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"Vetustas" Roman The Roman personification of antiquity, long duration, great age ancient times, antiquity.
Goddess name "Vi of Wara" German A goddess of healing springs
"Vica Pota" Roman the Victor and Conqueror (quae vincit et potitur), was a Roman divinity of victory.
Goddess name "Victoria" Roman the goddess of victory that became an attack by the Christians with an angelic capacity
Goddess name "Victoria" Roman Goddess of victory. Known particularly from the second century BC and closely linked with JUPITER. Became adopted by the Christian church in an angelic capacity....
"Victrix" Roman Another name for Venus. Roman
"Vidar" Norse Son of Odin and the giantess Grid. He dwells in Landvide. He slays the Fenris-wolf in Ragnarok. Rules with Vale after Ragnarok. Norse
God name "Vidar" Nordic / Icelandic God of war. A little known AESIR god, described as the silent one. One of the sons of OTHIN. An alternative tradition places him as the offspring of a brief liaison between THOR and the giantess Gird. A god of great strength and support in times of danger. The prospective avenger of Othin's death by the wolf Fenrir at Ragnarok, he is said to wear a shoe made of material collected throughout time which he will place between Fenrir's jaws before he tears them apart and runs the beast through with his sword. One of the survivors of the final great fire and flood, destined to live in Asgard's successor, Idavoll....
Goddess name "Vidyadevi" Jain / India The generic title for a group of 16 goddesses that are associated with knowledge & learning
Goddess name "Vidyadevi" Jain / India Generic title for a group of goddesses. sixteen deities led by SARASVATI who are associated with knowledge or learning....
God name "Vidyapati-Lokesvara" Buddhist God. A variety of the BODHISATTVA AVALOKITESVARA. Depicted resting on a lotus, his attributes include a fly-whisk....
King name "Vidyaraja" Buddhist king of Knowledge. Buddhist
God name "Vidyesvara" Hindu The eight aspects of Siva. These beings are included in the category of pure creation. This category is created by God himself. Hindu
Deities name "Vidyesvara" Hindu Generic title for a group of deities. Eight liberated or emancipated “beings” who are considered to be aspects of SIVA....
God name "Vidyraja" Buddhist / Meola A tutelary god concerned with the implementation of the law
Deities name "Vidyraja" Buddhist / Mahayana Tutelary god. One of several deities who are concerned with the implementation of the law....
Goddess name "Vidyujjvalakarili (tongues of fire)" Buddhist Goddess. A twelve-headed form of Akajata who is said to have been formed in the BUDDHA's sweat. She is often depicted trampling the four Hindu deities BRAHMA, INDRA, SIVA and VISNU. Color: blue or black. Attributes: many and varied....
God name "Vidyutkumara" Jain / India God. Belonging to one of the groups under the general title of BHVANAVASI (dwelling in places). Of youthful appearance....
Goddess name "Vierge" Haiti / Vodun A sea goddess
"Vierge Ouvrante" Christian The Opening Virgin with the whole world in her womb. Christian
God name "Vigrid [A battle]" Norse The field of battle where the gods and the sons of Surt meet in Ragnarok. Norse
God name "Vigrieaetaka (remover of obstacles)" Buddhist / Mahayana God. An emanation of AKSOBHYA who may equate with the Hindu god GANESA. Color: blue. He is also seen as a dikpala or guardian of the northerly direction, in which case his color is green. Attributes: cup, drum, hook, knife, noose and staff. Three-headed. Also Analarka....
Deities name "Vigrieesvaraeugramurti" Hindu / Puranic family of deities. A popular depiction in art of SIVA (colored black) and Parvati with their son GANESA after he has been decapitated by his father and given the head of an elephant by way of replacement....
Deities name "Vijaya (victory)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. An EKADASARUDRA (one of the eleven RUDRA deities). Hiranyaksa is considered one of his incarnations. Attributes: club, knife, rosary and staff. Vijaya is also the name of the bow of INDRA....
