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"Sun" Celtic Called in Celtic mythology Sunna, lives in constant dread of being devoured by the wolf Fenris. It is this contest with the wolf to which eclipses are due. According to this mythology, the Sun has a beautiful daughter who will one day reign in place of her mother, and the world will be wholly renovated.
God name "Sun God" Hittite / Akkadian The Sun god of heaven
God name "Sun Hou-Shi" China Monkey god China
God name "Sun Hou-Shi" Chinese Monkey god. He emerged from a cosmic egg conceived out of emptiness and engendered by the wind; he provides various arts and skills to mankind. According to tradition he discovered the elixir of immortality in a fruit which he consumed. Also Sun Wu-Kong....
God name "Sun Hou-Shi/ Sun Wu-Kong" China The monkey god
God name "Sun-god" Hittite / Akkadia God of the Sun, God of the Sun of heaven. Hittite / Akkadia
Goddess name "Sundara" Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Sundara" Hindu Goddess who is a prosperous aspect of Siva, a god Hindu / Puranic
Goddess name "Sundara" Hindu / Puranic A goddess that is a prosperous aspect of Siva, a god
"Suoyatar" Finnish One of the forces of evil in the Kalevala, who gives birth to the serpent of evil or death by means of her spittle. Finnish
God name "Supai" Inca God of death Inca
God name "Suparikiritanaasri" Buddhist / Tibet A physician god
God name "Suparikirtitariamasri (lord with a celebrated name)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Physician god. Accounted among a series of Medicine buddhas or SMAN-BLA. Typically depicted with stretched earlobes. Color: yellow....
God name "Suparnakumara" Jain God of thunderbolts. Jain
God name "Suparriakumara" Jain / India God. One of the groups under the general title of BHVANAVASI (dwelling in places). Of youthful appearance....
Deities name "Sura" Hindu Originally solar deities. Used in the Vedas for gods in general, equivalent to devas. Hindu
Goddess name "Sura (wine)" Hindu Goddess of wine. She is considered to be of terrible appearance and has no consort. Threeeyed....
Goddess name "Sura ksini" Meola Minor goddess worshiped by the demigods. Meola
"Surabhi" Hindu The mystical cow of plenty. Hindu
Goddess name "Suraksini" Buddhist / Meola A minor goddess
Goddess name "Suraksirii" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
"Surangama" India If we are able to transform a substance, then we are equal to that of the Buddha. India
God name "Surarani" India The mother of the gods. India
God name "Surarigama (bright colored)" Buddhist / Mahayana God. A BODHISATTVA or buddha-designate. Color: white. Attribute: sword....
God name "Surarnadhadravimalaratnaprabhasa" Buddhist / Tibet A physician god
God name "Suresvara" Hindu God, one of the Rudra gods. Hindu
God name "Suresvara (lord of the gods)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. One of the eleven EKADASARUDRAS or RUDRA gods. Attributes: arrow, ax, bell, bow, bowl, club, drum, hook, iron rod, lotus, prayer wheel and trident....
Goddess name "Suridara (charming)" Hindu / Puranic (1) Goddess. A prosperous aspect of the god SIVA. 2 Minor goddess. Buddhist (Mahayana). An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
"Surma" Finland The personification of a violent death.
God name "Surt" Norse A fire-giant in Ragnarok who contends with the gods on the plain of Vigrid and guards Muspelheim. Norse
God name "Survarriabhadravimalaratriaprabhasa (the bright, pure jewel splendor)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Physician god. Accounted as one of a series of Medicine buddhas or SMAN-BLA. Typically depicted with stretched earlobes. Color: yellowish white....
