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Goddess name "Ma-zu" Chinese Sea goddess. Known from the coastal regions of southeastern China as a benevolent guardian of fishermen, and closely linked with the goddess KUAN YIN....
Goddess name "Ma-zu aka Matsu" China Ma-Tsu, A-Ma, and Mizu-Gami, Goddess of the sea who is a benevolent guardian of fisherman. When you are facing great difficulty, you can call her Ma-zu and she will immediately come to your rescue. If, however, you address her as the "Empress of heaven";, she will have to take time to put on her fine clothing and will be delayed in coming to your aid. China
Goddess name "Maa-Ema" Estonian Estonian earth goddess
God name "Maahes" Egypt A lion-god, the devourer of the guilty and protector of the innocent. Egypt
God name "Maahes/ Maa/ Myhs/ Mihos" Egypt He's the god of sight, Sun god of the Nile Delta, & the midsummer
"Maanegarm or Moongarm" Norse Maanegarm or moongarm [Moon-swallower]. A wolf of Loke's offspring. He devours the moon. Norse
Goddess name "Maat" Egypt A goddess of justice, truth & stability
Goddess name "Maat" Egypt Minor goddess of cosmic order. Epitomizing the harmonious laws of the cosmic order. She is recognized from the middle of the third millennium, and probably earlier, closely associated with the creator deities and particularly the Sun god. In later times she was described as the “daughter of Re.” Her only known sanctuary is in the complex of Karnak at Thebes. Maat is depicted either in human form wearing an ostrich plume on her head or by an ostrich feather alone. The rulers of Egypt believed that they governed under her aegis and frequently had themselves described as “beloved of Maat.” Maat was also integral to the success of a soul passing through the Hall of the Two Truths, where the heart was weighed, to reach Paradise....
"Mab" Celtic A miniature creature who drives her chariot across the faces of sleeping people and compels them to dream dreams of wish-fulfillment. Celtic Fairy tale
"Mab" Welsh The faries' midwife. Sometimes incorrectly called queen of the fairies. Welsh
"Mab" Welsh The "fairies' midwife" i.e. employed by the fairies as midwife of dreams to deliver man's brain of dreams. Welsh
King name "Mabb" Irish utter intoxication. Originally queen of Tara,later queen of the Faeries and mythological queen of Connaught. She dumped her husband, king Conchobar and created nine Irish kings in succession and took each one her lover. She was also a fierce battle queen. Irish
God name "Mabon" Celtic Minor Sun god who also ironically represses. & of freedom, harmony & unity
God name "Mabon (son)" Celtic / Welsh God of youth. The son of an earthly mother, MODRON. According to legend he was abducted when three days old. Also a god of hunters and fishermen. He is known particularly from northwestern Britain and his cult extends along the region of Hadrian's Wall. Known from many Romano-Celtic inscriptions and syncretized with the Romano-Greek god APOLLO....
