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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Bush"
God Name: Bomazi Congo Ancestral deity of the Bushongo and other peoples of the Congo.
God Name: Burning Bush Jewish In Jewish tradition, the name of the angel of the burning bush was Zagzagel. Book of Exodus
God Name: Bush-asp Parsi A long handed demon who lulls men to sleep then attacks them. Parsi
God Name: Bushyasta Zoroastrian The yellow demon of lethargy and sloth. He is the evil genius which causes men to oversleep and to neglect their religious duties. Zoroastrian
God Name: Cagn Mantis Africa According to the Hottentots and the Bushman the supreme deity and creator of the world whose loves are ‘pleasing’ and it is especially attached to the moon, having made it out of one of its old shoes. Africa
God Name: Gaunau Africa The supreme being of the Bushmen. South Africa
God Name: Hisagitaimisi Creek 'The One Who Sits Above'. The Great Spirit who manifested himself in bush fires. Creek Indians
God Name: Huvi Bushmen/ Africa The supreme god
God Name: Huvi Bushmen Africa Supreme god Africa
God Name: Kaang/ Khu/ Kho/ Thora Bushmen/ Africa The supreme god
God Name: Kotisri Hindu A goddess of silk cultivation with responsibility of uprooting thorn bushes Sraddha Hindu.
God Name: Krumu mate Latvia Mother of shrubs, presided over bushes, shrubs and saplings. Latvia
God Name: Salevao Polynesia "Sacred one of the bush" a general village god as well as a war god. Polynesia
God Name: Spiniesis Africa agriculture - This poor minor god is charged with responsibility of uprooting thorn bushes