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God name "Nayenezgani" Navaho The most powerful war god
Deity name "Nazambi" Vodoun Of snake-deity worshiped in many voodoo cults. Vodoun
God name "Nazambi/ Nyambi/ Nzambe/ Yambe/ Zambi Bakongo" Zaire The creator god
God name "Nazapa" Zaire Creator god who is invoked at the Sunrise. Ngbandi. Zaire
God name "Nazapa Ngbandi" Zaire The creator god that is invoked at the Sunrise
Angel name "Nbarc" Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Spirit name "Nbat" Nazorean It burst forth. A spirit of fertility and life often envoked in spiritual texts and formulas. The First Great Radiance and Bursting Forth. Early Nazorean
Angel name "Nbrc" Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Spirit name "Ndahoro" Uganda The Great spirit of the Batoro whose assistants are Wmala and Kyomya. Uganda
God name "Ndara" Sulawesi God of the underworld. Sulawesi
God name "Ndaula" Uganda The name given to the god of smallpox. Lunyoro, Uganda
God name "Ndaula" Bunyoro / Uganda, East Africa Plague god. Particularly associated with smallpox. His shrines are usually situated on the edge of a community and on the frontiers of the tribal land so that he may be invoked to keep the disease in neighboring territory....
God name "Ndaula Bunyoro" Uganda A plague god associated with smallpox
God name "Ndauthina" Fiji The god of sailors and fishermen. When he was a toddler, his mother tied fiery reeds to his head. He has roamed the coral reefs with a hood on ever since. He is a trickster and a patron of adulterers, and a seducer of women. Fiji
Angel name "Ndazn" Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
"Ndjambi" Africa A supreme being whom they call by two names: Ndjambi Karunga. He lives in heaven and is omnipresent. Hereo, West Africa
God name "Ndjambi" Herero / Namibia, southwest Africa sky god. A benevolent deity who protects and lifts up all who die natural deaths. The utterance of his name is generally forbidden....
God name "Ndjambi Hereo" SW Africa A sky god who is name is generally forbidden to be spoken
"Ndo" China The omniscient supreme being whose name also means the sky, the firmament, the weather. The Miao, China
Angel name "Ndzn" Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
God name "Ne'nenk'nenkicex" Kamichadal The Christian God
God name "Ne'nenkicex" Kamchadal / southeastern Siberia Creator god. The name given to the Christian god by the Kamchadals under influence of the Russian Orthodox church....
"Nebethepet" Egypt mistress of the offering. The feminine counterpart of the creative principle of Atum. Egypt
Goddess name "Nebethetpet" Egypt Local primordial goddess. She was worshiped in Heliopolis and is a female counterpart to the Sun god ATUM in creation mythology. Specifically she is the hand with which he grasped his penis to self-create the cosmos....
God name "Nebo" Assyria The god of teaching, writing & wisdom and in
God name "Nebo" Assyria A Chaldean god whose worship was introduced into Assyria by Pul.
God name "Nebo" Babylonian The Babylonian god of wisdom and writing, worshipped by Babylonians as the son of Marduk and his consort, Sarpanitum, and as the grandson of Ea. Nabo's consort was Tashmetum.
God name "Nebo" Babylonian The god of science and literature, is said to have invented cuneiform writing. His temple was at Borsippa, but his worship was carried wherever Babylonian letters penetrated. Thus we had Mount Nebo in Moab, and the city of Nebo in Judea.
God name "Nebo" Western Semitic God of writing and wisdom. Known from Syrio-Palestinian inscriptions and equating to the Akkadian NABU. Mentioned in the Vetus Testamentum....
God name "Nebo aka Nimrud" Babylonian The Assyrio-Babylonian god of letters.
"Nebrophonus" Greek A son of Jason and Hypsipyle, and brother of Euneus. Greek
"Necessitas" Roman The personification of destiny, unalterable necessity and fate. She was also the mother of the Moirae. Roman
Goddess name "Nechmetawaj" Egypt A goddess of justice
"Nechmetawaj aka Hathor" Egypt A personification of the milky Way, which was seen as the milk that flowed from the udders of a heavenly cow. Egypt
"Nechtan" Irish The father and / or husband of Boann. He may be Nuada under another name, or his cult may have been replaced by that of Nuada. Irish
Angel name "Neciel" Christians angels of the Mansions of the moon.
