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Deity name "Tanga-tango" Peruvian An ancient deity who existed before anything else. Peruvian
God name "Tangaroa" Polynesia A god of fishing, the ocean & reptiles, the life giver of all
Goddess name "Tangaroa" Polynesia One of the great gods, the god of the sea. He is a son of Rangi and Papa, sky and earth. His wife, Faumea, was an ocean goddess. Man-killing eels dwelled in her vagina, but she taught Tangaroa how to safely lure them out. Polynesia
Deities name "Tangaroa" Polynesian / including Maori Sea and creator god. The deity responsible for the oceans (moana) and the fish (ika) within them. In Hawaiian belief he was the primordial being who took the form of a bird and laid an egg on the surface of the primeval waters which, when it broke, formed the earth and sky. He then engendered the god of light, ATEA (cf. TANE). According to Tahitian legend, he fashioned the world inside a gigantic mussel shell. In a separate tradition Tangaroa went fishing and hauled the Tongan group of islands from the depths of the ocean on a hook and line. He is the progenitor of mankind (as distinct from TUMATAUENGA who has authority over mankind). His son Pili married SINA, the tropic bird and they produced five children from whom the rest of the Polynesian race was born. In Maori culture Tangaroa, like all deities, is represented only by inconspicuous, slightly worked stones or pieces of wood and not by the large totems which are depictions of ancestors....
Goddess name "Tangba" Lobi earth goddess. Lobi
"Tangie" Danish The water sprite of the Orkneys; from Danish tang (sea-weed), with which it is covered. The tangie sometimes appears in a human form, and sometimes as a little apple-green horse.
God name "Tango" Hervey is A god of virgin birth, kinda
God name "Tango" Polynesian / Hervey Islamds / The third child of the primordial mother VARI - MA - TETAKERE, he was plucked from her right side / lived in Enua - Kura, the land of the red parrot feather immediately below the home of TINIRAU in the world coconut God. Ta'ngwanla'na (greatest one in the sea)...
Supreme god name "Tanik" Phoenician / Pontic / Carthaginian moon goddess. Known largely from inscriptions at various sites along the North African coast and linked with the goddess ASTARTE. Her symbol is a triangular device with horizontal bars supporting a moon disc. Both deities are described as “ladies of the sanctuary.” Tanit was the supreme goddess at Carthage, known as the “face of BAAL,” until usurped by the Roman goddess JUNO; she survived under the name CAELESTIS. The goddess CERES was also worshiped in the TANIT temple at Carthage. Also Tenit....
Goddess name "Tanit" Carthage Goddess of the moon. Phoenicia and Carthage
God name "Tannus" British Tinnus or Taranus, Thunder god equated with Thor, the Nordic God of thunder. British
God name "Tannus" Gaul Thunder and weather God. He was also God of the wheel fertility and the sky. Gaul
God name "Tano" Akan Stool god of Obo, associated with the ancestral stools. Akan
God name "Tano" Ashanti The second oldest son of God, and god of the river of the same name. Ashanti
God name "Tanokami" Japan Rice field god of the Yamagata Prefecture. Japan
"Tantalus" Greek Son of Zeus by Pluto, or according to others a son of Tmolus. His wife is called by some Euryanassa, by others Taygete or Dione, and by others Clytia or Eupryto. He was the father of Pelops, Broteas, and Niobe. Greek
Spirit name "Tanu'ka" Koryak / southeastern Siberia earth spirit. A guardian of the earth and its plants and animals, Tanu'ta is the consort of YINE'ANE'UT (in other legends she is married to the son of the supreme being TA'YAN)....