Goddess name "Surya" Hindu Goddess of the Sun. Hindu
God name "Surya" Hindu God of light and war and the guardian of the southwest quadrant. Hindu
God name "Surya" Hindu / Vedic A god of light & war
Goddess name "Surya" Hindu / Vedic, Epic / Puranic Sun goddess. The daughter of the Sun god SURYA. According to legend she was courted by all the gods, but won finally by the twin ASVIN gods with whom she rides in a chariot. Other legends account her consorts to include SOMA and PUSAN. She is the essence of the cosmos. Also Savitr....
God name "Susano-Wo" Japan / Shinto A god of Agriculture, the ocean & storms
Goddess name "Susano-Wo ascends with her to heaven but is thrown out after trying to enter her house and committing various excesses. Amaterasu refuses to be sullied and obstinately hides herself away in a cave. It requires the combined diplomacy and craft of many other deities to persuade her to come out. The lure is the “perfect divine mirror” in which she sees her reflection. The birth of the two deities is considered to mark the transition between cosmic and material genesis." Sometimes her shrines are placed adjacent to those of Susano - Wo The Ise Naiku sanctuary is visited by about five million devotees each year and Amaterasu takes pride of place in every family shrine. She is also the tutelary goddess of the emperor. Hers tends to be a monotheistic cult in which all other deities take a subservient place. Though powerful she does not always succeed and is often subject to attack. She has been arguably identified with the god VAIROCANA in Buddhist religion....
God name "Susanowo" Shinto God of Agriculture, the sea and storms. Shinto
God name "Susdinak" Elamite Local god, the god of Susa. Elamite
God name "Susdinak Elamite" Iran A local god, the god of Susa
God name "Susinak" Elamite / Iran Local god. The patron deity of Susa....
Goddess name "Sussistanako" Mexico Sussistanako "Thinking-Woman" A goddess of creation who thinks things into being. Mexico
Spirit name "Sutalidihi" Cherokee Sun spirit. Cherokee
God name "Sutekh" Hurrian The prototype of the Egyptianized Set and an atmospheric or storm god. Hurrian
God name "Sutekh" Hittite / Hurrian weather god. Of Hurrian origin, but incorporated into the Hittite state pantheon. Identified on the seal of a Hittite / Egyptian treaty between Hattusilis II and Rameses II in 1271 BC. Probably another name for the god TESUB....
God name "Sutekh/ Hurrian" Babylonia A weather god
"Suttung" Norse The giant possessor of the poetic mead. Norse
God name "Suwaliyattas" Hittite God of warriors and storms. Hittite
God name "Suzaku" Chinese One of four occult Chinese gods, in the form of a red phoenix he rules over the element of fire.
Goddess name "Svadha" Hindu Minor goddess who helps with the destruction of demons. Hindu
Goddess name "Svadha (invoked witb offerings)" Hindu Minor goddess. The daughter of DAKSA and PRASUTI. Sometimes identified as a consort of RUDRA or AGNI....
"Svadilfare" Norse A horse; the sire of Sleipner. Norse
"Svafner" Norse A serpent under Ygdrasil. Norse
"Svalin" Norse [Cooler]. The shield placed before the Sun. Norse
God name "Svantevit" Pre - Christian Latvian God of war. Mentioned by the author Saxo Grammaticus as riding upon a white horse and holding a cornucopia, he is known locally from the island of Rugen. Also a guardian deity of crops....
God name "Svantovit" Slavic Strong Lord. God of fertile crops and success in war. Slavic
God name "SvantovitSvantevit" Slavic He was the fire & war god
God name "Svaraghosaraja" Buddhist Physician god. Buddhist
God name "Svaraghosaraja" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Physician god. Accounted among a series of Medicine buddbas or SMAN-BLA. Typically depicted with stretched earlobes. Color: yellowish red....
God name "Svarazic" Slavic Svarozic. God of the fire and the light. Slavic
God name "Svarazic/ Svarozic/ Svarogich" Slavic The fire god
Spirit name "Svarog" Slavic The Slavic Sun God and spirit of fire. His name means bright and clear.
