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List of Gods GREEK/
Abraxas/ Abrsax/ Abraxis Greek/ Oriental an occult theonym this god has the torso & arms of a man, head of a rooster & serpent legs
Acco Greek A goddess of Evil
Achelois Greek A moon goddess
Achlae/ Aclelous/ Acleloos/ Achelous Greek A river god of some standing in the community
Adamanthea Greek A goddess of midwives
Adikia Greek The goddess both injustice who is rather hard on the eyes
Adonis Greek A god of nature
Adrasteia Greek/ Thrace/ Trojan/ Phyragean A mountain goddess that is the guardian of righteousness & avenges is all wrongs
Aea Greek A goddess of hunting
Aeacoc Greek/ Roman A chthonic underworld god & 1 of the 3 gods of Hades
Aega Greek A goddess of war
Aeolos Greek He was the custodian of the four winds
Aesculapius/ Asklepios Greek/ Roman A god of healing & of medicine
Aether Greek The god representing pure air & light
Agamede Greek A goddess of healing
Agathos Daimon Greek A good genius/ guardian spirit
Aglaia Greek The youngest of the three graces
Aglibol Palmaryia/ Syria/ Greek/ Roman The moon god
Agnostos Theos Greek The unknown gods that were always worshipped as a group
Agrotera Greek A goddess of good health & hunting
Aiakos Greek A god of the underworld
Aiolos/ Aelus Latin/ Greek The ruler of the winds
Akelos Greek A river god
Alastor Greek A mortal that became a minor spirit that avenged evil deeds & demanded vengeance for crimes
Alcis Greek A goddess of physical prowess & strength
Alecto Greek One of goddesses of vengeance
Alecto of Eumenides Greek A goddess of justice
Alectrona Greek An early goddess
Alephus Greek A Minor river god
Aloadae/ Aloidae Greek they were 54 ft. tall and warred with the gods, they lost
Alpheus Greek A river god that fell in love with a nymph and had a bad experience Aretimas
Alphito Greek A white goddess
Amalthea Greek? A nymph of springs
Amphion Greek A god
Amphitrite Greek A goddess of the sea
Amymone Greek A goddess of springs
Ananke Greek An omnipresent goddess of destiny
Androgyne Greek The man/ woman god/ goddess
Andromeda Greek A goddess of dreams
Angitia Greek A snake goddess
Anteros Greek The god of returned love
Antheia Greek A goddess of spring
Apate Greek The goddess of deceit
Apaturia Greek A goddess of evil
Aphaea Greek A moon goddess?
Aphrodite Greek A goddess of desire, fertility & sexual love & beauty
Aphrodite Pandemos Greek A goddess of sex likely conflated with Aphrodite
Apollo Greek A god of archery, harmony, order, inspiration, intellect, mathematics, medicine, oracles, prophecy, reason, & truth . About a busy little fellow.
