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List of Gods : "Chin"
Atsze Chinese A fox in human form. Chinese
Ba China The goddess of drought
Ba Han China Goddess of drought. China
Ba She China A snake reputed to swallow elephants. China
Ba Xian China/Taoist The eight immortals. China/Taoist
Baiji China A goddess of health & epidemics
Bhrkuti-Tara Buddhist/Tibet The Nepalese queen of Tibet's first great religious king, Songtsen Gambo and credited with the introduction of Buddhism to Tibet and China. In the Lamaeist Tradition, Bhrkuti-Tara is incarnate in all good women. Buddhist/Tibet
Binzuru-Sonja Japan One of the pupils of Buddha, the first of the Sixteen Rakan. Rakan with grey hair and long eyebrows. Originally he was a retainer of the king, Uuten. He became a priest and attained miracle power by performing Arakan’s vow. It is said that he was praised by Shaka for he used the miracle power for the world and that he didn't enter Nirvana and made efforts cultivating ordinary people. He was worshipped on the above in Theravada Buddhism, however, many are worshipped in restaurants in China. He is enshrined in front of a temple in Japan. It is believed that stroking him eliminates distresses. Japan
Bo Hsian China/Taoist God. China/Taoist
Caishen China God of wealth. China
Cao Guo Jiu Chinese One of the Chinese Ba Xian, he is also the patron saint of actors and actresses.
Ch'I-You China God of weapons, dancers, smiths and war. China
Ch'ang O / Chang'e, Chang-Ngo, Heng-E / Heng-O China the Chinese goddess of the moon. Unlike many lunar deities, Chang'o only lives on the moon. China
Ch'ang O/ Heng-O China A goddess of the moon
Ch'ang Tsai China God of the spleen. China
Ch'eng Huang China God of the land, ditches, moats and the people. China
Ch'ih Sung China Lord of the rain. China
Ch'ih Sung tzu China Lord of the rain
Ch'ing Lung China God of the lungs. China
Ch'ung Ling yu China God of the nose. China
Chan Hs'ien China Guardian god of children who had been a mortal King China
Chang Er China Was the wife of the archer Hou Yi, who received the herb of immortality from the gods after shooting down nine of the ten suns that were stifling the world with their heat. China
Chang Fei China God of war and butchers. China
Chang Hsien China God of dreams and of pregnancy. China
Chang Pan China God of masons. China
Chang Sien Chinese A divinity worshipped by women desirous of offspring. Chinese
Chang Xi China Goddess of the moon. China
Chang Yong China Goddess of justice. China
Chao T'eng k'ang China God of the bowels China
Chao san Niang China Goddess of wig salesmen China
Chen Kao China God of the ears China
Cheng San Kung China God of fishing China
Cheng Yuan ho China God of strolling singers China
Chhih of warg tzu China A god of rain
Chi Po China God of the winds. China
Chi Sung Tzu China Rain god. China
Chiang China Goddess of agriculture. China
Chih Jih China God of the day. China
Chih Nii China Goddess of spinning. China
Chih Nu China Goddess of weaving. China
Chih of warg tzu China God of rain. China
Chin hua Niang niang China God of drums and violins China
Chinese dragon China In China, the drawing of a five-clawed dragon is not only introduced into pictures, but is also embroidered on state dresses and royal robes. This representation is regarded as an amulet.
Ching Ling Tzu China God of tea China
Chinnamastaka Hindu/Puranic/Epic Goddess, a headless form of Durga. Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Chinnintamma India Goddess of households. India
Chinta-mani aka Divya-ratna Hindu "The wish-gem" a jewel, said to have belonged to Brahma, which has the power to grant all desires. It is who himself is called by this name.
Chio Yuan Tzu China God of the brain. China
Chou Wang China God of sodomy China
Chu Niao China God of the heart China
Chu Ying China God of the eyes China
Chu jung China God of fire and the celestial executioner China
Chuang Mu China Goddess of the bedroom China
Chuh Kamuy China Goddess of the moon China
Chun T'i China Goddess of the dawn and warriors China
Chung K'uei China God of the afterlife who belongs to the Ministry of exorcism China/Taoist
Chung Liu China God of eaves China
Chung kuei China Protector of those who travel and god of examinations China
Da-Shi-Zhi Buddhism China A female Bodhisattva
Daji China A concubine that was possessed by a fox who was sent to mess up the state affairs of the Shang Dynasty as a punishment for the evil thought of King Zhou. China
Dashizhi China Goddess of knowledge. China
Deluges Chinese The principle ones are: the deluge of Fohi, Chinese. The Satyavrata, of the Indians; the Xisuthrus, of the Assyrians; the Mexican deluge; Noah's Flood and the Greek deluges of Deucalion and Ogyges.
