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Spirit name "Tna'nto" Koryak / Siberia The spirit of dawn, the first light of the dawn deified
Spirit name "Tna'nto (dawn coming out)" Koryak / southeastern Siberia spirit of the dawn. The apotheosis of the first light of dawn in the eastern sky....
Spirit name "Tne'sgan (top of the dawn)" Chukchee / southeastern Siberia spirit of the dawn. One of four beings controlling the dawn in different directions. Sacrifice is made and blood is sprinkled in the appropriate direction....
Spirit name "Tnecei'vune" Siberia spirit of the dawn, one of four beings who control the dawn of from different directions. Chukchee, Siberia
Spirit name "Tnecei'vune (dawn walking woman)" Chukchee / southeastern Siberia spirit of the dawn. The female consort of the dawn.See also TNE'SGAN, MRATNA'IRGIN, LIETNA'IRGIN and NA'CHITNA'IRGIN....
God name "To'nenile" Navaho God of Rain. Navaho
God name "Toa'lalit" Bella Coola God of hunters, oversees hunting mountain goats. Bella Coola, Canada
God name "Toa'lalit" Bella Coola / Canada This god of hunters oversees hunting mountain goats
God name "Toa'lalit" Bella Coola Indian / British Columbia, Canada God of hunters. Oversees the hunting of mountain goats. He is invisible, but great hunters may catch a glimpse of his hat, moccasins or mountain staff moving about. His animals are the lynx and raven....
God name "Tobadzistsini" Navaho A Minor war god
God name "Tobadzistsini" Navaho God of war. Navaho
God name "Tobadzistsini" Navaho Child of water and son of Tsohanoai, the Sun god. Minor war god. Navaho
God name "Tobadzistsini (child of the water)" Navaho / USA war god. Considered younger and inferior to NAYENEZGANI, the chief war god of the Navaho. His mother conceived him through the magical power of a waterfall. His priest wears similar attire to that of Nayenezgani, but the mask is painted with red ocher except for a triangular black area bordered with white. It also has a fringe of yellow or red wool....
"Tobo" Nazorean A being who conducts the soul of Adam from Orcus to the place of life. Codex Nazaraeus
Goddess name "Toci" Aztec Goddess of healing Aztec
God name "Tohil" Mayan God of fire Mayan
Book name "Tohu Bohu" Hebrew Primeval chaos, the state preceding the appearance of the universe. Book of Genesis
Goddess name "Tokakami" Huichol Indian / Mesoamerican / Mexico God of death. His chief antagonist is the moon goddess METSAKA....
God name "Tokakami Huichol" Mexico The god of death
God name "Tokakami Huichol" Mexico God of death Mexico
Spirit name "Toko'yoto" Koryak Guardian spirit who is one of the owners of the world,specifically the Pacific Ocean Koryak
Spirit name "Toko'yoto" Koryak / Siberia A guardian spirit who is one of the owners of the world, the Pacific Ocean to be specific
Spirit name "Toko'yoto (crab)" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Guardian spirit. In Koryak tradition, one of the “owners” of the world, the master and creator of the Pacific Ocean. His name is that of a large sea crab. In some legends he is the father of MITI, the mother of the Koryak people....
Goddess name "Tomituka" S Pacific A goddess of Rain
Goddess name "Tomituka S" Koryak , Goddess of Rain Pacific
God name "Tomiyauhtecuhtli" Aztec Rain and fertility god. Aztec
God name "Tomiyauhtecuhtli (our male maize efflorescence lord)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Fertility and Rain god. One of the group classed as the TLALOC complex....
God name "Tomor" Albania Creator and wind and god, he is still around Albania
God name "Tomor" Albania God of the winds as well as Creator god, he is still worshipped today Albania
God name "Tomor" Albanian A god of the winds as well as a creator god, he is still worshipped today
God name "Tomor" Illyrian / Albania Creator god. Also a god of the winds. Depicted in human form attended by eagles and still invoked by rural peasants....
Spirit name "Tomwo'get" Koryak Archetypical creator spirit Koryak
"Tomwo'get" Koryak / SE Siberia He is an archetypical creator being
"Tomwo'get (self-created)" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Archetypal creator being. The consort of Ha'na and father of Supreme Being, TENANTO'MWAN, and of Big Raven, QIUIKINNA'QIU....