God name "Svarozic" Slav Sun god. Also the giver of fire and the smith god, and further linked with marriage. Also Svarog....
Goddess name "Svasthavesini" India A mother Goddess of pre-vedic times. India
Goddess name "Svasthavesini (entering a natural state)" Hindu Goddess. One of terrifying appearance. Color: scarlet. Attribute: drum. Three-eyed and three-headed....
Goddess name "Svasti" Hindu Goddess of the home. Hindu
Goddess name "Svasti devi" Hindu A goddess of the home
"Svasud" Norse [Delightful]. The name of a giant; the father of the Sun. Norse
Goddess name "Svati" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess of fortune. A benevolent NAKSATRA; daughter of DAKSA and wife of CANDRA (SOMA). Also Nistya....
Deity name "Svetovid" Polabian deity of war, fertility and abundance. Polabian
Demon name "Svyatogor" Slavic A hero who fought the demon nightingale, a bird-headed human whose weapons were hurricanes. Slavic
Nymph name "Swarga" Indian The Paradise of Indra, and also of certain deified mortals, who rest there under the shade of the five wonderful trees, drink the nectar of immortality called Amrita, and dance with the heavenly nymphs.
Goddess name "Syamatara" Buddhist Goddess, believed to be incarnated as the Nepali princess. Buddhist
Goddess name "Syamatara (tbe “black Tara”)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Goddess. A gracious form of the goddess TARA. Also an emanation of AMOGHASIDDHI and a form of AVALOKITESVARA. Color: black, possibly green. Attribute: blue lotus....
"Sylea" Greek Mother, by Poseidon, of Sinis and Taras. She helped Heracles gather up his wandering cattle after he slew the giant Cacus and had three sons by him: Scythes, Agathyrsus and Gelonus. As adults, the three sons would conquer an area off the Black Sea called Scythia. Greek
Spirit name "Sylph" Cabalists A spirit of the air; so named by the Rosicrucians and Cabalists.
Goddess name "Syn" Norse Goddess of justice. Norse
"Sypave" Guarani The first woman and the mother of the whole human race. Guarani
Goddess name "Syria Dea" De the Syrian goddess, a name by which the Syrian Astarte or Aphrodite is sometimes designated. This Astarte was a Syrian divinity, resembling in many points the Greek Aphrodite, and it is not improbable that the latter was originally the Syrian Astarte, the opinions concerning whom were modified after her introduction into Greece; for there can be no doubt that the worship of Aphrodite came from the East to Cyprus, and thence was carried into the south of Greece. Lucian, De Syria Dea
Nymph name "Syrinx" Greek An Arcadian nymph, who being pursued by Pan, fled into the river Ladon, and at her own request was metamorphosed into a reed, of which Pan then made his flute. ( Metamorphoses I) Greek
God name "T'ai Shai" Chinese God. The senior deity in the heavenly ministries, he is the immediate controller of the earth and mankind. Titled the “god of the eastern peak.” Also Di Zang....
God name "T'ai Shan" China A god that is the senior one in the heavenly ministries
God name "T'ai Yi" China A primordial god who was present before the cosmos was created
Planet name "T'ai Yi" Chinese Primordial god. The spirit of the universe who was present before the cosmos was created and who is known as the great unity. During the Sung Dynasty (AD 960-1279) he was elevated to the head of the ranks of astral gods and he is embodied in the Pole Star, otherwise identified in Chinese mythology as the Purple Planet....
Deity name "T'ai-I Tien-Tsun" Taoist The Celestial Worthy of the Great Unity. Taoist deity that helps devotees to achieve immortality.
God name "T'ai-shan" China Chief god of the Tung-yiieh Temple and the Great Ruler of the Eastern Peak. China
God name "T'an-Mo" China God of Regeneration and Wealth. China
Goddess name "T'ao Hua Hiiinnui (peach blossom girl)" Chinese Goddess. The spirit of the peach blossom and the deity of the second spring month....