God name "Mabon ap Modron" Celtic Divine son, the son of Modron "divine mother"). Synonymous with the Ancient British god, Maponos. He was a hunter god who was stolen from his mother three days after his birth. He then lived in Annwn until he was rescued by Culhwch. Because of his time in Annwn, Mabon stayed a young adult forever. Celtic
God name "Mac Da Tho" Irish God of the otherworld. Irish
"MacCecht" Ireland He was a man of strong and fear. inspiring countenance. The shaft of his lance was the weight of a plough-yoke. He had a wooden shield covered with plates of iron, and upright in his hand he held a spear from the iron point of which blood dripped. Ireland
King name "MacCuill" Ireland Son of the hazel, one of the last Tuath kings, was so-called because he worshipped the hazel. Fairies danced beneath the hawthorn. Ogham tablets were of yew. Lady Wilde styled the elder a sacred tree; and the blackthorn, to which the Irishman is said to be still devoted, was a sacred tree. Ireland
"MacGreine" Ireland 'Son of the Sun', he was the husband of Eriu. Ireland
"Macaber" Arabic The dance macaber. The Dance of the dead (French, dance macabre.) A dance over which death presides, supposed to be executed by the dead of all ages and conditions. Arabic
"Macar or Macareus" Greek 1. A son of Helios and Rhodes, or, according to others, a son of Crinacus, who after the murder of Tenages fled from Rhodes to Lesbos. Greek
"Macedon" Greek A son of Zeus and Thyia, and a brother of Magnes, from whom Macedonia was believed to have derived its name. Greek
"Macha" Ireland One of the greatest of the women of the Tuatha de Danaan, she fed on the heads of men slain in battle. She, along with Badb and Morrigu, used powers of enchantment to bring mists, clouds of darkness, and showers of fire and blood over the Firbolgs at Teamhair for three days. The daughter of Emmass, she was killed by Balor in the second battle of Mag Tuireadh. Ireland
Goddess name "Macha" Celtic / Irish Fertility goddess. One of the aspects of the MORRIGAN (a trio of warrior goddesses with strong sexual connotations), she appears as the consort of Nemed and of Crunnchu. She is also a warrior goddess who influences the outcome of battle by magical devices. She can change shape from girl to hag and is generally dressed in red. She is depicted with red hair. She appears thus to the Irish hero, Cu Chulainn, before the Battle of Moytura when she suddenly changes herself into a crow, the harbinger of death. heads of slaughtered soldiers were fixed on the so-called Pole of Macha, and the ancient religious center of Emain Macha in Ulster is named after her.See also Banbha, ERIU and Fodla....
Goddess name "Macha[s]" Irish One of the aspects of the triple Morrigu, also a goddess of fertility, festival &, sports & war
God name "Macuilcozcacuauhtli" Aztec Macuilcozcacuauhtli (five vulture) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God name "Macuilcuetzpalin" Aztec Macuilcuetzpalin (five lizard) - one of the Ahuiateteo the, gods of excess. Aztec
God name "Macuilmalinalli" Aztec Macuilmalinalli (five grass) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God name "Macuiltochtli" Aztec Macuiltochtli (five rabbit) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
God name "Macuilxochitl" Aztec Macuilxochitl (five flower) - the god of games and gambling, and chief of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
Goddess name "Madalait" Australia Creator goddess and the sister-in-law of Wala, a Sun goddess. Australia
God name "Madari" Qanat A fertility god and he who enriches in the mother's womb. Qanat
Goddess name "Madb" Celtic A Celtic goddess of war.
Goddess name "Madder-Akka" Lapland Creator goddess. Lapland
God name "Madhukara" Buddhist God whose name means honey maker. Buddhist
God name "Madhukara (honey maker)" Buddhist God. Derived from a Hindu deity and equating with Kama. He rides in a chariot drawn by parrots. Color: white. Attributes: arrow, banner, bow and wine glass....
Deity name "Madumda" N American The creator deity of the Pomo, frequently identified with Coyote.
"Maeltine Mor-Brethach" Ireland Maeltine Mor-Brethach - styled 'of the Great Judgments', he was a wise man of the Tuatha De Danaan who advised Lugh not to spare the life of Bres after the second battle of Magh Tuireadh. Ireland
Demon name "Maenades" Greek The priestesses of Dionysus, who at the celebration of his festivals gave way to expressions of frenzied enthusiasm, as if they were under the spell of some demonic power. Greek
Goddess name "Maenads" Greek A goddesses of intoxication
"Maera" Greek One of the four daughters of Erasinus of Argos.
"Maera" Greek A daughter of Atlas, was married to Tegeates, the son of Lycaon.
"Maera" Greek A daughter of Proetus and Anteia, was one of the companions of Artemis, but was killed by her after she had become by Zeus the mother of Locrus
Goddess name "Maeve" Ireland Mother goddess who is the apotheosis of the land Ireland
Goddess name "Maeye" Celtic / Irish Mother goddess. The mythical queen of Connaught. According to tradition her consort is Ailill and she represents the “Sovereignty of Ireland” at Connaught. She is thus the apotheosis of the land which is sacred....
