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List of Gods : "Aztec"
Acolmiztli Aztec Minor chthonic underworld god. Aztec
Acolnahuacatl Aztec Another minor chthonic underworld god
Ahuiateteo aka Macuiltonaleque Aztec Five gods who personify excess. Aztec
Ahuic Aztec Ocean-Goddess, invoked by women giving birth. Aztec
Ahuitzotl Aztec A man-eating water-dwelling dog-monkey with a hand on its tail. Aztec
Amimitl Aztec A god of lakes and fishermen. Aztec
Apozanoltl Aztec/ Mexico A running water goddess
Atalacamani Aztec Goddess of ocean storms, an aspect of Chalchiuhtlicue. Aztec
Atl Aztec God of water. Aztec
Atlacoya Aztec Goddess of drought. Aztec
Atlahua Aztec Minor god of lakes and fishermen. Aztec
Atlaonin Aztec One of the names of the mother goddess. Aztec
Azcatl Aztec Red ant that found the source of food energy. Aztec
C(co)chimetl Aztec A minor God of merchants that & commerce
Camaxtli Aztec A god of war & fire as well as of one of of the 4 gods that created the world
Camaxtli aka Mixcoatl-Camaxtli Aztec A god of hunting, war, fate and fire and one of the four creator gods, who made the Earth. He leads human sacrifices and warriors who have been slain in battle to the eastern sky, where they become stars. Aztec
Ce Actal Aztec An avatar of Mixcaotl, he represents the warrior's savagery in battle. Aztec
Centeocihuatl Aztec Goddess of maize Aztec
Centeotl Aztec Maize god. Another name for Centeocihuatl, goddess of the maize. Aztec
Centzon-Totochtin Aztec "four-hundred rabbits" were a group of deities who met for frequent parties; they are divine rabbits, and the gods of drunkenness. Aztec
Chalchiuhtlcue Aztec A goddess rain & storms, violence, vitality, lakes, whirlpools, rivers, water , love, beauty & youth Don't make this one mad whatever you do.
Chalchiutotolin Aztec Penitence god Aztec
Chalmeacacihuitl Aztec Minor underworld goddess Aztec
Chalmetcal Aztec Minor underworld god Aztec
Chantico Aztec She is the goddess of hearth fires & volcanoes.
Chicoahui Itzcuintli-Chantico Aztec God of lapidaries. Aztec
Chicomecoatl Aztec She is the goddess of grain, fertility & frost
Chicomenochtli Aztec God of painters and solar pleasure[not my claim] Aztec
Chiconahui Aztec Hgoddess of the earth. Aztec
Chicoonahuiehecatl Aztec Minor creator god. Aztec
Cihuacoatl Aztec She is a goddess whose roaring signaled war
Cihuacoatl aka Cihuacoatl Aztec Chihucoatl, Ciucoatl, "snake woman" was one of a number of motherhood and fertility goddesses and was especially associated with midwives, and with the sweatbaths where midwives practiced. Aztec
Cihuacoatl-Quilaztli Aztec Creator goddess who helped Quetzalcoatl create the current race of humanity by grinding up bones from the previous ages, and mixing it with his blood. Aztec
Cihuateto Aztec These are women that die in childbirth, gain eternal life & become spirits that accompany the sun
Cinteotl Aztec A god of fertility
Cinteotl Aztec God of fertility Aztec
Cipactli Aztec A vicious primeval sea monster, part crocodile and part fish. Always hungry, every joint on her body was adorned with an extra mouth. Aztec
Cipactli Aztec/ Mexico A primordial goddess of water
Citalatonac Aztec Creator god. Aztec
Citlalicue Aztec Creator goddess and the goddess of Milky Way. Aztec
Coatlicue Aztec Goddess of the earth. Aztec
Coniraya Aztec The deity of the moon who fashioned his sperm into a fruit, which Cavillaca then ate. Aztec
Coyolxauhqui Aztec "She with the bells on her cheeks". Goddess of the moon. Aztec
Ehacatl Aztec God of education and the wind Aztec
Ehacatl/ Quetzalcoatl Aztec A god of education & the wind
Ekahau Aztec God of commerce Aztec
Eueucoyotl Aztec God of fertility, sex, pleasure, sorrow and spontaneity. Aztec
Haiyococab Aztec The Aztec "Water Over Earth," from which "the Earth-upholding gods escaped when the world was destroyed by a deluge.
