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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods
God Name: Tam Kung China Local sea god of rain and water able to calm storms by tossing in a handful of peas. China
God Name: Men Ascaenus Antioch Asia Minor Local tutelary god Asia Minor
God Name: Milkastart Semitic Local tutelary god of the from Umm el-Ammend Semitic(West)
God Name: Anna Kuari India/Oraon Local vegetation goddess who can give good crops and make a man rich, but to induce her to do so it is necessary to offer human sacrifices. India/Oraon
God Name: Dogumrik Afghanistan Local warrior and guardian god. Afghanistan
God Name: Maturaiviran Hindu Locally worshipped god with an interesting story Hindu
God Name: Sigyn Norse Loke's wife. She holds a basin to prevent the serpent's venom from dropping into Loke's face. Norse
God Name: Loki Norse Loki. To end, finish; Loke is the end and consummation of divinity. The evil giant-god of the Norse mythology. He steers the ship Naglfar in Ragnarok. He borrows Freyja's feather-garb and accompanies Thor to the giant Thrym, who has stolen Thor's hammer. He is the father of Sleipner; also of the Midgard serpent, of the Fenris-wolf and of Hel. He causes Balder's death, abuses the gods in ?ger's feast, but is captured in Fraanangerforce and is bound by the gods. Norse
God Name: Lud Celtic/British London; so called from Lud, a mythical king of Britain. Ludgate is, by a similar tradition, said to be the gate where Lud was buried. Celtic/British
God Name: Aius Locutius Gallic Loquens, was a Roman numen associated with the Gallic invasions of the early 4th century. In 390 BC, the Gauls moved in the direction of Rome. According to Roman folklore, a Roman named Caedicius kept hearing a disembodied nocturnal voice at the base of the Palatine hill in the Forum Romanum. The voice warned Caedicius of the oncoming attack and recommended that the walls of Rome be fortified.
God Name: Beelsamin Romn Lord of Heaven. Phoenician equivalent to Zeus
God Name: Seth Egypt Lord of Lower Egypt. Desert god associated with storms. Egypt
God Name: Vagisvara Buddhist Lord of Speech; a form of Manjusri who often received a vision of Tara who solved any problems of understanding he had. Buddhist
God Name: Ceyx Greek Lord of Trachis, was connected by friendship with Heracles. He was the father of Hippasus, who fell in battle fighting as the ally of Heracles. Greek
God Name: Hou Chi China Lord of abundant harvests China
God Name: Baalberith Canaanite Lord of covenant, god of death and demon master of the infernal alliance. Demon of blasphemy and murder. Demon of the second order. Chief Secretary and Archivist of Hell, master of the Infernal Alliance. He was one of the demons who possessed an Ursuline nun at Aix-en-Provence in 1610. Canaanite
God Name: Ch'ih Sung tzu China Lord of the rain
God Name: Ch'ih Sung China Lord of the rain. China
God Name: Tepyollotl Aztec Lord of uncertainty
God Name: Lotus Greek Lotus-eaters or Lotophagi, in Homeric legend, are a people who ate of the lotus-tree, the effect of which was to make them forget their friends and homes, and to lose all desire of returning to their native land, their only wish being to live in idleness in Lotus-land. Greek
God Name: Metztli Aztec Lowly god of worms who failed to sacrifice himself to become the sun, and became the moon instead, his face darkened by a rabbit. Aztec
God Name: Lu' dja lako Indians Lu Dja Lako, a monster bull turtle. Southeastern Indians
God Name: Luaths Lurgann Ireland Luaths Lurgann "the speedy-footed one" Warrior Goddess who was known the fastest runner in Ireland.
God Name: Lucerius aka Luceria Greek Lucetius and Lucetia, that is, the giver of light, occur as surnames of Jupiter and Juno.
God Name: Lumauwig Philippines Lumawig The supreme god and creator of all things. Philippines
God Name: Daramulum Australia Lunar being and mediator between the creator and humans. Australia
God Name: Lur Basques Lurbira. Earth mother of the Sun and of the Moon. One of the main spirits of the beliefs and mythical traditions of the Basques.