Spirit name "Tanu'la" Koryak / SE Siberia A guardian spirit of the earth & its plans & animals, female type
Spirit name "Tanula" Siberia Guardian spirit of the earth, plants and animals. Koryak, Siberia
God name "Tanus" Italy Star god and consort of Tana. Italy
"Tanuta" Koryak earth-Maker, the husband of Yineaneut, Big-Raven's daughter. Koryak
Deity name "Tao Hua Hsiennui" China peach blossom girl. A protector at the time of marriage, and the deity of the second spring month. China
God name "Tao Kung" China God of the diaphragm China
God name "Taoki-Ho-Oi-No-Kami" Japan God of carpenters Japan / Shinto
Goddess name "Taoki-Ho-Oi-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan God of carpenters. One of the gods who built the beautiful sacred hall designed, in part, to lure the Sun goddess AMATERASU from the cave in which she hid herself.See also HIKO-SASHIRI-NO-KAMI....
God name "Taoki-Ho-Oi-No-Kami/ Hiko-Sashiri-No-Kami" Japan / Shinto The God of carpenters
"Taphius" Greek A son of Poseidon and Hippothoe, was the father of Pterelaus. He led a colony to Taphos, and called the inhabitants Teleboans. Greek
Spirit name "Tapio" East Forest spirit or god. Hunters prayed to him before a hunt. East Finnish
God name "Tapio" Finland The god of the Forest.
God name "Tapio" Pre - Christian Finnish Hunting god. Believed to inhabit Forests and invoked before a hunt....
Angel name "Tar" Nazorean One of the ten angels that accompany the Sun across the sky. Early Nazorean
God name "Tar" Tiv / Nigeria, West Africa Chthonic earth god. Engendered by the creator god AONDO, Tar is depicted as a prostrate figure with his head toward the east, comparable with the Egyptian god GEB....
God name "Tar Tiv" Nigeria The chthonic earth god
Goddess name "Tara" Buddhist / Mayhayana / Vajrayana A goddess, the epitaph of the mother of the Buddha[Maya]
Goddess name "Tara" Hindu Goddess of the stars. Hindu
God name "Tara" Vedic Soma, the moon, carried Tara off with him, which brought about the great war in heaven between the gods and the asuras. Brahma put an end to the war and had Tara restored to Brihaspati.
Goddess name "Tara (power of hunger)" Hindu / Vedic, Epic / Puranic (1) Goddess. May originally have had astral connotations, since the word can be interpreted as “star.” One of a group of MAHAVIDYAS personifying the SAKTI of SI IVA. She may also be the consort of CANDRA (SOMA). Aspects include Krodharatri. Attributes: knife, skin, skull, snakes and sword. Three-eyed.(2) Goddess. Buddhist (Mahayana and Vajrayana). An epithet of the mother of the BUDDHA, Maya. Also one of a series of female deities, the DHYANIBUDDHASAKTI considered to be aspects of the Sakti of AVALOKITESVARA or of AMOGASHIDDHI. She may also be the Sakti of ADIBIDDHA and of the various DHYANIBUDDHAS, in which case she is characterized by their colors. These Taras thus become “White Tara” and so on.See also BHRKUTI, EKAJATA, KURUKULLA, SITATARA and SYAMATARA. In Tibetan Buddhism she is known as sGrol-ma....
Demon name "Taraka" India Giant-demon who had obtained all the Divine knowledge of yoga-vidya and occult powers. India
God name "Tarakajit" Hindu Conqueror of Taraka and the Hindu god of war.
Goddess name "Taranga" Polynesian Polynesian fertility goddess.
God name "Taranis" Celtic The god of thunder worshipped in Gaul and Britain. Celtic
God name "Taranis" Roman / Celtic / Gallic Thunder god. Known only from limited inscriptions, but may emulate the Germanic god DONAR and is possibly the same as Taranucos. The Romans equated him with JUPITER and a Jupiter Tanarus inscription at Chester in England may refer to Taranis. His symbol is a spoked wheel and he is presumed to be the object of savage rites. The modern Breton word for thunder is taran. Also Taranos....
