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Monster name "Shita" Hopi A large monster who lived somewhere in the west, and used to come to the village of Oraibi to devour children. Often also grown people were eaten by the monster. The people became very much alarmed over the matter, and especially the village chief was very much worried over it. Finally he concluded to ask the Pookonghoyas for assistance. Hopi.
Goddess name "Shitala" Hindu A goddess invoked to get rid of small pox, chicken pox and grant fertility or children. Hindu
Spirit name "Shito Dama" Japan An astral spirit, bright red and shaped like a fireball. Japan
God name "Shiu Fang" China God of embankments China
Supreme god name "Shiva" Hindu The supreme God in Shaivism, a formless, timeless and spaceless Supreme God. Hindu
God name "Shiwanni" Mexico The god who created the heavens, and with Shiwanoka, his wife, created the Zuni Indians. New Mexico
God name "Shomde" Afghanistan Local creator god of the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan
God name "Shomde" Kafir / Afghanistan Creator god of localized observance. Known from various villages in the southern Hindukush. Shomde is regarded either as equating or senior to the more generally recognized god IMRA. According to observers he provides gold, silver and silk as well as butter, cheese, cream and flour. The main sanctuary was probably at the village of Dewa and in various wooden sculptures Shomde is depicted in human form. Also Wushum; Usum....
God name "Shoney" Scotland Sea faeries living off the coast of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Originally a single god of the North Sea Ireland / Scotland / Manx
"Shong Li-Kuan" Taoist / Chinese Immortal being. One of the “eight immortals” of Taoist mythology, he was once a mortal being who achieved immortality through his lifestyle. Attributes include a fan which he waves over the dead to revive them.See also BA XIAN....
Demon name "Shong-Kui" Taoist / Chinese God of literature. According to tradition he committed suicide when he failed in his examinations. Also a guardian deity against demons, his attribute is a sword....
God name "Shoten" Japan God of gamblers, prostitutes, merchants, speculators, procurers, actors, and geishas. Japan
God name "Shou Hsing" China A god of longevity
God name "Shou Lao" China A god of longevity that started out as an astral deity
God name "Shou Lao" Chinese God of longevity. He originates as an astral deity but comes to head the heavenly ministry responsible for setting the span of a person's life. He is also known as Nan-ji Hsian Weng, “the ancient of the South Pole.” His sacred animal is the crane, embodiment of long life....
God name "Shou-Hsing" Chinese Chinese god of long life and old age. He was the keeper of the Book with the life spans of men.
God name "Shoul lao" China A god of longevity
God name "Shouxing" China God of longevity. He rides a crane and holds a peach, both are symbols of long life. China
God name "Shu" Egypt God of light, associated with heat and dryness, often depicted as holding up the sky with his two hands, one at the place of Sunrise, the other of Sunset. Egypt
"Shudala-madan" Tamil Elementals which haunt graveyards, and scenes of crime and murder and places of execution. Tamil
God name "Shui Fang" China God of the wind and water. China
God name "Shui Yng" China Agriculture god. China
God name "Shui-Khan" Chinese Chinese god who defends men against evil and forgives their wrongdoings.
King name "Shun" China The last of the Wu-di, the legendary Five kings who ruled ancient China.
Goddess name "Shun I Fu gen" China A goddess of drought & of famine
God name "Shurdi" Albania A storm god that had been revered in recent times
God name "Shurdi" Illyrian / Albania storm god. Believed to send thunder and lightning and revered into more recent times....
Goddess name "Shutu" Babylon Goddess of the south winds. Babylon
Goddess name "Si" Slavic Goddess of justice Slavic
Goddess name "Si" Chimu Indian / pre - Columbian / coastal regions of Peru moon god. The head of the pantheon and guardian of weather and of harvests. He is depicted subtended by a sickle moon, wearing a feathered crown and an armored projection on his back. May also be represented as a goddess....