God Name: Lybie and Lamia Greek Lybie was the mother of Lamia by Poseidon and as there are virtually no references to Lybie in classical literature it seem likely that Lamia, Lybie and the Lamiae are all variations of the same myth concerning the beautiful queen of Libya, daughter of Belus and Libya. Lamia, in Greek mythology, queen of Libya. She was beloved by Zeus, and when Hera robbed her of her children out of jealousy, she killed every child she could get into her power. Hence Lamia came to mean a female bogey or demon, whose name was used by Greek mothers to frighten their children; from the Greek she passed into Roman demonology. Greek
God Name: Mansa, Matsya, Madya, Maithuna, Mudra Hindu M. The five M's: Mansa, Matsya, Madya, Maithuna, and Mudra (flesh, fish, wine, women, and gesticulation). The five forms of Hindu asceticism.
God Name: Ma Greek Ma signifies probably mother, as in Aeschylus, who applies it to the earth to designate her as the mother of all. Greek
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God Name: Ma-zu aka Matsu China Ma-Tsu, A-Ma, and Mizu-Gami, Goddess of the sea who is a benevolent guardian of fisherman. When you are facing great difficulty, you can call her Ma-zu and she will immediately come to your rescue. If, however, you address her as the "Empress of Heaven", she will have to take time to put on her fine clothing and will be delayed in coming to your aid. China
God Name: Maanegarm or Moongarm Norse Maanegarm or Moongarm [Moon-swallower]. A wolf of Loke's offspring. He devours the moon. Norse
God Name: Muati Mesopotamia/Sumeria Maat is merely the moral expression of Muat in the social world. An individual of this expression is known as a Muati i.e. "One who affirms Reality". The collective body of all Muati individuals have the anthropomorphic reference of Haru, the establisher of Maat. Mesopotamia/Sumeria
God Name: Phlegra Macedonia Macedonia, was where the giants attacked the gods. Encelados was the chief of the giants.
God Name: Macuilcozcacuauhtli Aztec Macuilcozcacuauhtli (five vulture) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God Name: Macuilcuetzpalin Aztec Macuilcuetzpalin (five lizard) - one of the Ahuiateteo the, gods of excess. Aztec
God Name: Macuilmalinalli Aztec Macuilmalinalli (five grass) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God Name: Macuiltochtli Aztec Macuiltochtli (five rabbit) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God Name: Macuilxochitl Aztec Macuilxochitl (five flower) - the god of games and gambling, and chief of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God Name: Promethean Unguent Greek Made from a herb on which some of the blood of Prometheus had fallen. Medea gave Jason some of this unguent, which rendered his body proof against fire and warlike instruments. Greek
God Name: Maeltine Mor-Brethach Ireland Maeltine Mor-Brethach - styled 'of the Great Judgments', he was a wise man of the Tuatha De Danaan who advised Lugh not to spare the life of Bres after the second battle of Magh Tuireadh. Ireland
God Name: Gia tri luc Buddhist Magical power of determination that Buddha confers on all who seek it and upholds it.
God Name: Magna Mater aka Cybele, Rhea Roman Magna Mater aka Cybele, Rhea. The Great Mother. Roman
God Name: Mahatala Borneo Mahatara. The Prince Of The Sun and The King Of The Moon. The Ngaju, Borneo
God Name: Cock of Heaven Crow Mahomet found in the first heaven a cock of such enormous size that its crest touched the second heaven. The crowing of this celestial bird arouses every living creature from sleep except man. The Moslem doctors say that Allah lends a willing ear to him who reads the Koran, to him who prays for pardon, and to the cock whose chant is divine melody. When this cock ceases to crow, the day of judgment will be at hand.
God Name: Kaswa s Mahomet's favourite camel, which fell on its knees in adoration when the prophet delivered the last clause of the Koran to the assembled multitude at Mecca. This is one of the dumb creatures admitted into the Moslem paradise.
God Name: Bajura Arabia Mahomet's standard.