Nymph name "Taras" Greek A son of Poseidon by a nymph, is said to have traversed the sea from the promontory of Taenarum to the south of Italy, riding on a dolphin, and to have founded Tarentum in Italy, where he was worshipped as a hero. Greek
King name "Tarchetius" Roman A. mythical king of Alba, who in some traditions is connected with the founders of Rome. Once a phallus was seen rising above one of his flocks. In compliance with an oracle he ordered one of his daughters to approach the phallus; but she sent one of her maid servants, who became pregnant, and gave birth to the twins Romulus and Remus. Roman
"Targitaus" Greek A son of Zeus by a daughter of Borysthenes, was believed to be the ancestor of all the Scythians. Greek
God name "Tarhunt" Anatolia weather god Hurrian / Anatolia
God name "Tarhunt" Hurrian / Anatolian weather god. Known from inscriptions as the father of TELEPINU....
Goddess name "Tari Peennu" Indian / Khond Chthonic goddess. Created by the sky gods BOORA PENNU and BELLA PENNU so as to conceive the rest of the pantheon. She is identified as a malevolent deity, the subject of regular propitiation human sacrifices in the notorious meriah rituals in Orissa province....
Goddess name "Tari Pennu" India earth goddess. Khond, India
Goddess name "Tari Pennu Khond" India A chthonic goddess
Deities name "Tariel" Nazorean One of the three Syrian deities of summer. Early Nazorean
Angel name "Tarot" Nazorean The angel of time. Early Nazorean
Demon name "Tarpatassis" Hittite demon who staves off sickness and grants long, healthy life. Hittite
Deity name "Tarquiup Inua" Inuit A lunar deity. Inuit
Cyclop name "Tartaro" Basque The Cyclops of Basque mythology.
"Tartarus" Greek According to the earliest Greek views, a dark abyss, which lay as far below the surface of the earth as the earth is from the heavens. Above Tartarus were the foundations of the earth and sea. It was surrounded by an iron wall with iron gates set up by Poseidon, and by a trebly thick layer of night, and it served as the prison of the dethroned Cronus, and of the conquered Titans who were guarded by the hecatoncheires, the hundred-armed sons of Uranus. Greek
God name "Taru" Hittite weather god Hittite / Hurrian
God name "Taru" Hittite / Hurrian weather god. Known from inscriptions and equating with ISIKUR. Probably of Hurrian origin.See also TARHUNT; TELEPINU....
God name "Tarvos Trigaranos" Gaul Bull god of Gaul
God name "Tarvos Trigaranos" Roman / Celtic / Gallic Bull god. Known chiefly from a four-sided monument erected near Paris by boatmen of the Seine during the reign of the emperor Tiberius. It depicts ESUS, VulcanUS, JUPITER and Tarvos. As Tarvos Trigaranos, he is drawn as a bull with three cranes on its back and can be seen at such places as Dorchester in England. The bull may alternatively bear three horns....
Angel name "Tarwan" East One of the ten angels that ensures that the Sun rises in the east. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Tasenetnofret" Egypt Goddess Egypt
Goddess name "Tasenetnofret" Egypt Goddess. The consort of HORUS as HAROERIS and regarded as a minor emanation of the goddess HATHOR. Known from the sanctuary of Kom-Ombo....
Goddess name "Tasimmet" Hittite Goddess of weather and storms Hittite
Goddess name "Tasmettu[m]" Akkadia Goddess Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia
Goddess name "Tasmetu(m)" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian Goddess. The consort of the god NABU....
God name "Tasmisu" Hittite Attendant god Hittite / Hurrian
God name "Tasmisu" Hittite / Hurrian Attendant god. The sibling of the weather god TESIUB....
Spirit name "Tate" Sioux A creator spirit of the winds, he controls the changing of the seasons & guides the spirits of dead
Spirit name "Tate" Sioux Creator spirit of the winds, he controls the changing of the seasons and guides the spirits of dead. Sioux
Spirit name "Tate" Sioux / USA Creator god. He appears in the clouds, his voice is the wind and he controls the changing of the seasons. He is also the guide of the spirits of the dead. He is the deity with whom the Sioux shamans intercede....
Goddess name "Tate Hautse Huichol" Mexico Srain and water goddess, additionally responsible for mist and fog Mexico
Goddess name "Tate Hautse Kupuri (mother north water)" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico Rain and water goddess. Similar to TATE KYEWIMOKA, but also responsible for mists and fogs....