God name "Si Chimu" Peru God of the moon Peru
Goddess name "Si n" Nordic / Icelandic Goddess. The consort of LOKI and listed among the AESIR goddesses. Her son is Nari or Narfi. According to tradition, SKADI, the consort of NJORD, set a poisonous snake to drip poison on to a captive Loki but Sigyn collected most of the venom in a bowl and threw it away....
Goddess name "Si'a" Phoenicia Minor attendant goddess Phoenicia
Goddess name "Si'a" Western Semitic / Phoenician Minor attendant goddess. The personification of the holiness of sanctuaries of BAAL S AMIN. In Hellenic times she may have become syncretized with TYCHE....
Spirit name "Si'duku" Kamchadal / SE Siberia the mother spirit
Spirit name "Si'duku" Kamchadal / southeastern Siberia Mother spirit. The daughter of KUTKHU, Si'duku is the consort of her brother TI'ZIL-KUTKHU and the mother of Amle'i. Amle'i married another unnamed daughter of Si'duku and fathered the Kamchadal race....
Spirit name "Si'duku Kamchadal" East Mother spirit Siberia(East)
Spirit name "Si'mskalin" Kamchadal / SE Siberia guardian spirit
Spirit name "Si'mskalin" Kamchadal / southeastern Siberia Guardian spirit. One of two sons of KUTKHU....
Spirit name "Si'mskalin Kamchadal" East Guardian spirit Siberia(East)
"Si-wang-mu" China Lived eternally in the Jade mountains, was Mother queen of the West and a deputy of heaven who could see the world from her mountain peak and punish evil doers. China
God name "Sia" Egypt He is the god of perception
Deities name "Sia" Egypt God of perception. Minor deity depicted at RE's right hand where he holds the papyrus of intellect. He travels in the Sun god's barque. According to legend he was one of several deities formed in drops of blood falling from Re's penis....
Deity name "Siaparamita" Buddhist Philosophical deity Buddhist
God name "Sibika or Sivika" Sanskrit The weapon of Kuvera, the Vedic god of wealth equivalent to the Greek Pluto. Sanskrit
"Sibylla" Greek Is the name by which several prophetic women are designated who occur in various countries and at different times in antiquity. The name is said to signify the counsel of Zeus. Greek
"Siddha-sena" Hindu The leader of the celestial beings of both heaven and earth who are endowed with occult yogi powers. Hindu
"Siddhapura" Hindu City of the blest, or the White Island. A sacred city situated in the extreme north. Hindu
God name "Siddhi" Ireland Old gods who live it in the hills Ireland
Goddess name "Siddhi" Hindu Minor goddess of fortune who grants favors Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Siddhi" Hindu / Puranic / Epic A minor goddess of fortune that grants favors
Goddess name "Siddhi (accomplishment, success)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess of good fortune. A deity who grants favors. Sometimes associated with the elephant god GANESA or MAHA-GANAPATI, on whose knee she may sit. In earlier times she was described as a consort of BHAGA....
"Sidhat" Norse [Long-hood]. One of Odin's names, from his traveling in disguise with a large hat on his head hanging down over one side of his face to conceal his missing eye. Norse
"Sidskeg [Long-beard]" Norse One of Brage's names. It is also a name of Odin in the lay of Grimner. Norse
Goddess name "Siduri" Sumeria Minor goddess of happiness, merriment, wine making, brewing and of wisdom Sumeria
Goddess name "Siduri" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian Minor goddess of brewing. Also identified with wisdom....
Goddess name "Siebog" Wendish The god of love and marriage. He is consort to the goddess of love and marriage Sieba. Wendish
Goddess name "Sien Tsang" China Goddess of silk cultivation China
Goddess name "Sif" Norse The wife of Thor and mother of Uller. The word denotes affinity. Sif, the golden-haired goddess, wife of Thor, betokens mother earth with her bright green grass. She was the goddess of the sanctity of the family and wedlock, and hence her name. Norse
Goddess name "Sif" Nordic / Icelandic / / Germanic corn goddess. The consort of THOR. She is mentioned in the Eddaic Lay of Lokasenna and in the Lay of Har barth. According to Snorri Sturluson she was originally a prophetess called Sibyl. She possesses great beauty and has long golden hair. Her sons are ULL and Loridi. According to tradition, LOKI cut off Sif's hair in mischief, but when confronted and threatened by Thor, he had the dwarfs make her a magical hairpiece of pure gold which, when it touched her head, became a living part of her and grew....