"Nediyon" Tamil The dark aspect of Vishnu. Tamil
God name "Nediyon" Early Dravidian / Tamil / southern India Creator god. Equates with a syncretization of VISNU and KRSNA. The name implies a deity of tall stature. Sangam texts describe him wearing a golden robe. Attributes: conch, prayer wheel and lotus. Also Neduvel....
God name "Nefertem" Egypt A god of Sunrise, perfumes, ointments, virility, pleasure & Lotus flowers
Deity name "Nefertem aka Nefertum" Egypt Nefer-Tem, Nefer-Temu, the young Atum at the creation of the world had arisen from the primal waters. Since Atum was a solar deity, Nefertum represented Sunrise, and since Atum had arisen from the primal waters in the bud of an Egyptian blue water-lily, Nefertum was associated with this flower. Egypt
God name "Nefertum" Egypt A minor primordial God of creation from lower Egypt
Goddess name "Nefertum" Egypt / Lower Minor god of primordial creation. Specifically he is the blue lotus blossom of RE. Nefertum was worshiped in the Nile delta as the son of the cobra goddess WADJET. At Memphis he is the son of the goddess SAKHMET, while elsewhere in Lower Egypt his mother is considered to be the goddess BASTET. Also Nephthemis (Greek)....
Spirit name "Negafok" Inuit Cold weather spirit who lowers the temperature in Winter. Inuit
Goddess name "Negun" Mesopotamia Goddess who was evidently born to be a mother of heroes. Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Negun" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Minor goddess. Known from limited references and of uncertain function. Possibly associated with the goddess SIRARA. Her brother is As”ai and they are linked with the cities of Adab and Kes”. Also Lisin....
Goddess name "Nehalennia" Britain A goddess who was the patron deity of sea traders
Goddess name "Nehalennia" British A local goddess whose main function was the protection of travellers, especially seagoing travellers. British
"Nehalennia" S America The queen of the Dead moon Circus who is trapped within a mirror and searching for the legendary Golden Crystal, which will allow Nehellenia to break free of her entrapment and take over the earth. Sailor moon
Deity name "Nehallenia" Flemish The Flemish deity who presided over commerce and navigation.
Goddess name "Neharennia" Roman / Celtic Goddess of seafarers. Worshiped extensively between the second and thirteenth centuries AD, particularly in the Netherlands with sanctuaries at Domberg at the mouth of the Rhine and Colijnsplaat on the Scheldt. Probably began as a tribal deity of the Morini tribe. She is generally depicted with the attributes of fertility—a basket of fruit or cornucopia. She may also often have a small lapdog. Alternatively, she stands with one foot on the prow of a boat and grasps an oar or the rope....
Goddess name "Nehebka" Egypt serpent-headed Goddess who aided Anubis in the embalming and funeral rites. Egypt
"Nehebkau" Egypt Originally the explanation of the cause of binding of Ka and Ba after death. Thus his name, which means one who brings together Ka. Since these aspects of the soul were said to bind after death, Nehebkau was said to have guarded the entrance to Duat, the underworld. Egypt
God name "Nehebu-Kau" Egypt A serpent god who participated in the creation of the world when he swam around the solar boat of Re in the watery chaos. Egypt
God name "Nehebu-Kau" Egypt Minor snake god. Known from circa 1500 BC. Essentially a chthonic deity he is, according to tradition, the son of the god GEB. Allegedly having eaten seven cobras, NehebuKau offers protection against snake bite and scorpion sting. He is also one of the guardians of the Egyptian king in the afterlife....
God name "Neit" Ireland A god of war, the husband of Nemain, and sometimes of the Badb. Ireland
Goddess name "Neit" Celtic / Irish God of war. A minor deity identified as the consort of the goddess MORRIGAN in her aspect as Nemain. Also the grandfather of Balor, he was killed at the second legendary Battle of Moytura....
God name "Neit Irish A Tuatha" De Danann war god
Goddess name "Neith" Egypt Net, Neit, Nit, creator goddess and of war, the hunt and domestic arts. In later times she was also thought to have been an androgynous demiurge - a creation deity - who had both male and female attributes. Egypt
Spirit name "Nejma" Morocco spirit of healing. Morocco
Goddess name "Nekhbet" Egypt / Upper Local mother goddess. Known from Nekhab (el-Kab), she is generally depicted in the form of a vulture with one or both wings spread and holding the symbols of eternity in her talons. Nekhbet is known from at least 3000 BC and is mentioned in the Pyramid Texts as the “great white cow”—a familiar epithet in respect of Egyptian mother or creator goddesses....