Huehuecototl Aztec A minor god, one of sexual lust
Huehuecototl-Coyotlinahual Aztec A minor god of feather workers
Huehuecoyotl Aztec The trickster god of music, dance, song. He is depicted in the as a dancing coyote with human hands and feet, accompanied by a human drummer. Aztec
Huehueteotl Aztec "Old god". A central Mexican/Aztec deity associated with fire
Huehueteotl Aztec An ancient god of the hearth, the fire of life. Associated with the pole star and the north, and serves as a skybearer. Aztec
Huitzilopochtli Aztec The divine leader who rescued an ancestral people from his devastated island kingdom in the Atlantic Ocean, Aztlan. Arriving in the Valley of Mexico, they built a new capital to commemorate their lost city, when Tenochtitlan was constructed on a rocky island at the center of a man-made lake. Aztec
Huitzilopochtli aka Mexitli Aztec The "blue hummingbird", god of war and the sun as well as the patron god of the Aztec nation.
Huitznahua Aztec Collectively, the remaining brothers of God of war who were defeated. Aztec
Huixtocihuatl Aztec Goddess of the ocean and salt. Aztec
Ichpuchtli Aztec The ruler of love, marriage, flowers, art, music, women, magic, spinning, fertility, sex, weaving, and changes. Ichpuchtli is also the Goddess of Sacred Prostitutes, and professions which imitate nature. Aztec
Ilamatecuhtli Aztec Old mother goddess
Ilmatecuhtli Aztec The goddess of the beauty and creator of the stars. Aztec
Inta Aztec God of fire who is associated with paternalism. Aztec
Ipalnemohuani Aztec 'he by whom the people live'. The supreme god and the giver of Life. Aztec
Itzcoliuhqui Aztec God of volcanoes, destruction and of the night Aztec
Itzcutintli Aztec Guardian goddess of the home Aztec
Itzli Aztec A god of stone, particularly in the shape of a sacrifical knife. He served Tezcatlipoca as the god of the Second Hour of the Night. Aztec
Itzpapalotl Aztec "Clawed Butterfly" or "Obsidian Butterfly" was a fearsome skeletal goddess, who ruled over the paradise world of Tamoanchan. Aztec
Itzpapalotl-Itzcyeye Aztec Minor mother goddess who was found only in the Valley of Mexico Aztec
Itztlacoliuhqui Aztec "Everything Has Become Bent by Means of Coldness", or "Plant-Killer-Frost". The god of frost. Aztec
Ixcozauhqui Aztec Associated with paternalism & A god of fire
Ixcuiname Aztec Earth goddess. She was linked with sex, which in the Aztec mind was unclean, and thus she was also regarded as a personification of filth. Aztec
Ixnetli Aztec A goddess of weavers
Ixpuztec Aztec A minor underworld god
Ixpuztec aka Mictlantecuhtl Aztec "broken face", underworld god on their way to whom the dead people’s skin would be ripped off by a wind of knives and would eventually live as skeletons. Aztec
Ixquimilli Aztec The god of cold, stone and castigation. Aztec
Ixquimilli-Itzlacoliuhqui Aztec/ Mexico A god of justice
Ixtlilton Aztec "The Little Black One" God of healing and feasting. Aztec
Izquitecatl Aztec Fertility god personified by the Maguey plant Aztec
Kundalini Aztec Mother goddess responsible for provision of all food from the soil Aztec
Macuilcozcacuauhtli Aztec Macuilcozcacuauhtli (five vulture) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
Macuilcuetzpalin Aztec Macuilcuetzpalin (five lizard) - one of the Ahuiateteo the, gods of excess. Aztec
Macuilmalinalli Aztec Macuilmalinalli (five grass) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
Macuiltochtli Aztec Macuiltochtli (five rabbit) - one of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