Goddess name "Vikalaratri (twilight night)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
Nymph name "Vila" Slavic Willi or Veela, are the Slavic versions of nymphs, who have power over storms, which they delight in sending down on lonely travelers. They are known to live in meadows, ponds, oceans, trees, and clouds.
"Vile" Norse Vili. Brother of Odin and Ve. These three sons of Bor and Bestla construct the world out of Ymer's body. Vile. Norse
God name "Vili" Nordic / Icelandic God. Listed by Snorri in Prose Edda as one of the sons of Bori and, among the gods of Asgard, the brother of OTHIN and VE. The three gods are said to have made the land and sea out of the flesh and blood of the primeval giant Ymir.See also BURI....
Spirit name "Villenangi" Africa The 'First Appearer'. The supreme spirit, and ancestor god. The Zulu, South Africa
Goddess name "Vimala (stainless)" Buddhist / Vajrayana Minor goddess. One of several deified BHUMIS recognized as different spiritual spheres through which a disciple passes. Color: white. Attributes: lotus and staff....
"Vimer" Norse A river that Thor crosses. Norse
Goddess name "Vina" Buddhist Goddess of music. The personification of a lute. Color: yellow. Attribute: a lute....
"Vindheim" Norse windhome. The place that the sons of Balder and Hoder are to inhabit after Ragnarok. Norse
God name "Vindhya" Hindu mountain god. Personification of the hills forming the northern edge of the Deccan area of central India....
"Vindsval" Norse The father of Winter. Norse
"Vingolf" Norse Vingolf [The mansion of bliss] The palace of the asynjes. Norse
"Vingthor" Norse A name of Thor. Norse
God name "Virabhadra (great hero)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic war god. Considered to be a form of SIVA, and occasionally of VISNU, Virabhadra acts as a martial aspect of Siva against the god DAKSA, who according to some accounts abused Siva's wife SATI and drove her to angry suicide by self-immolation to avenge the slight. He is depicted bearing four arms. Attributes: arrow, bow, shield and sword. He sometimes wears a necklace of skulls. Three-eyed and three-headed....
God name "Viracocha" Inca God of storms and war, the chief deity. Inca
Goddess name "Viradechthis aka Harimella" Scotland Goddess of protection. Scotland
Goddess name "Viraj" Hindu / Vedic Primordial goddess. Identified as the active female creative principle in the Rg Veda....
Goddess name "Viranakka" Saami A goddess of hunting
God name "Viraratri (night of courage)" Hindu God. See also CHINNAMASTAKA....
Goddess name "Virbius" Roman An ancient mythical king of Aricia and a favourite of Diana, who, when he had died, called him to life and intrusted him to the care of the nymph Aegeria. The fact of his being a favourite of Diana, the Taurian goddess, seems to have led the Romans to identify him with Hippolytus who, according to some traditions, had established the worship of Diana. Roman
God name "Virbius" Roman Minor chthonic god. A malevolent underworld deity who was frequently invoked during the worship of Diana in the Arician woodlands surrounding her sanctuary at Nemi. Virbius was reputed to prowl these woods and to be an emanation of Hippolytus, a mortal who had been trampled to death by his horses and made immortal by Aesculapius. For this reason the Arician woods were barred to horses....
Goddess name "Virginalis" Roman A title of the goddess Juno. In this aspect she protected virginity.
"Virginia" Roman Yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Clause.
Goddess name "Virilis" Roman An aspect of the goddess Fortuna who attended a man's career. Roman
Goddess name "Viriplaca" Roman the goddess who soothes the anger of man, was a surname of Juno, describing her as the restorer of peace between married people. Roman
"Virmalised" Estonian The personification of the Polar Lights. Estonian
King name "Virtus" Roman The Roman personification of manly valour. She was represented with a short tunic, her right breast uncovered, a helmet on her head, a spear in her left hand, a sword in the right, and standing with her right foot on a helmet. There was a golden statue of her at Rome, which Alaricus, king of the Goths, melted down. Roman
God name "Virtus" Roman God of military prowess. Known particularly from the second century BC....