Goddess name "Nekhebet" Egypt Vulture goddess of Upper Egypt
Goddess name "Nekhebt" Egypt The vulture goddess of Upper Egypt
"Nekmet" Arabic Ireland
Goddess name "Nekmet Awai" Egypt A goddess of justice and in
Goddess name "Nekmet Awai" Egypt Goddess of justice. Locally known from Hermopolis, she later became syncretized with the goddess HATHOR....
Goddess name "Nelaima" Latvia Goddess of destiny whose name means misfortune. Latvia
God name "Neleus" Greek A son of Cretheus and Tyro, the daughter of Salmoneus. Tyro, previous to her marriage with Neleus, is said to have loved the river-god Enipeus and in the form of Enipeus Poseidon once appeared to her, and became by her the father of Pelias and Neleus. Tyro exposed the two boys, but they were found and reared by horse-herds, and when they had grown up they learned who their mother was, and Pelias killed their foster-mother, who had ill-used Tyro. Greek
Goddess name "Nemain" Celtic A goddess of war, and possibly an aspect of the Morrigan. Her name means 'panic' or 'frenzy', and causing it among warriors was her specialty. Celtic
Goddess name "Nemain" Ireland One of the triune crone goddesses of battle Ireland
Goddess name "Nemain" Irish She is one of the triune crone goddesses of battle
God name "Nemausis" Gaelic God of water who has a sacred spring at Nimes in France Roman / Gaelic
God name "Nemausius" Roman / Celtic / Gallic God of water. Associated locally with a sacred spring at Nimes in France....
"Nemea" Greek A daughter of Asopus, from whom the district of Nemea between Cleonae and Phlius in Argolis was said to have received its name. Greek
"Nemean Lion" Greek The first of the labours of Hercules was to kill the Nemean lion (of Argolis), which kept the people in constant alarm. Its skin was so tough that his club made no impression on the beast, so Hercules caught it in his arms and squeezed it to death. He ever after wore the skin as a mantle. Greek
"Nemeius" Greek The Nemeian, a surname of Zeus, under which he had a sanctuary at Argos, with a bronze statue, the work of Lysippus, and where games were celebrated in his honour. Greek
"Nemertes" Greek That is, the Unerring, a daughter of Nereus and Doris. Greek
"Nemesis" Greek Is most commonly described as a daughter of night, though some call her a daughter of Erebus or of Oceanus. Nemesis is a personification of the moral reverence for law, of the natural fear of committing a culpable action, and hence of conscience, and for this reason she is mentioned along with Shame. Greek
Goddess name "Nemesis" Greco - Roman Goddess of justice and revenge. The dreaded deity who, with the Furies, is responsible for transporting the souls of the guilty to Tartarus. She is also described as the deification of indignation. Her presence may be symbolized by the fabulous winged griffon. Her cult was predominantly at Rhamnus (Attica), where a magnificent temple was built in her honor in the fifth century BC, and in Smyrna. She also had a temple at Iconium in Asia Minor. According to legend, ZEUS raped her and she bore HELEN in consequence. In certain respects she provides a parallel with the goddess ERINYS. Her cult became one of morality....
Goddess name "Nemetona" British Guardian goddess of all sacred places, especially groves Roman / British
Goddess name "Nemetona" Roman / Celtic Goddess of sacred groves. Consort to the Roman deity MARS. Evidenced at places such as Bath (England) and Mainz (Germany); but also in place names which include the etymological base nemeton (a shrine)....
God name "Nemglan" Ireland bird god who fathered Conaire Mor Ireland
God name "Nen" Egypt The consort of Nau, the first pair of the primeval gods in the Pyramid Texts. Egypt
God name "Nenaunic" Masai A god of storms
God name "Nenaunir" Masai God of storms Masai
Deity name "Nenekicex" Siberia A benevolent supreme deity and creator. The Kamchadal, Siberia
Supreme god name "Neo" Iroquois The supreme god, the Great spirit of Life. The Iroquois, Eastern Unites States
Goddess name "Neoga" Iroquois Goddess of the winds. Iroquois
God name "Neoldian" Discworld The Blacksmith of the Gods. He forged the Golden Falchion and engraved it with the words "For the Strongest - Lagunculae Leydianae Non Accedunt" (Batteries Not Included). He also repaired Leonard of Quirm's 'Kite', enabling it to return safely back to Ankh-Morpork. Discworld
Spirit name "Nepelle" Australia The ruler of the heavens and the father of all spirits. Australia
God name "Neper" Egypt God of grain and barley. Egypt
Spirit name "Neper" Egypt God of grain crops. The son of the snake spirit RENENUTET, he is subservient to HAPY, the god of the Nile flood, and has links with OSIRIS as a vegetation deity who dies and is reborn to the afterlife. In female form the deity becomes Nepit....