"Sigfather" Norse [Father of victory]. A name of Odin. Norse
God name "Siguna" Scandinavian wife of Loki. She nurses him in his cavern, but sometimes, as she carries off the poison which the serpents gorge, a portion drops on the god, and his writhings cause earthquakes. Scandinavian
"Sigyn" Norse Loke's wife. She holds a basin to prevent the serpent's venom from dropping into Loke's face. Norse
"Sikhandin" Hindu A character in the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. The son of Drupada, he fought in the Kurukshetra war on the side of the Pandavas.
Deity name "Sikhandin (with a tuft of hair)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor deity. One of a group of emancipated VIDYESVARAS (lords of knowledge) considered to be aspects of S IVA. Attributes: knife and sword....
God name "Sikhin" Buddhist / Tibet Physician god. Buddhist / Tibet
God name "Sikhin" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Physician god. Accounted among one of a series of Medicine buddhas or SMAN-BLA. Typically depicted with stretched earlobes. Color: yellowish red. NOTE: the term also defines the symbolic use of fire....
God name "Sila" Inuit God of storms. Inuit
Spirit name "Silaparamita (perfection of character)" Buddhist Philosophical deity. spiritual offspring of RATNASAMBHAVA. Color: white. Attributes: floral prayer wheel and jeweled staff....
Nymph name "Silenus" Greek It is remarked in the article Satyrus, that the older Satyrs were generally termed Sileni, but one of these Sileni is commonly the Silenus, who always acts a prominent part in the retinue of Dionysus, from whom he is inseparable, and whom he is said to have brought up and instructed. Like the other Satyrs he is called a son of Hermes, but others call him a son of Pan by a nymph, or of Gaea. Greek
Goddess name "Silewe Nazarata" Indonesia Goddess Understanding, of wisdom Indonesia
God name "Silik-muludag" Akkadian The god among all the gods, offspring of the abstract Divine wisdom and the great unseen Divine. Akkadian
Supreme god name "Silma Inua" Inuit Supreme god, rarely invoked or prayed to. Inuit
Supreme god name "Silma Inua" Inuit Supreme god. A remote and vaguely defined figure only rarely invoked or prayed to....
God name "Silvanus" Roman A Latin divinity of the fields and Forests, to whom in the very earliest times the Tyrrhenian Pelasgians are said to have dedicated a grove and a festival. He is described as a god watching over the fields and husbandmen, and is also called the protector of the boundaries of fields.
Deities name "Silvanus" Roman Minor god of woodlands and Forests. Worship of Silvanus seems largely to have been limited to northern Italy. He became incorporated into the Celtic pantheon where his symbolism includes a bill-hook, pots and hammers. His sacred animal is the stag. The name was extended to embrace groups of woodland deities, the Silvani or Silvanae....
God name "Silvertop" Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
God name "Simois" Greek The god of the river Simois, which flows from mount Ida, and in the plain of Troy joins the Xanthus or Scamander. He is described as a son of Oceanus and Tethys and as the father of Astyoche and Hieromneme.
"Simorgh" Persian Gigantic bird like the hippogriff or griffin; half phoenix, half lion. Persian
God name "Sin" Babylon God of the moon. Babylon
Goddess name "Sin" Babylon / Chaldea A moon goddess
Deity name "Sin" Chaldean deity of the moon. Chaldean
God name "Sin" Dzyan Father of the gods, creator of all things and parent of the Sun. Dzyan
Goddess name "Sin" Ireland Patron goddess of warriors. Ireland
Goddess name "Sin" Irish Patron goddess of warriors
God name "Sin" Mesopotamian / BabylonianAkkadian moon god. Derived from the older Sumerian model of NANNA. His consort is NIKKAL (NINGAL). He is symbolized by the new moon and perceived as a bull whose horns are the crescent of the moon. Cult centers are identified at Ur, Harran and Neirab. Also Suen (archaic)....
