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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Bene"

Goddess name "Abhijit" Hindu Name means triumphator. A benevolent astral deity and Goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic
God name "Apam Napat" Hindu/Persia/Vedic Child of the Waters. One of the Ahuras in Old Iranian religion, a beneficent God who is the giver of water to man. Hindu/Persia/Vedic
God name "Apap Teso" Uganda Creator God who as a benevolent sky god brings rain Uganda
God name "Ases" Scandinavian Gods of benevolence. Scandinavian
Spirit name "Bali Penyalong" Borneo The beneficent supreme being who is never addressed without the slaughter of one or more pigs, and also that no domestic pig is ever slaughtered without being charged beforehand with some message or prayer to him, which its Spirit may carry up to him. But the most important function of the pig is the giving of information as to the future course of events by means of the markings on its liverHe is also god of war. The Kenyahs, Borneo
Angel name "Bene Elohim" Hebrew Angels who belong to the choir of thrones having the duty of forever singing the ineffable praise of God. Hebrew
God name "Candsvera" Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A Minor God & benevolent aspect of Siva
Deity name "Devi" Hindu The consort of Siva and daughter of Himavat, the Himalaya Mountains. As the female energy of Siva she considered either as a beneficent or as a malignant Deity(god). Hindu
Deities name "Dii Mauri" Africa The God of Moors. Immortal, they act as redeemers, and benevolent indigenous Deities. North Africa
"Erinnyes" Greek Erinnyes, Eumenides or Erinys (the Romans called them the Furies) were female personifications of vengeance. When a formulaic oath in the Iliad invokes "those who beneath the earth punish whoever has sworn a false oath" - "the Erinyes are simply an embodiment of the act of self-cursing contained in the oath" Greek
Goddess name "Fatua" Roman A Roman Goddess identified with Gaea. Known as the kind goddess because of her benevolence towards all creatures.
King name "Finvarra" Ireland Is the High King of the Daoine Sidhe in Irish folklore. In some legends, he is also the King of the Dead. Finvarra is a benevolent figure who ensures good harvests, strong horses, and great riches to those who will assist him. Ireland
"Gavur li yalyal" Micronesia The beneficent supreme being and creator of the world. Micronesia
Spirit name "Glauron aka Glaura" Fnose A beneficent Spirit of the air, involked from the North. Fnose
God name "Harisu" New Guinea The benevolent and invisible great God who is the source of all good. New Guinea
Goddess name "Hasta" Hindu Minor benevolent Goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Spirit name "Hatdastsisi" Navaho Benevolent male Spirit who helps cure disease Navaho
Goddess name "Hel or Hela" Scandinavian Queen of the dead, is Goddess of the ninth earth or nether world. She dwelt beneath the roots of the sacred ash (yggdrasil), and was the daughter of Loki. The All-father sent her into Helheim, where she was given dominion over nine worlds, and to one or other of these nine worlds she sends all who die of sickness or old age. Her dwelling is Elvidnir (dark clouds), her dish Hungr (hunger), her knife Sullt (starvation), her servants Ganglati (tardy-feet), her bed Kor (sickness), and her bed-curtains Blikiandabol (splendid misery). Half her body was blue. Scandinavian
Supreme god name "Hinegba" Nigeria The Supreme God, who is benevolent, resides in the sky, and controls the universe. Nigeria
God name "Hsi shen" China God of joy. Fu Shen denotes a generic title for the beneficent Gods of the Chinese. China
God name "Ignerssauk" Inuit God of the sea, generally benevolent Inuit
Spirit name "Iguanchi" Peru The benevolent and friendly chief Spirit who directs all the important acts in the life of the Jivaro. Peru
God name "Ikenga Ibo" Nigeria A God of fortune, a benevolent deity
God name "Imra" Hindu/Kush The chief pre-Islamic God of the Hindukush Kafir people. He was worshipped as the god of creation. By his breath, Imra created other gods of Kafir pantheon. Frequent sacrifiices were made to Imra, sometimes for recovery from sickness, seasonable weather, or other material benefits, sometimes from motives of simple piety. Imra was more honored than the other gods at the religious dances. Hindu/Kush
