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Deities name "Yauhqueme" Aztec / Mesoamer ican / Mexico Fertility and Rain god. One of the group of deities classed as the TLALOC complex....
Deity name "Yawar" Nazorean Dazzling, a solar deity. Early Nazorean
"Yawar Ziwa" s There is Dazzling Radiance. Husband of Simat Hiia. (Mani's Great Builder) Early Nazorean
God name "Yaxcocahmut" Aztecs A bird god of the Aztecs
Goddess name "Yaya Zakurai" Japan Goddess of spring. Japan
God name "Yayu" Ngbandi / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa sky god. One of seven gods invoked at daybreak....
God name "Yayutsi" Siberia After ascending through several heavens in visionary consciousness, the shaman converses with the creator god Yayutsi and also bows before the moon and Sun in turn. Finally, at the celestial abode of bai Ulgan, the shaman learns details of future weather patterns and the outcome of the harvest. The shaman then collapses in a state of ecstatic release. The Altai, Siberia
Spirit name "Yazatas" Zoroastrian Connectors of the heavenly and earthly areas. They catch the light of the Sun and send it down to earth. They are needed by men for cleansing, help with the ridding of evil spirits and to forgo the tortures of the Zoroastrian hell. Zoroastrian
"Ydaler" Norse Uller's dwelling. Norse
Goddess name "YeMayan" Caribbean Goddess of the deep sea Caribbean / Imanje
God name "Yeba Ka" Navaho Male leader of the gods Navaho
God name "Yebaad" Navaho Female leader of the gods Navaho
God name "Yebisu" Japan God of the seas, patron of fishermen, merchants and sailors; the younger brother of the Sun god was cast out by their parents because he was disfigured. Japan
Supreme god name "Yeddariye" Canada The creator formally known as Niottsi. The supreme god of the Chipewyan. Canada
God name "Yehl" Tlingit God who transformed himself into a pebble, now into a blade of grass, and, being thus swallowed by women, was reborn. Tlingit
"Yeitso" Navaho Child of the Sun, a giant in Navaho legend Navaho
God name "Yeloje" Yukaghir / Siberia Sun god. A benevolent deity who personifies justice and morality. The Rainbow is said to be his tongue. Also PU'GU; Ye'rpeyen....
Goddess name "Yemanja" Yoruba Yemonja, a mother goddess; patron deity of women, especially pregnant women; and the Ogun river, the waters of which are said to cure infertility. Yoruba
Goddess name "Yemao" Haitian Mother of Yokahuna and a Haitian moon goddess.
Goddess name "Yemaya" Imanje / Caribbean The goddess of the deep sea
God name "Yemeoonji" Mongo / Nkundo / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa Creator god. According to tradition, he gave the Sun god Nkombe three parcels when the people complained the world was too dark; two were brightly colored and one was a dull gray. Realizing that he was about to be tricked, Nkombe opened the gray parcel and the world was flooded with light....
Goddess name "Yemoja" Yoruba / Nigeria, West Africa Goddess of water. The creatrix of all the rivers in the area, particularly the river Ogun. She is chiefly worshiped by women and the sacred river water is considered a remedy for infertility. She is propitiated with animal and vegetable sacrifices. Attributes: cowrie shells....
Goddess name "Yemonja" Nigerian / Yoruba She is one of the great goddesses
Goddess name "Yen Kuang Niang Niang" Chinese Mother goddess. One of a group of “nine dark ladies” who have a protective function. She cures the eye disease ophthalmia....
God name "Yen Lo" China God of death China
God name "Yen Wang" China God of death China
God name "Yen cheng" China God of robbers China
"Yeng-Wang-Yeh" China Greatest of the Lords of death he judges all souls newly arrived to the land of the dead and decides whether to send them to a special court for punishment or put them back on the Wheel of Transmigration. China
Spirit name "Yeth-Hounds" Britain Dogs without heads, said to be the spirits of unbaptised children, which ramble among the woods at night, making wailing noises. Devonshire, Britain
"Yeti" Nepal The Yeti is an alleged ape-like animal said to inhabit the Himalaya region of Nepal and Tibet. The names Yeti and Meh-Teh are commonly used by the people indigenous to the region, and are part of their history and mythology.
