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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Cho"

Archangel name "A'albiel" Christian An angel that helps the Archangel Michael in his heavenly chores. Christian
Goddess name "Asa Poorna" Chohan/ India A Goddess of happiness
Goddess name "Atai" Africa Goddess who encouraged the creation of humans, choosing earth for us to inhabit. Africa
"Avalokitesvara" Buddhist The Buddhist epitome of mercy and compassion. When Avalokitesvara attained to supreme consciousness, he chose not to pass into nirvana, but vowed to stay behind as the succor of the afflicted. He was filled with compassion, karuna, for the sufferings of the living, which he sought to bring to enlightenment. He was represented as a handsome young man holding a lotus flower in his hand who wore a picture of Amithaba in his hair. His female consort was Tara, also known as Pandaravasini, 'clad in white'.
"B'alam Agab" Mayan "night jaguar," he was the second of the men created from maize after the Great Flood sent by Hurakan. He married Choimha. Mayan
Spirit name "Belas" Indonesian Indonesian tree Spirits who should be asked to move before chopping a tree down
Angel name "Bene Elohim" Hebrew Angels who belong to the choir of thrones having the duty of forever singing the ineffable praise of God. Hebrew
Goddess name "Bibi" Gypsy A Goddess of healing & cholera
Goddess name "Bibi the Child-Strangler" Bibi Sometimes affectionately known as "Aunty Bibi," is a Romany witch-Goddess. Bibi is an old crone who either wears torn black garments or is entirely naked. Like the Romanian goddess Dschuma, Bibi is disease incarnate, particularly cholera. She is referred to as "the child-strangler" because it is believed that disease often effects children, who are young and weak.
God name "Choimha" Arab "beautiful water", she was a woman created by the Gods specifically to marry B'alam Agab.
Goddess name "Chokmah" Spain Goddess of order and wisdom Spain
"Cholmus" Siberia Creator of animals Siberia
God name "Chonsu" Egypt God of the moon Egypt
Ghost name "Choorail" Moslem The Ghost of a pregnant woman. India. Moslem
God name "Chors" Balkans Pre-Christian sun God Balkans
Deity name "Chos-Skyon" Buddhist Tutelary guardian Deity(god) Buddhist/Tibet
God name "Chou Wang" China God of sodomy China
Goddess name "Chowa" India Goddess of health India
God name "Col/ Chol" Nuer/ Sudan A rain & thunderstorms God
Goddess name "Didi" Thakrun Hindu a plague Goddess associated with cholera
Angel name "Dominations" Christian One of the nine accepted orders or choirs of Angels. The ruling princes of the order are said to be Hashmal, Zadkiel, Muriel, and Zacharael.
Goddess name "Hatti" Hindu A plague Goddess associated with cholera
Goddess name "Hatti" Hindu Plague Goddess associated with cholera Hindu
Spirit name "Heloha" Choctaw Spirit[female] of thunder Choctaw
Goddess name "Hulka Devi" Hindu Goddess of cholera. Hindu
God name "Hushtahli" Choctaw The sun God who doubles as a war god. Choctaw
God name "Istadevata" Hindu A favourite God a person chooses to show devotion and develop a special relationship with. Hindu
God name "Izanagi and Izanami" Japanese were the two young Gods chosen to bring order to the world of chaos in Japanese mythology. Izanagi was a tall and as strong as a willow sapling, while Izanami, his consort, was delicate in manner and speech, and as beautiful as the air that filled the High Plain of Heaven. The Lord of Heaven then gave Izanagi his legendary spear, Amanonuboko.
Deity name "Khonsu" Egypt Aka Chons, Khensu, Khons, Khonsu or Khonshu, is an ancient lunar Deity(god), from before formal structure was given to a pantheon. His name reflects the fact that the Moon travels across the night sky, for it means The Wanderer, and also had the titles Embracer, Pathfinder, and Defender, as he was thought to watch over night travelers. Egypt
God name "Khors" Slavic Korsha, Korssa, Chors, Corsa, Xors. A sun or daylight God, he may be synonymous with Dazhbog and Bielbog. He was invoked him for hunting and against diseases. Slavic
"Ktazil Bhira Dakia" Nazorean The Chosen Pure One (Yawar). Early Nazorean
God name "Lai Cho" China Agriculture God. Not part of the locust cult. China
Goddess name "Lalbai" India A Goddess of healing, & cholera
Goddess name "Mari Mai" Hindu Plague Goddess associated with cholera Hindu
"Mort" Discworld Having proved himself unworthy as a scarecrow he is chosen by Death to be his apprentice. Discworld
"Moti Mata "Pearl Mother"" Tamil Moti Mata "Pearl Mother", stones which are worshipped when cholera appears. Tamil
"Muses" Greek Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, presided over the liberal arts particularly, were nine in number, and dwelt along with Apollo near Parnassus, Pieria, and Helicon; Clio presided over history, Euterpe over music, Thalia over comedy, Melpomene over tragedy, Terpsichore over choral dance and song, Erato over erotic poetry and elegy, Polyhymnia over lyric poetry, Urania over astronomy, and Calliope over eloquence and epic poetry. Greek
"Ocellatae" Greek Sisters and vestal virgins, to whom the emperor, Domitian, gave the choice of the mode of their death, when they were proved to have been unfaithful to their vow of chastity. Greek
Goddess name "Ola" Bibi Hindu a local play Goddess associated with cholera
"Ola Bibi" Bangladesh Savior from cholera who accepts offerings of sweets. Bangladesh
King name "Pana-ewa" Islands Had many bodies. He attacked Hiiaka in his fog body, Kino-ohu, and threw around her his twisting fog-arms, chilling her and choKing her and blinding her. He wrapped her in the severe cold mantle of heavy mists. Pacific Islands
Goddess name "San Chou Niang Niang" China Mother Goddess who was first deified during the Sung dynasty China
Spirit name "Shilup Chito Osh" Choctaw Great Spirit Choctaw
God name "Ssu Cho" China Agriculture God China
"Terpsachora" Greek One of the nine Muses, presided over choral song and dancing. Greek
Goddess name "Vaga" s "Sabra, Goddess of the Severn, being a prudent, well-conducted maiden, rose with the first streak of morning dawn, and, descending the eastern side of the hill, made choice of the most fertile valleys, whilst as yet her sisters slept. Vaga, goddess of the Wye, rose next, and, making all haste to perform her task, took a shorter course, by which means she joined her sister ere she reached the sea. The goddess Rhea, old Plinlimmon’s pet, woke not till roused by her father’s chiding; but by bounding down the side of the mountain, and selecting the shortest course of all, she managed to reach her destination first. Thus the Cymric proverb, "There is no impossibility to the maiden who hath a fortune to lose or a husband to win."" Welsh
Goddess name "Valkyrie" Norse Valkyrie [The chooser of the slain]. A troop of Goddesses, handmaidens of Odin. They serve in Valhal, and are sent on Odin's errands. Norse