Goddess name "Tate Kyewimoka (mother west water)" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico Rain and water goddess. Appears in lightning and is said to resemble a red snake. She lives in a deep gorge with caves, in Santa Catarina, and brings the Rain from the west. Her animals include deer and ravens and she is also the goddess of the corn....
Goddess name "Tate Kyewimoka Huichol" Mexico Rain and water goddess, who is also the goddess of grain Mexico
Goddess name "Tate Naaliwahi (mother east water)" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico Rain and water goddess. Appears in lightning and brings Rain from the east. She lives in a deep gorge with caves, in Santa Catarina....
Goddess name "Tate Naaliwahi Huichol" East Rain and water goddess, appears in lightning and brings Rain from the east Mexico
Goddess name "Tate Oteganaka (mother corn)" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico corn goddess. The mother of the Sun god TAYAU....
Goddess name "Tate Oteganaka Huichol" De Rain and water goddess who is also the patron of Laguna De Magdalena Mexico
Goddess name "Tate Rapawiyema (mother south water)" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico Rain and water goddess. Similar to TATE KYEWIMOKA, but also the patron goddess of Laguna de Magdalena, where she is believed to take the form of a water lizard....
Goddess name "Tate Velika Vimali" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico Sun goddess. Perceived as a young girl or as a royal eagle who holds the world in her talons and guards it. In human form the night sky with its stars are her dress....
Goddess name "Tate Velika Vimali Huichol" Mexico Goddess of the Sun perceived as either a young girl or a royal eagle who holds the world in her talons, she guards it Mexico
God name "Tatenen" Egypt Chthonic vegetation god, the apotheosis of the Nile silt Egypt
God name "Tatenen (exalted earth)" Egypt Chthonic god. Originates as a vegetation god from Memphis, the apotheosis of the Nile silt which appears after the inundation has subsided. As a vegetation god, he is depicted anthropomorphically with green face and limbs and wearing a crown with plumes subtended by ram's horns. By the time of the Old kingdom (twenty-seventh to twenty-second centuries BC) he is recognized as an emanation of the god PTAH, involved in the creation process and mentioned on the Shabaka Stone (Memphis), where he is described as “father of the gods” and is perceived as an androgynous being. He also protects the royal dead....
God name "Tatevali (our grandfather)" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico God of fire. Also a deity of life and health, perceived as a shaman who prophesies and cures disease. He is the tutelary god of shamans and is said to have built the first Huichol temple with the god TATOSI. His animals include the macaw, royal eagle, cardinal bird, puma and opossum....
God name "Tatevali Huichol" Mexico Not only the deity of life and health, Tutelary god of shamans, he is the god of fire Mexico
Goddess name "Tathatavasita" Buddhist A minor goddess
Goddess name "Tathatavasita (control of the such-ness)" Buddhist Minor goddess. One of a group of VASITAS personifying the disciplines of spiritual regeneration. Color: white. Attribute: white lotus....
God name "Tatosi (great grandfather deer tail)" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico God of fire. A deity regarded as the son of TATEVALI, having been created from the plumes of his father, but also the chief god of deer. His sacred animal is the white-tailed hawk. Also Mara Kwari....
God name "Tatosi Huichol" Mexico He is the the principal god of fire
Spirit name "Tatqa'hicin" Koryak / SW Siberia A vegetation spirit spirit
Spirit name "Tatqa'hicnin (root man)" Koryak / southeastern Siberia vegetation spirit. A vaguely defined being who is chthonic and lives under the ground, presumably controlling edible roots and their availability....
Goddess name "Tatsuta Hime" Japan Goddess of autumn Japan
Goddess name "Taueret" Egypt Goddess of fertility, rebirth, justice, pregnancy and childbirth Egypt
God name "Taumata-Atua" Polynesia vegetation god who presides over the fields Polynesia
Deities name "Taumata-Atua" Polynesian / including Maori vegetation god. He presides over the fields and may be the god Rongomatane under an alternative name. In Maori culture Taumata-Atua, like all deities, is represented only by inconspicuous, slightly worked stones or pieces of wood and not by the large totems, which are depictions of ancestors....