God Name: Fadda Islam Mahomet's white mule. Islam
God Name: Elaine British Maiden aspect of the goddess British/Welsh
God Name: Blathnat Welsh Maiden form of the triple goddess Ireland/Welsh
God Name: Cally Berry Ireland Maiden goddess who, whilst her husband grew old and grey, she remained young and beautiful. Ireland
God Name: Maira-Monan Brazil Maire-Monan. Among the Tupinamba, the creator god. Among the Tupi, a culture hero. Brazil
God Name: Centeotl Aztec Maize god. Another name for Centeocihuatl, goddess of the maize. Aztec
God Name: Aleyin Phonecian Major God of springs and rainy-season vegetation. 'He who rides the clouds' often has with him seven companions and eight wild boars. Phonecian
God Name: Anat Phonecian Major Goddess of battle, bloodshed, and hunting, renowned for her hot temper and excitability. She killed the God Mot (temporarily) for her brother's sake. Daughter of Baal, sister of Aleyin. She appears as a maiden who rides a lion and carries shield, spear, and axe. Phonecian
God Name: Astart Phonecian Major Goddess of fertility, love, and pleasure. Patron of harlots and hedonists. Phonecian
God Name: Asherat Phonecian Major Goddess of marriage, fidelity, and home life. Phonecian
God Name: Danu Ireland Major mother goddess ancestress of the Tuatha De Danann. She gave her name to the Tuatha De Dannan (People of the Goddess Danu). Another aspect of the Morrigu. Ireland
God Name: Makonaima British Makunaima. The supreme god and creator who sent his son Sigu to rule over the earth. Among the Makushi he created the sky and earth, vegetation, animals and men. Among the Ackawoi and Caribs, he created birds, animals, and food plants, assisted by his son Sigu. British Guiana
God Name: Alfs Norse Male ancestral spirits. Norse
God Name: Kutkhu Kamchadal East Male and guardian spirit Siberia(East)
God Name: Phebele Congo Male god who fathered man Congo
God Name: Yeba Ka Navaho Male leader of the gods Navaho
God Name: Hastsezini Navaho Male spirit of fire Navaho
God Name: Hastseltsi Navaho Male spirit of racing. Navaho
God Name: Elel Puelche Argentina Malevolent demonic being. Argentina
God Name: Erkilek Inuit Malevolent hunting god. Inuit
God Name: Abonsam Africa / Ghana Malevolent spirit driven away by firing guns and shouting loudly, emptying houses of furniture and beating the interiors with sticks. Gold Coast
God Name: Davas Persia Malevolent spirits. Persia
God Name: Ba-Pef Egypt Malevolent underworld god. Egypt
God Name: Bodachs Scotland Malicious house spirits of the Scottish Highlands in the form of a shriveled old man who lives up the chimney in the daytime and comes out at night to punish naughty children. Scotland
God Name: Mana uDmuta s Mana and his Likeness, or Likeness of Spirit. Relates to the Mother of Life, coutnerpart of the Living Spirit in Mani's system. Early Nazorean
God Name: Manabozho aka Nanabush Ojibwa Manabozo, a spirit trickster figure and culture hero. He was the son of a human mother and Bangishimog, a spirit father. Nanabozho most often appears in the shape of a rabbit and is characterized as a trickster. He was sent to Earth by Gitchi Manitou to teach the Ojibwe, and one of his first tasks was to name all the plants and animals. Ojibwa
God Name: Manda dHiia s Manda-d-Hiya, the son of Nis'ibtun. Manda d Hiia means Gnosis of Life, or Temple of the Living Ones. A Savior spirit sometimes identified with Hibil. Looks out for humanity. Younger brother of Hibil-Ziwa. Sometimes Mani's Living Spirit, but often Yeshu and Miryai. Identified with Yeshu when he was baptized by John. Manda dHiia and Mahzian appear to have originally been titles for the Living Spirit, but ones attached to Yeshu later on. Early Nazorean
God Name: Manitou Algonquin Manito, Manitu, in traditional Algonquian First Nations culture, is the Great Spirit, the Creator of all things and the Giver of Life. "Manitou" is an Algonquin word for "spirit", and "Gitche Manitou" means "Great Spirit".
