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List of Gods : "Hindu"
Abhaswaras Hindu A class of deities, sixty-four in number, of whose nature little is known. Hindu
Abhijit Hindu Name means triumphator. A benevolent astral deity and goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic
Abhiyoga Hindu Hindu god who watches over lawsuits and litigation.
Adhyatman Hindu The supreme spirit; the soul of the universe. Hindu
Adi-Shakti Hindu The Female aspect of the Supreme Divine in Kinetic Dynamic Form. Hindu
Adimurti Hindu Avatar of Vishnu Hindu
Aditi Hindu Hindu supreme creator of all that has been created
Aditi . Adithi Hindu a goddess of the sky, consciousness, the past, the future and fertility. References to her pre-date history. Hindu
Adityas Hindu Divine sons of Aditi, Varuna Aditya, Indra, Mitra, Rudra, Tvashtar and Vishnu Hindu
Agni Hindu Vedic God of fire and guardian of homes. Vedic
Ahi Hindu A serpent aka Vritra, the Vedic demon of drought. Hindu
Airavat Hindu An elephant produced at the churning of the ocean and appropriated by the god Indra. Hindu
Aizen-Myo-o Japan/Shinto The god of love and lust. Originally a Hindu deity, Ragaraja, Aizen Myo-o became part of Buddhism, and Kobo Daishi Kukai transmitted the teaching of him to Japan. Japan/Shinto
Akupara Hindu The turtle on which the earth rests. Hindu
Akuti Hindu The daughter of Manu, who was given to Ruchi. Her twins, Yajсa and Dakshina, became husband and wife and had twelve sons, the deities called Yamas. Hindu
Ambika Hindu A feminine personification of Parvati in Hindu mythology who could transform herself into the fearsome Kali and kill demons with a supersonic hum. Hindu
Ammavaru Hindu/India/Dravidian Primordial mother goddess who laid an egg that hatched into the divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Hindu/India/Dravidian
Amrita Hindu The elixir of immortality, made by churning the milk-sea. Hindu
Anakadundubhi Hindu "Drums", the father of Lord Krishna, a name of Vasudeva called thus because the drums of heaven resounded at his birth. Hindu
Anala Hindu/Puranic Is one of the Vasus, gods of the material world. He is equated with Agni, and the name usually used for Agni when listed among the Vasus. Hindu/Puranic
Ananga Hindu "The bodyless"; it is a name of Kama, god of love. Hindu
Ananta Hindu/ Puranic A snake god & one of the seven snake deities
Ananta Hindu/Puranic The world serpent in Hindu mythology. During the night of Brahma, Vishnu sleeps on coils of prodigious snake, Sesha, also known as Ananta, 'the endless' whose thousand heads rise above the deity like a canopy. This scene and everything in it, the deities’ serpentine couch, the water on which the snake lies, are all manifestations of the primeval essence. Hindu/Puranic
Anantesa Hindu Minor deity and one of the eight Lords of of knowledge Hindu/Puranic
Anasuya Hindu That is, the charity, was wife of an ancient Indian rishi (sage) named Atri. In the Ramayana, she appears living with her husband in a small hermitage in the southern periphery of the forest of Chitrakuta. She was very pious, and always practiced austerities and devotion. Hindu
Andhaka Hindu Son of Kasyapa and Diti, a demon with a thousand arms and heads, two thousand eyes and feet. Though he walked like a blind man he could see very well. Hindu
Anila Hindu/Puranic One of the Vasus, gods of the elements of the cosmos. He is equated with the wind god Vayu, Anila being understood as the name normally used for Vayu when numbered among the Vasus. Hindu/Puranic
Anilas Hindu The forty-nine deities connected with Anila, the wind. Hindu