Goddess name "Sina" Samoa Goddess of the moon. Samoa
Goddess name "Sina" Polynesian / Samoan moon goddess. See also HINA....
Goddess name "Sinann" Celtic Goddess of rivers. Celtic
Goddess name "Sindgund" Germanic Goddess of healing charms. Germanic
Goddess name "Sindhu" Hindu Goddess of rivers Hindu / Vedic
Goddess name "Sindhu" Hindu / Vedic River goddess. Identified only in the Rg Veda and of unknown source....
"Sindre" Norse One of the most famous dwarfs. Norse
Spirit name "Sing Bongha" Kolarian The spirit of the Sun. Kolarian
God name "Singala" N Arabia A local god
God name "Singala" Pre - Islamic northern Arabian Local god. Mentioned only in name by the Babylonian king Nabonidus, worshiped at Taima and influenced strongly by Egyptian culture.See also SALM OF MAHRAM....
God name "Singala N" Arabic , Local god Arabic
God name "Sinhanada" Buddhist Physician god Buddhist / Tibet
God name "Sinhanada (lion's roar)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Physician god. A variety of AVALOKITESVARA. Typically depicted with stretched earlobes and attended by a lion. Color: white. Attributes: cup, fly whisk, image of the AMITABHA on the crown, lotus, moon disc, rosary, skin, snake, sword and trident. Three-eyed. Also accounted among one of a series of Medicine buddhas or SMAN-BLA....
God name "Sinir" Norse One of the horses of the gods. Norse
"Sinis" Greek Or Sinnis a son of Polypemon, Pemon or Poseidon by Sylea, the daughter of Corinthus. He was surnamed according to some Pityocamptes, and according to others Procrustes. Sinis was called the Pine-Bender because this was his manner of executing his victims and used to ask travellers to help him bend two pine trees to the ground. Greek
Goddess name "Sinivali" Hindu Minor goddess of prosperity Hindu / Vedic
Goddess name "Sinivali" Hindu / Vedic Minor goddess of prosperity. Associated specifically with the boon of children. The mistress of the nuclear family. She is depicted as a matronly lady....
Goddess name "Sinnilktok" Inuit Goddess of healing Inuit
God name "Sinoe" Greek An Arcadian nymph, brought up the god Pan, who derived from her the surname Sinoeis. Greek
"Sinon" Greek A son of Aesimus, or Sisyphus, and a grandson of Autolycus and a relation of Odysseus
Supreme god name "Sins Sga'nagwai" Haida / BC Canada A supreme god that gives power to all things
Supreme god name "Sins Sga'nagwai (power of the shining heavens)" Haida Indian / Queen Charlotte Island, Canada Supreme god. The god who gives power to all things....
Supreme god name "Sins Sga'nagwai Haid" BC Canada Supreme god who gives power to all things BC Canada
God name "Sio Humis" Ahopui Rain god Ahopui
Goddess name "Siofn" Norse Goddess listed by Snorri norse / Icelandic
Goddess name "Siofn" Nordic / Icelandic Goddess. Listed by Snorri (Prose Edda) as one of the AESIR goddesses....
Goddess name "Sionnan" Ireland Goddess of the River Shannon Ireland
Angel name "Siosp" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Goddess name "Sipe Gialmo" Burma An ancient Goddess of Burma. Usually depicted having three eyes.
Goddess name "Sipe Gialmo" Tibet Mother goddess, the queen of the world Tibet / Bon
Goddess name "Sipe Gialmo" Bon / pre - Lamaist / Tibet Mother goddess. The so-called “queen of the world.” Her animal is a mule. Attributes: banner, bowl, parasol, swastika, sword and trident. Three-eyed....
Goddess name "Sipylene" Anatolia / Symnra Mother goddess worshiped in the Metroon sanctuary. Anatolia / Symnra
Goddess name "Sipylene" Smyrna / Anatolia / west coast of Turkey Mother goddess. The localized name of the great mother, worshiped in the Metroon sanctuary....