God name "T'ao Hua Hsiennui" China This goddes guardian deity as well as the deity of the second spring month
Spirit name "T'ien" Chinese heaven, the abode of the ancestors; when applied to the human being, spirit. Chinese
Goddess name "T'ien Fei" China Goddess of sailing and seafarers and Rain. China
God name "T'ien Tsun" Taoist Applied as a title descriptive of high rank to various star gods. Taoist
God name "T'rmi Tsui (heavenly and honored)" Taoist / Chinese Generic title of gods. The name given to each of the three holy images in a Taoist temple: the “perfect holy one,” the “highest holy one” and the “greatest holy one.” Also Tian-zhu....
God name "T'ung Chung chung" China A god of the skin
God name "T'ung Lai yu" China A god of the stomach
God name "Ta ab" Pre - Islamic southern Arabian moon god. He also has an oracular function....
God name "Ta'aroa" Tahitian The god who broke out of the darkness within the cosmic egg. Tahitian
"Ta'he'tar" Finland The daughter of the Stars. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Ta'lab" Arabia The moon god in pre-Islamic southern Arabia.
God name "Ta'lab" Arabia God of the moon in pre-Islamic southern Arabia. His oracle was consulted for advice.
"Ta'ni'ka" Finland A magic mansion of Pohja. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Ta'pi-o" Finland The god of the Forest. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Ta'xet" Haida God of the sky, who receives the souls of those who die by violence. With Tia, he makes up the Dual death God. Haida
God name "Ta'xet" Haida Indian / Queen Charlotte Island, Canada God of death. The deity responsible for those who die violently.See also TIA....
"Ta'yan" Koryak Supreme Being who does not meddle in human affairs Koryak
"Ta'yan" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Supreme being. An indefinite character living somewhere in the zenith and generally out of touch with ordinary mortals. His consort is Supervisor Woman, Lapna'ut and his son is Cloud Man, YA'HALAN. He conducts business with the physical earth through his majordomo Big Raven, QUIKINNA'QU.See also TENANTO'MWAN....
Goddess name "Ta-Bitjet" Egypt A scorpion goddess and the blood that flowed from when Horus ruptured her hymen can serve as a panacea for all poisons. Egypt
Goddess name "Ta-Bitjet" Egypt Scorpion goddess. In incantations against scorpion bite she is identified as a consort of the god HORUS. Her blood, which flowed when Horus ruptured her hymen, is considered to possess magical and remedial properties against the poison....
God name "Ta-No-Kami" Japan Generic name of several gods and harvest. Japan
God name "Ta-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan Agricultural deity. A generic name for several gods of crops and harvests. May also be identified as a mountain KAMI....
Goddess name "Ta-bitjet" Egypt Goddess who protects against scorpion bite, though her symbol is the scorpion Egypt
God name "Taata" Tahiti Creator god who made mankind and all of nature. Maohi, Tahiti
God name "Taaut" Blavatsky deity with four eyes, two in front and two in back, and four wings. "The eyes denote that the god sees in sleep, and sleeps in waking; the position of the wings that he flies in rest, and rests in flying" Phoenician. Isis Unveiled, by H. P. Blavatsky
God name "Taautos" Phoenicia God who later devolved into the Egyptian Thoth. Phoenicia
Goddess name "Tabiti" Scythia Goddess of fire. Scythia
Goddess name "Tabiti" Scythian Goddess of fire. Also the guardian deity of all animals. The Romans syncretized her with the hearth goddess VESTA....
"Tablibik" Nazorean The personification of fascination and the genii of the five am. Early Nazorean
Angel name "Tabris" Nazorean The angel of creative alternatives. Early Nazorean
"Tacita" Greek the silent, one of the Camenae, whose worship was believed to have been introduced at Rome by Numa. Greek
Goddess name "Tacoma" Salish earth and water goddess. Salish, Puyallup
Goddess name "Tadaka" Indian Indian earth and nature goddess.