Demon name "Virudhaka (sprouted)" Buddhist God. A dikpala or guardian of the southerly direction. Color: blue or green. Attributes: skin from the head of an elephant and sword. Also identified as the head of a group of demons, the kumbhandas....
Deities name "Virupaksa (misinformed eyes)" Hindu Buddhist 1 God. Epithet of SIVA and one of the EKADASARUDRAS or eleven RUDRA deities. Attributes: ax, bell, club, cup, drum, hook, knife, lotus, prayer wheel, rosary, Sakti and sword. Threeheaded....
Spirit name "Viryaparamita" Buddhist Philosophical deity. spiritual offspring of RATNASAMBHAVA. Color: green. Attributes: blue lotus and jeweled banner....
"Vis" Greek The Roman personification of strength, force, vigor, power, energy. Similar to the Greek Bia in regards to hostile strength, force and violence personified.
"Vishnu" Hindu The All-Pervading essence of all beings, the master of and beyond the past, present and future, the creator and destroyer of all existences, one who supports, sustains and governs the Universe and originates and develops all elements within. Hindu
God name "Visnu Trivikrama" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Form of the god VISNU. Trivikrama is the transformation into a giant from Vis'nu's dwarf avatara VAMANA, in order to confirm his dominance over the world by covering it in three huge strides....
Goddess name "Visvakarman (arcbitect of tbe universe)" Hindu / Vedic Poorly defined creator god. Similar to DYAUS PITAR, he is described as the artist of the gods who may be linked or identified with TVASTAR. He evolved, as the son of PRABHASA and Yogasiddha, into an occasional consort of the mother goddess SARASVATI....
God name "Visvaksena (tbe all-conquering)" Hindu / Puranic Minor god. The bodyguard and gatekeeper of VISNU. Tradition maintains that Visvaksena was slain by SIVA when he refused the latter an audience with Vis'nu. For this reason he is generally depicted in the form of a skeleton impaled on the trident weapon carried by Siva in his aspect of KANKALAMURTI. His attributes include a wheel, club and conch shell....
God name "Visvamitra" Hindu / Puranic Minor god. According to legend, the father of the god NARADA....
God name "Visvarupa" Hindu Lesser known incarnation of the god VISNU. In Vedic literature he is identified as the son of TVASTAR. Visnu took the avatara at the request of ARJUNA. His animal is GARUDA. Attributes: many. Also Viratapurusa....
Deities name "Visvosnisa" Buddhist God. An USNISA apparently connected with the guardian deities or dikpalas in the southerly direction. Color: green....
God name "Vitthali" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. A lesser known incarnation of the god VISNU (or KRSNA). The cult of Vitthali is centered mainly on Panharpur, near Bombay, where he is the object of devotion by the Varkari sect. Generally depicted standing on a brick, wearing a fez-like hat and with hands on hips. Also Vithoba; Panduranga....
Deity name "Vitzilipuztli" Aztec / Mesoamerican Aspect of HUITZILPOCHTLI. Invoked twice a year, in May and December, during an agrarian festival. Virginal female worshipers created an image of the deity from dough consisting of maize flour, beet seed and honey. The image was given eyes and teeth using pieces of colored glass and whole maize seeds and was paraded, before being broken into pieces and eaten as a form of sacrament....
Goddess name "Vivasvan (shining)" Hindu / Vedic / Puranic Sun god. The original Vedic list of six descendants of the goddess ADITI or ADITYAS, all of whom take the role of Sun gods was, in later times, enlarged to twelve, including Vivasvan. One of his titles is the “embodiment of ancestral law.” His consort is SARANYU and he is identified as the father of YAMA and YAMI, as well as MANU and the ASVINS. His color is golden and his attributes a Forest garland, two lotuses and a trident. Also Vivasvat....