Deity name "Tonacaciahuatl" Aztec Primordial deity who is the self created, eternal, female principle. Aztec
Deity name "Tonacaciahutl" Aztec A primordial deity that is the self created, eternal, female principle
Deities name "Tonacacihuatl (our flesh lady)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Primordial deity. In the most widely accepted Aztec cosmogony, this is the self-created, eternal, female principle who combines with TONACATECUHTLI to create all life, transferring souls from heaven to the mortal womb. It exists in the highest, thirteenth heaven and once engendered the Sun god TEZCATLIPOCA, from whom all other deities in the pantheon stemmed. One of the group classed as the Omeotl complex. Also Omecihuatl....
Deity name "Tonacatceuhtli" Aztec Primordial deity who is the self created, eternal, male principle. Aztec
"Tonacatecuhtli" Aztec She is the creator & provider of food
God name "Tonacatecuhtli" Aztec the being at the center, was a fertility god. He organized the world into land and ocean at the creation of the world. Aztec
Deities name "Tonacatecuhtli (our flesh lord)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Primordial deity. In the most widely accepted Aztec cosmogony, this is the self-created, eternal, male principle who combines with TONACACIHUATL to create all life. It exists in the highest, thirteenth heaven and once engendered the Sun god TEZCATLIPOCA, from whom all other deities in the pantheon stemmed. Also one of the group classed as the OMETEOTL complex. According to tradition Tonacatecuhtli drove four roads through the center of the earth after the cataclysm of the fourth world age (Atl) to disperse the flood waters of the deluge. His four sons, aided by four unnamed beings, raised the fallen sky which they propped up on great trees created by Tezcatlipoca and QUETZALCOATL at the four cardinal points....
Deity name "Tonachacihuatl" Aztec The feminine primordial deity
Goddess name "Tonaleque" Aztec Goddess, ruler of the fifth of the 13 heavens. Aztec
Goddess name "Tonaleque" Aztec catalyze this goddess is ruler of the fifth of the 13 heavens
Goddess name "Tonaleque" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Goddess. The ruler of the fifth of the thirteen heavens known at the time of the Spanish conquest, Ilhuicatl Huixtotlan (heaven of the salt fertility goddess)....
Goddess name "Tonan" Aztec Goddess of the Winter solstice. Aztec
God name "Tonans" Roman A surname of the god Jupiter and was always represented with a thunderbolt in his hand. Roman.
Goddess name "Tonantzin" Aztec Goddess of motherhood. Aztec
God name "Tonatiluh" Aztec This creator god presides over the fifth world age[this is the one we are in]
God name "Tonatiuh" Aztec The creator god that presides over the fifth world
God name "Tonatiuh" Aztec Creator god who presides over the fifth world. Aztec
God name "Tonatiuh (soaring eagle)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. He presides over the fifth (present) world age, personified by the Sun Ollin and destined to end in a cataclysmic earthquake. He is the ruler of the fourth of the thirteen heavens known at the time of the Spanish conquest; also called Ilhuicatl Tonatiuh (the heaven of the Sun). In other texts, specifically codices Borgia, Cospi and Fejervary-Mayer, he is depicted as a temple deity....
God name "Tonatiuh/ Pilzintecutli" Aztec / Nahua The Sun god & a god of war
God name "Toneili" Navaho this is the Rain god in charge of all water from the skies
God name "Tonenili" Navaho Rain god the controls waters from the skies. Tonenili saved the people from the water monster Ticholtsodi. Navaho
God name "Tonenili" Navaho / USA Rain god. The so-called “lord of the celestial waters,” he controls the Rain from the skies as opposed to that of lakes, rivers and seas. He is said to scatter his waters to the four cardinal points and storm clouds begin to gather. He is also the water-carrier for the other gods in the pantheon. He wears a blue mask with a fringe of hair and a spruce collar, but is otherwise naked save for a scarlet loin-cloth and a leather belt with silver ornamentation and a fox skin dangling at the back. His attributes, in mythology only, are two wicker water-bottles, one blue and one black, whose strings are Rainbows....