God Name: Mannheimar Norse Mannheimar (plural) [Homes of man]. Our earth. Manheim. Norse
God Name: Mara d Rabutha Aramaic Mara d Rabutha is the Lord of Greatness. Aramaic
God Name: Mara d Rabuta Aramaic Mara-d-Rabutha-'laita, Aramaic word meaning Priest and King and Angel.
God Name: Mardal Norse Mardoll or Martholl. One of the names of Freyja. Mardallar gratr (the tears of Mardal), gold. Norse
God Name: Marutgana Hindu Maruts, storm deities and sons of Rudra and Diti and attendants of Indra. The number of Maruts varies from two to sixty (three times sixty in RV 8.96.8. They are very violent and aggressive, described as armed with golden weapons i.e. lightnings and thunderbolts, as having iron teeth and roaring like lions, as residing in the north, as riding in golden chariots drawn by ruddy horses. Hindu
God Name: Grainne Ireland/Scotland/Manx Master herbalist and Goddess of the sun. Ireland/Scotland/Manx
God Name: Ga Oh Iroquois Master of the winds whose house is guarded by a bear. Iroquois
God Name: Miti Koryak Maternal spirit. Koryak
God Name: Mathgen Ireland Mathgen - the great magician of the Tuatha de Danaan who had the power to topple mountains onto his enemies. Ireland
God Name: Prahana or prakriti Theosophic Matter in its elemental state, is vyaya (perishable) and parinamin, subject to change. However, when Purusha and prakriti are regarded from the standpoint of the periods of manifestation, their aspects become mayavi (illusory), and hence in their interblending actions subject to the modifications of manvantaric evolution. Theosophic
God Name: May Molloch Irish May Molloch or The Maid of the Hairy Arms. An elf who condescends to mingle in ordinary sports, and even to direct the master of the house how to play dominoes or draughts. Like the White Lady of Avenel, May Molloch is a sort of banshee. Irish
God Name: Chthonia Greek May mean the subterraneous, or the goddess of the earth, that is, the protectress of the fields, whence it is used as a surname of infernal divinities, such as Hecate, Nyx and Melinoe, but especially of Demeter. Greek
God Name: Hayasum Nazorean May the Name of Kusta Live and Be With You Always. Nazorean
God Name: Mayahuel aka Mayahual Aztec Mayouel, the goddess of maguey, and by extension, alcohol. Aztec
God Name: Ahau Kin Mayan Meaning "lord of the sun face," he was a sun god and moon god; he had two manifestations. At night, he became a jaguar god and lord of the underworld. Mayan
God Name: Ah Bolom Tzacab Mayan Meaning "the lead-nosed god," he was a god of agriculture, thunder and rain. He was depicted with a leaf in his nose. Mayan
God Name: Abere Melanasia Meaning brutal, is a female cannibal in the legends of Melanasia.
God Name: Cocytus Greek Meaning river of wailing or lamentation, was the river in the underworld on the banks of which the dead who could not pay Charon wandered, according to most accounts, for one hundred years. It flowed into the river Acheron, across which lay Hades, the mythological abode of the dead. Greek
God Name: Orgoglio Italy Means "Arrogant Pride," or The Man of Sin. A hideous giant as tall as three men; he was son of Earth and Wind. Italy
God Name: Amano-Iwato Japanese Means "The cave of the sun god" of "heavenly rock cave". In Japanese mythology, Susanoo, the Japanese god of the seas, was the one who drove Amaterasu into Ame-no-Iwato. This caused the sun to hide for a long period of time.
God Name: Ard Greimme Scotland Means "high power" or "High sun". He is the father of the warrioress sisters Aife and Scathach Ireland/Scotland
God Name: Ilat Kenya Means "thunder." In Suk it means rain, and is the name of the rain-god, as in Elgeyo. But some Suk say that Ilat is the supreme god. Kenya
God Name: Hodeken German Means Little-hat, a German goblin or domestic fairy; so called because he always wore a little felt hat over his face.
God Name: Descended into hell Greek Means the place of the dead. (Anglo-Saxon, helan, to cover or conceal, like the Greek "Hades," the abode of the dead, from the verb a-cido, not to see. In both cases it means "the unseen world" or "the world concealed from sight." The god of this nether world was called "Hades" by the Greeks, and "Hel" or "Hela" by the Scandinavians. In some counties of England to cover in with a roof is "to hell the building," and thatchers or tilers are termed "helliers."