Goddess name "Mafdet" Egypt Minor goddess who is Guardian against snakes and scorpions Egypt
Goddess name "Mafdet" Egypt Minor goddess. She acts as a guardian against snakes and scorpions. She is depicted in the form of a panther, often with the instrument of an executioner....
"Magano" Ethiopia The supreme being of the Tambaro and the Sidamo, identified with the sky. Ethiopia
"Magbabaya" Philippines The highest and most powerful divinity, the creator and the sources of all life. Philippines
Goddess name "Magh Mor" Ireland Firbolg princess / goddess Ireland
Goddess name "Magh Mor Irish A" Fir Bolg princess / goddess
Goddess name "Magha" Hindu Benevolent minor goddess of fortune Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Magha" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess of fortune. A benevolent NAKSATRA; daughter of DAKSA and wife of CANDRA (SOMA)....
King name "Magi" Christian According to Christian fable, were Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthazar, three kings of the East. The first offered gold, the emblem of royalty, to the infant Jesus; the second, frankincense, in token of divinity; and the third, myrrh, in prophetic allusion to the persecution unto death which awaited the "Man of Sorrows."
Demon name "Magic Rings" Italy This superstition arose from the belief that magicians had the power of imprisoning demons in rings. The power was supposed to prevail in Asia, and subsequently in Salamanca, Toledo, and Italy.
Goddess name "Magna Mater" Roman The queen of heaven, Mother of All the Gods, Great Mother of the gods, Creatrix of the Universe, etc. Mother goddess from the beginning of time and exists in almost every ancient mythology. She is the earth or bears the planet and beings out of herself.
"Magna Mater aka Cybele, Rhea" Roman Magna Mater aka Cybele, Rhea. The Great Mother. Roman
"Magne [megin" Norse Strength]. A son of Thor. Norse
"Magnes" Greek 1. A son of Aeolus and Enarete, became the father of Polydectes and Dictys by a Naiad. The scholiast of Euripides calls his wife Philodice, and his sons Eurynomus and Eioneus but Eustathius calls his wife Meliboea, and mentions one son Alector, and adds that he called the town of Meliboea, at the foot of mount Pelion, after his wife, and the country of Magnesia after his own name. 2. A son of Argos and Perimele, and father of Hymenaeus from him also a portion of Thessaly derived its: name Magnesia. 3. A son of Zeus and Thyia, and brother of Macedon. Greek
God name "Magni" German This is a god of the future who has not yet arrived & a son of Thor
Deity name "Magog" Celtic A mountain deity
Demon name "Magog and Gog" Hebrew Are variously presented as men, supernatural beings (giants or demons), national groups, or lands. Gog and Magog occur widely in mythology and folklore.
King name "Magpyr family" Discworld A family of vampires who attempted to invade the kingdom of Lancre. Discworld
God name "Mah" Persia God, the progenitor of the cow who also presides over tides and time as well as God of the moon Persia
God name "Mah" Persian / Iran moon god. The progenitor of the cow, typically depicted with the tips of a sickle moon projecting from his shoulders....
"Mah-Abadean Dynasty" Persia The first dynasty of Persian mythological history. Mah Abad (the great Abad) and his wife were the only persons left on the earth after the great cycle, and from them the world was peopled. Azer Abad, the fourteenth and last of this dynasty, left the earth because "all flesh had corrupted itself," and a period of anarchy ensued.
God name "Maha-Ganapati" Hindu Elephant god, this time with 10 arms Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Maha-Ganapati" Hindu / Puranic Elephant god. This form of the god GANESA possesses ten arms instead of the more normal four and may have a goddess, BUDDHI or SIDDHI, seated on the knee....
Goddess name "Maha-Sarasvati" Hindu Goddess, an emanation of Laksmi Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Maha-Sarasvati" Hindu / Puranic (1) Goddess. An emanation of LAKSMI. Attributes: Book, hook, lute and rosary.(2) Goddess. Buddhist. A variety of SARASVATI. Depicted upon a lotus. Color: white. Attributes: garland of pearls and white lotus....