God name "Tonitrualis" Roman A surname of the god Jupiter, to whom the Romans attributed power over all the changes in the heavens, as Rain, storms, thunder and lightning.
Spirit name "Tont'tu" Finland A little house-spirit. The Kalevala. Finland
"Tonttu" Finland Generally benign tutelary. Originally, a patron of cultivated land, keeper of lot.
Goddess name "Tootega" Inuit Tootega is a wisened old goddess, who lives in a stone hut and has the ability to walk on water. Inuit
Goddess name "Top'tine" Brazil Goddess of fire Peru / Brazil
Goddess name "Topogh" Kenya Goddess of the evening star Kenya
God name "Topoh" Pokot / Suk / Uganda This astral god is the god of the evening star
God name "Topoh" Pokot / Suk / Uganda / western Kenya, East Africa Astral god. The son of the creator god TORORUT and his consort SETA, he is god of the evening star....
God name "Topoh Pokot" Uganda Astral god associated with the evening star Uganda
"Tork" Armenia Guardian of the mountains and their inhabitants Armenia
God name "Tork" Armenia This god is the guardian of the mountains & their inhabitants
God name "Tork" Pre - Christian Armenian mountain god. Of terrifying appearance, he is the guardian deity of mountains and their inhabitants....
God name "Tornarssuk" Inuit A god of the underworld and head of the protective gods known as the tornat. Inuit
Deities name "Tornarssuk (big tornak or shaman)" Inuit Supreme being. The master of the tornat, the group of controlling deities. He is essentially benevolent and can be communicated with through the individual tornak of a shaman. His home is in the underworld in the land of souls. He is described as being of vague appearance, possibly in the guise of a huge bear, though in Greenland Inuit tradition he lives in the sea, appearing as a large fat seal with long tentacles (i.e. possibly a cuttlefish). He devours the souls of those he can capture. With the introduction of Christianity he was syncretized with the devil....
God name "Tornat" Inuit Tornat are a group of protective gods, led by Tornarsuk. Inuit
Deities name "Torngasoak" Inuit A very powerful sky god, one of the more important deities in the Inuit pantheon.
God name "Toro" Zaire Creator god Ngbandi, Zaire
Spirit name "Toro" Ngbandi / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa Creator god. He is perceived as a great serpent, the son of KANGALOGBA, who is both the spirit of the dragonfly and the symbol of the sacred river Oubangui....
God name "Toro Ngbandi" Zaire He is the creator god
God name "Tororut" Pokot / Suk / Uganda He is the creator god
God name "Tororut" Pokot / Suk / Uganda / western Kenya, East Africa Creator god. He is invoked in a special annual ceremony, which involves the sacrifice of an ox, to ensure safety of crops and cattle. The same ritual is performed in times of drought, famine or plague. His brother is ASIS the Sun god. His consort is SETA and their children include the Rain god ILAT, ARAWA the moon and TOPOH the evening star....
God name "Tororut Pokot" Uganda Creator god Uganda
"Totilma'il" Mayan Androgynous creator being Mayan / Tzotzi
"Totilma'il (father-mother)" Mayan / Tzotzil, Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator being. An androgynous personality who represents the ancestral source of creation....
God name "Totolteactl" Aztec Fertility god, concerned with the Maguey plant and the art of growing pulque. Aztec
God name "Totoltecatl" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Fertility god. One of the group classed as the Ometochtli complex concerned with the maguey plant and the brewing of the alcoholic drink pulque....
Goddess name "Tou Mou" China Goddess of justice China
Goddess name "Tou Mou" Chinese Goddess of measure. Usually depicted with many arms and with a caste mark on her forehead, suggesting that she derives from the goddess of the aurora, MARICI, in Indian Buddhism. She is considered to live in the constellation of Ursa major and may also be an aspect of the astral goddess TIN HAU....
Goddess name "Touia Fatuna" Tonga / Polynesia The earth goddess, the deification of the rock deep in the earth that rumbles & gives birth to new land
Goddess name "Touia Fatuna (iron stone)" Polynesian / Tonga earth goddess. The daughter of Kele (slime) and Limu (seaweed), she is the apotheosis of rock deep in the earth and is periodically in labor, at which time she rumbles and shakes and produces children....