"Sirah" Quran Hagiographies of the Prophet, including also information on his wives. Quran
God name "Sirao" Indonesia The high god of the north and central Nias Island. Indonesia
Goddess name "Sirara" Akkadia Goddess of the Persian Gulf. In creation mythology she is given charge over the waters of the Gulf by the god Enki Akkadia
Goddess name "Sirara" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian Goddess of the Persian Gulf. In creation mythology she is given charge over the waters of the Gulf by the god ENKI....
"Sirens" Greek Mythical beings who were believed to have the power of enchanting and charming, by their song, any one who heard them. When Odysseus, in his wanderings through the Mediterranean, came near the island on the lovely beach of which the Sirens were sitting, and endeavouring to allure him and his companions, he, on the advice of Circe, stuffed the ears of his companions with wax, and tied himself to the mast of his vessel, until he was so far off that he could no longer hear their song. Greek
"Sirin" Russian A mythological creature with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird. According to the myth, they lived near Eden or around the Euphrates River. Russian
Goddess name "Siris" Babylon Goddess of banquets and Rain clouds Babylon
Goddess name "Siris/ Sirah" Babylon A goddess of banquets & Rain clouds
"Sirius" Greek The dog of Orion, who followed his master when he was made a constellation. The Dog-star or the Egyptian Sothis. Greek
Goddess name "Sirona" Celtic / Roman A local goddess of healing from the Moselle basin of Germany
Goddess name "Sirona" European / Celtic A sky Goddess and a deity of the Sun. European / Celtic
Goddess name "Sirona" Roman / Celtic / Gallic Local goddess of healing. Known from limited inscriptions in which she is usually associated with the god GRANNUS or with the Celtic APOLLO. A sculpture from Hochscheid in the Moselle basin in Germany describes her with a snake round her wrist reaching toward a bowl of three eggs in her left hand. She may also have a small lapdog. Some authors suggest she has sky associations.See also DIVONA and ONUAVA....
Goddess name "Sirona/ Dirona" Britain A goddess of beneficial hot springs
Goddess name "Sirone" Haiti Goddess of water and protector of bathing children Haiti / Vodun
God name "Sirsir" Akkadia Guardian god of boatmen Babylon / Akkadia
God name "Sirsir" Mesopotamian / BabylonianAkkadian God of mariners. The guardian of boatmen....
Goddess name "Sirtur" Akkadia Goddess of sheep Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia / Sumeria
Goddess name "Sirtur" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian Sheep goddess. Known from inscriptions and passing comments in texts. Syncretized with NINSUN....
Angel name "Sisp" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God name "Sisyphos" Corinthian The god of the faded Sun
God name "Sisyphos" Corinthian Sun god. Specifically the god of the faded Sun, probably equating to the Hittite weather god TESUB....
"Sisyphus" Greek A son of Aeolus and Enarete, whence he is called Aeolides. He was accordingly a brother of Cretheus, Athamas, Salmoneus, Deion, Magnes, Perieres, Canace, Alcyone, Peisidice, Calyce and Perimede. Greek
King name "Sita" Hindu A furrow; Rama's wife, so named because she sprang from a furrow made by king Janaka while plowing the ground to prepare it for a sacrifice by him to obtain a son. Hindu
Goddess name "Sitala(mata) (possibly meaning ‘mother cold')" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. One of seven SAKTIS who in later Hinduism became regarded as of evil intent, inflicting sickness. Particularly known from Bengal where she may be identified with the goddess KALI. Usually standing naked upon a lotus or riding an ass. Alternatively symbolized by a stone on which a face is painted. Attribute: waterjar....
Goddess name "Sitala[mata]" Hindu Mother goddess of healing Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Sitapata" Buddhist Goddess / Buddha designate Buddhist
Goddess name "Sitapatra (with a white umbrella)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. An emanation of VAIROCANA and a female BODHISATTVA or buddhadesignate. Color: white. Attributes: arrow, bow, hook, noose, parasol, prayer wheel and white staff. Sometimes three-eyed and three-headed....