God name "Mahabala" Buddhist God, a rather fearsome emanation of Amitabha Buddhist / Mahayana
God name "Mahabala (very strong)" Buddhist / Mahayana God. A fearsome emanation of AMITABHA and a dikpala (guardian) of the northwestern quarter. Color: red. Attributes: jewel, snakes, sword, tiger skin, trident and white fly whisk. Three-headed....
God name "Mahabja" Hindu Snake god, a Naga Hindu / Puranic
God name "Mahabja" Hindu / Puranic Snake god. One of a group of seven MAHANAGAS....
Goddess name "Mahacinatara (Tara of Tibet)" Buddhist / Mahayana / / Lamaist / Tibet Goddess. An emanation of AKSOBHYA and, in Lamaism, a fearsome form of the Vajrayana goddess, EKAJATA, who may be depicted with up to twelve heads and twenty-four hands. She stands upon a corpse. Attributes: arrow, ax, blue lotus, bow, cup, image of Aksobhya on crown, knife, skull, snake, staff, sword, tiger skin and trident. Three-eyed....
"Mahadara" Borneo The supreme being and creator of all things. The Ot-danoms, Borneo and Indonesia
Supreme god name "Mahadeva" Shaivism An aspect of Shiva, the supreme God in Shaivism.
God name "Mahadeya (mighty god)" Hindu / Puranic God. An important epithet of SIVA with three heads (two male, one female) signifying the three aspects—Aghora (right), Saumya (center) and Sakti (left). Attributes: ax, bell, hook, mirror, noose, staff, sword, tree and trident. Also identified as a manifestation of Siva and one of the EKADASARUDRAS (eleven forms of RUDRA). In northern India among tribes including the Gonds, the expression Mahadeo (great god) is directed toward Siva as the supreme deity....
God name "Mahakala" Buddhist Guardian god of science and tents Buddhist
Goddess name "Mahakala" Hindu A Hindu Goddess, considered by some to be the consort of Shiva, and by others as the basis of Reality
God name "Mahakala (the great death)" Hindu / Puranic (1) God. A violent aspect of S IVA. His SAKTI is Mahakah. Rides upon a lion. Color: black. Attributes: five arrows, ax, Brahma-egg, club, cup, rosary of skulls, staff and trident. Three-eyed. Also considered to be a form of the god BHAIRAVA in which context he is a guardian of the faith.(2) Guardian god of tents and science. BuddhistLamaist [Tibet]. Derived from the Hindu god S iva and an emanation of the five DHYANIBUDDHAS. Also one of a group of DHARMAPALAS with terrible appearance and royal attire. A deity of riches. He treads on the god Vinayaka, or on a man, a corpse, or on two elephant-headed men. Color: black, blue or white. Attributes: mainly elephant skin, prayer wheel and trident, but may hold various other objects....
Goddess name "Mahakali" Hindu A form of the goddess Kali
Goddess name "Mahakali" Hindu One of three manifestations of Mahadevi, The Great Goddess. Hindu
Goddess name "Mahakali" Hindu Represent the ten Mahavidyas or "Great Wisdom Goddesses". She is depicted in this form as having ten heads, ten arms, and ten legs. Hindu
Goddess name "Mahakali" Jain Goddess learning Jain
Goddess name "Mahakali" Jain / India (1) Goddess of learning. One of sixteen VIDYADEVI headed by the goddess SARASVATI.(2) Form of the goddess KALI. Hindu. Also a SAKTI of MAHAKALA. Attributes: conch, cup, headdress, hook, knife, noose, rosary of skulls, staff, sword, waterjar and wheel....
God name "Mahakapi" Buddhist God and epitaph of the Buddha in a previous incarnation when he was an ape Buddhist
God name "Mahakapi (great ape)" Buddhist God. Epithet of the BUDDHA in a previous incarnation, appearing as an ape....
Goddess name "Mahal Mata" Hindu Mother goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Mahalaya" India A Devi goddess, the source of the universe. India
Goddess name "Mahalbiya Hausa" Africa Goddess of healing, fevers, ulcers Africa
Goddess name "Mahalkakshmi" India The Divine Mother. Goddess of war, wisdom and passion. India
Goddess name "Mahamanasika" Jain Goddess of learning Jain
Goddess name "Mahamanasika (great-minded)" Jain / India Goddess of learning. One of sixteen VIDYADEVI headed by the goddess SARASVATI....