Nymph name "Nephele" s One of Diana's nymphs.
Goddess name "Nephthys" Egypt Goddess of death, war, of warriors. Egypt
Goddess name "Nephthys [Greek]" Egypt Funerary goddess. Nephthys is the younger sister of ISIS, OSIRIS and SETH, who are the offspring of the chthonic god GEB and the sky goddess NUT in the Ennead genealogy of Egyptian deities defined by the priests of Heliopolis. Nephthys is depicted in human form wearing a crown in the style of the hieroglyphic for a mansion, the translation of her Egyptian name. She can also take the form of a hawk watching over the funeral bier of Osiris. According to legend Nephthys liaised briefly with Osiris and bore the mortuary god ANUBIS. She is said to guide the dead Egyptian ruler through the dark underworld and to weep for him. Also Neb-hut (Egyptian)....
Goddess name "Nepit" Egypt Goddess of grain, female counterpart of the god Neper. Egypt
Goddess name "Nepthys" Egypt Goddess of the dead. Egypt
"Neptune's Horse" Roman Hippocampos; it had but two legs, the hinder part of the body being that of a fish. Roman
God name "Neptune/ Neptunus" Italy / Roman A god of irrigation
Planet name "Neptunus" Italic / Roman God of irrigation. Identified with the planet Neptune, but thought to have originated as an agricultural deity concerned with watering. He was celebrated in the festival of Neptunalia on July 23. Also the patron deity of horseracing. He became syncretized with the Greek god POSEIDON, but Neptune's modern association with the sea is a misrepresentation....
"Neptunus - Neptune" Roman The chief marine divinity of the Romans. His name is probably connected with the verb valu or nato, and a contraction of namtunus. As the early Romans were not a maritime people, and had not much to do with the sea, the marine divinities are not often mentioned, and we scarcely know with any certainty what day in the year was set apart as the festival of Neptunus, though it seems to have been the 23rd of July. Roman
Nymph name "Nereid" Greek Any one of the of the fifty sea nymphs
Nymph name "Nereides" Greek Or Nereides or Nerine, is a patronymic from Nereus, and applied to his daughters by Doris, who were regarded by the ancients as marine nymphs of the Mediterranean, in contra-distinction from the Naiades, or the nymphs of fresh water, and the Oceanides, or the nymphs of the great ocea. Greek
Spirit name "Nereides" Greco - Roman Animistic spirits of the sea. Female personalities, the best known of whom is AMPHITRITE, assigned the guardianship of the oceans by the great gods and invoked by seafarers. Also attendants of the god POSEIDON....
Goddess name "Neret" Egypt Vulture goddess of strength, fear, and theft. Egypt
"Nereus" Greek A son of Pontus and Gaea, and husband of Doris, by whom he became the father of the 50 Nereides. He is described as the wise and unerring old man of the sea, at the bottom of which he dwelt. Greek
God name "Nereus" Greek Minor sea god. The son of PONTOS and GAIA, and the father of the NEREIDES.See also PROTEUS....
Goddess name "Nergal" Assyrian / Babylonian One of the divinities who ruled the netherworld, a goddess of war & death
Goddess name "Nergal" Babylon One of the divinities who ruled the netherworld, amorality personified, and a goddess of war and death. Babylon
God name "Nergal" Mesopotamia God of plague, and a chthonic underworld god Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Nerrivik" Inuit Goddess of the sea Inuit
Goddess name "Nerrivik" Inuit Sea goddess. The mother of all sea creatures, invoked by fishermen and seal hunters.See also SEDNA....
