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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Cherubim"

"Balberith" Christian Ex-prince of the Order of Cherubim, now in Hell, Grand Pontiff and Master of Ceremonies, usually the one to countersign or notarize the signatures on any pact entered into between mortals and the Devil, and so referred to a 'Scriptor of Hell.' Christian
Angel name "Cherubim" Pan-cultural The second mightiest order of Angels. They have four wings and four heads to point out in the four cardinal directions. Pan-cultural
Demon name "Gamaliel" Jewish An adversary of the cherubim serving under Lilith, the Demon of debauchery. Jewish
Angel name "Sandalphon" Hebrew The name of the chief of Angels, the Kabbalistic Prince of Angels, and one of the Cherubim of the Ark. Hebrew