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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Apa"

Demon name "Apa" Enochian A cacoDemon. Enochian
God name "Apa" Hindu One of the eight Vasus who serve the God Indra Hindu/Puranic
Spirit name "Apacita" Inca Guardian Spirit. Represented by a pile of stones by the side of mountain passes and trails. He was invoked by travellers to safeguard their journeys. Inca
Angel name "Apahr" Enochian A minor Angel. Enochian
God name "Apam Napat" Hindu/Persia/Vedic Child of the Waters. One of the Ahuras in Old Iranian religion, a beneficent God who is the giver of water to man. Hindu/Persia/Vedic
Goddess name "Apanchomene" Greek The strangled Goddess, a surname of Artemis.
"Apaosa" Persian Drought personified. Persian
God name "Apap Teso" Uganda Creator God who as a benevolent sky god brings rain Uganda
Goddess name "Aparajita" Buddhist Minor god/Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Goddess name "Aparajita" Buddhist/ Mahayana A minor god/ Goddess
God name "Aparajita" Hindu God, one of eleven ekadasarudras, a form of Rudra Hindu/Puranic
God name "Aparajita" Hindu/ Puranic A God, a form of Rudra
"Aparajita" Hindu/Puranic Form of Durga Terrible in appearance and likes to trample Ganesha under foot. Hindu/Puranic
"Apas aka Apah" Aban The Cosmic Waters. Aban
Spirit name "Apate" Greek A daughter of Nyx, the personification of deceit. She was one of the evil Spirits in Pandora's box. Her Roman equivalent was Fraus. Greek
"Apaturia" Greek That is, the deceitful. A surname of Athena, whic was given to her by Aethra. Greek
God name "Aralo/ Aparajita/ Aray" Georgia/ Armenia/ Crimea A God of agriculture
"Fraus" Greek The Roman personification of fraud and deceit, counterpart of the Greek Apate.
Spirit name "Gans" Apache Mountain Spirits who became distressed by the corruption of people. Apache
Spirit name "Hinzelmann" German The most famous house-Spirit or kobold of German legend. He lived four years in the old castle of Hudemuhlen, where he had a room set apart for him. At the end of the fourth year (1588) he went away of his own accord, and never again returned.
"Neptunus - Neptune" Roman The chief marine divinity of the Romans. His name is probably connected with the verb valu or nato, and a contraction of namtunus. As the early Romans were not a maritime people, and had not much to do with the sea, the marine divinities are not often mentioned, and we scarcely know with any certainty what day in the year was set apart as the festival of Neptunus, though it seems to have been the 23rd of July. Roman
God name "Somhlth" Ireland/Scotland/Manx God who had no corporeal incarnation apart from pure masculine energy. Ireland/Scotland/Manx