Goddess name "Inkosikasi" Africa A Chicken hypnotist and a beneficent sky Goddess. The Zulu, South Africa
Goddess name "Ja neb'a" Slavic Benevolent Goddess of the earth who can alter the physical structure of magma and stone, Terrakinesis. Slavic
Spirit name "Julana" Jumu A lecherous Spirit who surprises women by burrowing beneath the sand. He was alive, and wandered the Earth with his father, Njirana, during the Dreamtime. Jumu, Australian aboriginal
Goddess name "Kostroma" Russian Benevolent and malevolent fertility Goddess; like the Greeks' Persephone, she is a dying and reborn daughter. Russian
Goddess name "Kshumai" Kafir/ Afghanistan A beneficent fertility Goddess
Goddess name "Kshumai Kafir" Afghanistan Beneficent Goddess of fertility Afghanistan
Spirit name "Kuju" Yukaghir Benevolent sky Spirit who supplies with food Yukaghir
Demon name "Lama" Acadia A feminine benevolent protective Demon that later became the half man and half bull guardian of palace entrances
Demon name "Lama" Acadia Feminine benevolent protective Demon who later became the half man and half bull guardian of palace entrances Acadia
Goddess name "Loha" Klamath Beneficent Goddess portrayed as a beautiful woman Klamath
Goddess name "Ma-zu" China A sea Goddess that is a benevolent guardian of fisherman
Goddess name "Ma-zu aka Matsu" China Ma-Tsu, A-Ma, and Mizu-Gami, Goddess of the sea who is a benevolent guardian of fisherman. When you are facing great difficulty, you can call her Ma-zu and she will immediately come to your rescue. If, however, you address her as the "Empress of Heaven", she will have to take time to put on her fine clothing and will be delayed in coming to your aid. China
King name "MacCuill" Ireland Son of the hazel, one of the last Tuath Kings, was so-called because he worshipped the hazel. Fairies danced beneath the hawthorn. Ogham tablets were of yew. Lady Wilde styled the elder a sacred tree; and the blackthorn, to which the Irishman is said to be still devoted, was a sacred tree. Ireland
Goddess name "Magha" Hindu Benevolent minor Goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
"Mahaprabhu" India Singi-Arke. The supreme being and creator is generally benevolent but is known to cause fever and convulsions. His wife is Sita Mahalakshmi. The Bondo, India
"Maiph" Argentina A supreme being, considered beneficent. The Pampean/Patagonians, Argentina
Spirit name "Mania" Etruscan An ancient and formidable Italian, probably Etruscan, divinity of the lower world, is called the mother of the Manes or Lares. As regards her being the mother of the Manes or Lares, the idea seems to have been, that the souls of the departed on their arrival in the lower world became her children, and either there dwelt with her or ascended into the upper world as beneficent Spirits.
God name "Mathonwy" Welsh A benevolent ruler of the underworld akin to Beli, or perhaps that God himself under another title, for the name Math. Welsh
Supreme god name "Mayin" Tungus/ Siberia A benevolent, remote, supreme God
Supreme god name "Mayin Tungus" Siberia Benevolent, remote, Supreme God Siberia
God name "Mukasa Buganda" Uganda A beneficent God for he demanded no sacrifices
God name "Mulciber" Roman A surname of Vulcan, which seems to have been given to the God as a euphemism, and for the sake of a good omen, that he might not consume by ravaging fire the habitations and property of men, but might kindly and benevolently aid men in their pursuits. Roman
"Na'ininen" Koryak/ Siberia A benevolent creator being
God name "Naijok" Sudan The benevolent God of fate and the supreme being of the Lotuko. Sudan
Deity name "Nenekicex" Siberia A benevolent supreme Deity(god) and creator. The Kamchadal, Siberia
King name "Nibelungen Hoard" German A mythical mass of gold and precious stones, which Siegfried obtained from the Nibelungs, and gave to his wife Kriemhild as her marriage portion. It was guarded by Albric the dwarf. After the murder of Siegfried, his widow removed the hoard to Worms; here Hagan seized it, and buried it secretly beneath "the Rhine at Lochham," intending at a future time to enjoy it, "but that was ne'er to be." Kriemhild married Etzel with the view of avenging her wrongs. In time Gunther, with Hagan and a host of Burgundians, went to visit King Etzel, and Kriemhild stirred up a great broil, at the end of which a most terrible slaughter ensued. Volsunga Saga