Goddess name "Mahamantranusarini (following the great sacred text)" Buddhist Guardian goddess. One of a group of five MAHARAKSAS (protectresses) who are thought to be personifications of amulets or mantras. Also an emanation of the DHYANIBUDDHA RATNASAMBHAVA, alternatively of AKSOBHYA. She is a guardian of the west, south and eastern quarters according to separate traditions. Color: blue, black, green, white or red. Attributes: most commonly noose and staff. From four to twelve arms; may be three-headed....
Goddess name "Mahamantranusarni" Buddhist Guardian goddess Buddhist
Goddess name "Mahamataras" Hindu Group of goddesses Hindu
Goddess name "Mahamataras" Hindu Group of goddesses. Personifications of the SAKTI of the god S IVA....
God name "Mahamayuri" Buddhist Snake god Hindu / Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Mahamayuri (great daughter of the peacock)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. An extremely popular deity and an emanation of AMOGHASIDDHI. A female BODHISATTVA or buddha-designate. Also one of a group of five MAHARAKSAS (protectresses) who are thought to be personifications of amulets or mantras. Color: green, red or yellow. Attributes: alms bowl, arrow, banner, bow, fly whisk, image of Amoghasiddhi on crown, jewel, mendicant, peacock feather, prayer wheel, sword and water jar. Three-eyed and may occasionally appear three or four-headed....
Deities name "Mahanaga" Hindu Snake god. A group of seven deities identical with a group of seven nagadevas....
God name "Mahapadma" Hindu Snake god Hindu
God name "Mahapadma (great lotus)" Hindu Snake god. Attributes: rosary and waterjar. Three-eyed....
God name "Mahapararinirvanamurti" Buddhist God Buddhist
God name "Mahaparinirvanamurti" Buddhist God. The depiction of the BUDDHA lying in nirvana (paradise)....
"Mahaprabhu" India Singi-Arke. The supreme being and creator is generally benevolent but is known to cause fever and convulsions. His wife is Sita Mahalakshmi. The Bondo, India
God name "Mahaprabhu" Orissa / India Tutelary god. The local supreme deity of the Bondo tribe....
Goddess name "Mahapratisara" Buddhist Guardian goddess Buddhist
Goddess name "Mahapratisara (great protectress)" Buddhist Guardian goddess. One of a group of five MAHARAKSAS (protectresses) who are thought to be personifications of amulets or mantras. A guardian of the central or southern direction. Also an emanation of the DHYANIBUDDHA RATNASAMBHAVA. Color: yellow. Attributes: arrow, ax, banner, bow, conch, image of Ratnasambhava on crown, jewel, noose, parasol, prayer wheel, reliquary, sword, staff and trident. Three-headed and three-eyed....
Goddess name "Mahapratyangira" Buddhist Goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Mahapratyangira (great goddess whose speech is directed westwards)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. An emanation of the DHYANIBUDDHA AKSOBHYA. Color: blue. Attributes: hook, image of Aksobhya on crown, noose, red lotus, sword and trident....
God name "Mahapurub" India The creator god of the Raja Maria. Identified with Bhagavan. India
Goddess name "Maharaksa" Buddhist Group of guardian goddesses Buddhist
Goddess name "Maharaksa (great protectress)" Buddhist Group of guardian goddesses. Personifications of amulets or mantras. Common attribute: a parasol....
Goddess name "Maharatri" Hindu Goddess associated with Kali and Kamala Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Maharatri (the great night)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Goddess. Associated with KALI and KAMALA....
Goddess name "Mahasahaspramardani (the thousand fold destroyer)" Buddhist Goddess. An emanation of VAIROCANA, and one of the MAHARAKSAS. Color: white. Attributes: particularly noose, prayer wheel and sword, but also depicted with other objects including image of Vairocana on crown. May be four-headed....