Goddess name "Taditkara" Buddhist Goddess of light. Buddhist
Goddess name "Taditkara (ligbtning)" Buddhist Goddess of light. Color: green. Attributes: lightning in the form of a creeper. Also Vidyddhara....
Goddess name "Tagabayan" Philippines Goddess of marital infidelity. Philippines
"Tages" Etruscan A mysterious Etruscan being, who is described as a boy with the wisdom of an old man.
God name "Tagni" Italy God of witchcraft. Italy
Angel name "Tagriel" Christians angels of the Mansions of the moon. There are twenty-eight angels, who rule in the twenty-eight mansions of the moon
Angel name "Taharial" Nazorean An angel of purity and clean thoughts. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Tahc I" Tunica A goddess of war
Goddess name "Tahc-I" Tunica Sun goddess and consort of the king Fisher. Tunica
Spirit name "Tahit" Tlingit spirit of fate Tlingit
God name "Tahuti" Egyptian God of knowledge and education. Egyptian
God name "Tai Shan" Chinese God who is the ruler of the Seventh Court of Feng-Du, the Chinese Hell.
"Tai Yi" China The uncreated Supreme Unity. China
"Tai Yi Jiu Ku Tian Cun" Taoist Tai Yi Jiu Ku Tian Cun, one of the highest rulers in the 10-stage Taoist Hell. Upon death, all human souls must appear before him to be sentenced. Taoist
Planet name "Tai-Sui-Jing" Chinese God of temporal time. The apotheosis of the planet Jupiter which orbits the Sun in a twelve-year cycle....
Planet name "Tai-Sung-Jing" China the god of temporal time, the apotheosis of the planet Jupiter
Goddess name "Taiaai" Australian aboriginal Snake god. His consorts include the snake goddesses Mantya, Tuknampa and Uka. He is revered mainly by tribal groups living on the western seaboard of the Cape York peninsula in northern queensland. Taipan has the typical attributes of many other Australian snake gods, including the Rainbow snake. He exercises judgment over life or death and possesses great wisdom, a universal characteristic of serpents. He is able to kill or cure and is the deity who originally fashioned the blood of living things during the Dreamtime. The imagery of the snake god is closely linked with aboriginal shamanism and with the healing rituals of shamans....
God name "Taijn" Mexico Name for a group of Rain gods, still worshipped and presumed to live in ruins of El Tajin(Veracruz) Mexico(Totonac)
God name "Taijn/ Tlaloc" Totonac / Mexico The name for a group of Rain gods, still worshipped & presumed to live in ruins of El Tajin Veracruz
Goddess name "Taillte" Ireland Goddess of Lughnasadh and associated with the harvest of the first grains, especially wheat. Ireland
Goddess name "Taillte/ Taultiu/ Tailitu/ Telta" Irish A goddess of Lughnasadh & August
Goddess name "Tailtiu" Celtic / Irish Goddess. By tradition the consort of Eochaid of the TUATHA DE DANANN, she is the foster mother of the god LUG and associated with the Lugbnasad festival on August 1....
Goddess name "Taio" Lakalai Goddess of the moon. Lakalai
God name "Tajika no mikoto" Japan God of strength Japan
God name "Tajin" Totonac / Mesoamerican / Mexico Generic title for a group of Rain gods. Worshiped by a modern tribe and believed to reside in the ruins of El Tajin, a classic Veracruz site whence they control the thunder clouds.See also TLALOC....
Goddess name "Taka rita" Polynesia Goddess of adultery Polynesia
"Taka-Mi-Musubi-No-Kama" Japan Offspring of heaven and earth. Japan
Deities name "Taka-Mi-Musubi-No-Kami (high august producing wondrous deity)" Shinto / Japan Primordial creator being. The second of the deities listed in the sacred Kojiki text. He appeared in the Takama-No-Hara (plain of high heaven) after AME-NO-MINAKA-NUSHINO-KAMI. A remote and vaguely defined being, he was-born alone in the cosmos and hides himself from mankind....