God name "Osande Ovimbundu" Angola A benevolent God that is a guardian deity
Spirit name "Peju'lpe" Yukaghir/ Siberia Aes guardian Spirits look at the well being of animals under their care & benevolent to the hunter so long as he observes the rules and kills only when necessary
Spirit name "Peju'lpe Yukaghir" Siberia Guardian Spirits, who look at the well being of animals under their care and benevolent to the hunter so long as he observes the rules and kills only when necessary Siberia
God name "Perkons" Latvia God of thunder who brings beneficial rain and is Fertility God. Latvia
"Pitari" Hindu Bo benevolent, she's one of the consorts of Siva Hindu/Puranic
God name "Polybotes" Greek One of the giants who fought against the Gods. The sea-god pursued him to the island of Cos, and, tearing away part of the island, throw it on him and buried him beneath the mass. Greek
God name "Prsni" Hindu/Vedic Sutapa and his wife Prsni were instructed by Lord Brahma to have progeny. They performed severe austerities for twelve thousand years of the demiGods to have the Lord as their child. Pleased by their austerities the Lord appeared and granted them this benediction. Hindu/Vedic
"Purgatory" Jewish The Jewish Rabbi believed that the soul of the deceased was consigned to a sort of purgatory for twelve months after death, during which time it was allowed to visit its dead body and the places or persons it especially loved. This intermediate state they called by various names, as "the bosom of Abraham," "the garden of Eden," "upper Gehenna." The Sabbath was always a free day, and prayer was supposed to benefit those in this intermediate state.
Goddess name "Purvabhahadrapada" Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A benevolent minor Goddess of fortune
Goddess name "Savati" Hindu Minor benevolent Goddess of fortune. Hindu
Goddess name "Sequana" British Goddess who lived beneath the rivers British
Goddess name "Sequana/ Sequena" Britain A Goddess who lived beneath the rivers
"Serat" Koran The ordeal bridge over which everyone will have to pass at the resurrection. It is not wider than the edge of a scimitar, and is thrown across the gulf of hell. The faithful will pass over in safety, but sinners will fall headlong into the dreary realm beneath. Koran
Goddess name "Sirona/ Dirona" Britain A Goddess of beneficial hot springs
God name "Soului" Hua/ W Africa A benevolent vegetation God also in charge of medicine & music
God name "Soului Hua" Africa Benevolent vegetation God also in charge of medicine and music Africa(west)
Goddess name "Sravana" Hindu Minor benevolent Goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Goddess name "Sravistha" Hindu Minor benevolent Goddess of fortune i Hindu/Puranic/Epic
"Sumati" Buddhist Benevolent, kindness; devotion, prayer. Buddhist
"Trimurti" Hindu The Hindu triad, consisting of Brahma, the emanator or evolver; Vishnu, the sustainer or preserver; and Siva, the beneficent, the destroyer, and the regenerator.
Goddess name "Usas" Hindu A beneficient Goddess who produces daylight and urges men to their works. Hindu
King name "Utixo" Khoi A benevolent deity who lived in the sky, sending rain for the crops, and speaKing with thunder. Khoi
"Vairgit" Chukchee Benevolent supernatural beings. Chukchee
God name "Watauinewa" Tierra del Fuego "The Ancient of Days," "The One Who Does Not Change." The supreme omnipresent and beneficent God of the Yahgan, Tierra del Fuego
"Wonomi" California The benevolent supreme being and creator of the world. The Maidu, California
"Xamaba" Africa The supreme being of the Heikum of South Africa. Creator of all things, including mankind, he is a benevolent figure who is invoked for help when ill and when traveling. and is said to provide the rain. South Africa.
Deity name "Yalafath" Micronesia A mighty and benevolent Deity(god), who sits in the sky and views placidly the work of his hands and the operations of the multitudes of kan (also called yan), or genii, mostly evil and malevolent, each busy in his own sphere of activity., Micronesia
Spirit name "Ytsigy" Siberia The highest benevolent deity of the Gilyak is known as Ytsigy and they call the universe Kurn, and apply the same name to their highest anthropomorphic deity. The 'owner' Spirit of the mountain, and the mountain itself, is named Pal, and the sea and its 'owner' they call Tol. Gilyak. Siberia