Goddess name "Touia Fatuna Tonga" Polynesia Goddess of the earth, the deification of the rock deep in the earth who rumbles and gives birth to new land Polynesia
God name "Toumou" Egypt A god of Egypt mentioned in The Golden Bough.
God name "Toumou" Egypt God of uncertain function. A deity whose mummy was allegedly kept at Heliopolis....
"Toutatis or Teutates" Britain A tribal protector worshipped in ancient Gaul and Britain.
Goddess name "Toyo Uke" Japan Goddess of war Japan
Goddess name "Toyo Uke Bime" Japan Goddess of foodstuffs Japan / Shinto
Goddess name "Toyo-Uke-Bime" Shinto / Japan Goddess of foodstuffs. An ambiguous deity often identified with Inari, she is said in the Kojiki to be a daughter of WakuMusubi-No-Kami and a great granddaughter of IZANAGI and IZANAMI. Her main sanctuary is the Geku in Ise, whither she was allegedly removed from Tamba after the emperor had received a dream-message from the Sun goddess AMATERASU in AD 478....
Goddess name "Toyota Mahime" Japan Goddess of the sea Japan
Goddess name "Tozi" Aztec Goddess of health and healing. Aztec
Goddess name "Tozi" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Goddess of healing. Also the deity of sweet water remedial baths....
Angel name "Tpau" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Angel name "Tplau" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God name "Tra (death by violence)" Haida Indian / Queen Charlotte Island, Canada God of death. Those who are about to die a violent death are said to hear him groaning about the camp and see him as a headless corpse with blood flowing endlessly from his severed neck. He flies through the air.See also TA'XET....
King name "Trailokyaviaya" Buddhist Wisdom king Conqueror of the Threefold world. Esoteric Buddhism
Deities name "Trailokyavijaya (lord of three worlds)" Buddhist / Mahayana God. Seen standing on the Hindu deities Mahesvara (SIVA) and GAURI. Color: blue. Attributes: arrow, bell, bow, club, hook, noose, prayer wheel, staff and sword. Also an alternative name for ACALA....
Goddess name "Tranquillitas Vacuna" Roman A goddess who presided over doing nothing. Roman
God name "Trayasrinsa" Hindu / Vedic The collective name for the group of Deva gods
Deities name "Trayastrinsa (the thirty-three)" Hindu / Vedic Collective name for the group of deva gods. One of the many lists of deities in Hinduism, this one is contained in the Rg Veda and includes thirty-three names divided into three groups of eleven in each of the three worlds. Subsequently, the DEVAS were separated into eight VASUS, twelve ADITYAS, eleven RUDRAS and two ASVINS. In later Hinduism the number thirty-three is increased hyperbolically to 330 million and deva refers to gods excluding the major triad of BRAHMA, V ISNU and SIVA....
God name "Tremerius" Roman River god. The deity of the river Tiber. His consort is one of the Vestal Virgins sacrificed by drowning. His sanctuary was built on an island in the river and, until some time during the Republican period, all bridges across the river were made wholly of wood so as not to offend him. The adverse connotations of iron are unclear, but its use was forbidden by official decree....
Angel name "Trgiaob" Nazorean As an angel who protects wild birds from extinction, pollution and destruction of their habitat. Early Nazorean
"Tricolonus" Greek Two mythical personages, one a son of Lycaon, and founder of Tricoloni in Arcadia (Pausanias viii), and the other one of the suitors of Hippodameia, who was conquered and killed by Oenomaus.
"Tridamus" Celtic The male deification of bovine triplication, conceived as a manifestation of abundance. Celtic
Goddess name "Triduana" Scotland Goddess of Edinburgh Scotland
God name "Triglav" Slavic A god or complex of gods similar in nature to the Trinity in Christianity or Trimurti in Hinduism. Slavic
God name "Triglav" Slavic / Baltic God of war. The head of the pantheon in Stettin and also mentioned in association with Brandenburg, he is described in chronicles as bearing three heads....