Goddess name "Nerrivik/ Sedena" Inuit The sea goddess
Goddess name "Nerthus" Danish Goddess of fertility who, bless her heart, was associated with a piece Danish
"Nesaru" Arikara Power Above Arikara
"Neso" Greek A child of Nereus and Doris, one of the Nereides (Theogony of Hesiod 261); but Lycophron (1468) mentions one Neso as the mother of the Cumaean sibyl. Greek
"Nesr" Arabic An idol of the ancient Arabs. It was in the form of a vulture, and was worshipped by the tribe of Hemyer.
"Nesrem" Arabia A statute some fifty cubits high, in the form of an old woman. It was hollow within for the sake of giving secret oracles. Arabia
"Nestor" Greek A son of Neleus and Chloris of Pylos in Triphylia, and husband of Eurydice (or, according to others, of Anaxibia, the daughter of Cratieus), by whom he became the father of Peisidice, Polycaste, Perseus, Stratius, Aretus, Echephron, Peisistratus, Antilochus, and Thrasymedes. Greek
God name "Nesu" Fon / Benin, West Africa Tutelary god of royalty. The guardian of the tribal chiefs, his shrine, the Nese-we, is located close by royal palaces....
God name "Nesu Fon" Benin Tutelary god of royalty Benin
God name "Net" Irish A god of war
Goddess name "Net/ Neith" Egypt A goddess of the east, women, sorcery, the home, war, hunting, weaving
Spirit name "Netcheh" Egypt One of the Seven spirits appointed by Anubis. Egypt
God name "Netcheh Netcheh" Egypt A god of twofold vengeance
"Nete" Greek Delphic Muse of the lyre. The other Delphic Muses were Hypate and Mese. Greek
God name "Nethinium" Hebrew The hewers of wood and drawers of water for the house of God, an office which the Gibeomtes were condemned to by Joshua. The word means given to God. Joshua ix. 27
God name "Nethu s" Etruscan God of fresh water. Identified with wells and springs and depicted as a naked bearded figure. He is probably to be equated with the Roman god NEPTUNUS....
God name "Nethuns" Etruscan God of wells and of all water, including the sea. He was the same as the Greek Poseidon and Roman Neptune. Etruscan
God name "Neti" Babylon / Akkadian A chthonic underworld god
Goddess name "Neti" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian Chthonic underworld god. Chief gatekeeper of the netherworld. The servant of the goddess ERES KIGAL. Neti features prominently in the epic legend of Inana‘s Descent into the underworld when he opens the seven gates of the realm and admits the goddess, removing one emblem of her power at the threshold of each gate....
God name "Neti Neti" Sanskrit Not this, not this. Sanskrit words expressing the inexplicable Ultimate, the Absolute, the transcendental, the Divine, God.
God name "Neur" Kataragama God and maker of heaven and earth. Kataragama
Demon name "Neuralger" Discworld A female demon which comes to men in their dreams and has a headache. They are usually summoned by mistake, by demonologists who were expecting a succubus. Discworld
Demon name "Nevertheless" Hebrew Few if any Biblical uses of "Baal" refer to Hadad, the lord over the assembly of gods on the holy mount of heaven, but rather refer to any number of local spirit-deities worshipped as cult images, each called baal and regarded as an "idol". Therefore, in any text using the word baal it is important first to determine precisely which god, spirit or demon is meant.
"Nevinbimbaau" Melanesia Of Malekula Island, Vanuatu. Some descriptions call her an ogress while others seem to speak of her as simply a female figure. Melanesia
God name "Nextepehua" Aztec Scatterer of ashes. Minor chthonic underworld god. Aztec
Deities name "Nextepehua (ash-scatterer)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor chthonic underworld god. One of the group of deities belonging to the MICTLANTECUHTLI complex....
Deity name "Nezha" Chinese Nataku or Nata, a deity, the enfant terrible trickster, originally of Chinese mythology. His official Taoist deity name is Zhongtan Yuanshuai.
"Ng ai" Masai Creator of the universe
God name "Ngai" Africa The name of the High God. Kikuyu, East Africa
God name "Ngai" Kikuyu / Masai / East Africa Creator god. The name given to a single god in the heavens, influenced by the spread of Christianity. He is also perceived as, and may have evolved from, a weather god whose presence is symbolized by lightning....
God name "NgaiKikuyu/ Masai" E Africa The creator god
God name "Ngendi" Fiji A fertility god who showed men the use of fire. Fiji
Supreme god name "Ngewo" Sierra Leone The supreme god and creator of all including the spirits. The Mende, Sierra Leone
God name "Ngewo" Western Tropics Creator an el supremo god. Western Tropics
Deities name "Ngu u" Ewe / Togo, West Africa Generic title of guardian deities. The name means, approximately, the fates....
