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List of Gods : "Hittite"
Alalus Hittite First heavenly King who lasted for 9 years. The eldest of all Hittite gods. Alalus was the father of the Hittite pantheon.
Alauwaimis Hittite Demon who drives away evil and sickness Hittite
Aranzahas Hittite Tigris river deified. Hittite
Arinna Hittite The "sun goddess of Arinna". As well as the Weather God later associated with the Hurrian "Teshup", Arinna, the sun goddess and their children are all deriviations from the former Hatti Pantheon. Hittite
Arma Hittite God of the moon Hittite/Hurrian
Asertu Canaan/ Hittite A fertility goddess
Asertu aka Ashera Canaan Asherah, Goddess of fertility. Generally taken as identical with the Ugaritic goddess Athirat Hittite/Canaan
Ayas Hittite He is the keeper of the old tablets with the words of fate
Elkunirsha Hittite Creator Of The Earth. Hittite
Ellel Hittite God Hittite
Ellel/ Ellilus Hittite A god
Ereshkigal Akkadia/ Hittite This goddess is the mother of the storm god as well as an underworld goddess
Gul-Ses Hittite Collective name for all the goddesses of fate Hittite
Gul-ses Hittite Scribes of the gods who dispense good, evil, life and death Hittite
Gul-ses/ Gul-ases Hittite These goddesses apparently are the scribes of the gods that dispense good, evil, life & death
Halki Hittite God of barley and grain. Hittite
Hannahanna Hittite Mother Goddess who recommends to the Storm-god that he pay the Sea-god the bride-price for the Sea-god's daughter on her wedding to Telipinu. Hittite
Hannahannas Hittite/ Hurrian the mother goddess
Hanwasuit Hittite Tutelary goddess of of the throne, kings received their mandate from her Hittite
Hapantalliyas/ Hapantalli Hittite He took his place at the moon god's side
Hasam[m]eli Hittite He is the god of blacksmiths & of the craft of wrought-iron
Hasameli Hittite God of blacksmiths and of the craft of wrought-iron. Hittite
Hasamelis Hittite God who can protect travelers Hittite/Hurrian
Hatti Hittite Throne goddess Hittite
Hazzi Hittite God invoked in a Hittite treaties who was a mountain and weather god Hittite/Hurrian
Hebat Hittite Goddess of the sky, her title was "Queen of heaven" Hittite
Illujanka Hittite Hittite snake demon.
Inaras Hittite The goddess of the wild animals of the steppe
Inaras Hittite Goddess of the wild animals of the steppe. The one who set a trap for Illuyankas. Hittite
Istanu Hittite A god of judgment who was also a sun god
Istustaya Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus Hittite
Jarri Hittite God of plague and pestilence, was also a god who helped the king in battle Hittite
Kamrusepa[s] Hittite Goddess of magic and healing Hittite
Kamrusepa[s]/ Katahziwuri Hittite She is the goddess of magic and healing
Kamrusepas Hittite A god of healing. Hittite
Kamrusepas/ Katahziwuri Hittite She is the goddess of magic and healing
Karuilers siunes Syria Deities who were taken over by the Hittites in as gods of all oaths Syria
Kasku Hittite God of the moon known from inscriptions Hittite/Hurrian
Khipa Hittite Tutelary deity Hittite/Hurrian
Kumarbi[s] Hittite/ Hurrian The creator/ father of the gods
Kumarbis Hittite Creator/father of the gods Hittite/Hurrian
Kurunta Hittite This god's symbol is the stag. He is associated with rural areas. Hittite
Kurunta? Hittite He is a god of rural areas
Lama Hittite A protective god whose epitaph was Innara
Lelwani Hittite Chthonic underworld goddess Hittite/Hurrian
Miyatanzipa Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinu
Miyatanzipa Hittite One of the deities who sat under the Hawthorn tree awaiting the return of Telipinu. Hittite
Ninurta war god Hurrian Identified with Astabis. His Hittite name was Zamama. Hurrian
Papaya Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus. Hittite
Peruwa Hittite God of horses Hittite
Peruwa/ Pirwa Hittite a horse god
Rundas Hittite God of fortune who is associated with hunting. Hittite
Sala Hittite "lady of the mountain" who became a goddess of fertility and agriculture. Hittite
Sarruma Hittite God Hittite/Hurrian
Shaushka Akkadia Powerful goddess Ishtar Hittite/Hurrian/Akkadia
Sun God Hittite/ Akkadian The sun god of Heaven
Sun-god Hittite/Akkadia God of the sun, God of the sun of Heaven. Hittite/Akkadia
Suwaliyattas Hittite God of warriors and storms. Hittite
Tarpatassis Hittite Demon who staves off sickness and grants long, healthy life. Hittite
Taru Hittite Weather god Hittite/Hurrian
Tasimmet Hittite Goddess of weather and storms Hittite
Tasmisu Hittite Attendant god Hittite/Hurrian
Telepinu[s] Hittite God of fertility Hittite/Hurrian
Telipinu Hittite Agriculture god Hittite
Tesub Hittite Storm god Hittite/Hurrian
Tilla Hittite Bull god Hittite/Hurrian
Tsehub Hittite God of weather Hittite
Ubelluris Hittite A mountain god who carried the western edge of the sky on his shoulders. Hittite
Uliliyassis Hittite Minor Hittite god who was invoked, before the invention of Viagra, to remove impotence.
Wurusemu Hittite Goddess of the sun of Arrina. Hittite
Wurusemu/ Wuruntemu Hittite The sun goddess of Arrina
Yarris Hittite God of pestilence. Hittite
Zababa Akkadian An Akkadian war god. He was also adopted by the Hittites, who brought his worship to Anatolia.
Zamama Hittite A Hittite war god. His Hurrian name was Astabis.
Zashapuna Hittite Tutelary god of the town of Kastama Hittite