"Taureus" Greek A surname of Poseidon, given to him either because bulls were sacrificed to him, or because he was the divinity that gave green pasture to bulls on the sea-coast. Greek
Goddess name "Taurica" Greece the Taurian goddess, commonly called Artemis. Her image was believed to have been carried from Tauris by Orestes and Iphigenia, and to have been conveyed to Brauron, Sparta, or Aricia. The worship of this Taurian goddess, who was identified with Artemis and Iphigenia, was carried on with orgiastic rites and human sacrifices, and seems to have been very ancient in Greece.
"Taurocephalus" Greek A surname of Dionysus in the Orphic mysteries. It also occurs as a surname of rivers and the ocean, who were symbolically represented as bulls, to indicate their fertilising effect upon countries. Greek
Goddess name "Taurt" Egypt Rert or Rertu, hippopotamus goddess mentioned in the Judgment scene from The Egyptian Book of the Dead called the Eater of the Dead - the Devourer of the Unjustified. Egypt
God name "Tawa" Pueblo Indians God of the Sun Pueblo
God name "Tawa" Pueblo Indian / USA Creator god. The apotheosis of the Sun and father of the tribe....
Goddess name "Taweret" Egypt The hippopotamus goddess & protective deity of childbirth
"Tawhaki" Polynesia A semi-supernatural being associated with lightning and thunder. Polynesia
Goddess name "Tawhaki" Polynesian / Maori Heroic god. A descendant of the creator god Rehua and grandson of Whatitiri, the goddess of thunder, Tawhaki is the third child of Hema and Urutonga. He is the younger sibling of the goddess Pupu-mai-nono and the god Karihi. In some Polynesian traditions Tawhaki is thought of as a mortal ancestor whose consort was the goddess Tangotango on whom he fathered a daughter, Arahuta. Tawhaki's father was killed during tribal warfare with a mythical clan known as the Ponaturi and he himself was the subject of jealous rivalry concerning the goddess Hine-Piripiri. During this time attempts were made to kill him. He fathered children by Hine-Piripiri, including Wahieroa, who is generally perceived as being embodied in comets....
God name "Tawhirimatea" Maori God of winds. Maori
Deities name "Tawhirimatea" Polynesian / including Maori God of winds. One of the children of the prime parents RANGINUI and PAPATUANUKU. He was uniquely opposed to the separation of his mother and father, sky and earth, at the time of the creation of the cosmos, and in consequence spends his time harassing and troubling mankind. In Maori culture Papatuanuku, like all deities, is represented only by inconspicuous, slightly worked stones or pieces of wood and not by the large totems, which are depictions of ancestors....
"Tawiscara" Iroquois evil twin brother of Loskeha. Iroquois
"Tawiscara/ Taweskare/ Tawiskaro" Iroquois The evil twin brother of Loskeha
God name "Tayau" Mexico God of the rising Sun. Mexico
God name "Tayau (father sun)" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico Sun god. According to tradition, he was created by the ancient shamans, who threw the youthful son of the corn mother TATE OTEGANAKA into an oven in full ceremonial attire. He traveled underground and emerged in the east as the Sun. In late May, the Huichol sacrifice a sheep and a turkey in a ritual fire, after which they sing all night until Sunrise. Also Tau; Taverik....
God name "Tayau Sakaimoka" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico Sun god. The deity of the setting Sun in the west, regarded as the assistant of TAYAU....