Deity name "Vivasvat" India Visvakarma or Vivasvan, a solar deity and another name for Surya. India
King name "Vivien" Britain Lady of the lake. Vivien, mistress of Merlin, the enchanter, who lived in the midst of an imaginary lake, surrounded by knights and damsels. Tennyson, in the Idylls of the king, tells the story of Vivien and Merlin. Britain
Goddess name "Vodni Panny" Slavic A goddesses of rivers
God name "Vodu" Fon / Benin, West Africa Collective name for gods. The origin of the term voodoo in the Caribbean region....
Nymph name "Vodui Panny" Slavic Slavic water nymphs.
Spirit name "Vodyanoy" Slavic A malevolent water spirit who likes to drown humans. Slavic
God name "Volos" Slavic God of cattle. wealth and commerce. Slavic
Supreme god name "Voltumna" Etruscan Tutelary god. Originally a vegetation deity who was elevated to the position of supreme god in the Etruscan pantheon and known in Roman culture as VERTUMNUS....
God name "Volturnus" Sabine A river god of the waters, probably derived from a local Sabine regional cult.
Goddess name "Volumna" Roman Nursery goddess. The guardian deity of the nursery and of infants....
"Volupia" Roman The personification of sensual pleasure among the Romans. She is also called Voluptas.
Goddess name "Voluptas" Roman A goddess of sensual pleasure
"Voluspa" Norse Prophecy of the Seeress, is the first and best known poem of the Poetic Edda. It tells the story of the creation of the world and its coming end related by a volva or seeress addressing Odin. Norse
"Volxdo Sioda" Enochian The Divine name ruling sub-element earth of Fire. Enochian
Goddess name "Vor" Norse The goddess of betrothals and marriages. Norse
Goddess name "Vor" Nordic / Icelandic Goddess. Of Germanic origin, one of the AESIR goddesses listed by Snorri in Prose Edda. He suggests that Vor may be concerned with the making of oaths and of marriage agreements, punishing those who break them. Possibly also Var(a), though Snorri lists her as a separate Aesir goddess....
God name "Vosegus" Roman / Celtic mountain god. A local deity from the Vosges known only from inscriptions....
Deities name "Vossins" Roman Their three chief deities were Jupiter, Neptnne, and Pluto.
"Vritra" Vedic The snake of darkness. Enemy of Indra.
Goddess name "Vrtra" Hindu / Vedic demonic god of chaos. A primordial being who existed before the formation of the cosmos and who was slain by the mother goddess SARASVATI....
God name "Vulcan" Greek The Roman smith god, identified with the Greek god Hephaestus. He was traditionally introduced to Rome by either Romulus or Titus Tatius. There were no specific legends concerning Vulcan but he played an important part in the success of various heroes by providing invincible armour for them. In Virgil's Aeneid, Vulcan made a superb suit of armour for Aeneas at Venus' request. He made a shield (called the Aegis) and thunderbolts for Jupiter and in return received Venus as his wife.
God name "Vulcanus" Roman The Roman god of fire, whose name seems to be connected with fulgere, fulgur, and fulmen.
God name "Vulturus" Roman God of the East wind. Roman
God name "Vyasa" Hindu / Vedic, Epic / Puranic Minor incarnation of the god VISNU. Vyasa is said to be the author of the Vedas, the Mababbarata epic and the Puranas. He ranks with Hyagriva and SARASVATI as a lord of knowledge and wisdom, and is responsible for dividing the Tree of Knowlege into parts. In the texts he is depicted as darkskinned and accompanied by four students, Sumanta, Paila, Vaisampayana and Jaimini. He may be bearded. Also Vedavyasa....
"Väinämöinen" Finland The old and wise man, who possessed a potent, magical voice. The central character in Finnish folklore and he is the main character in the Kalevala.
God name "Wa" Ntomba / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa Sun god. Probably originating as a god of hunters who protects and controls the animals in the Forest. He has a son, Mokele....