Goddess name "Mahasahasprramardani" Buddhist Goddess whose name means the thousandfold destroyer Buddhist
"Mahasarasavati" India One of the 108 names of Kali. India
Goddess name "Mahasitavati" Buddhist Guardian goddess Buddhist
Goddess name "Mahasitavati (great cold one)" Buddhist Guardian goddess. One of a group of five MAHARAKSAS (protectresses) who are thought to be personifications of amulets or mantras. Also an emanation of the DHYANIBUD DHA AMITABHA (or sometimes RATNASAMBHAVA). A guardian of the north or west quarter. Color: red, yellow or green. Attributes: arrow, ax, banner, Book, bow, bowl, image of Amitabha on the crown, lotus, noose, peacock feather, staff, sword and trident. Three-eyed and may be three-headed....
Goddess name "Mahaskti" India Divine mother, goddess of war, passion, and wisdom, Supreme creator of the universe India
Goddess name "Mahaskti/ Mahesvari/ Mahakali/ Mahalkakshmi/ Mahasarasavati" India She is not only in the Divine mother, goddess of war, passion, & wisdom but she is the Supreme creator of the universe
Goddess name "Mahasri-Tara" Buddhist Goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Mahasri-Tars (of great beauty)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. An emanation of AMOGHASIDDHI. Depicted seated upon a moon. Color: green. Attributes: image of Amoghasiddhi and lotuses....
God name "Mahasthama(prapta) (he who has attained great power)" Buddhist / Mahayana God. A dhyanibodhisattva who personifies great wisdom. Color: white or yellow. Attributes: lotus, six lotuses and sword. (May have no attributes present.)...
God name "Mahasthamparata" India God of knowledge India
King name "Mahatala" Borneo Mahatara. The Prince Of The Sun and The king Of The moon. The Ngaju, Borneo
Goddess name "Mahavidya" Buddhist Of the collective name of a group of goddesses Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Mahavidya" Buddhist / Mahayana Collective name of a group of goddesses. Ten personifications of SAKTI as the femaleness of SIVA, associated with the possession of knowledge....
Goddess name "Mahayasa" Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist / Marriott
Goddess name "Mahayasa (most glorious)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
Goddess name "Mahcinatra" Buddhist Goddess Buddhist / Tibet / Mahayana
Spirit name "Maheo" Cheyenne The void dwelling omnipotent Great spirit and creator who created the water, light and air. With the help of Coot he made land by placing mud on the back of Grandmother Turtle, who then became the earth. Cheyenne Indians
God name "Maheo (all-spirit)" Cheyenne / USA Creator god. He first lived in the void and then created the great primordial water of life. He made the earth from a ball of mud and engendered mankind from one of his ribs which he implanted in earth woman (Christian influence has probably been exerted here)....
God name "Mahes" Egypt God of the Sun normally worshipped in the region of the Nile delta Egypt
God name "Mahes" Egypt Sun god. An ancient deity worshiped chiefly in the region of the Nile delta and representing the destructive power of the Sun's heat. Depicted in the form of a lion. Also Miysis (Greek)....
"Mahesvari" Hindu / Puranic / Epic The female energy of Mahesvara or Siva or as Durge the consort of Siva. Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Mahesvari" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. A SAKTI who in later Hinduism became one of a group of seven MATARAS regarded as of evil intent. Also one of eight ASTAMATARAS. In another grouping one of a group of nine NAVASAKTIS who, in southern India, rank higher than the SAPTAMATARAS. Attributes: antelope, arrow, ax, bow, club, drum, prayer wheel, staff and trident....
Goddess name "Mahi" Hindu Minor goddess of sacrifice Hindu / Vedic
Goddess name "Mahi (earth)" Hindu / Vedic Minor goddess of sacrifice. She is invoked to appear on the sacrificial field before a ritual, and is identified with the act of prayer. Usually associated with the goddess SARASVATI....
Demon name "Mahisa" Hindu demonic god Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Mahisa (buffalo)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic demonic god. Depicted most frequently in the form of a buffalo, but he also confounds the gods by changing himself into many other animal guises. He is eventually slain by the goddess DEVI in the form of MAHISASURAMARDINI....
