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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Anatolia"
God Name: Ararat Anatolia The ancient creator goddess
God Name: Kubai-khotun Anatolian 'Great Mother'; she dwells in the 'tree of life' or under its roots and protects and supports humans and animals. Her milk is the origin of the Milky Way. She was the primordial mother-goddess. Anatolian
God Name: Ma Anatolia Mountain Mother and a fertility and vegetation goddess. Anatolia
God Name: Ma Cappadocia/ Anatolia/ Turkey A fertility & vegetation goddess
God Name: Sipylene Anatolia/Symnra Mother goddess worshiped in the Metroon sanctuary. Anatolia/Symnra
God Name: Tarhunt Anatolia Weather god Hurrian/Anatolia
God Name: Zababa Akkadian An Akkadian war god. He was also adopted by the Hittites, who brought his worship to Anatolia.