God Name: Medea's Kettle or Caldron Greek Medea's Kettle or Caldron, to boil the old into youth again. Medea, the sorceress, cut an old ram to pieces, and, throwing the pieces into her caldron, the old ram came forth a young lamb. The daughters of Pelias thought to restore their father to youth in the same way; but Medea refused to utter the magic words, and the old man ceased to live. Greek
God Name: Bhaisajyaguru Buddhist Medicine Buddha Buddhist/Tibet
God Name: Melqart Tyre Melkart, the tutelary god of the Phoenician city of Tyre.
God Name: Munin Norse Memory. One of Odin's ravens. Norse
God Name: Chaitanya Hindu Mendicant god Hindu/Puranic
God Name: Mephistopheles Christian Mephistophilis, Mephostophilus. A sneering, jeering, leering tempter. The character is that of a devil in Goethe's Faust. He is next in rank to Satan. Christian
God Name: Kuan-Yin China Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. China
God Name: Kwannon Japan Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. Japan
God Name: Kwanonn Japan Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. Japan
God Name: Kwanseieun Korea Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. Korea
God Name: Avfruvva Finland Mermaid goddess of Finland
God Name: Aput Egypt Messenger God. Egypt
God Name: Musisi Ndonga Angola Messenger god Angola
God Name: Papsukkal Akkadia Messenger god as well as the gatekeeper for the remainder of the pantheon. Akkadia
God Name: Hermod Norse Messenger god norse
God Name: Sogblen Togo Messenger god who carries the priests prayers to Sodza and brings back promises of good crops. Togo
God Name: Hahana Ku Mayan Messenger god. Mayan
God Name: Mlentengamunye Swazi Swaziland Messenger god. Swaziland
God Name: Bala Jain Messenger goddess Jain
God Name: Sarvastramahajvala Jain Messenger goddess Jain
God Name: Ninsubar Sumeria Messenger goddess not to be consused with the goddess Inana. Sumeria
God Name: Angels Christian/Jewish/Islam Messengers between the heaven and earth, with nine orders at present. Christian/Jewish/Islam
God Name: Gou Mang and Ru Shu China Messengers of the sky god China
God Name: Gaasyendietha Haudenosaunee Meteor Fire Lizards, they travel quickly from lake to lake to avoid setting the forest ablaze. Haudenosaunee
God Name: St George Michael, St. George, St. Margaret, Pope Sylvester, St. Samson (Archbishop of Dol), Donatus (fourth century), St. Clement of Metz, and many others, killed dragons.
God Name: Fuamnach Ireland Midir's first wife and a witch goddess. When Midir fell in love with Etain and married her, Fuamnach got so jealous that she cast several spells on her, but she did not succeed. Ireland
God Name: Milcom Hebrew/Christian Milcom god of the Ammonites whose cult Solomon introduced in Jerusalem. In the Book of Judges the name is replaced by Chemosh. Milcom may be identifiable with Molech.
God Name: Amat-Asherat Phonecian Minor Goddess of alchemy and conjuration. Banished by El to the desert, where she raised shinx-like creatures with a lion and a human head to fight Baal. Phonecian
God Name: Arsay Canaan Minor Goddess of moonlight, moist aerth and marshes. The third daughter of Baal. Canaan
God Name: Uliliyassis Hittite Minor Hittite god who was invoked, before the invention of Viagra, to remove impotence.
God Name: Aimend Ireland/Scotland Minor Sun Goddess who is thought to be the daughter of the king of the region known as Corco Loidhe. Ireland/Scotland
God Name: Havgan Welsh Minor Welsh god who vied for the kingship of the Otherworld
God Name: Srivasumukhi Buddhist Minor attendant goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Si'a Phoenicia Minor attendant goddess Phoenicia
God Name: Hasta Hindu Minor benevolent goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Sravana Hindu Minor benevolent goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Sravistha Hindu Minor benevolent goddess of fortune i Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Savati Hindu Minor benevolent goddess of fortune. Hindu
God Name: Imiut Egypt Minor chthonic protective god Egypt
God Name: Mehen Egypt Minor chthonic underworld god Egypt
God Name: Acolmiztli Aztec Minor chthonic underworld god. Aztec
God Name: Micapetlacoli Aztec Minor chthonic underworld goddess Aztec
God Name: Chicoonahuiehecatl Aztec Minor creator god. Aztec
God Name: Cacodaemons Greek Minor deities, one of whom it was believed was attached to each mortal from his birth as a constant companion and acting as a sort of messenger between the gods and men.