"Yetl" Tlingit The Raven of Tlingit legend, was the symbol of creation, maker of Forests and mountains, rivers and seas. He guided the Sun, the moon, and the stars and controlled the winds and the floods. Yetl gave light to the world.
"Yezd" Persia Chief residence of the Fire-worshippers. They have kept the sacred fire alight above 3,000 years, without suffering it to go out for a second. The sacred fire is on the mountain Ater Quedah (Mansion of the Fire), and he is deemed unfortunate who dies away from the mountain. Persia
"Ygdrasil" Norse The "World Tree", a gigantic ash tree, thought to connect all the nine worlds of Norse cosmology. Sometimes it is called Mimamei?r or Lera?. According mythology, Asgard, Alfheim and Vanaheim rest on the branches of Yggdrasil. The trunk is the world-axis piercing through the center of Mi?gar?r (often called Midgard), around which Jotunheim is situated, and below which lies Ni?avellir, also called Svartalfheim. The three roots stretch down to Hel, Niflheim, and Muspelheim, although only the first world hosts a spring for Yggdrasil.
Goddess name "Yhi" Karraur Goddess of light and creator goddess Karraur
Goddess name "Yhi" Australian aboriginal Sun goddess and bringer of light. She is said to have been jointly responsible, with BAIAME, for the creation of humankind and in particular for the Karraur group of aborigines. Mythology records that she was asleep in the darkness of the primordial Dreamtime until she was awakened by a loud roaring or whistling noise from Baiame. As she opened her eyes the world became light and as she walked the earth plants grew in her footprints, to be followed by animals and, finally, humankind....
God name "Yiacatechutli" Mexico God of merchants. Mexico
King name "Yima" Persia The first human, the first king of the world. His brother divided him, whereby the earth, life and social order were created. Persia
"Yin/ Yang" China Receptive, feminine, dark, passive force, and Yang, creative, masculine, bright, active force, are descriptions of complementary opposites rather than absolutes. Any Yin / Yang dichotomy can be seen as its opposite when viewed from another perspective.
Spirit name "Yina'mna'ut (fog woman)" Yakut / southeastern Siberia spirit of mists and fogs. Her consort is fog man YINA'MTIAN and she is believed to live in a mythical settlement with other spirits....
Spirit name "Yina'mtian (fog man)" Yakut / southeastern Siberia spirit of mists and fogs. His consort is fog woman YINA'MNA'UT and he is believed to live in a mythical settlement with other spirits....
Demon name "Yine'ane'ut" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Guardian spirit. One of the daughters of Big Raven, QUIKINN.A'QU, regarded as a shamanka engaged in a constant struggle with the underworld demons, the kalau. Her sister is Cana'ina'ut and she is the consort of the earth spirit TANUTA....
Goddess name "Yingxi Niang" China Goddess of happiness China
"Ymir" Norse A primal giant, also called Aurgelmir; he was androgynous and had six heads. He was created as the first living being together with Audhumla when the fire of Muspellsheimr met the water of Niflheimr. Ymir is the ancestor of the Thursir, the Hrymthussir, and of the Aesir. Slain by his grandson Odin, his body was set adrift in the emptiness, and from the parts of his body the nine worlds were created. His blood is the water of the worlds, his hair are the trees, his skull is the sky, the brain the clouds, his flesh is Midgard and his eyebrows are a fence which protects Midgard. Norse
Goddess name "Ymoja" Yoruba Goddess of rivers and of the sea Yoruba
Goddess name "Ynakhsyt" Yakut Goddess of cattle Yakut
God name "Yng" Nordic / Icelandic Creator god. Progenitor of the earliest Swedish kings. Also, in Germanic tradition, ING, the father of the Baltic coastal tribe, the Ingwaeones....
God name "Ynti" Inca Sun god and the god of the Collas. Inca
God name "Yoalli Ehecatli (night wind)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. One of the group classed as the Omeotl complex....
God name "Yoaltecuhtf (lord of night)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. With his consort YACAHUIZTLI he engendered the night in Aztec cosmogony. The ruler of the sixth of the thirteen heavens known at the time of the Spanish conquest, Teotlcozauhcan (the place of the yellow god). One of the group classed as the MICTLANTECUHTLI complex....
Spirit name "Yobin-Pogil" Yukaghir / southeastern Siberia Forest spirit. The apotheosis of the woodlands and their guardian deity....