Goddess name "Mahisasruramardini" Hindu Form of the goddess Devi Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Mahisasuramardini (slayer of the buffalo demon)" Hindu / Puranic Form of the goddess DEVI. Appearing from the fourth century AD onward, this goddess is a DURGA form of Devi. She possesses up to twelve arms holding an assortment of weapons and may be seated on a lion. According to legend, the form arose in response to the threat from the demonic MAHISA who was eventually slain by the goddess Devi with his own sword. Attributes: ax, banner, bell, bow, club, conch, drum, hook, lizard, mirror, noose, prayer wheel, shield, sword, staff and trident. Three-eyed....
God name "Mahiuikez" Polynesia Fire god Polynesia
Spirit name "Maho Peneta" Dakota The Great spirit of the Mandan. North Dakota
Spirit name "Maho Peneta Mandan" N American Great spirit USA
Goddess name "Mahodadhi" Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist / Meola
Goddess name "Mahodadhi (the great ocean)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
"Mahoun" Scotland Name of contempt for Mahomet, a Moslem, a Moor. In Scotland it used to mean devil.
"Mahpiyato" Lakota After the time of creation, the world was divided into three regions; the sky, the earth and waters and the underworld. When Mahpiyato created humans, they were placed in the subterranean region.. The Lakota, Plains Indians
Demon name "Mahr" Germanic demonic being similar to an Alp germanic / Slavic
King name "Mahrem" Axumite / ancient Ethiopic kingdom Head of pantheon. A warrior deity after whom the Axumite kings titled themselves “sons of MAHREM.”...
"Mahrem Auxmite" Ethiopia Head of the pantheon responsible for war Ethiopia
"Mahu" Lear The fiend-prince that urges to theft. Lear
Supreme god name "Mahu Fon" Africa She is the supreme goddess of the earth as well as a goddess of the moon & fertility
Goddess name "Mahui Iki" Polynesia Goddess of fire and the underworld. Polynesia
Goddess name "Mahuika" Polynesia Goddess of earthquakes who rules the edges of the underworld Polynesia
Goddess name "Mahuikez" Polynesian Fire god. Identified with earthquakes and possibly paralleling TOUIA FATUNA (iron stone goddess) in Tongan belief....
Spirit name "Mahzian-the-Word" Nazorean The "spirit who bestows light." Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Maia" Greek Goddess of midwives, the night sky, spring, fertility and fire Greek
"Maia" Greek Or Mcuas, a daughter of Atlas and Pleione (whence she is called Atlantis and Pleias), was the eldest of the Pleiades, and in a grotto of mount Cyllene in Arcadia she became by Zeus the mother of Hermes. Areas, the son of Zeus by Callisto, was given to her to be reared. Greek
Goddess name "Maia" Roman A goddess of growth whose cult was associated with that of Vulcanus
Goddess name "Maia" Greco - Roman Chthonic or earth goddess. Originally, in pre-Homeric times, a mountain spirit who subsequently became a minor consort of ZEUS. The Romans worshiped her as an obscure goddess of the plains who became briefly a consort of JUPITER, and they perceived her as the mother of the messenger god Mercury. Her cult was associated with that of VulcanUS. Possibly the origin of the name of the month of May.See also MERCURIUS....
God name "Maianwatahe" Sioux God of plenty and prosperous hunting. Sioux
"Maimoa-a-Longona" Polynesia The iron rock called Touiafutuna was split asunder and there leapt forth the second pair of the primordial male and female twins, Atungake and Maimoa-a-Longona. Tonga, Polynesia
God name "Mainatavasara" Melanesia One of Fiji's fourteen vanua; the ancient gods. Melanesia
"Maipe" Argentina A supreme being associated with the darkness of night, the violent wind of the desert and other dangers. Argentina
"Maiph" Argentina A supreme being, considered beneficent. The Pampean / Patagonians, Argentina
"Mair" Brazil The demiurge of the Urubu. Brazil
God name "Maira-Monan" Brazil Maire-Monan. Among the Tupinamba, the creator god. Among the Tupi, a culture hero. Brazil
Deity name "Maitresse Amelia" Haitian A loa or minor deity. Haitian Vodun
"Maitreya" Buddhist Designate Buddhist / India
"Maja" Sioux earth mother Sioux
God name "Majas Gars" Latvia household god Latvia
God name "Majas Gars" Pre - Christian Latvian household god. Invoked until very recent times in country districts as a deity who would bring prosperity to the family home....