Goddess name "Trikantakidevi" Hindu Goddess of terrible appearance Hindu
Goddess name "Trikantakidevi (goddess of three thorns)" Hindu Goddess. Of terrible appearance. Color: part red, part black. Attributes: conch, two lamps, prayer wheel and teeth....
"Trimurti" Hindu The Hindu triad, consisting of Brahma, the emanator or evolver; Vishnu, the sustainer or preserver; and Siva, the beneficent, the destroyer, and the regenerator.
"Trimurti" Hindu Collective title for the major triad. A three-headed representation of BRAHMA, VISNU and SIVA as one entity. Contested by some authors, who argue that Brahma, who is almost invariably represented with four heads, would be included here with only one....
Deity name "Trinity Tertullian" Christian Trinity Tertullian (160-240 CE) introduced this word into Christian theology. The word triad is much older. Almost every mythology has a threefold deity.
"Triopas" Greek Son of Poseidon and Canace, a daughter of Aeolus or of Helios and Rhodos, and the father of Iphimedeia and Erysichthon, he is also called the father of Pelasgus. He expelled the Pelasgians from the Dotian plain, but was himself obliged to emigrate, and went to Caria, where he founded Cnidus on the Triopian promontory. His son Erysichthon was punished by Demeter with insatiable hunger, because he had violated her sacred grove but others relate the same of Triopas himself. Greek
King name "Triptolemus" Greek A son of Celeus and Metaneira or Polymnia, or according to others, a son of king Eleusis by Cothonea. Greek
Goddess name "Tripura" Hindu One of the group of ten goddesses of Hindu mythology collectively called mahavidyas.
Goddess name "Tripura (lady of the three cities)" Hindu / Jain Mother goddess. In Jainism regarded as one of the ASTAMATARAS. In Hinduism the SAKTI of Tripurantaka, an ugra (terrible) representation of the god SIVA, alternatively a form of the goddess PARVATI. The “three cities” are the cities of gold, silver and iron, one in heaven, one in the air and one on earth, which Siva destroyed in his form as Tripurantaka. Tripura is depicted attended by vultures. Attributes: Book, hook, noose and rosary....
God name "Trita" Greek The archaic name of Greek god Poseidon.
Goddess name "Trita" Iranian Goddess of the heavenly waters. Iranian
God name "Trita (Aptya)" Hindu / Vedic God(dess). Known from the Rg Veda. An obscure form of Indra with strong water attributes. Also Aptya....
Deity name "Triton" Greek A sea deity, who dwells with Father Neptune in a golden palace at the bottom of the sea. The chief employment of tritons is to blow a conch to smooth the sea when it is ruffled.
God name "Tritons" Roman Minor sea gods
God name "Tritons" Roman Minor sea gods. The children of POSEIDON and AMPHITRITE who are depicted as hybrid fish-men. Generally included in the royal court of the god Neptune. Attributes: conches.See also NEPTUNUS....
God name "Triumphator" Roman A surname of the god Jupiter. Roman
God name "Trivikrama" Hindu / Puranic / Epic A god that may have been a Sun god but is accepted as an incarnation of Visnu
God name "Trivikrama (taking three steps)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. It may originally have been the name of a Sun god, but is taken as the incarnation of VISNU which strides the world in three steps in his dwarfish manifestation, and is linked with the Hindu perception of the three parts of the world—heaven, air and earth. His SAKTI is SANTI. Normally depicted with the left leg raised. Attributes: arrow, bow, club, conch, knife, lotus, noose, plough, prayer wheel, staff and sword....
Goddess name "Trmi Mu" Chinese Goddess of lightning. She is said to flash her mirror at an intended victim of the god LEI KUNG'S thunderbolts to ensure his aim....
God name "Trograin" Ireland A tribal god who was overshadowed by Lug. Ireland
God name "Trograin" Celtic / Irish Minor god. Tsai Shen...