Spirit name "Yocahu" Puerto Rico / Haiti Tutelary god. A benevolent deity, the son of the universal mother, and known as the “great spirit.” Believed to live in the Sun. Also Marcoti; JocakuvagueMaorocon....
Goddess name "Yogesvari" Buddhist / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. Personifying desire and listed among both the SAPTAMATARAS and the ASTAMATARAS. Attributes: bell, club, drum, shield, sword and trident....
"Yohak" Thalaba The giant guardian of the caves of Babylon. Thalaba
"Yokahuna" Haitian The Creator who rules the earth with his mum, Yemao. Haitian
God name "Yokomatis" N American One of the two great creator-gods of the Chungichnish. The other, his brother, is called Tuchaipa
Goddess name "Yolkai Estan" Navaho / USA Fertility goddess. The sister of the principal fertility goddess, ESTSANATLEHI, she was engendered by the gods, who gave life to an image made from white shells....
Goddess name "Yolkai Estsan" Navaho Goddess of war, the dawn, fire and the moon Navaho
"Yoni" Sanskrit The Sanskrit word for "Divine Passage". The Ayurveda, or Science of Life, described yoni as a part of the female anatomy. Here the term was meant as a designation of respect for women who gave birth, thus contributing to the continuation of the community.
"Yosmir-Gufna" Nazorean Under Yosmir-Gufna 12000 Uthras sit
"Yosmir-Ziwa" Nazorean Source of sesame seed oil for the Misa. Early Nazorean
"Youanni" Karaiben The main soul of humans, resides in the head. Karaiben
"Ysbaddaden" Celtic The giant is the father of the beautiful Olwen. He is cursed to die when his daughter marries, so when Culhwch comes to court her, he is naturally perturbed. He tries to kill Culhwch a number of times but ends up getting more injured in the process. Celtic
God name "Yspaddaden Pencawr" Celtic / Welsh God. Possibly the counterpart of the Irish deity Balor and the Icelandic Balder. In the legend of Culhwch and Olwen, Olwen is identified as his daughter. He sets Culhwch several difficult tasks before he can obtain Olwen's hand. Culhwch retaliates by wounding him severely, but he cannot be killed until Olwen marries. This is presumably a distorted fertility legend, the original meaning of which is lost....
God name "Ysum" Japan God of the dead, receptor of the souls of the dead, who cleanses the souls he receives in fire and hands them on to Amida. Japan
Spirit name "Ytsigy" Siberia The highest benevolent deity of the Gilyak is known as Ytsigy and they call the universe Kurn, and apply the same name to their highest anthropomorphic deity. The 'owner' spirit of the mountain, and the mountain itself, is named Pal, and the sea and its 'owner' they call Tol. Gilyak. Siberia
God name "Yu Ch'iang" China God of the ocean wind China
God name "Yu Huang Shang Ti" China Yu Huang Shang Ti, God China
Supreme god name "Yu Huang Shang Ti" Taoist / Chinese Supreme god. He achieved paramount prominence during the Sung Dynasty and the Jade Emperor is his earthly, mortal incarnation. As a deity he is remote and out of touch with ordinary people. No iconography is applied to him and he has no physical description. He engendered the universe from chaos and is the unifying principle of the cosmos which is perceived to be divided into thirty-six heavens above the earth. Also SHANG TI; Shang Di....
Goddess name "Yu Nu" China Goddess of Leo China
God name "Yu Shih" Taoist / Chinese Rain god. The so-called “master of the Rain,” he provides Rain to ripen the harvest....
God name "Yu Te" China God of vaccination China
God name "Yu Tzu" China Rain god China
God name "Yu-Chiang" Chinese God of ocean winds. He is depicted with the body of a bird and a human face....
God name "Yu-ti" Taoist / Chinese sky god. The title by which the “Jade Emperor,” the most senior deity in the Taoist pantheon, is commonly known. He emerges as a deity circa AD 1000-1100 during the Sung Dynasty. The Chinese emperor is his earthly and more accessible incarnation.See also Yu HUANG SHANG TT....