Macuilxochitl Aztec Macuilxochitl (five flower) - the god of games and gambling, and chief of the Ahuiateteo, the gods of excess. Aztec
Malinalxochitl Aztec Sorceress and goddess of snakes, scorpions and insects of the desert. Aztec
Matlalceuitl aka Matlalcueje Aztec Goddess of rainfall and singing. Identified with Chalchiuhtlicue. Aztec
Matlalcueye Aztec Minor goddess of fertility. Aztec
Mayahuel Aztec A minor fertility goddess associated with the maguey plant
Mayahuel aka Mayahual Aztec Mayouel, the goddess of maguey, and by extension, alcohol. Aztec
Metztli Aztec Lowly god of worms who failed to sacrifice himself to become the sun, and became the moon instead, his face darkened by a rabbit. Aztec
Mextli Aztec A god of war and storms. Aztec
Micapetlacoli Aztec Minor chthonic underworld goddess Aztec
Mictecachiuatl Aztec Goddess of death and Lady of Mictlan, the underworld. Aztec
Mictlantecuhtli Aztec A chthonic underworld god that created the underworld
Mictlantecuhtli Aztec The god of death and Lord of Mictlan, also as god of the south, one of the skybearers. Aztec
Mixcoatl Aztec Mixcoatl (cloud serpent), god of hunting, war, and the milky way. An aspect of Tezcatlpoca and father of Quetzalcoatl. Aztec
Mixcoatl-Camaxtli Aztec God of war, hunting and fire. Aztec
Moyocoyani Aztec The Prime Mover who created himself. Aztec
Nahual Aztec From the Nahuatl word nahualli which was used to refer to practicioners of harmful magic. In the aztec belief system the day of a persons birth caluclated in the Tonalpohualli would determine the nature of the person - each day was associated with an animal which could have a strong or weak aspect.
Nahuti Ehecatl Aztec The god Ehecatl sacrifices all the gods, and then with a powerful wind makes the sun begin to move. Aztec
Nahuti Ollin Tonatiuh Aztec ("Movement of the Sun") was the sun god. The Aztec people considered him the leader of Tollan, their heaven. He was also known as the fifth sun, because the Aztecs believed that he was the sun that took over when the fourth sun was expelled from the sky. Aztec
Nahuti Ollin/ Ollin/ Ollintonatiuh Aztec A creator god
Nanahuatl Aztec Creator god Aztec
Nanautzin Aztec God of disease Aztec
Nappatecuhtli Aztec Minor god of mat makers. Aztec
Nextepehua Aztec "Scatterer of ashes". Minor chthonic underworld god. Aztec
Ocelotl Aztec the sun god but then a first of the five world ages - they last for 2028 heavenly years & each heavenly year = 52 Earth years
Omacatl Aztec Deity of banqueting, invitations to feasts, feasting and revelery. Aztec
Omacatl/ Acatl Aztec A minor god of feasting & revelery
Ome Tochtli Aztec a fertility god that was slaughtered and then resurrected by Tezcatlipoca
Ome Tochtli Aztec A god of drunkenness. He is the leader of Centzon Totchtli, the four hundred rabbit gods of drunkenness. Aztec
Ometecuhtli Aztec A dual god, male and female, who was the creator of Cemanahuatl. Ometeotl's male aspect is Ometecutli, the female aspect is Omecihuatl. S/he dwelled in and ruled over Omeyocan, "Two Place", home of the gods. Aztec
Ometecuhtli/ Olin-Tonatiuh Aztec/ Toltec The god of duality & a supreme deity
Ometeotl Aztec The two energies needed for creation. Or the Masuline and Feminine energies that created the universe. Aztec
Opocchtli Aztec A minor god of light a fisherman & hunters
Opochtli Aztec A god of hunting and fishing. Aztec
Otontecuhtli aka Xiuhtecuhtli Aztec Goddess of the earth, flowers, plants, games and dance, love. She is also the patroness of artisans, prostitutes, pregnant women and birth. Aztec