God name "Tayau Sakaimoka Huichol" Mexico Western setting Sun god Mexico
God name "Tayau/ Tau/ averik Huichol" Mexico The Sun god of the the rising Sun
"Taygete" Greek A daughter of Atlas and Pleione, one of the Pleiades. By Zeus she became the mother of Lacedaemon and of Eurotas. Mount Taygetus, in Laconia, derived its name from her. Greek
God name "Tchort" Russia God of Regeneration. Russia
Spirit name "Tcolawitze" Hopi Fire spirit Hopi
Angel name "Tdim" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Angel name "Tdnim" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Te" Po Polynesian personification of the primordial night being which existed in the chaos prior to light
"Te Kore" Polynesia Primordial void being who was the personification of darkness of chaos prior to light Polynesia
"Te Kore (the void)" Polynesian / including Maori Primordial being. The personification of the darkness of chaos before light came into being. Usually coupled with TE PO, the unknown night....
"Te Po" Polynesian / including Maori Primordial being. The personification of the night which existed in chaos before the creation of light. Usually coupled with TE KORE, the void....
Goddess name "Te mehara" Polynesia Goddess of wisdom Polynesia
"Te-Aka-Ia-Roe" Polynesia Creator being Polynesia / Hervey Is.
Spirit name "Te-Aka-la-Roe (root of all existence)" Polynesian / Hervey Islands Creator being. Perceived in the form of a giant worm, this being is one of three spirits which govern and ensure the permanence of the universe. He lives in the lowest part of the root of the coconut shell which represents the world....
"Te-Manava-Roa" Hervey Is Creator being, one of three Hervey Is.
Spirit name "Te-Manava-Roa (long-lived)" Polynesian / Hervey Islands Creator being. Perceived in the form of a giant worm, this being is one of three spirits which govern and ensure the permanence of the universe. He lives in the highest part of the root of the coconut shell which represents the world....
"Te-Tanga-Engae" Polynesia Creator being Polynesia / Hervey Is.
Spirit name "Te-Tanga-Engae (breathing)" Polynesian / Hervey Islands Creator being. Perceived in the form of a giant worm, this being is one of three spirits which govern and ensure the permanence of the universe. He lives in the middle part of the root of the coconut shell which represents the world....
God name "Tecciztecatl" Aztec God of the moon. Aztec
God name "Tecciztecatl (conch shell lord)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico moon god. In cosmogony, when on the fifth day of creation the gods sat in judgment to elect the new Sun god, NANAHUATL and Tecciztecatl cremated themselves in the sacred fire. The heart of Nanahuatl ascended to become the new Sun and that of Tecciztecatl became the moon. Tradition suggests that Nanahuatl is diseased and impoverished but of great courage, while Tecciztecatl is wealthy and a coward. Alternatively, the pair are sons of QUETZALCOATL and of TLALOC and were hurled into the fire by their fathers. Also one of the group classed as the TEZCATLIPOCA complex. NOTE: eventually all the gods sacrificed them selves for mankind....
Spirit name "Tecei'vune" East Female spirit of the dawn Siberia(East)
Spirit name "Tecei'vune/ Tne'sqan/ Mratna'igrin/ Lietna'igrin/ Na'chitna'igrin" Chukchee / SE Siberia The female spirit of the dawn
Goddess name "Tefnut" Egypt Goddess of the dawn, dew, moisture, justice and Rain clouds. Egypt
Goddess name "Tefnut" Egypt Primordial goddess of moisture. According to the genealogy laid down by the priests of Heliopolis, Tefnut was created out of the breath or spit of the creator Sun god ATUM. She is the sister of SU, god of the air, and the mother of GEB and NUT. Her main cult sanctuary was at Heliopolis. Tefnut, like Su, can become one of several manifestations of the “eye of RE” in which case she appears as a lion, or in human form but with a leonine head. According to the Pyramid Texts, she creates pure water from her vagina. In a different context she takes the form of a snake encircling a scepter....
Goddess name "Tegid Foe!" Celtic / Welsh water goddess. One of a pair with CERIDWEN, identified by the poet Taliesin....
Goddess name "Tegid Voel" Welsh Goddess of water who was identified by the poet Taliesin. Welsh
Demon name "Teharon(hiawagon) (he who holds heaven in his hands)" Mohawk Indian / USA / Canada Creator god. He engendered the world and all living things and is invoked by shamans to provide good health and prosperity. His adversary is the demonic figure Tawiskaron, symbolizing darkness....