"Yuanni" Karaiben One of the many souls which inhabit the human body, this has its seat in the heart and it rises after death into the sky to receives a completely new body. Karaiben
"Yue-Laou" Chinese The old man of the moon who unites with a silken cord all predestined couples, after which nothing can prevent their union. Chinese
"Yufafin" Nazorean A pair, with Yufin, of heavenly Beings who bless humankind. Early Nazorean
"Yufin" Nazorean A pair, with Yufafin, of heavenly Beings who bless humankind. Early Nazorean
"Yukabar Ziwa" Nazorean Yu-kha-war Zi-wa. A heavenly being. Yokabar brought peace into the world. Early Nazorean
Spirit name "Yukasar" Nazorean Source of Radiance. The name means: "The spirit of success". Son of Ptahil who answered Kusta. Early Nazorean
God name "Yukateuctli" Aztec God of the ways, of merchants and travellers. Aztec
Goddess name "Yuki Onne" Japan Goddess of death by freezing Japan
"Yule Swain" s A kind of Santa Klaus among the Lapps. He is eleven feet high, and rides on a goat. He appears on St. Thomas's Day, and continues his visits till Christmas Eve; but where he comes from and whither he goes nobody has the least idea.
"Yuletide" Germanic Has been held as a sacred festival by numberless nations.
Spirit name "Yulgen" Central Asia According to the belief of the Altaians, the good spirits,aru neme, are all subjects of the good god Yulgen, and the bad spirits, kara neme, of the evil god Erlik. Yulgen is so kind and generous that he never does harm to men. Sacrifices are offered to him by all, but no one fears him. Every bridegroom must sacrifice to him a horse of a light colour after his marriage.
God name "Yum Caax" Mayan lord of the woods is a god of wild plants and animals important to the hunters. He is equally a protector of the fields against the incursions of wild nature and invoked by traditional farmers. Mayan
God name "Yum Cimih" Mayan God of death Mayan
God name "Yum Cimil" Mayan / Yucatec, Mesoamerican / Mexico God of death. Depicted with a skull head, bare ribs and spiny projections from the vertebrae, or with bloated flesh marked by dark rings of decomposition. He wears bell-like ornaments fastened in the hair. Sacrificial victims were offered to the god by drowning in the sacred pool or cenote. Also God A....
God name "Yum Kaax" Maya A god of Agriculture & maize
God name "Yum Kaax" Mayan / Mesoamerican / Mexico vegetation god. The deity concerned with the growing and harvesting of maize, but also of husbandry in general. Depicted as a youthful figure with an ear of corn in his headdress. Also God E....
"Yumboes" African Fairies of African mythology, about two feet high, of a white colour, and dressed like the people of Jaloff. Their favourite haunt is the range of hills called The Paps.
God name "Yun T'ung" China God of clouds. China
King name "Yur" Nazorean Yur Rba, Yuraba. Being of brilliant light. Another name of Yawar-Ziwa, Treasurer, king of Light worlds. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Yurlunggur" Australia A Rainbow snake goddess, who oversaw the maturing and initiation of boys into manhood. She was a fertility goddess, associated with rebirth and the weather. She is also known as Kalseru. Arnhem Land, Australia
"Yurugu" Nigeria One of the male twins in the Cosmic Egg. He was desperate to reproduce and broke the egg in search of a mate. His search was unsuccessful so he used pieces of the yolk he to create the earth and proceeded to mate with it. Nigeria
"Yusamin" s Yu-sha-min, Yus'amin the Pure, son of Nis'ibtun. Yushamin the pure is the Peacock Uthra sent out of the original Land of Light. Archetype of the careless priest. Yusmin's Spouse is Bihrat-Anana. Together they are the Second Life. Early Nazorean
"Yusmir" Nazorean Yusmir the First Vine - gave the staff of water to Yawar. Early Nazorean
"Yusn" Mexico In the beginning Yusn, the Life-giver, created the universe. New Mexico
Spirit name "Yuzataq" Nazorean Yu-za-tag. An epithet attached to Manda d Hiia. The Holy spirit. Early Nazorean
God name "Ywa" Burma The creator god of the Karen. Burma
Angel name "Zaabo" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God name "Zaba" Hurrite-Sabir God of war. Hurrite-Sabir
God name "Zababa" Akkadian An Akkadian war god. He was also adopted by the Hittites, who brought his worship to Anatolia.
God name "Zababa" Mesopotamian / BabylonianAkkadian God of war. The tutelary god of the city of Kis,, whose sanctuary is the E-meteursag. Also Zamama....