Pahtecatl Aztec Deity who represents the plants that are used for the fermentation of pulque. Aztec
Patecatl Aztec A god of healing and fertility, and the discoverer of peyote. Aztec
Pianan Aztec Minor god of war Aztec
Pilzintecutli Aztec Sun dod who demanded daily sacrifices of human hearts and blood. Aztec
Quaxolotl Aztec Goddess of twins and duality. Aztec
Quetzalcoatl Aztec A great teacher, according to the traditions of the Toltecs, who came to them from Tullan or Yucatan and dwelt for twenty years among the people, teaching them to follow a virtuous life, to cease all wars and violent deeds of any kind, to abolish human and animal sacrifices and instead to give offerings of bread and flowers. Aztec
Quetzalcoatl/ Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Aztec A manifestation of sun the god, he is a savior of his people as well & there is not enough room here to tell his story
Quiahuitl Aztec The creator god/ sun deity of the third of the five world ages
Tecciztecatl Aztec God of the moon. Aztec
Teicauhtzin Aztec Patron god of Mexico as well as a minor god of war Aztec
Telphochtli Aztec Then run a potent god, the universal and generally malvolent Aztec
Temazcalteci Aztec Temaxcaltechi, goddess of bathing and sweatbaths. Aztec
Teoyaomqui Aztec The god of dead warriors, particularly those who had died in battle. He is a solar deity and the god of the Sixth Hour of the Day. Aztec
Tepeyollotl Aztec The god of earthquakes, echoes and jaguars. He is the god of the Eighth Hour of the Night, and is depicted as a jaguar leaping towards the sun. Aztec
Tepictoton Aztec The Little Molded One. Aztec
Tepozlecatl Aztec The god of pulque, of drunkenness and fertility. Aztec
Tepyollotl Aztec Lord of uncertainty
Teteoinnan Aztec The goddess of of healers & Medical diviners
Teteoinnan Aztec Goddess of of healers and Medical diviners Aztec
Teteoinnan-Toci Aztec Goddess of midwives Aztec
Teuhcatl Aztec Hunting and local goddess of war Aztec
Tezcacoac Aztec She is a birth goddess
Tezcatlipoca Aztec God of the night, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, sorcery, beauty, war and strife. Aztec
Tezcatlipoca-Iztlacoliuhqui Aztec One of four temple deities Aztec
Tezcatzoncatl Aztec Minor fertility god involved with the brewing of pulque Aztec
Thaloque-Tepictoton Aztec A rain & fertility god
Titlacvahuan Aztec an omnipotent God, universal & generally evil power
Tlacahuepan Aztec Patron god of Mexico and a minor god of war. Aztec
Tlachitonatiiuh Aztec Chthonic underworld god. Aztec
Tlaeque-Tepictoton Aztec Fertility and rain god. Aztec
Tlahuiazecalpatcuatli Aztec He is the god of the morning star
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Aztec Feathered serpent, creator god and patron of rulership, priests and merchants. Aztec
Tlaloc Aztec The great and ancient provider and god of rain, fertility and lightning. Aztec
Tlaloc Aztec A god of agriculture, lightning, rain, weather, clouds, water, springs & mountains
Tlaltecuhli Aztec A chthonic creator goddess, the ruler of the second of the 13 heavens
Tlaltecuhtli Aztec A chthonic creator goddess
Tlanzolteotl Ixcuiname/ Aztec at the chthonic/ earth goddess, a maternal goddess linked with sex, & in the Aztec way, personifying filth
Tlauixcalpantechutli Aztec Destructive god of the morning star (venus), dawn, and of the east. Aztec
Tlazolteotl Aztec Tlaelquani, Tlazolteotli, the goddess of purification from filth, disease or excess. Aztec