Ankalamman Hindu/Dravidian Guardian goddess who wards off demons. Sister of Draupadi. Hindu/Dravidian
Annapatni Hindu Goddess of food Hindu
Annapurna India A Hindu avatar of Durga who ruled over food production. India
Ansa Hindu/Puranic A solar deity and one of the Adityas.Hindu/Puranic
Anuradha Hindu/Puranic A goddess of good luck. Like her sister, Bharani, she is a daughter of Daksha and a wife of Chandra. Hindu/Puranic
Apa Hindu One of the eight Vasus who serve the god Indra Hindu/Puranic
Apam Napat Hindu/Persia/Vedic Child of the Waters. One of the Ahuras in Old Iranian religion, a beneficent god who is the giver of water to man. Hindu/Persia/Vedic
Aparajita Hindu God, one of eleven ekadasarudras, a form of Rudra Hindu/Puranic
Aparajita Hindu/ Puranic A god, a form of Rudra
Aparajita Hindu/Puranic Form of Durga Terrible in appearance and likes to trample Ganesha under foot. Hindu/Puranic
Apsaras Hindu/Vedic The thirty-five million nymphs of Indra’s heaven. The daughters of pleasure are fairy-like beings, beautiful and voluptuous, who lure heroes and sages from their devotions. Hindu/Vedic
Aranyani Hindu/Vedic Minor goddess of woodlands. Hindu/Vedic
Ardra Hindu Minor goddess of misfortune Hindu/Puranic
Arishta Hindu A Daitya, and a son of Bali, who attacked Krishna in the form of a savage bull and was slain by him. Hindu
Arjuna Hindu/Vedic One of the heroes of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. His name means 'bright', 'shining', or 'silver'. Hindu/Vedic
Aruna Hindu Mountain god of morning and warriors. Hindu
Arundhati Hindu/Puranic Goddess of the sky, stars and night time. Hindu/Puranic
Aryaman Hindu One of the early Vedic deities (devas). His name literally means a bosom friend, but is often confused as "the protector of the Aryans" Hindu/Vedic
Ashvins Hindu Sons of the sun. Hindu
Aslea[s] Hindu A minor goddess of misfortune
Astamastara Hindu/ Puranic A group of mother goddesses
Asuras Hindu/Vedic A group of power-seeking deities, sometimes referred to as demons. They were opposed to the devas. Hindu/Vedic
Asvayujau Hindu Minor goddess of good luck, joy and happiness Hindu/Puranic
Asvins Hindu/Vedic Divine twin horsemen in the Rigveda, sons of Saranya, a goddess of the clouds and wife of either Surya in his form as Vivasvat. Hindu/Vedic
Atma / Atman India Atma aka Atman a philosophical term used within Hinduism and Vedanta to identify the soul. It is one's true self beyond identification with the phenomenal reality of worldly existence. India
Avatar Hindu Avatar, avatara or avataram, most commonly refers to the incarnation of a higher being, or the Supreme Being onto Earth. Hindu
Ayyapan Hindu The Celibate God of Kerala. Hindu
Badhava Hindu Aka Haya-Siras. A flame with the head of a horse. Hindu
Badi Mata Hindu Mother goddess Hindu
Bagala Hindu One of the mahavidyas and an aspect of Devi. Hindu
Bala Hindu Mother goddess Hindu
Balarama Hindu Balarama Hindu god of agriculture and physical strength. Symbolized by the club and the plow.
Bali Hindu He was a Hindu god of the sky, but Vishnu took his power from him, casting him to the underworld where he would rule instead.
Bali Hindu/Puranic/Epic Demonic god. Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Bhadra Hindu/Puranic A goddess of the hunt and one of Shiva's servants. Hindu/Puranic
Bhaga India One of the Adityas, a god of wealth and marriage in Hinduism.
Bhaiarva Hindu/ Puranic A minor form of Siva
Bhairavi Hindu A fierce and terrifying aspect of the Goddess virtually indistinguishable from Kali, except for her particular identification as the consort of the Wrathful Shiva.
