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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Asia Minor"
God Name: Atargatis Asia Minor "Ocean Mermaid" a Goddess of Creation and Fertility. She was usually depicted with a fish tail; hence her modern identification as the Mermaid Goddess Known to the Romans as Dea Syria. She was worshipped by men performing auto-castration. Asia Minor
God Name: Bagaios Asia Minor The Phrygian equivalent of Zeus. Asia Minor
God Name: Bagos Papaios Asia Minor A Phrygian sky god. Asia Minor
God Name: Cithara Greek One of the most ancient stringed instruments, traced back to 1700 B.C. among the Semitic races, in Egypt, Assyria, Asia Minor, Greece and the Roman empire, whence the use of it spread over Europe. Greek
God Name: Clarius Greek A surname of Apollo, derived from his temple at Claros in Asia Minor. Greek
God Name: Id?'an Mother Asia Minor Cybele, who had a temple on Mount Ida, in Asia Minor.
God Name: Korybantes Asia Minor Demonic companions of Kybele Asia Minor/
God Name: Ma Asia Minor The personification of fruitfulness. Asia Minor
God Name: Men Ascaenus Antioch/ Asia Minor A local tutelary god
God Name: Men Ascaenus Antioch Asia Minor Local tutelary god Asia Minor
God Name: Men Phygia Asia Minor God of the moon who ruled over in the heavens, but the underworld as well Asia Minor