's dogs was called Lampos. Greek
"Lamps" Christendom The seven lamps of sleep. In the mansion of the Knight of the Black Castle were seven lamps, which could be quenched only with water from an enchanted fountain. So long as these lamps kept burning, everyone within the room fell into a deep sleep, from which nothing could rouse them till the lamps were extinguished. Christendom