"Wa cinaci" Guiana Our Father who art in heaven. The supreme being of the Arawak. Guiana
Deity name "Waaq" Africa The supreme and universal deity who the universe with opposing but complementary and interdependent forces such as night and day, young and old, in fine balance. Oromo. East Africa
"Wabun" Hiawatha Son of Mudjekeewis, East-Wind, the Native American Apollo. Young and beautiful, he chases darkness with his arrows over hill and valley, wakes the villager, calls the Thunder, and brings the Morning. He married Wabun-Annung, and transplanted her to heaven, where she became the Morning Star. Hiawatha
"Wabung Annung" Hiawatha The Morning Star. She was a country maiden wooed and won by Wabun, the Native American Apollo, who transplanted her to the skies. Hiawatha
Goddess name "Wachilt" Celtic Goddess of the sea who rose from the depths and halted the ship of king Vilkinus of Norway, proclaiming that she was pregnant with his child. Celtic
God name "Wadd" Greek The Minaean moon god. Snakes were believed to be sacred to him.
God name "Wadd" Pre - Islamic southern Arabian moon god. His sacred animal is the snake....
God name "Wadj Wer (the mighty green one)" Egypt Fertility god. Sometimes depicted in androgynous form, he personifies the Mediterranean Sea or the major lakes of the Nile delta. He is depicted carrying the ankh symbol of life, and a loaf. The figure often appears pregnant and is associated with the richness of the Nile delta waters....
Goddess name "Wadjet" Egypt Goddess of royal authority. Wadjet takes the form of a fire-breathing cobra and, as the uraeus symbol worn on the headdress of the ruler, she epitomizes the power of sovereignty. She is a goddess of Lower Egypt equating to NEKHBET in Upper Egypt, with her main cult center at Buto (Tell el-Farain) in the Nile delta. She forms an integral part of the symbolism of the Sun god RE, coiling around the Sun disc to symbolize Re's powers of destruction. According to mythology, she created the papyrus swamps of the delta. She is described as a wet nurse to the god HORUS and is the mother of the god of the primeval lotus blossom, NEFERTUM....
"Wagadu" Africa Mother of the Fulbe nation and the personification of physical prowess and hunting. Africa
"Wagyl" Australia A snakelike creature who created the waterways in and around the south-west of Western Australia
Spirit name "Wah Kah Nee" Chinook A sacred being, able to walk unprotected, even barefoot, through the Winter and to communicate with its spirits, asking for the return of the Sunshine to warm her people. Chinook
"Wah-con-tun-ga" Arabic The creator of all things. The Assiniboin
Spirit name "Wah-kon-tah" Osages The Great spirit Divine who, with prayer and supplication, granted guidance and favours. Osages
"Wah-pec-wah-mow" Yurok The omnipotent and omnipresent ruler of the heavens. Yurok
Spirit name "Wahhahnah" Wisconsin The supreme spirit of the Winnebago. Wisconsin
Demon name "Wahini Hai" Polynesia demonic mother figure who steals and eats small children. Polynesia
Demon name "Wahini Hal" Polynesian The demonic mother figure
Demon name "Wahini-Hal" Polynesian demonic mother figure who sneaked through the night stealing and eating small children. Polynesian
"Wahuiidedan" Shawnees Mythic personage. Shawnees
"Wailan wangko" esiaIndo Said Wailan Wangko to Wangi, "Remain on earth while I climb up the tree." Said Wangi to Wailan Wangko, "Good." But then a thought occurred to Wangi and he climbed up the tree to ask Wailan Wangko why he, Wangi, should remain down there all alone. Said Wailan Wangko to Wangi, "Return and take earth and make two images, a man and a woman." Minahassa
"Waitoke Hazho" Shawnees Mythic personage. Shawnees
God name "Wak" Ethiopia The Father of the Universe, the omniscient sky god who is associated with Rains and thunder. Ethiopia
God name "Waka" Oromo / Ethiopia Creator god. Largely syncretized with the Christian god, but regularly invoked in the morning....
Goddess name "Waka-H ru-Me" Shinto / Japan Sun goddess. Arguably the younger sister of the great Shinto Sun goddess AMATERASU, or an early manifestation, she is associated with the morning Sunrise. Also involved with weaving the garments of the KAMI....
