Books about the Gods

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List of Gods Gaul
Abello/ Abellio Gaul A god of apple trees
Abnona Gaul The goddess of the Black Forest
Aius Locutius Roman A god supposed to have given warning of the approach of the Gauls 391 B.C.
Alisanos Gaul A god of stones
Artaius Gaul A god of sheep & cattle herders
Belata-Cardu Gaul A god of the destruction of your enemies
Belisama Gaul A goddess of crafts & the forge
Berecyntia Gaul? An earth goddess
Borvo/ Bromo/ Bormanus/ Gramnnos/ Belenos/ Toutiorix Britain/ Gaul The god of hot springs who replaced his mother Sirona
Buxenus Gaul The god of box trees
Campestres Gaul/ Roman The name of a lost goddess of fields
Dispater/ Dis Pater Gaul A god whose name means the father
Essus/ Esus Britain/ Gaul A harvest/ woodcutter god
Fagus Gaul/ Pyrenean The god of beech trees
Noctiluca Gaul A goddess of Magic from Celtic Gaul
Rosmerta Celtic/ Roman/ Gaul A goddess of healing, water, & sacred springs
Segeta Gaul A goddess of healing of springs
Sequana Gaul The goddess of the Seine River
Tuetatesa Gaul A god of war