Bharani Hindu Minor goddess of misfortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Bharat Mata Hindu Mother goddess who is the mother of India Hindu
Bharati Hindu/Vedic/Epic Is the first of the three great goddesses of Hinduism, the other two being Lakshmi and Durga. Saraswati is the consort of Lord Brahma, the Creator. Hindu/Vedic/Epic
Bhavanavasi Hindu The last of the four categories of gods in the Jainistic Work of Salvation.
Bhavani India A ferocious aspect of Hindu goddess Shakti or Devi. Bhavani means "giver of life", the power of nature or the source of creative energy. In addition to her ferocious aspect, she is also known as Karunaswaroopini, "filled with mercy". India
Bhima/ Bhimsen/ Bhimul Pen Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A warrior & rain god
Bhumidevi Hindu/Puranic/Epic Goddess of the earth. Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Bhumiya Hindu/Puranic/Vedic A fertility god who was eventually identified as a form of Vishnu. Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Bhutamata Hindu A terrible and malevolent goddess, a form of Devi. Hindu
Bhuvanesvari Hindu Mistress of the World and the fourth of the ten mahavidya goddesses and an aspect of Devi. Hindu
Bidhata Purusha Hindu A god of fate and the Hindu equivalent of the Fates and the Norns. He writes the child’s future life on its forehead, on the sixth day after its birth.
Bombat KaMayann Hindu Local deceased goddess. Hindu
Bombat Kamayan Hindu A local deceased goddess
Brahani Hindu Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Brahma Hindu Supreme god and creator of the cosmos. Hindu
Brahma Hindu Creator god, part of the main hindu trinity, the other two being Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is the unmoved, uncaused first cause, and he created everything. Hindu
Brahmadaityas Hindu Benign ghosts of Brahmin priests with four faces and four hands. They guard their master against Shiva the destroyer.
Brahman Hindu The one and only (formless) supreme aspect of God. The Universe in Potential Static Energy. Hindu
Brahmins Hindu Their "tri-murti" is a three-headed deity, representing Brahma (as creator), Vishnu (as preserver), and Siva (as destroyer).
Brhaspati Hindu Astral god personifying Jupiter Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Budha Hindu/ Vedic/ Epic/ Puranic/ Buddhist An astral god
Cakra Hindu Is thought to be a nexus of metaphysical and/or biophysical energy residing in the human body. The New Age movement, and to some degree the distinctly different New Thought movement, have also adopted and elaborated on this belief. Hindu
Canda Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A terrible goddess & a distinct form of Durga done in
Candanyika Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Another distinctive form of Durga
Candavati Hindu An aspect of the goddess Durga and one of the nine navadurgas. Hindu
Candfrasekhara Hindu/ Puranic A form of a god Siva
Candi India Demon-destroying form of the Hindu goddess Sakti. India
Candika Hindu A name of the Hindu goddess Durga, who inhabits the graveyard.
Candogra Hindu Goddess, a distinctive form of Durga. Hindu
Candra Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ Buddhist A planet god commonly affiliated with the moon
Candra Kirana Hindu An incarnation of Dewi Ratih, a goddess of love. Hindu
Candsvera Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A Minor God & benevolent aspect of Siva
Cankilikkaruppan Hindu His only claims upon the affection of the populace consisted in the prodigal magnificence displayed in the orgies in honour of his brother and himself. These appear to have transcended in fantastic splendour all previous exhibitions. Hindu
Caturmurti Hindu Specific form of Vishnu, a personifications of weapons Hindu
Cenkalaniyammal Hindu Local goddess who guards the maize fields Hindu.
Chaitanya Hindu Mendicant god Hindu/Puranic
Chakora Hindu A fabulous bird, similar to a partridge that lives upon the beams of the moon. Hindu
Chamunda Hindu An emanation from the forehead of the goddess Durga to encounter the demons Chanda and Munda. Hindu
Chanda aka Chandi Hindu The goddess Durga in the form she assumed for the destruction of the Asura called Mahisha. Hindu
Chaya Hindu Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Chinnamastaka Hindu/Puranic/Epic Goddess, a headless form of Durga. Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Chinta-mani aka Divya-ratna Hindu "The wish-gem" a jewel, said to have belonged to Brahma, which has the power to grant all desires. It is who himself is called by this name.