Goddess name "Sitatara (the ‘white Tara')" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Goddess. Of mild disposition, she is regarded as one of the forms of the goddess TARA and an emanation of AMOGHASIDDHI or VAIROCANA. In later times she became identified as a female variety of AVALOKITESVARA PADMAPANI. By tradition she is the incarnation of a Chinese princess. Color: white. Attributes: arrow, blue or white lotus, bow, image of Amoghasiddhi, jewel, moon disc and rosary. Threeor seven-eyed....
King name "Sithon" Greek A son of Poseidon and Assa, or of Ares and Achiroe, the daughter of Neilus, was married to the nymph Mendeis, by whom he became the father of Pallene and Rhoeteia. He was king of the Hadomantes in Macedonia, or king of Thrace. Pallene, on account of her beauty, had numerous suitors, and Sithon, who promised her to the one who should conquer him in single combat, slew many. Greek
"Sito" Greek A surname of Demeter, describing her as the giver of food or corn. Greek
God name "Siuelo" Tonga The fisherman's god able to walk on the sea. Tonga
God name "Siva" Hindu The third god of the Hindu trinity: Brahma the evolver; Vishnu the preserver; and Siva the regenerator or destroyer. Hindu
God name "Sivini" Armenia God of the Sun Armenia
God name "Sivini" Urartian / Armenia Sun god. Known from inscriptions....
God name "Sivottama" Hindu Minor god Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Sivottama (highest Siiva)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor god. One of a group of emancipated VIDYESVARAS (lords of knowledge) considered to be aspects of SIVA....
Goddess name "Siwa" Slavic Fertility and love goddess. Slavic
Goddess name "Sjofn" Norse One of the goddesses. She delights in turning men's hearts to love. Norse
"Skadi" Norse A giantess; daughter of Thjasse and the wife of Njord. She dwells in Thrymheim, and hangs a venom serpent over Loke's face. Norse
Goddess name "Skadi" Nordic / Icelandic Goddess. One of the AESIR goddesses. The daughter of the giant Thiassi and consort of the god NJORD. By tradition she lives apart from her husband, he preferring the coast and she the mountains. She is described as “ski lady,” a huntress who travels on skis and hunts game with a bow. She is constantly at odds with the god LOKI and on one occasion, when he had been captured and held down with stones, she tried to poison him by suspending a poisonous snake over his face. Loki's consort SIGYN saved him by collecting the venom in a bowl....
God name "Skanda" India God of war. India
God name "Skeiron" Greek God of the Northwest wind. Greek
God name "Skidbladner" Norse The name of the famous ship of the god Frey that could move alike on land or sea and could be made small or great at will. Norse
"Skinfax" Norse [Shining-mane]. The horse of Day. Norse
"Skirner" Norse Skirner [The bright one]. Frey's messenger. Norse
"Skrymer" Norse The name of a giant; also the name assumed by Utgard-Loke. Norse
"Skrzak" Polish Skrzat, a little flying imp in Polish and Wendish mythology.
"Skuld" Norse The norn of the future. Norse
King name "Slaine" Ireland Slaine mac Dela of the Fir Bolg, the first legendary High king of Ireland
"Slaine mac Partholoin" Ireland One of the first group of settlers of Ireland after the Flood
"Sleipner [The slipper]" Norse The name of Odin's eight-footed steed. He is begotten by Loke with Svadilfare. Norse
Angel name "Slgaiol" Enochian A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North. Enochian
"Sman-Bla" Buddhist The twelve heavenly generals who guard the Buddha of Medicine. Buddhist
God name "Smertrios" Celtic God of war and tutelary deity of the Treveri. Celtic
God name "Smertrios" Celtic / Gallic God of war. The tutelary deity of the Treveri. Allegedly the subject of a votive monument which depicts a bearded god holding a snake....
