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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Benin"
God Name: Age Africa God of animals. Revered by hunters in the savannah regions. Benin, West Africa
God Name: Age Fon Benin/ W Africa Revered by hunters he is the god of animals
God Name: Agwe Benin Mother of the sea Benin
God Name: Agwe Benin/ Africa She is the mother of the sea
God Name: Aida Wedo Benin/ Haiti A goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo
God Name: Avrikiti Fon Benin Goddess of fisherman Benin
God Name: Ayida Haiti Goddess of rainbows, especially in Benin and Haiti, Ayida-Weddo aka Aida-Wedo, Aido Quedo, a loa of fertility, rainbows and snakes, and a companion or wife to Damballah-Wedo. Also Ayida-Weddo is known as the Rainbow Serpent. Haiti
God Name: Behanzin Benin Fish god who was invoked by fishermen to ensure a bountiful catch. Benin
God Name: Behanzin Fon Benin The fish god
God Name: Bo Benin God of the Ewe people in Benin. He was a protector of warriors.
God Name: Dan Benin/Mahi Goddess of order and the rainbow. Benin/Mahi
God Name: Dan Mahi/ Benin A goddess of order & the rainbow
God Name: Ebore Benin Sky god. Nigeria and Benin
God Name: Esu Benin/Yoruba The dark side of God. He is an independent entity and timeless. Benin/Yoruba
God Name: Esu Edo Benin/ Yoruba A god of passage that stands at the gates of home of the gods
God Name: Gleti Benin Goddess of the moon Benin
God Name: Legba Fon Benin God of fate Benin
God Name: Loko Benin God of trees. Fon Benin
God Name: Loko Fon Benin A god of trees
God Name: Mawu Benin Goddess of peace, joy, motherhood. happiness, and the sky Benin/Fon
God Name: Mawu Fon Benin Goddess of the moon Benin
God Name: Nesu Fon Benin Tutelary god of royalty Benin
God Name: Ogiuwu Edo Benin The harbinger of death who is supposed to own the blood of all living things. Benin
God Name: Ogun Edo Benin A god of war that was sent to cut up the land to allow crops to the planted
God Name: Osandobua Edo Benin A benign creator god that controls prosperity, health & happiness
God Name: Sogbo Benin The god of thunder, lightning and fire. Benin
God Name: Sogbo Fon Benin A storm god of rain