God Name and Meaning

List of Gods 

"Zouchoten or Zochoten" Buddhist one who expands, one who enlarges; a reference to his role in helping people expand wisdom and increase moderation. Relieves people of their suffering by helping them to expand their wisdom. Buddhist Guardian of East
Demon name "Zouchou Ten" Japan Attended by demons, is one of the sixteen heavenly deities protecting Hannya. Japan
Goddess name "Zu" Akkadian A lesser divinity of Akkadian mythology, and the son of the bird goddess Siris. Both Zu and Siris are seen as massive birds who can breathe fire and water, although Zu is alternately seen as a lion-headed eagle
God name "Zu/ Imdugud" Assyria The god of thunder and storms
God name "Zume" Brazil Chief god and god of storms, thunder, and lightning. Topana Brazil
"Zumiang-Nui" India The pre-existent female whose husband was Shuzanghu. They were the parents of Subbu-Khai-Thung, the earth, and Jongsuli-Young-Jongbu, the sky. The Chammai, Northeastern India
Angel name "Zurchol" Enochian An angelic king, ruling in the South-South-East. Enochian
Angel name "Zurchol" Enochian An angelic king, ruling in the South-South-West. Enochian
"Zurvan" Nazorean The Father of Light, the Great Life, the Palmtree. Early Nazorean
God name "Zurvan" Persia God of infinite time Persia
God name "Zurvan" Persian / Iran God of temporal time and fate. Once the focus of a cult of Zervanism in which he appeared as the father of AHURA MAZDA, the god of light, and AHRIMAN, god of darkness, in Zoroastrianism. He is perceived as a god of destiny and the controller of all roads which mankind may take, leading ultimately to the otherworld. He was adopted into Manichaean religion. Also Zervan....
Spirit name "Zuzeca The Snake" Lakota An animistic spirit who is the father of lies patron of hidden things and a keeper of concealed knowledge. Lakota
Goddess name "Zvezda Dennitsa" Slavic Morning star goddess Slavic
"Zvonimir" Croatian A personification of peace. Croatian
"Zvonimira" Croatian sister of Zvonimir who stands in on windy days. Croatian
God name "Zvonko" Croatian A minor god of wind chimes and peace. Croatian
Goddess name "Zvoruna" Lithuania A goddess of the hunt & of animals
Goddess name "Zvoruna" Lithuania Goddess of the hunt and of animals Lithuania
God name "Zvoruna" Slavic God of hunting Slavic
Goddess name "Zyanya" Native American A goddess who will be here always and forever.
"Zygia" Greek And Zygius, are surnames of Hera and Zeus, describing them as presiding over marriage. Greek
"Zygmunt" Polish The personification of victory. Polish
Goddess name "Zywie" Poland Goddess of health and healing. She is associated as the spirit of the dead worshipped by the Lusatians, and is also the goddess of regeneration and rebirth. Poland
God name "dMu-bDud Kam-Po Sa-Zan" Bon / Tibet sky god. The head of the ancient pantheon in the Bon religion....
Spirit name "gNyan" Tibetan Tree spirits. Malevolent forces residing in the mountains which can bring sickness or death....
God name "gSari Sgrub" Bon / Lamaist / Tibet God. Originally a Bon deity who became syncretized as a variety of the god YAMA in Lamaism. His animal is the bull and he may appear bull-headed. Color: red. Attributes: cup, knife and prayer wheel....
God name "ltztli (obsidian blade)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico God of justice. One of the group classed as the TEZCATLIPOCA complex....
God name "mm" Mesopotamian storm god. The cuneiform generally taken to refer to a storm god and therefore probably meaning either IS KUR (Sumerian) or ADAD (Akkadian)....
God name "sMan-Bla (physician)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet God. One of the more popular Medicine-buddhas and possibly derived from Persian light-religion. Attributes: fruit and waterjar....