Areimanios Greek An underworld god, not nice
Ares Greek A god of storms & war
Arete Greek A goddess of justice & virtue
Arge Greek A goddess of hunting
Ariadne Greek A goddess of dreams
Aristaeus Greek The protector of flocks that originated the cultivation of olives
Aristatos Greek A god of herdsmen
Artemis Greek A goddess of agriculture, archery, hunting, chastity, virginity, fertility, childbirth,the moon, & of nature
Ascelpius/ Aesculapius Greek A moral taught medicine Chiron the Centaur & could raise the dead
Askelpios Greek The god of healing & physicians
Asopos Greek A local river god
Astraea Greek/ Roman A goddess of justice, truth, of purity, innocence & modesty
Astraeos Greek A god of astronomy & star light
Atanea Greek A goddess of the ocean & the dawn
Ate Greek A goddess of discord, evil, error, infatuation & justice
Athena/ Athene/ Pallus Athena Greek A goddess of war, architecture, astronomy, science, of horses, intellect & wisdom, oxen, of purity, reason & spinning
Atlas Greek A Titan that has to hold up the sky forever, he irritated Zeus
Atropos Greek Oldest of the Fates
Augeus Greek A god of healing
Augralids Greek A goddesses of justice
Aura Greek A goddess of morning & of the wind
Baubo Greek A goddess of bawdy laughter
Bia Greek The goddess of force [& no, it does not stand for the bureau of idiotic affairs]
Biblys Greek A goddess of fountains
Bolbe Greek A lake goddess
Boreas Greek The god of the North wind
Brimo Greek A death goddess
Brizo Greek A goddess worshiped as a prophet Delos
Brome Greek Another nymph who was a nurse for Dionysus
Calliope Greek The Muse of of poetry & eloquence bonds
Callisto Greek A nymph
Calypso Greek The nymph who kept Odysseus captive for seven years
Canidia Greek? A moon goddess that was also a sorceress
Carme Greek A nymph & companion of Artemis
Caryatis Greek A goddess of healing
Castalia Greek A goddess of springs
Celedones Greek A goddesses of happiness
Ceto Greek A goddess of the sea
Charis Greek A minor goddess
Chimera Greek A goddess of volcanoes
Chloris Greek A goddess of flowers
Circe Greek A goddess of healing & of herbs
Cleone Greek A goddess of water
Clio Greek/ Roman A goddess of history
Comus Greek/ Roman A god of banquets, drunkenness & merriment
Cratos Greek A god of strength
Crionis Greek One of the many river gods
Cronos Celtic Minor harvest & Sun god with Greek roots
Cronus/ Kronos/ Kronus/ Chronos/ Chronus Greek A god of & agriculture who became king of the Titans for a while
Cynosura Greek A goddess of midwives
Daeira Greek A goddess of knowledge
Daemones Greek A family of elemental that and have it fields, forests, mountains, oceans, streams, lakes, valleys, desert, some towns & they are immortal
Daiomon Greek A member of the Daemones family
Daktyloi Greek These are the demonic beings discovered the art of working in metal
Danaids Greek The goddesses of fountains & water
Danu Greek The Aegean mother goddess
Danus Greek The father of the Danaids, 50 beautiful women
Daphne Greek An oracular goddess & mountain nymph
Deimos Greek The god of terror & panic
Demeter Greek A goddess of agriculture, grain, autumn, the earth , & fertility
Demogorgon Greek A mysterious spirit/ creator god
Dendritus Greek A goddess of the tree
Derceto Greek A goddess of fertility
Despina Greek A nymph
Diana Greek/ Roman A goddess of childbirth, chastity, virginity, fertility, hunting, the moon & the sky
Dice/ Dike Greek A goddess of justice
Dionysus Greek A god of altered states, wine, ecstasy, revelry & nature
Dioskouroi Greek Twin gods see Castor & Pollux
Doris Greek An ocean goddess
Dryads Greek Nymphs of the trees & woods
Dryope Greek A goddess of water
Ececheira Greek A goddess of armistices & peace
Echidna Greek Half woman, half snake, a demonic monster
Eileithyia Greek A goddess of childbirth
Eirene Greek A goddess of peace & one of the Horae
Elagabul Greek The God of Emesa[Syria]
Elais Greek One of the Oenotropae
Elasii Greek The goddesses of healing & epilepsy
Electryone Greek A moon goddess
Eleithyia Greek A goddess of childbirth & midwives
Eleos Greek A goddess of peace & mercy
Elpis Greek A goddess of happiness
Enodia Greek A goddess of crossroads & gates
Enyo Greek A goddess of war & waster of cities
Eos Greek A goddess of warriors & of the dawn
Epaphos Greek The progenitor of the Egyptians
Epimetheus Greek/ Roman A minor creator god
Erato Greek The Muse of lyric poetry & mime
Erebos Greek/ Roman A primordial deity, different
Erinys Greek A goddess of wrath
Eris Greek A goddess of discord & strife
Eros Greek A god of erotic love, passion & of sex
Esenchebis Greek A reference to the goddess Isis
Eumenides/ Erinyes Greek A goddesses of justice
Eunomia Greek One of the Horae & goddess of order
Eunostos Greek The goddess of flour mills
Euphrosyne Greek A goddess of happiness & one of the graces
Euros Greek/ Roman The god of the east winds
Eurybia Greek A sea goddess
Eurydice Greek A mountain valley nymph with a sad love story[ aren't they all?]