Goddess name "Waka-Sa-Na-Me-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan Agricultural goddess. The deity specifically concerned with the transplanting of young rice. A daughter of Ha-Yama-To-No-Kami and O-Ge-Tsu-Hime. Generally served by Buddhist priests. See also WAKA-TOSHI-NO-KAMI and KUKU-TOSHI-NO-KAMI....
God name "Waka-Toshi-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan Agricultural god. The deity specifically concerned with the growing of young rice. A son of Ha-Yama-To-No-Kami and O-GeTsu-Hime. Generally served by Buddhist priests. See also WAKA-SA-NA-ME-NO-KAMI and KUKU-TOSHI-NO-KAMI....
Goddess name "Wakahirume" Japan The favourite maiden of the Japanese Sun goddess Amaterasu. Wakahirume fell onto her shuttle and fatally punctured her vagina. Japan
Spirit name "Wakai Taaika" Dakota Indian / USA Creator god. A remote and vaguely defined deity invoked by the shamans of the tribe. Also a generic term equating to the spirit which, in an animistic and shamanistic religion, all things existing in nature possess....
"Wakan" Lakota Powerful or sacred in the language of the Lakota Sioux
"Wakan Tanka" Lakota The term for the sacred or the Divine. Lakota
God name "Wakantanka" Sioux The name of God is Wakantanka. The name of the Lord is Itankan. Sioux
King name "Waking a Witch" Britain If a witch was obdurate, the most effectual way of obtaining a confession was by what was termed "waking her." For this purpose an iron bridle or hoop was bound across her face with four prongs thrust into her mouth. The "bridle" was fastened behind to the wall by a chain in such a manner that the victim was unable to lie down; and in this position she was kept sometimes for several days, while men were constantly by to keep her awake. Britain
God name "Wakinyan" Dakota The Thunderer, the one who is the voice of God. Dakota
"Wakon'da" N American A power by which things are brought to pass. and through this mysterious life and power all things are related to one another and to man." Wakon'da is both a force and a state of being. Omaha, Native American
Spirit name "Wakonda" Sioux The strong spirit and the one who sent the mosquitoes. Sioux
Spirit name "Wakonea" Omaha Indian / USA Creator god. A remote and vaguely defined deity invoked by the shamans of the tribe. Also a generic term equating to the spirit which, in an animistic and shamanistic religion, all things existing in nature possess....
Goddess name "Wakwiyo" Tewa Goddess of the winds. Tewa
"Wal" Ethiopia The omnipresent and omniscient supreme being of the Madin. Ethiopia
"Wali-sa-yali-ze-win" Ojibway The Creator, and the Light. Ojibway
Angel name "Wallim" Christian An angel of the 1st heaven. Early Christian
Goddess name "Walo" Australia Goddess of war and the Sun. Australia
Goddess name "Walutahanga" Melanesia The eight-fold snake goddess who was born to a human mother. Melanesia
God name "Wamala" Bunyoro / Uganda, East Africa God of plenty. A sanctuary has existed near the royal palace and Wamala is propitiated to give the boon of children, domestic animals and crops. He is also seen in an oracular capacity and has an official intermediary....
Spirit name "Wamara" Tanzania The supreme spirit and sovereign ruler of the universe. Tanzania
"Wan-Aisa" Honduras Dawan. The creator of the world and the father of humankind. Honduras
"Wanadi" Venezuela Celestial father, maker of the Sun, the moon and all beings. Venezuela
"Wandering Jew" Greek (1) Of Greek tradition. Aristeas, a poet who continued to appear and disappear alternately for above 400 years, and who visited all the mythical nations of the earth.
Goddess name "Wang Mu Niang" China Goddess of female energy, very fond of peaches. China
Goddess name "Wang Mu Niang Niang" China A goddess of female energy
"Wang the Pure" China The lord of sport and gambling. China
Spirit name "Wanka" Inca / pre - Columbian South America / Peru, etc Guardian spirit. The apotheosis of a tall stone or boulder (HVACA) set upright in the center of a field....