God name "Trograin/ Lug" Irish A minor god
Spirit name "Troll" Norse A hill-spirit. Hence Trolls are called Hill-people or Hill-folk, supposed to be immensely rich, and especially dislike noise. Norse
"Trolls" Norse Dwarfs of Northern mythology, living in hills or mounds; they are represented as stumpy, misshapen, and humpbacked, inclined to thieving, and fond of carrying off children or substituting one of their own offspring for that of a human mother. They are called hill-people, and are especially averse to noise, from a recollection of the time when Thor used to be for ever flinging his hammer after them. Norse
King name "Tros" Greek 1. A son of Erichthonius and Astyoclie, and a grandson of Dardanus. He was married to Calirrhoe, by whom he became the father of Ilus, Assaracus and Ganymedes, and was king of Phrygia. The country and people of Troy derived their name from him. He gave up his son Ganymedes to Zeus for a present of horses.
"Trows" Scandinavian Dwarfs of Orkney and Shetland mythology, similar to the Scandinavian Trolls. There are land-trows and sea-trows. "Trow tak' thee" is a phrase still used by the island women when angry with their children.
Angel name "Trsiel" Nazorean An angel who has dominion over rivers. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Trukwinu Mana" Hopi A goddess Rain
Spirit name "Trulli" Norse Female spirits noted for their kindness to men. Norse
Goddess name "Ts'an Hsien" China First cultivator, and the goddess, of silkworms. China
Goddess name "Ts'an Nu" China A goddess of silkworms
God name "Tsa'qamae" Qwe'gsotenox Indian / British Columbia, Canada God of salmon migration. The so-called “head Winter dancer,” his attributes include head ring and neck ring of bark to which heads are attached....
God name "Tsa'qamae Qwe'gsotenox" BC Canada the god that controls salmon migration
God name "Tsai Shen" China A god of wealth, associated with the mandarins
God name "Tsai Shen Yeh aka Lu Shing" China Tsai Shen Yeh aka Lu Shing or The Star God of Wealth. God of wealth. China
God name "Tsao Chun" China God of kitchens and stoves who ascends to heaven every year to report to the Jade Emperor on the good or bad behavior of each family member. China
God name "Tsao Wang" China God of the hearth fire China
Angel name "Tsaphiel" Nazorean Anangel governing the moon. Early Nazorean
God name "Tsehub" Hittite God of weather Hittite
"Tsentsa" Huron The name of the Good Twin. Huron
Goddess name "Tsetse" Zaire Goddess of lightning. Boshongo, Zaire
Goddess name "Tsho gyalma" Tibet Goddess of happiness Tibet
Goddess name "Tsi" Siberia Goddess of justice Siberia
"Tsi-tsai" Chinese The Self-existent, that which is the unknown darkness. Chinese
Spirit name "Tsichtinako" Acoma Female spirit of the creation myth Acoma
Goddess name "Tsilah" Haiti Goddess of fortune and beauty Haiti / Vodun
God name "Tsohanoai" Navaho God of the Sun. Navaho
Supreme god name "Tsohanoai (day bearer)" Navaho / USA Sun god. Not regarded as a supreme god, Tsohanoai moves across the sky, invisible, behind the disc of the Sun, sa, which is his shield. His consort is the fertility goddess ESTSANATLEHI and he is the father of the war god NAYENEZGANI. He is also attributed with the creation of all the big game animals. He is thought to walk on a Rainbow and ride a blue steed. He is never depicted in art nor impersonated....
God name "Tsui'goab" Hottentot Father of Our Fathers. A Rain god who lives in the clouds. Hottentot
God name "Tsuki-Yomi" Japan A god of the moon
God name "Tsuki-Yomi" Shinto / Japan moon god. Engendered from the right eye of IZANAGI immediately after AMATERASU was engendered from the left. There is very little reference to him in the sacred texts and his is a highly aesthetic form of worship. Allegedly he slew the food KAMI Uke-Mochi. He is depicted riding a horse and a number of sanctuaries are addressed to his cult, including the two TsukiYomi-No-Miya shrines in the Ise Jingu temple. He also enjoys an ancient sanctuary on the island of Iki. Also Tsuki-Yomi-Otoko....
Deity name "Tsukiyomi" Japan deity, of uncertain gender, of the moon. Japan
God name "Tsunigoab (wounded knee)" Khoi / Namibia, southwestern Africa Creator god. As his name suggests, he walks with a limp. His injury was sustained in a primordial battle with his arch rival GAUNAB, the god of darkness, who was eventually driven away to live in the black heaven. Tsunigoab used to be invoked at dawn each day....