Citra Hindu Minor goddess of misfortune and a malevolent astral deity Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dagon Hindu The fish avatar of Krishna. Hindu
Daksa Hindu God of the sun and master of the works of unerring right discernment. Hindu
Danu Hindu Primordial goddess Hindu/Vedic
Daya Hindu/ Puranic A goddess who oddly enough is considered a minor aspect of the god of Visnu
Deo Hindu Originally the term for the thirty-three great divinities. Hindu
Deva Hindu/Puranic/Vedic Generic name of a god. Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Devaki Hindu/Puranic/Epic Mother goddess. Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Devala Hindu Music personified as female. Hindu
Devas aka daeva Hindu A type of celestial being that appears in both Persian mythology and Hinduism. Named after a Sanskrit word meaning "god," the deva emerged in Hindu teachings as a spiritual being, serving the supreme beings.
Devasena Hindu/Puranic Goddess. Hindu/Puranic
Devata Hindu The gods in general or, as most frequently used, the whole body of inferior gods. Hindu
Devi Hindu A twelve armed warrior goddess
Devi Hindu Twelve armed warrior goddess. Hindu
Devi Hindu The consort of Siva and daughter of Himavat, the Himalaya Mountains. As the female energy of Siva she considered either as a beneficent or as a malignant deity. Hindu
Dhanistha Hindu/Puranic Minor goddess of misfortune to and malevolent astral deity. Hindu/Puranic
Dhanvantari Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic God of the sun who later became an avatar of the god Visnu. Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
Dhara Hindu Attendant god Hindu/Puranic
Dharma Hindu God of justice, righteousness and virtue Hindu
Dharti Mata Hindu Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic
Dhatar Hindu God of the sun Hindu/Puranic
Dhisana Hindu Minor goddess of prosperity Hindu
Dhruva Hindu Astral god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dhumavati Hindu Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dhumorna Hindu Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dhumravati Hindu Rather terrible goddess, walks around with a skull in the hand Hindu/Puranic
Dhurjati Hindu God, a manifestation of Siva Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Didi Thakrun Hindu a plague goddess associated with cholera
Diksa Hindu Or initiation is personified as the wife of Soma, the Moon. Hindu
Dipti Hindu Minor goddess Hindu/Puranic
Dirghadevi Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess
Disa Hindu In minor goddess and the momma of the minor creation god Sarga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Diti Hindu Goddess of the earth. Hindu
Duha Deo Hindu Minor god the bridegroom Hindu
Durga Hindu Goddess of fire and a vengeful warrior Hindu/Puranic
Dyaus Pitar Hindu/India/Vedic Creator god. Hindu/India/Vedic
Ekadasaruda Hindu Collective name for the group of gods (11) they are forms of the god Rudra Hindu
Ekarudra Hindu Minor deity, another aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Ellaman Dravidian Goddess of passage, an astral deity Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Gajavahana Dravidian God, a form of the god Skanda Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Gal Bapsi Hindu/ Davidian/ Tamil A local god that can expiate sins, but it is rough
Ganapati Hindu God of education, wisdom, luck, prosperity, and prudence Hindu/Puranic
Ganapati/ Ganesa/ Ganesha Hindu/ Puranic A god of education, wisdom, luck, prosperity, & prudence
Ganesa Hindu Son of Siva and Parbutta; also called Gunputty, the elephant god. The god of wisdom, fore-thought, and prudence. The Mercury of the Hindus. Hindu
Ganga Hindu Goddess of mercy, cleaning, health, rivers and happiness. Hindu
Gardua Hindu Archaic sun god Hindu/Vedic
Gauri Hindu A form of the mighty Durga & a goddess of spring
Gauri Hindu The Goddess of marital felicity and longevity; she is worshipped particularly by ladies to seek the long life of their husbands. Hindu
Ghantakarna Hindu God of healing Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Ghentu Hindu Minor god Hindu
