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List of Gods BENIN/
Age Fon Benin/ W. Africa Revered by hunters he is the god of animals
Agwe Benin/ Africa She is the mother of the sea
Aida Wedo Benin/ Haiti A goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo
Avrikiti Fon Benin The goddess of fisherman
Behanzin Fon Benin The fish god
Dan Mahi/ Benin A goddess of order & the rainbow
Esu Edo Benin/ Yoruba A god of passage that stands at the gates of home of the gods
Gleti Benin The moon goddess
Legba Fon Benin A god of fate
Loko Fon Benin A god of trees
Mawu Fon/ Benin A goddess of peace, joy, motherhood. happiness, & the sky
Mawu Fon Benin The moon goddess
Nesu Fon Benin The tutelary god of royalty
Ogiuwu Edo Benin The god of death that owns the blood all living things
Ogun Edo Benin A god of war that was sent to cut up the land to allow crops to the planted
Olokun Yoruba/ Nigeria/ Benin A of fresh waters & oceans
Osandobua Edo Benin A benign creator god that controls prosperity, health & happiness
Sogbo Fon Benin A storm god of rain