"Ngunuwo" Ewe / Togo The fates
"Ngunuwo Ewe" Togo Fates. Togo.
God name "Ngunyari" Australia A sky god important in initiation ceremonies having made the bull-roarer and established the rules regarding it. The Ungarinyin, Australia
Spirit name "Nguruhi" Africa The all-powerful but remote supreme being and creator who controls the elements and human destiny, but leaves daily occurrences to the influence of the ancestor spirits. The Wahehe, East Africa
Angel name "Nhdd" Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Angel name "Nhodd" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Nhur-Hai" Nazorean Nhur-Hai - Light of Life, one of the four sons of perfection behind the north star. Early Nazorean
God name "Ni" Huli This god is the sole cause of leprosy.
"Ni" Origin The sea and the origin of life. Chimu, Peru
God name "Ni" Chimu Indian / pre - Columbian South America / coastal areas of Peru Sea god. A significant deity in the pantheon, revered by fishermen. Often linked with SI, the moon god....
God name "Ni Chimu" Peru A sea god of significant status
"Ni O" Buddhist The protector of the Buddhist faith
"Niamh" Ireland The daughter of Manannan mac Lir and queen of Tir na nOg. She came down on a magical horse, Embarr, one day and asked Fionn mac Cumhail if his son Oisin would come with her to Tir na nOg. Oisin agreed and went with her to The Land of Youth. Ireland
God name "Niamye" Ivory Coast Creator god. Mbole, Ivory Coast
God name "Niamye" Baule / Ivory Coast, West Africa Creator god. He engendered a consort for himself and proceeded to create all other living things on earth. His anger is evidenced by lightning and thunderbolts....
Goddess name "Niangniang" China One of the Sacred Goddess of the heavenly Sages. A legend says Emperor Kangxi dedicated a temple to these female immortals in honour of good deeds they performed on his behalf. China
King name "Nibelung" Norway A mythical king of Norway, whose subjects are called Nibelungers and territory the Nibelungenland. There were two contemporary kings in this realm, against whom Siegfried. Prince of the Netherlands, fought. He slew the twelve giants who formed their paladins with 700 of their chiefs, and made their country tributary. The word is from nebcl (darkness), and means the children of mist or darkness. Volsunga Saga
King name "Nibelungen Hoard" German A mythical mass of gold and precious stones, which Siegfried obtained from the Nibelungs, and gave to his wife Kriemhild as her marriage portion. It was guarded by Albric the dwarf. After the murder of Siegfried, his widow removed the hoard to Worms; here Hagan seized it, and buried it secretly beneath "the Rhine at Lochham," intending at a future time to enjoy it, "but that was ne'er to be." Kriemhild married Etzel with the view of avenging her wrongs. In time Gunther, with Hagan and a host of Burgundians, went to visit king Etzel, and Kriemhild stirred up a great broil, at the end of which a most terrible slaughter ensued. Volsunga Saga
"Nibta" Nazorean Threw quarreling into the world. Early Nazorean
God name "Nicaea" Greek A nymph, the daughter of the river-god Sangarius and Cybele. A passionate huntress of exquisite beauty, she was beloved by a shepherd, Hymnus, who followed her and watched her closely. She finally became angry and shot him with one of her arrows. Greek
Goddess name "Nice" Roman The goddess of victory, or, as the Romans called her, Victoria
"Nicephorus" Greek Bringing victory, occurs as a surname of several divinities, such as Aphrodite.
Goddess name "Nicevenn" Roman A Scottish Witch Goddess from the Middle Ages who rides through the night with her followers on Samhain. Her name can be translated as "Divine" or "Brilliant." She is equated with the Roman goddess Diana.
"Nick" Scandinavian A water-wraith or kelpie. There are nicks in sea, lake, river, and waterfall. Both Catholic and Protestant clergy have laboured to stir up an aversion to these beings. They are sometimes represented as half-child, half-horse, the hoofs being reversed, and sometimes as old men sitting on rocks wringing the water from their hair. This kelpie must not be confounded with the nix. Scandinavian
"Nickar or Hnickar" Norse The name assumed by Odin when he impersonates the destroying principle. Norse
"Nickneven" Scottish A gigantic malignant hag of Scottish superstition.
