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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Aha"

Angel name "Aha" Christian An Angel of the fire used in magical operations. Christian
Spirit name "Aha" Yakut/ Siberia A river Spirit, female type
Angel name "Ahadiel" Christian An Angelic hitman. Christian
Angel name "Ahaozpi" East A sub-Angelic Watchtower leader in the East.
"Ahasverus" Europe Better known by the name of the Wandering Jew.
Goddess name "Ahat" Egypt Cow Goddess Egypt
God name "Ahau Chamahez" Mayan One of two Gods of medicine Mayan
God name "Ahau Kin" Mayan Meaning "lord of the sun face," he was a sun God and moon god; he had two manifestations. At night, he became a jaguar god and lord of the underworld. Mayan
Angel name "Ikal Ahau" Maya A chthonic death god, that strAngely enough, is considered to inhabit Christian church towers in Mexico
God name "Itzamna" Maya The founder of the Maya culture, taught his people to grow maize and cacao, as well as writing, calendars and medicine. He was a good-natured God who was especially worshiped by the wealthier classes. He was associated with snakes and mussels. His father was Kinich Ahau or Hunab Ku. The city of Izamal was sacred to him.
Goddess name "Ix Ahau" Mayan Goddess of the moon Mayan
God name "Kinich Ahau" Mayan God of war and the sun. Mayan
Deity name "Kinich Ahau" Mayan A solar Deity(god) and father of Itzamna. Mayan