God name "Taka-Okami-No-Kami" Japan God of the Rains in the mountains Japan / Shinto
God name "Taka-Okami-No-Kami (great producer of rain in the mountains)" Shinto / Japan Rain god. Specifically the god of Rain generated in mountains. A god of fierce Rain, also known as the “god of the dividing of the waters.”See also KURA-OAKMI-NO-KAMI....
God name "Take-Mika-Dzuchi-No-Kami" Japan God of thunder, Rain, and storms as well as a warrior. One of the Raijin, Japan / Shinto
Deities name "Take-Mika-Dzuchi-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan God of thunder. One of the RAIJIN gods of thunder, storms and Rain, he is also one of the warrior deities who guarded Prince NINIGI on his descent from heaven to earth. A tutelary god of swordsmen and judoka artists.See also FUTSU-NUSHI-NO-KAMI....
God name "Take-Mika-Dzuchi-No-Kami/ Futsu-Nushi-No-Kami" Japan / Shinto This god is one of the Raijin, A god of thunder, Rain, & storms as well as a warrior
God name "Takkiraja" Buddhist God Buddhist
God name "Takkiraja" Buddhist God. A dikpala or guardian of the southeastern quarter. Color: blue. Attributes: blue staff, jewel, lotus staff, sword and trident. Also Vajrajvalanalarka and Vajrayaksa....
Goddess name "Takotsi Nakawe (our grandmother growth)" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico Chthonic vegetation goddess. The earth and all plant life belong to her and she is regarded as the mother of the gods, particularly of the fire god TATEVALI. She is very old and is invoked to give the boon of longevity. Her sacred tree is a form of fig, the salate....
Goddess name "Takotsi Nakawe Huichol" Mexico Chthonic vegetation goddess, all plant life and the earth are hers Mexico
God name "Taksaka" Hindu Snake god Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Taksaka" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Snake god. One of a group of seven MAHANAGAS. Attributes: rosary, swastika and waterjar....
Goddess name "Takus Mana" Hopi Fertility goddess. Hopi, USA
Spirit name "Takuskanskan" Dakota wind spirit and a trickster. Dakota
King name "Talaus" Greek A son of Bias and Pero, and king of Argos. Greek
Angel name "Talia" Hebrew angel in charge of dew. Hebrew
Angel name "Taliahad" Nazorean angel of water inscribed on the seventh pentacle of the Sun. Early Nazorean
"Taliesin" Welsh A mystical and Druidical poet who was born from a hen. Welsh
Goddess name "Tallai" Syria Goddess of dew who challenged Shiva to a dancing contest. Syria
King name "Talos" Greek A man of brass, the work of Hephaestus. This wonderful being was given to Minos by Zeus or Hephaestus, and watched the island of Crete by walking round the island thrice every day. Whenever he saw strangers approaching, he made himself red-hot in fire, and then embraced the strangers when they landed. He had in his body only one vein, which ran from the head to the ankles, and was closed at the top with a nail. When he attempted to keep the Argonauts from Crete by throwing stones at them, Medeia by her magic powers threw him into a state of madness, or, according to others, under the pretence of making him immortal, she took the nail out of his vein and thus caused him to bleed to death. Greek
"Talthybius" Greek The herald of Agamenmon at Troy. Greek
God name "Tam Kung" China Local sea god of Rain and water able to calm storms by tossing in a handful of peas. China
God name "Tam Kung" Chinese Local sea god. A deity with control over Rain and water and who extinguishes fires. His worship is restricted to a coastal region between Hong Kong and Macau. According to tradition he was an eight-year-old boy emperor, the last of the Sung Dynasty, who committed suicide by jumping over a cliff in the face of Kublai Khan's advance in AD 1276. His attendant is Ho Wang, who joined him in death. A sanctuary in Coloane Town in Macau, sited at the end of a narrow peninsula, is dedicated to him....
