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List of Gods : "Benin"
Age Africa God of animals. Revered by hunters in the savannah regions. Benin, West Africa
Age Fon Benin/ W Africa Revered by hunters he is the god of animals
Agwe Benin Mother of the sea Benin
Agwe Benin/ Africa She is the mother of the sea
Aida Wedo Benin/ Haiti A goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo
Avrikiti Fon Benin Goddess of fisherman Benin
Ayida Haiti Goddess of rainbows, especially in Benin and Haiti, Ayida-Weddo aka Aida-Wedo, Aido Quedo, a loa of fertility, rainbows and snakes, and a companion or wife to Damballah-Wedo. Also Ayida-Weddo is known as the Rainbow Serpent. Haiti
Behanzin Benin Fish god who was invoked by fishermen to ensure a bountiful catch. Benin
Behanzin Fon Benin The fish god
Bo Benin God of the Ewe people in Benin. He was a protector of warriors.
Dan Benin/Mahi Goddess of order and the rainbow. Benin/Mahi
Dan Mahi/ Benin A goddess of order & the rainbow
Ebore Benin Sky god. Nigeria and Benin
Esu Benin/Yoruba The dark side of God. He is an independent entity and timeless. Benin/Yoruba
Esu Edo Benin/ Yoruba A god of passage that stands at the gates of home of the gods
Gleti Benin Goddess of the moon Benin
Legba Fon Benin God of fate Benin
Loko Benin God of trees. Fon Benin
Loko Fon Benin A god of trees
Mawu Benin Goddess of peace, joy, motherhood. happiness, and the sky Benin/Fon
Mawu Fon Benin Goddess of the moon Benin
Nesu Fon Benin Tutelary god of royalty Benin
Ogiuwu Edo Benin The harbinger of death who is supposed to own the blood of all living things. Benin
Ogun Edo Benin A god of war that was sent to cut up the land to allow crops to the planted
Osandobua Edo Benin A benign creator god that controls prosperity, health & happiness
Sogbo Benin The god of thunder, lightning and fire. Benin
Sogbo Fon Benin A storm god of rain