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List of Gods ETRUSCAN/
Acaviser/ Lasas Etruscan A goddess, one of the fates
Acca Larentia Etruscan/ Roman An earth goddess & goddess of winter
Albina Etruscan A dawn goddess & protector of ill fated lovers
Alpanu Etruscan An underworld goddess
Altria Etruscan An ancient earth goddess
Anna Perenna Etruscan A goddess of reproduction, wanton love, & of spring
Anteros Etruscan The god of passion
Apiu Etruscan A weather god
Aradia Italy/ Etruscan A Lunar deity?
Atunis Etruscan A god similar to Adonis
Aversa Etruscan A goddess pictured carrying an ax
Evan Etruscan Considered female a being that is one of the Las
Feronia Etruscan A goddess of the autumn, fire & volcanoes
Fufluns Etruscan A god of wine & of the harvest
Genii Etruscan/ Roman These are the protective spirits that guide human beings, no one knows why
Laran Etruscan A god of war
Lasas Etruscan These are female god like beings of the pantheon, they may be winged or unwinged & some names are known
Menrva/ Menerva Etruscan A spiting image of the Greek goddess Athena in all aspects
Nathum Etruscan A goddess of justice
Nethuns Etruscan A god of fresh water
Nortia Etruscan A goddess of
Summanus Etruscan/ Roman A god of thunder
Tages Etruscan An early god of prophecy
Thakur Deo Etruscan A goddess of childbirth
Tin Etruscan A sky god
Tinia Etruscan A god of storms
Turan Etruscan A goddess of love & the tutelary deity of Vulci
Turan Etruscan A goddess of peace
Uni Etruscan A tutelary goddess of midwives & the sky
Veive Etruscan A very young god
Vertumnus Roman A minor god of orchards & gardens, likely of of Etruscan origin his festival is beingVertumnalia on August 13th