Spirit name "Teharonhiawagon" Mohawk Creator spirit Mohawk
Angel name "Teiaiel" Nazorean A fortune telling angel that controls maritime expeditions. Early Nazorean
God name "Teibas" Armenia Tutelary god Armenia / Uart
God name "Teicauhtzin" Aztec Patron god of Mexico as well as a minor god of war Aztec
God name "Teicauhtzin (younger brother)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor god of war. A patron god of Mexico and one of the group classed as the HUITZILPOCHTLI complex....
"Teiresias" Greek Or Tiresias, a son of Everes and Chariclo. He belonged to the ancient family of Udaeus at Thebes, and was one of the most renowned soothsayers in all antiquity. Greek
God name "Teisbas" Urartian / Armenia Tutelary god. Known from inscriptions....
God name "Tejosnina" Buddhist God Buddhist
Deities name "Tejosnisa (sharp)" Buddhist God. Apparently connected with the guardian deities or dikpalas in the southeastern quarter. Color: whitish red. Attribute: Sun disc....
God name "Tekkeitserktock" Inuit God of hunting and the earth. Inuit
"Telamon" Roman A surname of Atlas, describing him as the sufferer or bearer of heaven.
"Telchines" Greek A family, a class of people, or a tribe, said to have been descended from Thalassa or Poseidon. Greek
"Telemachus" Greek The son of Odysseus and Penelope. He was still an infant at the time when his father went to Troy, and in his absence of nearly twenty years he grew up to manhood. Greek
"Teleon" Greek 1. An Athenian, a son of Ion, the husband of Zeuxippe, and father of the Argonaut Butes. (Apollodorus i.) From him the Teleonites in Attica derived their name.
King name "Telephus" Greek A son of Heracles and Auge, the daughter of king Aleus of Tegea. He was reared by a hind and educated by king Corythus in Arcadia. Greek
God name "Telepinu[s]" Hittite God of fertility Hittite / Hurrian
"Telesphorus" Greek That is, "the completing," is the name of a medical divinity who is mentioned now and then in connection with Asclepius. Greek
Goddess name "Telesto" Greek Goddess of initiations Greek
"Telete" Greek The daughter of Nicaea and Dionysus and regarded as the personification of Initiation into a mystery cult. Greek
God name "Teliko" Bambara / Mali, West Africa God of hot winds. According to tradition the water god FARO challenged him in a primordial struggle and smashed him against a mountain....
God name "Teliko Bambara" Africa God of hot winds Africa(west)
God name "Telipinu" Hittite Agriculture god Hittite
God name "Teljavelik" Pre - Christian Lithuanian Creator god. He engendered the Sun god SAULE and is described as the heavenly smith....
Goddess name "Tellervo" Finland The goddess of the Forest, daughter of Tapio and Mielikki.
Goddess name "Tellus" Roman A goddess of Agriculture, grain fields & fertility
Goddess name "Tellus" Roman Chthonic primordial earth mother. A corn deity, generally regarded as benevolent, but also a goddess of the dead. Enemy armies were offered to her and cursed in her name. Both she and the corn goddess CERES were propitiated with human sacrifice. Also TERRA MATER....
God name "Telphochtli" Aztec Then run a potent god, the universal and generally malvolent Aztec
Nymph name "Telphusa" Greek A daughter of Ladon, a nymph from whom the town of Telphusa in Arcadia derived its name. Greek
God name "Telpochtli (male youth)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Omnipotent god. A universal and generally malevolent power. One of the group classed as the TEZCATLIPOCA complex....
Goddess name "Telta" Irish earth goddesses who lived on a magical Hill. Irish
Goddess name "Temazcalteci" Aztec Temaxcaltechi, goddess of bathing and sweatbaths. Aztec
"Temenus" Greek 1. A son of Pelasgus, educated Hera at Stymphalus in Arcadia.