God Name: Manidhara Buddhist Minor deity and Lokeshvara's attendant. Tibetan Buddhist
God Name: Anantesa Hindu Minor deity and one of the eight Lords of of knowledge Hindu/Puranic
God Name: Ekarudra Hindu Minor deity, another aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Welchanos Greek Minor divinity of vegetation and fertility. Greek
God Name: Tezcatzoncatl Aztec Minor fertility god involved with the brewing of pulque Aztec
God Name: Ghentu Hindu Minor god Hindu
God Name: Meghanda Hindu Minor god Hindu
God Name: Satrughna Hindu Minor god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Sivottama Hindu Minor god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Srikantha Hindu Minor god and an aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic/Epic
God Name: Ubertas Roman Minor god of agriculture associated with fruitfulness, fertility and prosperity. Roman
God Name: Sarritor Roman Minor god of agriculture who was invoked during the growing and harvesting of crops Roman
God Name: Say Egypt Minor god of destiny Egypt
God Name: Atlahua Aztec Minor god of lakes and fishermen. Aztec
God Name: Ningirama Akkadia Minor god of magic who protected against snakes Babylon-Akkadia
God Name: Nappatecuhtli Aztec Minor god of mat makers. Aztec
God Name: Sezmu Egypt Minor god of one of the wine and oil presses Egypt
God Name: Gestu Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria Minor god of the intellect whose blood was used in the creation of mankind. Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
God Name: Pianan Aztec Minor god of war Aztec
God Name: Luchtain Ireland Minor god of war and death. Ireland
God Name: Duha Deo Hindu Minor god the bridegroom Hindu
God Name: Asalluha Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria Minor god who acts as a messenger and reporter to Enki. Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria
God Name: Sullat Akkadia Minor god who was an attendant of God of the sun Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
God Name: Kaka Akkadia Minor god with political pull Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
God Name: Isum Akkadia Minor god, possibly a god of fire Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
God Name: Anhouri Egypt Minor god. Egypt
God Name: Aparajita Buddhist Minor god/goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Cittavasita Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist
God Name: Ajaya Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Dipa Tara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Ganapatihrdaya Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Ganda Tara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Jayatara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Kamini Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Medha Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Nispannattara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Padmatara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Sundara Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Vasusri Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Mahayasa Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Marriott
God Name: Mahodadhi Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Meola
God Name: Dharmamegha Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
God Name: Durangama Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
God Name: Santana Hindu Minor goddess Hindu
God Name: Dipti Hindu Minor goddess Hindu/Puranic
God Name: Lasghusyamala Hindu Minor goddess Hindu/Puranic
God Name: Dhupa Buddhist Minor goddess and a censor Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Adhimukticarya Buddhist Minor goddess and deified Bhumis Buddhist/Vajrayana
God Name: Sulini Hindu Minor goddess appearance Hindu
God Name: Dharmapala Buddhist Minor goddess concerned with law Buddhist/Vajrayana
God Name: Messor Roman Minor goddess concerned with the growth and harvesting of crops Roman
God Name: Mhsala Hindu Minor goddess considered to be a form of Parvati Hindu
God Name: Sodasi Hindu Minor goddess identified with Tripurasundari, the radiant light in the three eyes of Shiva. She is the source of his wisdom, soul and consciousness. Hindu
God Name: Quinoa-Mama Peru Minor goddess in charge of rabbits. Peru
God Name: Nona Roman Minor goddess of birth Roman
God Name: Upakesini Buddhist Minor goddess of cultivation accomplished through the merits of generosity. Buddhist
God Name: Satis Egypt Minor goddess of fertility Egypt