"Nicor" Scandinavian A sea-devil, in Scandinavian mythology, who eats sailors. It was three fathoms long, with the body of a bison-bull, and the head of a cat, the beard of a man, and tusks an ell long, lying down on its breast.
Goddess name "Nidaba" Sumeria Goddess of fertility, in particular of the date palm and the reed. Sumeria
"Nidafell" Norse The Nida-mountains toward the north, where there is after Ragnarok, a golden hall for the race of Sindre (the dwarfs). Norse
Angel name "Nidbai" Nazorean Ned-vay (and Silmai) - Two angelic ones who make baptisms valid on a spiritual level. heavenly Helpers of earthly Nazoreans in becoming pure. "He who established prayers." Signs with the pure sign in baptism. Early Nazorean
"Nidhug" Norse A serpent of the nether world, that tears the carcases of the dead. He also lacerates Ygdrasil. Norse
"Niflheim" Norse The world of fog or mist; the nethermost of the rime worlds. The place of punishment (Hades). It was visited by Odin when he went to inquire after the fate of Balder. Norse
God name "Niha-Tsu-Hi-N -Kami" Shinto / Japan Fire god. Specifically the fire KAMI responsible for household fires in the yard....
God name "Niha-Tu-Hi-No-Kami" Japan / Shinto A fire God in that was responsible for household fires that were in the yard
"Nike" Greek Personified triumph. She was a daughter of Pallas and Styx, and the sister of Cratos, Bia, and Zelus. Nike and her siblings were all attendants of Zeus. Greek
Goddess name "Nike" Greco - Roman Goddess of victory. Depicted as a winged messenger bringing the laurel wreath to the victor of battle. Though of Greek origin, appearing in the Theogony of Hesiod, she was adopted by the Romans and worshiped extensively throughout Asia Minor, including Sardis. In some depictions the goddess ATHENA carries NIKE as a small winged figure. Also VICTORIA (Roman)....
Goddess name "Nikkal" Canaan Great Lady and Fruitful. Goddess of the fruits of the earth. Canaan
Goddess name "Nikkal" Western Semitic / Syrian moon goddess. The consort of the moon god Jarih and probably evolved from the Mesopotamian pantheon....
God name "Niladanda" Buddhist Guardian god of the southwestern quarter. Buddhist
God name "Niladanda" Buddhist God. A dikpala or guardian deity of the southwestern quarter. Color: blue. Attributes: jewel, lotus, staff, sword and trident....
Goddess name "Niladevi" Hindu Goddess who is a consort of Visnu. Hindu
Goddess name "Niladevi (black goddess)" Hindu / Puranic Consort of the god V IS NU. Mentioned only in the Vaikhanasagama text as the third wife of Vis nu, no art representation of this goddess has been discovered. She may be identical with the goddess Pinnai known in Tamilspeaking regions....
"Nilalohita" Hindu Sent by Shiva to take birth on earth to drive away the insanity of the people under the preachings of the Mayavadis and to propagate Srouta Sivaradhya Sampradayam. Hindu
God name "Nilalohita" Hindu God. One of the EKADASARUDRAS or eleven forms of the god RUDRA....
God name "Nilus" Greek The god of the river Nile in Egypt, is said to have been a son of Oceanus and Thetys, and father of Memphis and Chione. Pindar calls him a son of Cronos. Greek
"Nimrod" Genesis A mighty hunter before the Lord, which the Targum says means a "sinful hunting of the sons of men." Pope says of him, he was "a mighty hunter, and his prey was man". The legend is that the tomb of Nimrod still exists in Damascus, and that no dew ever "falls" upon it, even though all its surroundings are saturated with it. Genesis
Goddess name "Nin" Babylonia A goddess of wisdom
Goddess name "Nin Ezan [La]/ Gula" Sumeria A goddess of healing
Goddess name "Nin Ezen (La)" Sumerian Goddess. An alternative name for the goddess of healing, GULA....
Goddess name "Nin Insinna" Babylon Goddess of fertility. Babylon
Goddess name "Nin Mar Ki" Babylon gracious lady, a goddess of Babylon
Goddess name "Nin Mar Ki" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Goddess. See NINMAH....
Goddess name "Nin Mar Ki/ Ninmah" Mesopotamia / Sumeria A goddess goddess
Goddess name "Nin Me En" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Goddess. Probably equating to NINMENA....