King name "Zabi" Arabia In the morning, when she wakes, the particles of musk are lying over her bed. She sleeps much in the morning; she does not need to gird her waist with a working dress. She gives with thin fingers, not thick, as if they were the worms of the desert of Zabi. In the evening she brightens the darkness, as if she were the light-tower of a monk. Ancient Arabia
"Zabian" Chaldees / Persians A worshipper of the Sun, moon, and stars. The Chaldees and ancient Persians were Zabians.
Angel name "Zabo" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Zacynthus" Greek A son of Dardanus of Psophis who is said to have led a colony to the island of Zacynthus, which derived its name from him. Greek
Planet name "Zadkiel" Jewish angel of the planet Jupiter. Jewish
Spirit name "Zagan" s He is a Great king and President, appearing at first in the Form of a Bull with Gryphon's Wings; but after a while he putteth on Human Shape. He maketh Men Witty. He can turn Wine into water, and blood into Wine, also water into Wine. He can turn all Metals into Coin of the Dominion that Metal is of. He can even make Fools wise. He governeth 33 Legions of spirits. The Lesser Key Of Solomon
"Zagreus" Greek A surname of the mystic Dionysus, whom Zeus, in the form of a dragon, is said to have begotten by Persephone, previously to her being carried off by Pluto. Greek
God name "Zaguguayu" Bolivia A creator god of the Guarayu whose brothers are Abaangui and Mbir. Bolivia
"Zahr'iil" Nazorean The underworld bride of Hibil-Ziwa who hovers over the bed of the pregnant women. Early Nazorean
God name "Zaka" Haiti Agriculture god Haiti / Vodun
God name "Zakar" Babylonian God of dreams as messages from the gods. Babylonian
"Zakkum" Koran A tree growing in the Muhammadan hell, from which a food is prepared for the damned of inexpressible bitterness. "How will it be for him whose food is Zakkum?"- The Koran.
"Zal" Persian Son of Sam Neriman, exposed on Mount Elburz, because he was born with white hair, and therefore supposed to be the offspring of a deer. He was brought up by the wonderful bird Seemurgh, and when claimed by his father, received from the foster-bird a feather to give him insight into futurity. Persian
God name "Zalmoxis" Greek A legendary social and religious reformer, regarded as the only true god by the Thracian Dacians. According to Herodotus (IV), the Getae, who believed in the immortality of the soul, looked upon death merely as going to Zalmoxis, as they knew the way to become immortals. Greek
God name "Zalmoxis" Thracian sky god. Known from the writings of Herodotus. According to tradition he lived for some time on earth and then became ruler of the underworld. His makeup may have been influenced by the Osirian cult in Egypt....
"Zam" Iranian The Indo-Iranian concept for "earth", prototyped as a chemical element in ancient philosophy, and as a minor divinity in Zoroastrianism and later Persian mythology.
God name "Zamama" Hittite A Hittite war god. His Hurrian name was Astabis.
God name "Zamba" Zaire A god of the Yaunde who created the earth. Cameroon and Zaire
"Zambi" Angola The supreme being
Spirit name "Zan-Hazazban" Nazorean A spirit ruling over a purgatory. Early Nazorean
"Zanaharibe" Madagascar The ruler of the Zanahary. His wife is Andriamanitra. Madagascar
God name "Zanahary" Madagascar The creator gods in the indigenous mythology of Madagascar. Some Zanahary gods are good, while others are evil; some are male, and others are female.
God name "Zanahary/ Zanaharibe Railanitra" Madagascar He was the creator god
King name "Zanclus" Roman A mythical king, and son of Gegenus, from whom the town of Zancle in Sicily derived its name.
Spirit name "Zaoo Gongen" Japan The spirit of ascetic training. Japan
God name "Zaoshen" China A god of kitchens
God name "Zaoshen aka Zaojun" China God of kitchens. China
Goddess name "Zapotlantenan" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Healing goddess. deity of medicinal turpentine and ointment-dealers. One of the group classed as the TLALOC complex....
Goddess name "Zara-Mama" South American Indian / Peru Maize goddess. A minor deity, models of whom were made from the leaves of the plant and kept for a year before being burned in a ritual to ensure a good maize harvest....