Goddess name "Tempestates" Roman Goddess of storms and wind Roman
"Ten-brel Chug-nyi" Tibetan The twelve interdependent contributories to the origination of all phenomena, equivalent to the Sanskrit nidanas. Tibetan
"Tenan-tomgin" Chukchee Creator. 'One who induces things to be created'. Chukchee
Spirit name "Tenanto'mni" Chukchee / eastern Siberia Creator spirit. An indefinite and remote character living somewhere in the zenith of the sky. He created the world which was then transformed into its present state by the raven-like majordomo KU'URKIL....
Spirit name "Tenanto'mwan" Koryak Creator spirit. Koryak
Spirit name "Tenanto'mwan" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Creator spirit. Identified particularly with the reindeer-hunting Koryak on the Taigonos peninsula. An indefinite and remote character living somewhere in the zenith of the sky. He created the world which was then transformed into its present state by QUIKINNA'QU. Tenanto'mwan is the name always used when addressing the creator in incantations.See also YA'QHICNIN....
God name "Tenantomwan" Koryak Big-Raven Creator god. Koryak
Spirit name "Tenato'mni" Chukchee / E Siberia The creator spirit
Goddess name "Tenga" Africa Goddess of justice Africa
God name "Tengri" Mongol sky god Mongol
Goddess name "Tenshoko Daijin or Ten Sho Dai Jiu" Shinto The Shinto Sun goddess.
Goddess name "Tenye Te'en" Nigeria Goddess of marital fidelity Nigeria
God name "Teoyaomqui" Aztec The god of dead warriors, particularly those who had died in battle. He is a solar deity and the god of the sixth Hour of the Day. Aztec
God name "Tepeyollotl" Aztec The god of earthquakes, echoes and jaguars. He is the god of the Eighth Hour of the night, and is depicted as a jaguar leaping towards the Sun. Aztec
God name "Tepeyollotl (hill heart)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor chthonic or earth god. One of the group classed as the TEZCATLIPOCA complex. He was originally an earthquake god, symbolized by the jaguar and later adopted into the Aztec pantheon....
"Tepictoton" Aztec The Little Molded One. Aztec
God name "Tepozlecatl" Aztec The god of pulque, of drunkenness and fertility. Aztec
God name "Tepoztecatl" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor fertility god. One of the group classed as the Ometochtli complex concerned with the maguey plant and the brewing of the alcoholic drink pulque....
"Tepyollotl" Aztec Lord of uncertainty
"Ter'he-ne'tar" Finland Daughter of the Fog. The Kalevala. Finland
Nymph name "Terambus" Greek A son of Euseirus and Eidothea. Once he was tending his flocks on Mount Othrys in Melis, under the protection of the nymphs whom he delighted with his songs, for he was a distinguished musician, and played both the syrinx and the lyre. Greek
God name "Teraphim" Hebrew The household, family, or domestic gods of the Jews, similar to the lares and penates of the ancient Romans. Hebrew
King name "Tereus" Greek A son of Ares, a king of the Thracians, in Daulis, afterwards Phocis. Some traditions place Tereus at Pegae, in Megaris. Greek
"Terminus" Roman A Roman divinity presiding over boundaries and frontiers. His worship is said to have been instituted by Numa who ordered that every one should mark the boundaries of his landed property by stones to be consecrated to Jupiter, and at which every year sacrifices were to be offered at the festival of the Terminalia.
God name "Terminus" Roman God of passage. Embodied in boundary marker stones. He was celebrated in the Termi nalia festival on February 23....
"Terpsachora" Greek One of the nine Muses, presided over choral song and dancing. Greek
Goddess name "Terpsichore" Greek The goddess of dancing. Terpsichorean, relating to dancing. Dancers are called "the votaries of Terpsichore." Greek
God name "Terra" Greek Another form for terra, the name under which the earth was personified among the Romans, as Ge was among the Greeks. She is often mentioned in contrast with Jupiter, the god of heaven, and connected with Dis and the Manes. Greek
"Terra Mater" Roman Chthonic primordial earth mother. Derived from Greek model.See also TELLUS....