God name "Tama-No-Ya" Japan God of jewelers who made an eight foot long string of 500 curved jewels. Japan
Goddess name "Tama-No-Ya" Shinto / Japan God of jewelers. The deity who made a complete string of curved jewels nearly three meters long, one of the lures which enticed the Sun goddess AMATERASU from the cave where she hid herself....
Goddess name "Tamara" British Goddess of the River Tamar. British
"Tamas" Sanskrit The personification of darkness, illusion and ignorance. Sanskrit
God name "Tamats Palike Tamoyeke (our eldest brother walking everywhere)," Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico God of wind and air. The messenger of the gods, he also put the world into its present form and shape....
God name "Tamats Palike Tamoyeke Huichol" Mexico Tamats Palike Tamoyeke Huichol, God of the wind and of air who was also a messenger of the gods, for an encore, put world into its present form and shape Mexico
Goddess name "Tamesis" British Goddess of the River Thames. British
Goddess name "Tamfana" Norse Norse fertility goddess.
Goddess name "Tamiyo" Japanese Japanese goddess of abundance.
God name "Tammuz" Assyrian A god of Agriculture & fertility
God name "Tammuz" Shumerian A Sumerian shepherd-god
God name "Tammuz" Sumeria A god of Agriculture
Goddess name "Tammuz / Dumuzi / Dumuzi-Abzu" Mesopotamia God of vegetation, city goddess of Kinirsha, in Eridu viewed as male, the son of Enki
Deity name "Tammuz or Thammuz" Syrian A Syrian and Phoenician deity corresponding to Adonis.
King name "Tamon-ten" Buddhist One of the four heavenly kings and the heavenly king Hearer of Many Teachings. Esoteric Buddhism
Goddess name "Tamti" Assyrian Tamtu. The personified sea,the primordial humidity, personified as a goddess equivalent to Belit, the nature Mother. Assyrian
Goddess name "Tan ma" Tibet Goddesses of health and Medicine Tibet
Goddess name "Tana" Italy Star goddess who rules over all. Italy
God name "Tana'ao" Polynesian / Marquesas Islands weather and sea god. A local variation on the Polynesian god TANGAROA, known as a god of winds and a tutelary deity of fishermen....
God name "Tana'oa" Marquesas Is God of wind and sea and patron of fishing. Marquesas Is.
Goddess name "Tanaquil" Roman Goddess of justice Roman
Spirit name "Tanara" Yakut / Siberia The apotheosis of the sky, a sky spirit
Spirit name "Tanara" Yakut / central Siberia sky spirit. The apotheosis of the sky....
Spirit name "Tanara Yakut" Siberia Apotheosis of the sky, a sky spirit Siberia
God name "Tane" Maori / New Zealand A god of the woodlands
God name "Tane aka Tane Mahuta" Maori the god of Forests and of birds. Maori
Goddess name "Tane(mahuta)" Polynesian / including Maori God of light. One of the children of the prime parents RANGINUI and PAPATUANUKU. Also god of trees, Forests and boat-builders, his consort is the goddess HINEAHU-ONE and he is the father of HINE-ATA-UIRA who descended to the underworld to become the goddess of death, HINE-NUI-TE-PO. In other traditions he is the consort of Hine-Nui-Te-Po, whom he joins each evening when he descends to the underworld. It was he who proposed that his parents should be pushed apart rather than slaughtered. In Maori culture Tanemahuta, like all deities, is represented only by inconspicuous, slightly worked stones or pieces of wood and not by the large totems, which are depictions of ancestors. Also KANE (Hawaiian)....
God name "Tane[mahuta]" Polynesian A god of light, fertility & the sky
Goddess name "Tang" China Goddess of mercy and justice. China