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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Anna"

Goddess name "Anna Kuari" India/Oraon Local vegetation Goddess who can give good crops and make a man rich, but to induce her to do so it is necessary to offer human sacrifices. India/Oraon
Goddess name "Anna Perenna" Etruscan A Goddess of reproduction, wanton love, & of spring
Goddess name "Annalia" Africa Goddess of rivers, also the Goddess of prostitutes. Africa
Goddess name "Annallja Tu Bari" Sudan Goddess of sexual desire. Sudan
Goddess name "Annapatni" Hindu Goddess of food Hindu
"Annapurna" India A Hindu avatar of Durga who ruled over food production. India
"Annar or Onarr" Norse Husband of night and father of Jord (the earth). Norse
"Annis . Black Anna, Black Anny, Black Agnes, Cat Anna" Britain/Celtic Annis aka Black Anna, Black Anny, Black Agnes, Cat Anna, Leicester witch with very sharp nails who wore a skirt made from the skins of her human prey. Britain/Celtic
"Joachim" Greek The father of the Virgin Mary. Generally represented as an old man carrying in a basket two turtle-doves, in allusion to the offering made for the purification of his daughter. His wife was Anne or Anna. Fairy Tale