Goraknath Hindu Guardian god who is an avatar of Siva Hindu
Gulissa Mata Hindu Mother goddess who became a goddess of evil intent, inflecting sickness Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Halahala Hindu The name of a poison created from the sea when Devas and Asuras churned the sea in order to obtain Amrita, the nectar of immortality. Hindu
Hansa Hindu/Puranic The name, according to the Bhagavata Purana, of the "One Caste" when there were as yet no varieties of caste, but verily "one Veda, one Deity and one Caste". Hindu/Puranic
Hanuman Hindu A celestial being, named Punjikasthala, who, due to a curse, was born on the earth as a female vanara. The curse was to be removed on her giving birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hindu
Hanuman/ Hanumat Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic Chief minister & general of the monkey people as well as a patron saint of learning
Hanumat Hindu The fleet-footed manifestation of wind. Hindu
Hara Hindu/Puranic Avatar of Siva. Hindu/Puranic
Hardaul Hindu The patron of unmarried girls and brides who ensures respectively the marriage and wellbeing in the married life. Hindu
Harsa Hindu Goddess Hindu
Hasta Hindu Minor benevolent goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Hatti Hindu A plague goddess associated with cholera
Hatti Hindu Plague goddess associated with cholera Hindu
Hayagriva Hindu Incarnation of Vishnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Hayagriva Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic The most important incarnation of Vishnu
Hayasa Hindu Horse god, could be Hayangriva in disguise Hindu
Hevajira Buddhist God equivalent to the Hindu Siva Buddhist/Mahayana
Himavan Hindu God of mountains, the personification of the Himalayan Mountains. Hindu
Himavan/ Himivat Hindu A mountain god, the apotheosis of the Himalayan Mountains
Hinglaj-Mata Hindu Mother goddess Hindu
Hinglaj[-Mata] Hindu A mother goddess
Hiranyagarbha Hindu Creator god identified in the Rig Veda, the demon King who proclaimed himself king of the universe Hindu/Vedic
Hotr[a] Hindu/ Vedic A minor goddess of sacrifices
Hotra Hindu Minor goddess of sacrifices Hindu/Vedic
Hrsikesa Hindu God, a minor avatar of Visnu Hindu
Hulka Devi Hindu Goddess of cholera. Hindu
Ida Hindu Of the earth, abundant food, and nourishment. She is also the granter of any blessings evoked through her. Hindu
Ikvaku Hindu/ Vedic An ancestral sun god, that creator god
Ila Hindu Minor goddess of sacrifices Hindu/Vedic
Imra Hindu/Kush The chief pre-Islamic god of the Hindukush Kafir people. He was worshipped as the god of creation. By his breath, Imra created other gods of Kafir pantheon. Frequent sacrifiices were made to Imra, sometimes for recovery from sickness, seasonable weather, or other material benefits, sometimes from motives of simple piety. Imra was more honored than the other gods at the religious dances. Hindu/Kush
Indra Hindu A god of rain, storms, thunder & clouds
Indra Hindu The king of the gods and ruler of the heavens, the god of thunder and rain and a great warrior who symbolises courage and strength. His mount is an elephant called Airavata and he has a golden chariot drawn by ten thousand horses. Hindu
Indrani Hindu The goddess of wrath and jealousy, and a daughter of Puloman, a demon who was killed by Indrani's future husband, Indra. She is beautiful and has one-thousand eyes. She is associated with lions and elephants. Hindu
Indukari Hindu Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Isa Hindu Aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic
Isa Hindu/ Puranic An aspect of Siva
Issaki Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess walking around with a headless child
Istadevata Hindu A generic title for a personal God or a house icon
Istadevata Hindu Generic title for a personal god or a house icon Hindu
Istadevata Hindu A favourite god a person chooses to show devotion and develop a special relationship with. Hindu
Isvara Hindu Epitaph of Siva Hindu
Jagadhamba Hindu She Who dances the dance of life. The goddess of the cosmic energy which motivates evolution. Hindu