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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Core"

King name "Aidoneus" Greek A mythical King of the Molossians, the husband of Persephone, and father of Core. Greek
"Core" Greece Of Corinth, mentioned among the mythic stories of the invention of sculpture. Greece
"Kore or Core" Hopi The maiden, a name by which Persephone is often called. Greek
Goddess name "Kore/ Core" Greek A Goddess of springtime
"Wintersmith" Discworld The personification of Winter. At his core he is the elemental personification of ice. Originally just a shape in the snow, with two violet eyes, he later formed a "snowman" out of all the elements that make a human body. He creates snowflakes and icebergs, and also the patterns of ice on windows. Discworld