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List of Gods HITTITE/
A'as Hittite/ Hurrian The god of wisdom
Alauwaimis Hittite This demon drives away evil & sickness
Aranzahas Hittite The Tigris river deified
Arinna Hittite The goddess of the sun
Arma Hittite/ Hurrian A minor moon god
Asertu Canaan/ Hittite A fertility goddess
Ayas Hittite He is the keeper of the old tablets with the words of fate
Elkunisra Canaan/ Hittite A creator god
Ellel/ Ellilus Hittite A god
Ereshkigal Akkadia/ Hittite This goddess is the mother of the storm god as well as an underworld goddess
Gul-Ses Hittite A collective name for all the goddesses of fate
Gul-ses/ Gul-ases Hittite These goddesses apparently are the scribes of the gods that dispense good, evil, life & death
Halki Hittite A god barley & grain
Hannahanna Hittite A god of agriculture & the sky
Hannahannas Hittite/ Hurrian the mother goddess
Hanwasuit Hittite The tutelary goddess of of the throne, kings received their mandate from her
Hapantalliyas/ Hapantalli Hittite He took his place at the moon god's side
Hasam[m]eli Hittite He is the god of blacksmiths & of the craft of wrought-iron
Hasamelis Hittite/ Hurrian He is a god who can protect travelers
Hatti Hittite The throne goddess
Hazzi Hittite/ Hurrian A god invoked in a Hittite treaties who was a mountain & weather god
Hebat Hittite A goddess of the sky, her title was "Queen of heaven"
Inara Hittite/ Hurrian A minor goddess
Inaras Hittite The goddess of the wild animals of the steppe
Istanu Hittite A god of judgment who was also a sun god
Istustaya Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus
Jarri Hittite This god of plague & pestilence was also a god that helped the king in battle
Kamrusepa[s]/ Katahziwuri Hittite She is the goddess of magic and healing
Kamrusepas/ Katahziwuri Hittite She is the goddess of magic and healing
Karuilers siunes Syria The deities that were taken over by the Hittites in as gods of all oaths
Kasku Hittite/ Hurrian A moon god known from inscriptions
Khipa Hittite/ Hurrian A tutelary deity
Kubaba Anatolia/ Syria The chief goddess of the Neo Hittites
Kumarbi[s] Hittite/ Hurrian The creator/ father of the gods
Kurunta? Hittite He is a god of rural areas
Kusuh Hittite/ Hurrian/ Anatolia The moon god
Lama Hittite A protective god whose epitaph was Innara
Lelwani Hittite/ Hurrian A chthonic underworld goddess
Miyatanzipa Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinu
Papaya Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus
Peruwa/ Pirwa Hittite a horse god
Rundas Hittite/ Hurrian A god of fortune that is associated with hunting
Sarruma Hittite/ Hurrian A god
Shaushka Hittite/ Akkadian/ Hurrian A powerful goddess Ishtar
Sun God Hittite/ Akkadian The sun god of Heaven
Suwaliyattas Hittite He is a warrior god
Tammuz Hittite The harvest god
Tarpatassis Hittite This demon staves off sickness & grants long, healthy life
Taru Hittite/ Hurrian A weather god
Tasimmet Hittite A goddess of weather & storms
Tasmisu Hittite/ Hurrian An attendant god
Telepinu[s] Hittite/ Hurrian The noble god & fertility
Telipinu Hittite The god of agriculture
Tesub Hittite/ Hurrian The storm god
Tilla Hittite/ Hurrian The bull god
Tsehub Hittite The weather god
Uliliyassis Hittite He is a minor god who removes impotence
Uruzimu Hittite A deity involved in returning the lost Storm god of Nerik
Wurusemu/ Wuruntemu Hittite The sun goddess of Arrina
Yarris Hittite He is a god of pestilence