"Zara-ma-yha-who" Aboriginal A little red man, about 4 feet tall, with a large head and mouth. The tips of the fingers and toes were shaped like the suckers of an octopus. They lived in wild fig trees and capture their prey by dropping on passers-by. A Zara-ma-yha-who might jump on top of the person and drain their blood with their hands and feet. Their victims rarely died from the initial encounter, but because the person was left in a weak and helpless state, the yara-ma-yha-who would return later and swallow the victim. It then drank water and took a nap. When it awoke, it would regurgitate the undigested portion of its meal, which, if the meal was a person, that person would still be alive. Aboriginal
Goddess name "Zaramama" Peru ("grain mother") or Mama Zara was the Inca mythology goddess of grain. She was associated with maize that grew in multiples or were similarly strange. These strange plants were sometimes dressed as dolls of Zaramama. She was also associated with willow trees. Peru
Goddess name "Zaria" Slavic Goddess of beauty Slavic
Angel name "Zarnaah" Enochian An angelic king, ruling in the North. Enochian
Goddess name "Zarpandit" Assyria / Babylon Aka Zerbanit, Zerbanitu, Zerpanitum, and Beltis. Goddess of pregnancy and birth, consort of Marduk. Assyria / Babylon
Goddess name "Zarpandit aka Zerbanit" Babylonian Zerbanitu, Zerpanitum, and Beltis. Babylonian Goddess worshipped nightly at the appearance of the moon.
Goddess name "Zarpanitu" Babylonian A birth goddess and a consort of Marduk. Babylonian
Goddess name "Zarpanitu(m)" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian Birth goddess. The consort of MARDIJK whose marriage was celebrated annually at New Year in Babylon. Also Erua; SARPANITJM....
Spirit name "Zars" Egypt White faced spiritual beings which parallels the activities of people, and sometimes interacts with people. Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia
Goddess name "Zarya" Slavic Goddess of healing waters Slavic
Angel name "Zarzi" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Angel name "Zarzilg" Enochian An angelic king, ruling in the East-South-East. Enochian
God name "Zashapuna" Hittite Tutelary god of the town of Kastama Hittite
Spirit name "Zashiki Warashi" Japan A house spirit whose presence brings prosperity. Japan
Deities name "Zayahung Yihe Zayasha" Buriat The creating great one, who has created. This is at present the hedgehog, and in Buriat religion he is the wisest of all the deities, though greatly supplanted by other gods.
"Zayang Sagan Tengeri" Buriat The creator of the pure heaven. Buriat
Angel name "Zazi" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Angel name "Zdaxg" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Angel name "Zdxg" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Angel name "Zedekiel" Enochian The angel of Jupiter. Enochian
"Zelus" Greek The personification of zeal or strife, a son of Pallas and Styx, and a brother of Nice. Greek
"Zem" Arabic The sacred well of Mecca. According to Arab tradition, this is the very well that was shown to Hagar when Ishmael was perishing of thirst. Mecca is built round it.
"Zeme Mate" Latvia Creator of earth Latvia
God name "Zemepatis" Pre - Christian Lithuanian Chthonic god. A tutelary deity of farmers and guardian of cattle....
Deities name "Zemi" Puerto Rico / Haiti One of a pair of primordial beings. Known as Morobo and Binatel, they are the parents of all other deities, though they did not create the cosmos which, according to belief, has always been in existence. They are depicted in stone, wood or clay figures and are invoked in prayers. Two wooden ZEMIS used to be kept in a sacred cave at Toaboyna in Haiti and were the subject of several annual pilgrimages. The Sun and the moon were believed to have emerged from the cave....
Goddess name "Zemyna" Lithuania Goddess of childbirth and life Lithuania
Goddess name "Zemyna" Pre - Christian Lithuanian Chthonic goddess. A deity with responsibility for vegetation andcrops. She was invoked at sowing and harvesting times....
Spirit name "Zepar" Goetia He is a Great Duke, and appeareth in Red Apparel and Armour, like a Soldier. His office is to cause Women to love Men, and to bring them together in love. He also maketh them barren. He governeth 26 Legions of Inferior spirits. Goetia
God name "Zephyrus" Greek The god of the west wind
God name "Zephyrus" Roman God of the south winds. Announces the arrival of spring....
God name "Zethos" Greek God. Theban twin god who had mortal weaknesses. Comparable to Kastor....