God name "Tsunigoab Khoi" Namibia Creator god of who walks with a limp and was invoked at dawn each day Namibia
Goddess name "Tu" China A chthonic earth goddess & fertility spirit
Goddess name "Tu (1)" Chinese Chthonic earth goddess. A fertility spirit also identified as she who was invoked to bring good harvests by phallic-shaped mounds of earth left in the fields....
God name "Tu (2)" Polynesian Primordial god. One of three elements, with TANE and LONO, who existed in chaos and night which they broke into pieces, allowing day to come in. Tu represents stability. He is also regarded as a war god. Also KU (Hawaiian)....
God name "Tu Di Gong" China A local earth god worshipped in China.
Deity name "Tu Er Shen" Chinese A Chinese deity who manages the love and sex between men. His name literally means "rabbit deity".
God name "Tu P'ing" China God of robbers China
"Tu'o-ne'la" Finland The abode of Tuoni. The Kalevala. Finland
"Tu'o-ne'tar" Finland The hostess of death-land; a daughter of Tuoni. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Tu'ri" Finland Tuuri. The god of the Honey-land. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Tu-Metua" Hervey Is God of silence who had an immaculate birth Hervey Is.
God name "Tu-Metua (stick-by-parent)" Polynesian / Hervey Islands God. The sixth child of VARI-MA-TE-TAKERE, the primordial mother. Torn from her right side, he stays with her in the confined space at the bottom of the world coconut and lives in endless silence....
Goddess name "Tu-le'tar (Tuule'tar)" Finland A goddess of the winds. The Kalevala. Finland
"Tu-lik'ki (Tuullk'ki)" Finland One of the daughters of Tapio. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Tu-o'ni" Finland The god of death. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Tua Pek Kong" Chinese One of the pantheon of Malaysian Chinese Gods.
Angel name "Tual" s One of the angel's representing Taurus the bull. Early Nazorean
God name "Tuan MacCarell" Ireland A God of animals and woodlands. Ireland
"Tuat" Egyptian Tiau, Tiaou. The region of the underworld or of the dead. Egyptian
"Tuatha De Dananmn" Ireland Collective name for the final pantheon. Ireland
Angel name "Tubiel" Nazorean An angel invoked for the return of lost budgies. Early Nazorean
God name "Tuetates" Celtic God of war. Celtic
God name "Tuetatesa" Gaul God of war. Gaul
Goddess name "Tui" China Goddess of happiness. China
God name "Tule" Zande / Sudan / Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa Spider god. He descended from the sky on a rope, carrying all plants and seeds. He was also responsible for giving mankind water and the tools of cultivation....
God name "Tule Zande" Sudan Spider god who brought the seeds of all the plants on earth Sudan
Spirit name "Tulku sprul sku" Tibetan Phantom, disembodied spirit. Tibetan
Goddess name "Tulsi" India Goddess of basil plants. India
"Tulugaak" Inuit The creator of light. Inuit
"Tum" Egypt A primordial divinity issued from Nut. One of the main functions of Tum is generating the heavenly bodies and all celestial beings. Egypt
God name "Tumatauenga" Polynesia God of war who was given charge over mankind. Polynesia
God name "Tumatauenga" Polynesian / including Maori God of war. One of the children of the prime parents RANGINUI and PAPATUANUKU, he proposed the slaughter of his parents when it was decided to separate them as sky and earth. He was subsequently given charge over mankind (tangata), which he imbued with his lust for the warfare and violence that was a characteristic part of Maori culture. Also Kumatauenga (Hawaiian)....
God name "Tumu-nui" Tahitan A major god in the Tahitan creation myth and he and his wife Paparaharaha were responsible for creating the pillars that hold up the sky.
Goddess name "Tumuteanaoa (echo)" Polynesian / Hervey Islands Goddess. The fourth child of VARI-MA-TE-TAKERE, the primordial mother. Torn from her right side, Tumuteanaoa lives in Te-Parai-Tea (hollow gray rocks) below the home of the god TANGO....
Deities name "Tunehakwe" Onondaga The Three Sisters, deities of crops. Onondaga
God name "Tunek" Inuit God of seal hunters. Inuit