Supreme god name "Wantu" Sudan Supreme god. Sudan
God name "Waptokwa" Brazil The Sun and creator god. Shavante, Brazil
Demon name "War Hsuan" China God of wild beasts, prison, robbers, enemies and demons of all kinds. China
God name "War Pin" China A god of shoemakers
God name "War Pinx" China God of shoemakers. Usually portrayed as a kindly, respectable old man, he sees to it that the shops under his protection run smoothly. China
God name "War Ssu miao" China A god of Druggists
God name "Waraleen Olmai" Lappish / Finland Tutelary god. Revered as a creator and guardian deity....
"Waramurungundi" Australian The first woman. Australian Aboriginal
Goddess name "Wardi Mumi Finnish" Ugric Goddess of war Ugric
Goddess name "Wardi Mumi Finno" Ugric A goddess of war
Goddess name "Wari Ma Te Takere" Polynesia wari Ma Te Takere, Coconut shell goddess. wari symbolizes the fertile slime of primordial times and means mud. Polynesia
Spirit name "Warlock" Anglo-Saxon A wandering evil spirit; a wizard, a deceiver, one who breaks his word. Satan is called in Scripture "the father of lies," the arch-warlock.
Goddess name "Warna" Scilly Isles Goddess of healing charms and ship wreckers.
Deity name "Warongoe" Tanzania The omnipresent deity of the Sandawe, Tanzania
Goddess name "Warrta" Hindu A goddess of happiness
God name "Wasterzhi" North Ossetia The god of war and of the Sun. He is frequently depicted as a cavalryman with a long beard, riding on a white horse.
God name "Watauinewa" Tierra del Fuego The Ancient of Days, "The One Who Does Not Change." The supreme omnipresent and beneficent god of the Yahgan, Tierra del Fuego
"Wati-kutjara" Australian Lizard men. Australian Aboriginal
"Waves" Norse The daughters of ?gir. Norse
"Wawalag" Greek Sisters who were daughters of Djanggawul. Australian Aboriginal
Spirit name "Wawki" Inca / pre - Columbian South America / Peru, etc Guardian spirit. The apotheosis of a stone or HVACA which each Inca emperor carried with him as a personal tutelary deity. The object was known as a “brother.”...
King name "Wayland" Scandinavian Wayland the Scandinavian Vulcan, was son of the sea-giant Wate, and the sea-nymph Wac-hilt. He was bound apprentice to Mimi the smith. king Nidung cut the sinews of his feet, and cast him into prison, but he escaped in a feather-boat.
"Wazha-Waud" Algonkin The Creator. Algonkin
"We-duo" China Divine ruler of the southern hemisphere. China
"Weatta" Christian An agel of the seal. Early Christian
"Web of Life" Roman The destiny of an individual from the cradle to the grave. The allusion is to the three Fates who, according to Roman mythology, spin the thread of life, the pattern being the events which are to occur.
Deity name "Wei Cheng" China deity who guards the back door. China
Goddess name "Weiwobo" China Goddess of female Energy China
"Welchanos" Greek Minor divinity of vegetation and fertility. Greek
"Wele" Abaluyia The supreme being and the creator of the world and of mankind. Abaluyia
Supreme god name "Wele" Africa Supreme god of the Kavirondo, Africa
"Weleliideh" Shawnees Mythic locality of the sacred groves. Shawnees
God name "Well of Wisdom" Scandinavian This was the well under the protection of the god Mimir. Odin, by drinking thereof, became the wisest of all beings. Scandinavian
God name "Wen-chang" Chinese God of literature and writing. Chinese
God name "Wenchang Wen-ch'ang" China Wen Ch'ang, god of literature. China
Spirit name "Wendigo" Anishinaabe A spirit in Anishinaabe mythology. It has also become a stock horror character much like the vampire or werewolf, although these fictional depictions often do not bear much resemblance to the original mythology.
God name "Weng Shiang" Taoist / Chinese God of literature. His name tablet hangs on the wall in many Chinese houses....
