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List of Gods   : "Gaul"

God name "Abello/ Abellio" Gaul A god of apple trees
Goddess name "Abnona" Gaul Goddess who did not give her name to the river Avon. Gaul
"Aius Locutius" Gallic Loquens, was a Roman numen associated with the Gallic invasions of the early 4th century. In 390 BC, the Gauls moved in the direction of Rome. According to Roman folklore, a Roman named Caedicius kept hearing a disembodied nocturnal voice at the base of the Palatine hill in the Forum Romanum. The voice warned Caedicius of the oncoming attack and recommended that the walls of Rome be fortified.
God name "Ambisagrus aka Bussumarus" Britain Originally from Gaul, where his Celtic identity was lost during the Roman takeover where he took all the characteristics of the Roman God Jupiter. weather deity who controlled the Rain, wind, hail and fog. Britain
Goddess name "Andrasta" Roman / Celtic / British Goddess of war. The patron goddess of the Iceni tribe. The warrior queen Boudicca is reported to have prayed to her before battle and she was the recipient of human sacrifice. Andrasta does not appear in Celtic Gaul, though a deity called Andraste is mentioned by the...
God name "Anextiomarus" Roman / British A Celtic epithet of the Sun-god Apollo recorded in a Romano-British inscription from South Shields, England. The form is a variant of Anextlomarus 'Great protector', a Divine style or name attested in a fragmentary Gallo-Roman dedication from Le Mans, France. Anextlomarus is also attested as a Gaulish man's father's name at Langres, and a feminine Divine form, Anextlomara, appears in two other Gallo-Roman dedications from Avenches, Switzerland. Roman / British
God name "Artaius" Celtic God of sheep and cattle herders from Celtic Gaul. Later, the Romans identified him with Mercury.
God name "Artaius" Gaul The bear god in Gaul. Identified with Mercury.
"Balan Bravest" Gaul Balan Bravest and strongest of the giant race. Gaul
God name "Belata-Cardu" Gaul God of the destruction of your enemies. Gaul
Goddess name "Belisama" Gaul A goddess of crafts & the forge
Goddess name "Belisama" Gaul Goddess connected with lakes and rivers, fire, crafts and light. Identified with Minerva / Athena and has been compared with Brigid. Gaul
Hero name "Bensozia" Greek chief deviless of a certain Sabbatic meeting held in France in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The Diana of the Ancient Gauls, and was also called Nocticula, Herodias, and "The moon."
Goddess name "Berecyntia" Gaul Goddess of the earth. Gaul
Goddess name "Borvo" British / Gaul God of hot springs equated with Apollo and has similarities to the goddess Sirona, who was also a healing deity associated with mineral springs. British / Gaul
God name "Borvo/ Bromo/ Bormanus/ Gramnnos/ Belenos/ Toutiorix" Britain / Gaul The god of hot springs who replaced his mother Sirona
God name "Buxenus" Gaul The god of box trees, worshipped primarily in Gaul alongside Abellio, Fagus and Robur. Gaul
Spirit name "CERNUNNOS" Celtic, Gallic Fertility and chthonic god. Cernunnos appears to have been recognized in the region of Gaul which is now central France. He is typically drawn as a man bearing the antlers of a stag, not necessarily representing an animal spirit but a deity closely involved with animals and one which can transform instantly into animal shape. In the Celtic world, horns and antlers were generally regarded as symbols of virility and fertility....
Goddess name "Campestres" Gaul / Roman The name of a lost goddess of fields
Goddess name "Damona" Gaul Goddess of cows, worshipped as the consort of Apollo Borvo. Gaul
Goddess name "Dirona aka Sirona" Gaul Serona, Sarona, Dirona, Sthirona. The Star Goddess of Gaul
God name "Dispater/ Dis Pater" Gaul A god whose name means the father
Goddess name "Duillae" RomanoIberian Fertility and vegetation goddesses. Comparable with the MATRES in Gaul....
Demon name "Dusiens" Gauls The name given by the Gauls to those demons that produce nightmares.
God name "Essus" Gaul Harvest God worshipped in Brittany and Gaul by the the Essuvi.
God name "Essus/ Esus" Britain / Gaul A harvest / woodcutter god
God name "Esus aka Essus" Gaul God of boatmen, fond of cutting branches from trees with his axe. Gaul
God name "Fagus" Gaul / Pyrenean God of beech trees. Gaul / Pyrenean
God name "Gabrus" Hebrew / Christian A minor goatish Gaulish god
God name "Glanis" France A Gaulish god associated with a healing spring at the town of Glanum in the Alpilles mountains of Provence in southern France.
God name "Hillon" Gaul Sun god and the god of music. Gaul
"Ifurin" Celtic The Hades of the ancient Gauls. A dark region infested by serpents and savage beasts. Here the wicked are chained in loathsome caverns, plunged into the lairs of dragons, or subjected to a ceaseless distillation of poison. Celtic
King name "Island of St" Gaul Brandan. The flying island, the supposed retreat of king Rodrigo. So called from St. Brandan, who went in search of the Islands of Paradise in the sixth century. Gaul
God name "Mogounos" Britain A Celtic god worshipped in Roman Britain and in Gaul. The main evidence is from altars dedicated to the god by Roman soldiers, but the deity is not a native Italic one.
Goddess name "Nantosuelta" Gaul A goddess of fire and fertility. Gaul
Goddess name "Noctiluca" Gaul A goddess of Magic from Celtic Gaul
God name "Nuada" Irish Silver Arm a king of the Tuatha De Danann. He is cognate with the Gaulish and British god Nodens. His Welsh equivalent is Nudd or Lludd Llaw Eraint. Irish
Goddess name "Oanuava" Celtic An ancient earth Goddess from Celtic Gaul
"Ogmios" Gaul A bald old man with a bow and club leading an apparently happy band of men with chains attached to their ears from his tongue. Gaul
Goddess name "Proxumae" Gaul Were worshipped in Southern Gaul and were a group of goddesses who were personal guardian.
Goddess name "Rosmerta" Gaul A fertility goddess and a deity of abundance. Gaul
Goddess name "Segeta" Gaul Goddess of healing of springs Gaul
Goddess name "Sequana" Gaul Goddess of the Seine River Gaul
Goddess name "Sul" Celtic A Goddess of hot springs who came to Brittany from Celtic Gaul.
God name "Tannus" Gaul Thunder and weather God. He was also God of the wheel fertility and the sky. Gaul
God name "Taranis" Celtic The god of thunder worshipped in Gaul and Britain. Celtic
God name "Tarvos Trigaranos" Gaul Bull god of Gaul
God name "Teutates" Roman / Celtic / Gallic Local tribal deity. Known only from limited inscriptions. Teutates may be less the name of a deity than an epithet meaning “great.” According to the Roman writer Lucan, he is one of three Celtic gods encountered by Caesar's army in Gaul and the object of savage rites in which victims were drowned in sacrificial lakes. He may equate with a British god, Totatis. He becomes assimilated variously to Mercury or MARS. Also Teutatis....
"Toutatis or Teutates" Britain A tribal protector worshipped in ancient Gaul and Britain.
God name "Tuetatesa" Gaul God of war. Gaul