God name "Zeus" Greek The god of the sky & ruler of the Olympian gods
"Zeuxippe" Greek One of the Oceanides
God name "Zhang Guo-lao" Taoist / Chinese God. One of the “eight immortals” of Taoist mythology. Once mortal beings, they achieved immortality through their lifestyle. According to tradition, Zhang Guo-lao was a bat before he took human form. Attributes include a bamboo drum and sticks and his attendant animal is an ass.See also BA XIAN....
Goddess name "Zhiwud" Kafir / Afghanistan Messenger goddess. A deity connected and possibly syncretizing with the goddess DISANI but who, according to legend, carried vital messages to the heroic god MON during a primordial battle between gods and giants. Mon lives by a lake surrounded by fire, and the goddess's wings (a solitary inference that she can appear in the form of a bird) are scorched in the process until Mon heals them. In some variations Mon lives in the form of a bull which breathes fire. Also Zhuwut....
God name "Zhong-li Quan" Taoist / Chinese God. One of the “eight immortals” of Taoist mythology. Once mortal beings, they achieved immortality through their lifestyle. Attributes include a fan.See also BA XIAN....
God name "Zhongguei" China God of examinations China
God name "Zibelthiurdos" Asia A Madeupian storm god
God name "Zibelthiurdos" Thracian storm god. Believed to send thunder and lightning....
Goddess name "Zicum aka Zikun" Babylonian Zigara, the primeval goddess, the mother of Anu and the gods. Babylonian
"Zig" Arabis A prodigious cock, which stands with its feet on the earth and touches heaven with its head. When its wings are spread it darkens the Sun, and causes a total eclipse. This cock crows before the Lord, and delighteth Him. Babylonish Talmud
"Zihrun" Nazorean The great mystery of Radiance. Revealer and opener of radiance and light. Early Nazorean
Angel name "Zinggen" Enochian An angelic king, ruling in the West-North-West. Enochian
God name "Zipacna" Mayan God of the dawn who, every morning, trys to destroy the stars. Mayan
God name "Zipakna" Mayan / Mesoamerican / Mexico earthquake god. Usually coupled with the god KABRAKAN and identified as a creator of mountains which Kabrakan subsequently destroys....
Spirit name "Zipaltonal" Nicaragua Female spirit who is the creator of all earth. Nicaragua
Goddess name "Zipanu" Etruscan Goddess of beauty and love, associated with Turan, the love goddess. Etruscan
Angel name "Ziracah" Enochian An angelic king, ruling in the South. Enochian
Goddess name "Zirna" Etruscan Etruscan moon Goddess, usually depected wearing a half moon around her neck.
Angel name "Zirza" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Goddess name "Zisa" Germanic Goddess of autumn germanic
"Ziv-Hai" nazorean Radiance of Life, one of the four sons of perfection behind the north star. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Ziva" Slavic Goddess of long life Slavic
Goddess name "Ziva Siva" Slavic Goddess of life Slavic
Angel name "Ziza" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Goddess name "Zizilia" Poland Goddess of love and sexuality Poland
Goddess name "Zoe (life)" Greek / Gnostic Christian Goddess of life. The daughter of PISTIS SOPHIA who, according to Gnostic mythology, became the consort of SABAOTH to create the angels, Israel and Jesus Christ....
Goddess name "Zonget" Siberia A Mansi nature goddess. Siberia
Goddess name "Zonget Khanty" Siberia The goddess of hunting
Angel name "Zongetisk" Enochian An angelic king, ruling in the Aspect of Venus. Enochian
Angel name "Zophiel" s An angelic scout of "swiftest wing." The word means "God's spy." (Milton: Paradise Lost)
Goddess name "Zoria" Slavic The three Slavic dawn goddesses. Utrennyaya was the morning star, Vechernyaya the evening star, and Polunochnaya the midnight star. Their duty was to guard a chained dog who continually tries to break loose and eat the constellation Ursa Minor, the bear. If this should happen, the universe would end.
Goddess name "Zoria/ Zorya" Slavic A goddess of morning, dawn & beauty
"Zorya" Slavic Dawn. either Sun's mother or older sister. Slavic
"Zosteria" Locris A surname of Athena among the Epicnemidian Locrians. Locris
"Zosterius" Greek Occurs as a surname of Apollo in Attica. Greek
God name "Zotz" Mayan / Zotzil Indian, Mesoamerican / Guatemala Tutelary god. Manifest in the form of a bat....