God name "Wepwawet" Egypt God of war and of the funerary cult Egypt
God name "Wepwawet" Egyptian Jackal god of war and funerary cult leader. Egyptian
Goddess name "Wepwawet" Egypt God of passage. Depicted as a jackal, Wepwawet began as a god of Upper Egypt, but his cult spread along the whole of the Nile valley. According to Pyramid Texts, he was born beneath a tamarisk tree in the sanctuary of the goddess WADJET at Buto. He is also closely linked with the falcon god HORUS. He is perceived preceding the ruler either to or from battle, or to the afterlife, when his adze is used to break open the mouth of the dead person. In a similar context he is linked to the Sun god RE when he “opens the dawn sky” to the deceased. As a god of passage, he also opens the way to the womb....
God name "Wer" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian storm god. A minor deity linked with ADAD and AMURRU. His attendant is the fierce guardian of the pine Forest, Huwawa, the focus of one of the Gilgames epic sagas. Cult centers include Afis, south of Aleppo....
God name "Were" Africa Supreme Creator God. North West Africa
God name "Were Luo'" A chief god
"Were-Wolf" Germanic A human being, sometimes in one form and sometimes in another.
God name "Weri Kumbamba" Gishu / Uganda, East Africa Creator god. A deity embodied in rocks and specifically invoked before and after circumcision to ensure the speedy recovery of the patient....
"Werwolf" Europe Werewolf. A bogie who roams about devouring infants, sometimes under the form of a man, sometimes as a wolf followed by dogs, sometimes as a white dog, sometimes as a black goat, and occasionally invisible. Its skin is bullet-proof, unless the bullet has been blessed in a chapel dedicated to St. Hubert. This superstition was once common to almost all Europe, and still lingers in Brittany, Limousin, Aurergne, Servia, Wallachia, and White Russia. In the fifteenth century a council of theologians, convoked by the Emperor Sigismund, gravely decided that the Werwolf was a reality.
"Westri" Norse One of the four strong dwarfs who, with Nordri, Sudri and Austri, uphold the four corners of the heavenly vault. Norse
"Whaitiri" Maori A personification of thunder, and the grandmother of Tawhaki and Karihi, who married a mortal chief. She invented the toilet, showed humans how to use it, and returned to the sky, where she still lives. Maori
God name "Whanin" Korea The creator god whose son, Whanung, was sent to earth accompanied by three celestial helpers of wind, cloud and Rain. Whanung descended from heaven to Mt. Taebaksan and named it the City of God. Korea
God name "Whatu" Maori The Maori God of Hail.
God name "Whiro" Oceanic The Maori god of mischief and evil. Oceanic
Deities name "Whiro" Polynesian / Maori God of death. Regarded as an errant son of the creator deities, RANGINUI and PAPATUANUKU, Whiro stands as the chief antagonist of TANEMAHUTA, the creator god of light. He is, therefore, the personification of darkness and evil. During the time of creation from chaos, Whiro is said to have fought an epic battle against Tanemahuta in the newly formed heavens. He was vanquished and forced to descend into the underworld where he became ruler over the dead and chief among the lesser underworld deities who are responsible for various forms of disease and sickness. In the temporal world the lizard, a symbol of death, embodies him, and various creatures of the night, including the owl and the bat, are earthly representatives from his kingdom, as are such malignant insect pests as the mosquito. This deity is not to be confused with the legendary human voyager and adventurer of the same name whose traditions have, in the past, often been muddled with those of the god....
"White Buffalo Woman" N American The sacred woman who brought secret knowledge to the Oglala. She reminded them of the mysteries of their mother, the earth. Urging them always to honour her, she disappeared in the shape of a white buffalo.
"White Ladies" Normandy A species of fee in Normandy. They lurk in ravines, fords, bridges, and other narrow passes, and ask the passenger to dance. If they receive a courteous answer, well; but if a refusal, they seize the churl and fling him into a ditch, where thorns and briars may serve to teach him gentleness of manners.
"White Lady" Celtic Dryad of death Celtic
Spirit name "White Lady" Ireland White Lady Of Ireland the banshee or domestic spirit of a family.