Tlazolteotl/ Ixcuiname Aztec A goddess of death, filth, love, licentiousness, sex, sport, gambling, uncertainty, witchcraft, intoxication & pleasure
Tloque Aztec A creator god
Tloque Nahaque Aztec A creator god
Tloquenahuaque Aztec A creator god or ruler. Aztec
Toci Aztec Goddess of healing Aztec
Tomiyauhtecuhtli Aztec Rain and fertility god. Aztec
Tonacaciahuatl Aztec Primordial deity who is the self created, eternal, female principle. Aztec
Tonacaciahutl Aztec A primordial deity that is the self created, eternal, female principle
Tonacatceuhtli Aztec Primordial deity who is the self created, eternal, male principle. Aztec
Tonacatecuhtli Aztec She is the creator & provider of food
Tonacatecuhtli Aztec "the being at the center", was a fertility god. He organized the world into land and ocean at the creation of the world. Aztec
Tonachacihuatl Aztec The feminine primordial deity
Tonaleque Aztec Goddess, ruler of the fifth of the 13 heavens. Aztec
Tonaleque Aztec catalyze this goddess is ruler of the fifth of the 13 heavens
Tonan Aztec Goddess of the winter solstice. Aztec
Tonantzin Aztec Goddess of motherhood. Aztec
Tonatiluh Aztec This creator god presides over the fifth world age[this is the one we are in]
Tonatiuh Aztec The creator god that presides over the fifth world
Tonatiuh Aztec Creator god who presides over the fifth world. Aztec
Tonatiuh/ Pilzintecutli Aztec/ Nahua The sun god & a god of war
Totolteactl Aztec Fertility god, concerned with the Maguey plant and the art of growing pulque. Aztec
Tozi Aztec Goddess of health and healing. Aztec
Tzitzimime Aztec Goddesses of the stars. Aztec
Tzitzmitl Aztec Aged grandmother goddess. Aztec
Tzontemoc Aztec Minor underworld and god. Aztec
Ueuecoyotl Aztec "old coyote", a renowned trickster fond of promiscuity, wild parties and jolly bonking. Aztec
Uitzilopchtli Aztec God of the incarnating of the sun at Midday. Aztec
Xaman Ek Aztec The god of the North Star merchants, business, economy, trade. Aztec
Xilonen Aztec A goddess of food and produce, especially maize and, by extension, a goddess of fertility. Aztec
Xipe Totec/ Aztec A god of agriculture, plants, seeds, fertility, jewelers, sacrifice & springtime
Xipe Totec Aztec "our lord the flayed one", was a life-death-rebirth deity, god of agriculture, the west, disease, spring, goldsmiths and the seasons. He flayed himself to give food to humanity. Aztec
Xiuhtecuhtli Aztec The personification of life after death, warmth in the cold, light in darkness and food during famine. He was usually depicted with a red or yellow face and a censer on his head. His wife was Chalchiuhtlicue. Aztec
Xiuhtecuhtli/ Otontecuhtli/ Huehueteotl Aztec The god of fire
Xochipili Aztec The god of love, games, beauty, dance, flowers, maize, and song. Aztec
Xochiquetzal Aztec Goddess of agriculture, fertility, love, sensual pleasure, sex, happiness, the moon and weavers. Aztec
Xochiquetzal Aztec A goddess of flowers, fertility, games, dancing and agriculture, as well as craftsmen, prostitutes and pregnant women. She was originally a moon and love goddess. Aztec
Xocotl Aztec A stellar god who presided over fire. He is identified with the Aztec and Toltec god Xolotl. Aztec
Xolotl Aztec The god of lightning and a psychopomp who aided the dead on their journey to Mictlan, the afterlife. He also worked part time as the god of fire and of bad luck. Aztec
Yacatecuhtli Aztec "He Who Goes Before", the patron god of commerce and travelers, especially merchant travelers. Aztec
Yaxcocahmut Aztecs A bird god of the Aztecs
Yukateuctli Aztec God of the ways, of merchants and travellers. Aztec