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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Algonquin"
God Name: Chibiabos Algonquin Brother of Nanabush. Algonquin
God Name: Gitche Manitou Algonquin The Great Spirit, the Creator of all things and the Giver of Life. Algonquin
God Name: Gitche/ Manitou Algonquin/ Lenape The Great Spirit, the All Father
God Name: Gluskap Algonquin Was responsible for making all the good things in the universe from his mother's body. His evil brother Malsum created the mountains and valleys and all the nasty things. Algonquin
God Name: Gluskap/ Glooscap Algonquin The creator force
God Name: Ikas Algonquin Mother Earth Algonquin
God Name: Kiehton Algonquin Great spirit and creator. The Algonquin
God Name: Kitanitowit Algonquin/ E Canada A being who is present everywhere in the universe, he is invisible, like most gods
God Name: Malsum Algonquin Destructive brother of Gluskap Algonquin
God Name: Manibozho Algonquin The Great Hare, a trickster god, and founder of their magical worship. He is also regarded as the inventor of fishing, hieroglyphs, and as the creator of the earth. Algonquin
God Name: Manito/ Manitou/ Manitu Lapiti/ Algonquin/ Lakota/ Ojibiwa & other tribes The Great Spirit
God Name: Manitou Algonquin Manito, Manitu, in traditional Algonquian First Nations culture, is the Great Spirit, the Creator of all things and the Giver of Life. "Manitou" is an Algonquin word for "spirit", and "Gitche Manitou" means "Great Spirit".
God Name: Midewiwin Algonquin NE US E Canada This is the great medicine dance which requires the epitome of reverence is performed or the tribe will suffer
God Name: Minabozho Algonquin NE US E Canada this clumsy god fell into the seat and make it over low
God Name: Nanabush Algonquin Creator and good spirit Algonquin
God Name: Nanabush/ Manabozho/ Wisaaka/ Glooscap Algonquin The creator & good spirit