"Smintheus" Greek A surname of Apollo, which is derived by some from a mouse, and by others from the town of Sminthe in Troas. The mouse was regarded by the ancients as inspired by the vapours arising from the earth, and as the symbol of prophetic power. Greek
God name "Smrti" Buddhist / Mayhayana A minor god
God name "Smrti (tradition)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor god. Snulk'ulxa'Is...
"Smyrna" Greek A daughter of Theias and Oreithya, or of Cinyras and Cenchreis: she is also called Myrrhe, and is said to have given the name to the town of Smyrna. (Apollodorus iii. Metamorphoses X). mentions an Amazon who bore the same name. Greek
Goddess name "Snegurochka" Russia Goddess and Winter Russia
Goddess name "Snotra" Norse The name of one of the goddesses of knowledge, wisdom and Virtue. Norse
God name "Snulk'ulxa'ls" Bella Coola / BC Canada An arctypical god, rather like the Christian god in as he provided a conflict of decent and evil treatment for humans
God name "Snulk'ulxa'ls Bella Coola" BC Canada Arctypical god, rather like the Christian god in as he provided a conflict of decent and evil treatment for humans BC Canada
God name "So" Ewe / Hua / Togo and weather god
Deities name "So" Ewe / Hua / Togo / southeastern Ghana, West Africa weather god. An emanation of the combined personae of the deities SOGBLEN and SODZA....
God name "So Ewe" Togo And weather god Togo
God name "Sobek" Egypt Crocodile god. In the Book of the Dead, he assists in the birth of Horus and helps to destroy Seth. Egypt
Goddess name "Sobek (rager)" Egypt God epitomizing the might of the pharaohs. Said to be the son of NEITH, the creator goddess of Sais. He is depicted as a crocodile wearing a plumed headdress, or as a part-human hybrid. The crocodile imagery suggests an ability to attack and kill with sudden speed. Sobek's cult was extensive along the Nile valley, but was particularly prominent in the fertile Faiyum region. Near Aswan in Upper Egypt a sanctuary dedicated to Sobek identifies him as the consort of HATHOR and the father of KHONSU. Also Suchos (Greek)....
Goddess name "Sodasi" Hindu Minor goddess identified with Tripurasundari, the radiant light in the three eyes of Shiva. She is the source of his wisdom, soul and consciousness. Hindu
Goddess name "Sodasi (girl of sixteen)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess. One of a group of MAHAVIDYAS personifying the SAKTI of SIVA. Aspects include Divyaratri....
God name "Sodza" Togo God of the sky, prayed to weekly to send Rain. Hua, Togo
God name "Sodza" Ewe / Togo, West Africa sky god. Propitiated with yams and the sacrifice of a white sheep in an annual festival and his priests pray to him weekly to send Rain. The priests wear white robes....
Goddess name "Sofh" Egypt Goddess of education and letters. Egypt
God name "Sogblen" Togo Messenger god who carries the priests prayers to Sodza and brings back promises of good crops. Togo
God name "Sogblen" Ewe / Hua / Togo / southeastern Ghana, West Africa Messenger god. Considered to relay the prayers of devotees to the great gods and to return with blessings or punishment. Generally benevolent, bringing the boon of fertile crops and children. He is propitiated with the sacrifice of a white sheep in an annual festival....
God name "Sogbo" Benin The god of thunder, lightning and fire. Benin
God name "Sogbo" Fon / Benin, West Africa storm god. The sibling of the gods LISA and MAWU, he controls thunder and lightning and is a god of fire and Rain....
God name "Sogbo Fon" Benin A storm god of Rain
Goddess name "Sohobo-No-Kami" Japan / Shinto The goddess scarecrows, the apotheosis of an actual scarecrow known as a Kakashi
God name "Sohodo-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan God of scarecrows. Identified as the apotheosis of the actual scarecrow made by Japanese farmers and known as a kakasbi. Traditionally it is constructed from reeds and wears a round peasant hat. According to the sacred texts, “though his legs do not walk he knows everything under heaven.”...
God name "Sokar" Egypt A god of rebirth and rejuvination, depicted as a man with a falcon's head. He was the guardian of the necropolis at Memphis. Egypt