Di Jun China God of the eastern sky China
Dou Mou China A goddess North Star, health & diseases & justice
Doushen China Goddess of justice. China
Erh Lang China God, with a magic dog, who fights the mountain demons. China
Fan K'uei China God of butchers. China
Fei Lien China A demigod, one of the Counts of the Winds. China
Fei Lien/ Fewi Lian/ Feng Bo China A god of the wind
Feng Pho Pho China A goddess of the winds
Feng Po China A sky god of the wind
Feng Po Po China Goddess of the wind and embodies the elements of air and water. China
Fengbo China Another god of the wind
Fo China Name for Buddha China
Fu Hsi China God of fishing nets,vegetation, of happiness and the inventor of writing. China
Fu Hsing China He was considered a spirit of happiness
Fu Shen China God of happiness. China
Fu-His China God of agriculture/vegetation and inventor of writing. China
Fu-Hsing China God of happiness and bat. In charge of destiny, fate, love, happiness, and success. China
Gao Yao China God of judgment China
Gao Yao/ Ting-jian China A god of judgment
Gaomei China Ancient goddess and first mother was called Kao Mi in the Ching Dynasty and was changed into a male divinity during the Japanese occupation. China
Ge Gu China Goddess of health and medicine China
God of Prosperity Chinese One of the Gods found in Malaysia and is very important to local Malaysian Chinese especially businessmen. Chinese
Gong Gong China Water god who is responsible for the great floods, together with his associate, Xiang Yao who has nine heads and the body of a snake. China
Gou Mang & Ru Shu China These are the messengers of the sky god
Gou Mang and Ru Shu China Messengers of the sky god China
Guan Di Chinese The god of martial arts. Chinese
Guan Yin China Goddess of mercy China
Guan Yin/ Guanyin Chinese The goddess of mercy
Guan Yu China Deified in the Sui Dynasty as the epitome of loyalty and righteousness. China
Gui Xian China The great Tortoise, one of the four Holy Animals of Chinese mythology and a symbol of Longevity and Immortality. China
Gui Xian/ Gui China These demonic beings are descended from people that had either drowned &/ or committed suicide & could not be reincarnated
Gum Lin China Goddess of rivers and Bamboo. China
Han Xiang-Zhi China/Taoist Immortal being, there were eight. And here they are: Kao Kuo-Zhu; He Xian-Ku; Lan Kai-He; Li Thieh-Kuai; Lu Tong-Pin; Zhang Kuo-Lao; Zhong-Li Kuan. China/Taoist
Hao Ch'iu China God of the heart China
He Bo China Divine ruler of all rivers China
He Bo/ Bing Yi China He is the divine ruler of all rivers
He Xian-Ku China One of the eight immortals, she achieved immortality through her exemplary life China/Taoist
Heng E China Goddess of the moon China
Heng o China Goddess of the moon China
Ho Po Ping China God of the Yellow River China
Ho Po Ping I China A god of the Yellow River
Ho-Hsien-Ku Chinese One of the `eight immortals' and the virgin of the mountains, goddess of agility, immortality and mother reverence. Chinese
Ho-Po China God who controls all rivers but in particular, the Yellow River China/Taoist
Hou Chi China Lord of abundant harvests China
Hou T'u China God of the earth China
How Chu China the is the goddess of the air
Hoy Kong China A goddess of Ursa Minor
Hsi Ling su China God of silk China
Hsi Shih China Goddess who represents the old virtues and feminine qualities of Chinese women. She also sponsors a nice line of face creams, cosmetics and perfumes. China
Hsi Wang Mu China Mother goddess of the Western Paradise and female energy. China
Hsi shen China God of joy. Fu Shen denotes a generic title for the beneficent gods of the Chinese. China
Hsiao Wu China God of prisons. China
Hsieh T'ien chun China God personification of the planet Saturn. China
Hsien Nung China Agriculture god. China
Hsien Se China Agriculture god. China
Hsu Ch'ang China God of archery. China
Hsuan T'ien China God of Wealth. China
Hsuan Wen hua China God of hair, hairdressers, shampoo and hair moisturisers.
Hsuan-T'ien-Shang-Ti China God who removes demons and evil spirits. Invoke for exorcism, matters involving water. China
Hu Baiyan China God of the Earthly Heroic Star. China
Hu Daoyuan China God of the Water Earthworm Star. China
Hu Shen China A god of hail
Hu Sheng China God of the Western Constellations. China
Hu Tu China Goddess of the Summer solstice, Earth Mother and the personification of the earth. China
Hu Yunpeng China God of the Western Constellations. China
Huan Yang ch'ang China God of the heart. China
Huang Fei-hu China Originally an earth god who was promoted to the god Tai mountain eastern China and he now judges the souls of the dead when they come to his mountain. China
Huang T'ing China The Star God of Civil Virtue. China
Huang Ti China God of architecture and Astral god, some myths relate that Huang-ti manufactured and used "miraculous tripods" which were made in the "likeness of the Great Infinite," Tao, the concealed engine of the Universe. He also invented the compass. China
Huang-di China Mythical yellow emperor. China
Huma China A fabulous Oriental bird which never alights, but is always on the wing. It is said that every head which it overshadows will wear a crown.