God name "Majestas" Roman A divinity worshipped at Rome. She is mentioned in connection with Vulcan, and was regarded by some as the wife of that god, though it seems for no other reason but because a priest of Vulcan offered a sacrifice to her on the first of May. Roman
Goddess name "Maju" Basque God who is the consort of the mother goddess and a Divine spirit Basque
Goddess name "Maju" Basque / Pyrenean region God. The consort of the mother goddess MARI, he appears in the guise of a serpent....
"Makarom Manouwe" Indonesia The masculine principle lives in the sky and sometimes in the Sun, a primordial pair with Makarom Mawakhu. Island of Keisar, Indonesia
"Makarom Mawakhu" Indonesia The feminine principle is Present in the earth, and forms a primordial pair with Makarom Manouwe. Island of Keisar, Indonesia
God name "Makawe" New Zealand The chief god of the Arawa, Ngatituwharetoa, and Whanganui tribes. New Zealand
God name "Make Make" Polynesia God of creation. Polynesia, Easter Island
God name "Make Make" Polynesian / Easter Island Sea god. The tutelary deity of the Easter Islanders, he created mankind and animals. His sacred animal is the sea swallow and the huge anthropomorphic stone figures which characterize the island's archaeology form part of his cult....
God name "Makila" Californoa The thunder god who gave the people knowledge and taught them hunting and fishing and the arts. With Kuksu, the creators. The northern Pomo, California
God name "Makilehohoa" Java A sky god, father of Kimulani. Nukumanu and Ontong Java Melanesia
Supreme god name "Makonaima" British Makunaima. The supreme god and creator who sent his son Sigu to rule over the earth. Among the Makushi he created the sky and earth, vegetation, animals and men. Among the Ackawoi and Caribs, he created birds, animals, and food plants, assisted by his son Sigu. British Guiana
God name "Makowasendo" Mexico The sky god is the husband of Nangkwijo, the earth. The Tewa, Pueblo Indians, New Mexico and Arizona
God name "Makumba" Rhodesia A great god, the tribal god from whom the chief gets his authority. He gives, deprives, and kills, is invoked and made offerings. The Baushi , Rhodesia
"Makunaimma" Caribbean / C America He is the creator of the heavens, humans, & animals in no particular order
God name "Mal" Dravidian Pastoral god whose name means either the the great one or the dark one Dravidian / Tamil
God name "Mal" Dravidian / Tamil He is a pastoral god whose name means either the the great one or the dark one
Goddess name "Mal" Irish She was the goddess who ruled the hag's headland
God name "Mal" Early Dravidian / Tamil Creator god. Probably equating with a syncretization of VIS'NU and KRSNA. The name implies a deity of great stature. In Sangam texts, his face is like the moon, his eyes are lotuses and his CAKRA is the beams of the Sun. Also TIRUMAL....
Goddess name "Mala" Buddhist Mother goddess Buddhist / Tibet
Goddess name "Mala" Celtic Not actually a specific Goddess, more of a generalized concept of a Crone goddess. Celtic
Goddess name "Mala (garland)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Mother goddess. One of a group of ASTAMATARA deities. Color: red or yellow. Attributes: garland of Forest flowers, or of jewels....
God name "Malak-bel" Palmyra Of course other gods called "Lord" could be and sometimes were identified totally or in part with Bel Marduk. The god Malak-bel of Palmyra is an example, though in the later period from which most of our information comes he seems to have become very much a Sun god which Marduk was not.
God name "Malakbel" N Arabia A vegetation god