Eurynome Greek A goddess of the sea & in one account she is the goddess of all creation
Euterpe Greek The Muse of lyric poetry & music
Eutychia Greek A goddess of happiness
Gaea/ Gaia/ Ge Greek The earth goddess & first born of chaos
Galatea Greek One of the Neriedes
Ganymede Greek A mortal boy that was given immortality & the job of cup bearer to the gods
Gartiae Roman The Roman version of the Greek graces
Geras Greek The goddess of old age
Glaucus Greek This sea god went around muttering prophesies
Glaukos Greek A sea god, a rather bizarre story like many other god claims
Graces/ Gratiae Roman These are the Roman version of the Greek Charities
Graeae/ Graii Greek The three old women or gray ones
Hades/ Pluto Greek A god of death & one of the Olympian gods
Halsodyne Greek A sea goddess
Hamadryades Greek/ Roman Tree spirits whose existence is restricted to the tree that the guard when it dies they die
Harendotes Greek A form of the Egyptian god Horus that guards and protects his father
Harmachis Greek Another form of the Egyptian god Horus
Harmonia Greek A goddess of justice
Haroeris Greek Another form of the Egyptian god Horus, but this time as an adult
Harpocrates Greek The god of silence & secrecy
Harpokrates Greek Another form of the Egyptian god Horus, as a child sitting on his mother's knee
Hebe Greek A goddess of beauty, wine spring & youth as well as the cup bearer of the gods
Hecaerge Greek A goddess of archery
Hecate Greek A goddess of agriculture, black magic, witchcraft, crossroads, fertility, the moon, night, & wisdom
Hegemone Greek A goddess of plants; responsible for their fruition
Hekate Greek The chthonic goddess of the moon & pathways as well as nocturnal evil
Helena Greek A Moon goddess & healer
Helene Greek A vegetation goddess, she is the one the Trojan War was fought over
Helia Greek A sun goddess
Helios Greek A god of war & the sun
Helle Greek A sea goddess
Hephaestos Greek A god of volcanoes, fire & metal working
Hera/ Here Greek A goddess of childbirth, marriage, motherhood, of the sky, & storms
Hermes Greek A god of athletes, sport, gambling, commerce, communications, eloquence, luck, medicine, oratory, roads, & wind
Hermes Greek A god of travelers, messenger to the gods, "The Good Shepherd", god of herds & flocks, a rather busy fellow
Hermraphroditos Greek A god that it became one with a goddess & is now of uncertain status
Heron Egypt A god appearing on the monuments of the Greek & Roman eras, thought to be a horseman god
Herse Greek The goddess of the dew
Hesperos Greek The goddess of evening
Hestia Greek She was the virgin goddess of the hearth, family, & peace prosperity, stability & community
Hilaeira Greek The goddess of brightness
Himerus Greek A god of sexual desire
Horae/ Horai Greek The goddesses of order & the seasons, all three of them
Horkos Greek The god of oaths
Hosia Greek A goddess of holy rituals
Hubris Greek A god personifying lack of restraint
Hygeia Greek/ Roman A goddess of health & medicine
Hymen Greek/ Roman A god of marriage & first love
Hymenaeus Greek This poor god is the goddess of marriage
Hymenaios Greek/ Roman A god of marriage
Hyperion Greek The Titan god of primordial light
Hypermnestra Greek A goddess of water