Hung Sing China Guardian god of of fishing boats and their crews China
Huo Pu China God of fire China
Ikanam Chinook A kind being who touched up the coyote's crude essays with a sharp stone, opening the eyes of men, and giving their hands and feet the powers of movement. He also acted as a "culture-hero," introducing the first arts. The Chinook, Oregon/Washington
Jen An China God of robbers China
Jia Shi China Goddess and stellar deity China
Jih Kuan T’ai Yang. China A sun god. China
K'uei Hsing Chinese Chinese god of examinations.
Kao Kuo-Jiu China Immortal being, Tutelary god of actors China/Taoist
Keng Li Ssu China God robbers. China
Keng Yen cheng China Another god of robbers and thieves. China
King Wan China God of chance. China
Ko Hsien Weng China God of jugglers. China
Kongde China Goddess of justice China
Kuan Ti China God of literature and fortune telling. China
Kuan Yin China Benign guardian goddess, probably of India origin China/Taoist
Kuan-Yin China Merciful One. A Buddhist boddhisattva and Asian Goddess. China
Kuei Shing China God of literature presides in Ursa Major China
Kuei ku Tzu China Another god of fortune telling
Kun China A mythological bird. China
Kun Lun Chinese The Kunlun mountains are well known in Chinese mythology and are believed to be Taoist paradise. The first to visit this paradise was King Mu. He supposedly discovered there the Jade Palace of Huang-Di, the mythical Yellow Emperor and originator of Chinese culture, and met Hsi Wang Mu, the 'Spirit Mother of the West' usually called the 'Queen Mother of the West', who was the object of an ancient religious cult which reached its peak in the Han Dynasty, also had her mythical abode in these mountains.
Kuo Tzu i China Another god of happiness
Kwan Yin China Goddess of childbirth, compassion and mercy China
Lai Cho China Agriculture god. Not part of the locust cult. China
Lan Cai-he China One of the eight immortals, sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl
Lan Caihe China One of the eight immortals, sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl China
Lan Kai-He China Immortal being China/Taoist
Lao Lang China God of actors. China
Lao-Tze China In his Tao-te ching, The Canon of Reason and Virtue (at first entitled simply Lao Tzu(), gave to the then existing scattered sporadic conceptions of the universe a literary form. His tao, or ‘Way,’ is the originator of Heaven and earth, it is "the mother of all things." China
Laughing Buddha China Popular Buddhist deity; god of happiness and wealth. China
Lei Gong China God of thunder. China
Lei Kung China A god of thunder
Lei Tsu China God of innkeepers China
Lei-zi China Goddess of thunder who also originated silk worm breeding. China
Li China Divine lord of fire China
Li China Hornless dragon, lesser dragon of the seas. China
Li Lao chun China God of farriers and of leather workers China
Li No Cha China A monstrous Immortal with three heads, eight arms and nine eyes was sent down to Earth by the Jade Emperor to defeat a plague of demons. China
Li Thieh-Kuai China Immortal being China/Taoist
Liu Meng China Agriculture god China
Liu Pei China God of basket makers China
Lo Shen China Goddess of rivers China
Lo Tsu Ta Hsien China God of barbers and beggars China
Lo Yu China God of tea China
Long Mu Chinese Mother of Dragons was a Chinese woman who was deified as a goddess after raising five infant dragons.
Longmen China The dragon gate where a carp can transform into a dragon. China
Lu Dongbin China One of the Eight Immortals. China
Lu Hsing China God of employees, justice and salaries and another of the three gods who were known as Fu Shou Lu. China
Lu Tong-Pin China/Taoist Immortal being, he is Tutelary god of barbers. China/Taoist
Lu pan China God of carpenters. China
Luduan China A beast which could detect truth. China
Lung Yen China God of the liver China
Ma Ku China Goddess of springtime. China
Ma Shi China A goddess & stellar deity
Ma Shi-Ko China Queen of Heavens and Goddess of the Seven Seas. China
Ma-ku China Goddess of spring. China
Ma-zu China A sea goddess that is a benevolent guardian of fisherman
Ma-zu aka Matsu China Ma-Tsu, A-Ma, and Mizu-Gami, Goddess of the sea who is a benevolent guardian of fisherman. When you are facing great difficulty, you can call her Ma-zu and she will immediately come to your rescue. If, however, you address her as the "Empress of Heaven", she will have to take time to put on her fine clothing and will be delayed in coming to your aid. China
Mang Chin i China Goddess of the womb China
Mang Shen China Agriculture god China
Mao Meng China God of astronomy, Jupiter, Mercury China
Men Shen China Two guardians of doorways China
Meng Po China Goddess of justice China
Meng-Po-Niang China Goddess who stands at the Ninth Chinese Hell. Her magic potion was administered to each soul, so that they would forget their past lives. China
Mi lo Fo China Coming Buddha China
Miao Hu China Agriculture god China
Ming Shang China God of the eyes China
Mo Hi Hai China He is a god of water