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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Finland"

God name "Ahti (or Ahto)" Finland God of the depths, giver of fish.
Spirit name "Ajatar (sometimes Ajattara)" Finland An evil forest Spirit.
"Akka" Finland The consort of Ukko. Finland
Spirit name "Akka (old lady)" Finland Female Spirit, feminine counterpart of "Ukko"[7].
God name "Akras" Finland The God of fertility and the protector of plants, especially the turnip.
"Antero Vipunen" Finland Deceased giant, protector of deep knowledge and magic.
Goddess name "Avfruvva" Finland Mermaid Goddess of Finland
God name "Egres/ Akras Karelian" Finland A fertility God in charge of the the turnip crop
God name "Hiisi Karelin" Finland A pre-Christian tree God that of course was demoted to mean devil, but in the eight minor sense
God name "Ibmel" Finland A sky God and a general name for various gods. Finland
God name "Iku-Turso" Finland A malevolent sea monster and a God of war. Finland
God name "Ilma" Finland God of air. Symbolizes element of Air, the element of wind. Finland
Spirit name "Ilmatar" Finland Female Spirit of air; the daughter of primeval substance of creative spirit. Mother of Vдinдmцinen in Kalevala.
Goddess name "Ilmatar" Finland The virgin Goddess of the air. She is portrayed as androgynous with both male and female aspects, though she is primarily female. Despite her virginity, she was the mother of Vainamoinen, the god of music, Lemminkainen, god of magic, and Ilmarinen, the god of smithing. Finland
Supreme god name "Jumala" Finland A generic name for a major deity. Originally the name given by the Finns to the sky, the sky-god, and the Supreme God. Later taivas and Ukko were used as the names for the sky and the sky-god. The word means god and was later used for the Christian God. The origin of the word is unknown – some possible explanations are derivation from Jomali, the supreme deity of the Permians and origination from the Estonian word jume.
Hero name "Kalevanpoika (son/ man of Kaleva)" Finland A giant Hero who can cut down forests and mow down huge meadows, identical with Estonian national epic hero Kalevipoeg.
God name "Kave" Finland Ancient God of sky, later the deity of the lunar cycle. Father of Vдinдmцinen. Also Kaleva.
"Kotitonttu" Finland Tutelary of the home.
Hero name "Kullervo" Finland Tragic antiHero. Model for Tъrin Turambar in Tolkien's Silmarillion.
God name "Kuu" Finland God of Moon.
"Lalli" Finland Finn who slew Bishop Henry on the ice of Lake Kцyliц, according to a legend.
Hero name "Lemminkдinen (Ahti Saarelainen, Kaukomieli)" Finland A brash Hero.
Demon name "Lempo" Finland Originally a fertility spirit, became synonymous with Demon in the Christian era.
"Louhi" Finland The matriarch of Pohjola, hostess of the Underworld.
"Loviatar" Finland The blind daughter of Tuoni and the mother of Nine diseases.
Spirit name "Luonnotar" Finland Spirit of nature, feminine creator.
Spirit name "Menninkдinen" Finland A fairy Spirit, gnome.
Goddess name "Mielikki" Finland Wife of Tapio, the Goddess of the forest.
God name "Nyyrikki" Finland The God of hunting, son of Tapio.
Spirit name "Nдkki" Finland The fearsome Spirit of pools, wells and bridges. Same as Nix.
Spirit name "Otso" Finland The Spirit of bear (one of many circumlocutory epithets).
God name "Pajainen" Finnish A God, the deity that killed the great bull in the legends of Finland
God name "Pajonn" Finland God of thunder known as the one who dwells in the heaven. Finland
God name "Pekko (or Pellon Pekko)" Finland The God of crops, especially barley and brewing.
God name "Pellervo (or Sampsa Pellervoinen)" Finland The God of harvest.
God name "Perkele" Finland The Devil. Originally Perkele was not the Devil but a God of thunder and can be seen as an earlier form of Ukko. Related to Baltic Perkunas and Norse Thor.
"Pihatonttu" Finland Tutelary of the yard.
Demon name "Piru" Finland Spirit, Demon. Probably later loan word related to "spirit".
Goddess name "Pдivдtдr" Finland The Goddess of day.
God name "Rahko" Finland The Karelian God of time; Rahko tars the moon describes the phases of the moon.
"Saunatonttu" Finland Tutelary of the sauna.
"Surma" Finland The personification of a violent death.
"Ta'he'tar" Finland The daughter of the Stars. The Kalevala. Finland
"Ta'ni'ka" Finland A magic mansion of Pohja. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Ta'pi-o" Finland The God of the forest. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Tapio" Finland The God of the forest.
Goddess name "Tellervo" Finland The Goddess of the forest, daughter of Tapio and Mielikki.
"Ter'he-ne'tar" Finland Daughter of the Fog. The Kalevala. Finland
Spirit name "Tont'tu" Finland A little house-Spirit. The Kalevala. Finland
"Tonttu" Finland Generally benign tutelary. Originally, a patron of cultivated land, keeper of lot.
"Tu'o-ne'la" Finland The abode of Tuoni. The Kalevala. Finland
"Tu'o-ne'tar" Finland The hostess of Death-land; a daughter of Tuoni. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Tu'ri" Finland Tuuri. The God of the Honey-land. The Kalevala. Finland
Goddess name "Tu-le'tar (Tuule'tar)" Finland A Goddess of the winds. The Kalevala. Finland
"Tu-lik'ki (Tuullk'ki)" Finland One of the daughters of Tapio. The Kalevala. Finland
God name "Tu-o'ni" Finland The God of death. The Kalevala. Finland
"Tuo'nen Poi'ka" Finland The son of Tuoni. The Kalevala. Finland
"Tuomas" Finland Eternally befuddled.
"Tuonetar" Finland Name referring to both the mistress and the daughter of Tuoni.
God name "Tursas" Finland The Tavastian God of war. May be same as the Norse Tyr and the Germanic Tоwaz.
Goddess name "Tuulikki" Finland Daughter of Tapio and Mielikki, Goddess of animals.
God name "Ukko (old man)" Finland The God of the sky and thunder, related to Thor (Estonian Taara).
Goddess name "Vedenemo (mother of waters)" Finland Karelian Goddess of water
Goddess name "Vellamo" Finland The wife of Ahti, Goddess of the sea, lakes and storms. A current image of Vellamo can be seen on the coat of arms of Pдijдnne Tavastia.
"Vдinдmцinen" Finland The old and wise man, who possessed a potent, magical voice. The central character in Finnish folklore and he is the main character in the Kalevala.