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List of Gods : "Hua"
Ch'eng Huang China God of the land, ditches, moats and the people. China
Chin hua Niang niang China God of drums and violins China
Hsuan Wen hua China God of hair, hairdressers, shampoo and hair moisturisers.
Hua Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
Huaca Peru Huacas, spirits that either inhabit or actually are physical phenomena such as waterfalls, mountains, or man-made shrines. Peru
Huacas Peru/ Bolivia Any natural object that has an obvious supernatural manifestation
Huan Yang ch'ang China God of the heart. China
Huanacari Inca A guardian spirit
Huang Fei-hu China Originally an earth god who was promoted to the god Tai mountain eastern China and he now judges the souls of the dead when they come to his mountain. China
Huang T'ing China The Star God of Civil Virtue. China
Huang Ti China God of architecture and Astral god, some myths relate that Huang-ti manufactured and used "miraculous tripods" which were made in the "likeness of the Great Infinite," Tao, the concealed engine of the Universe. He also invented the compass. China
Huang-di China Mythical yellow emperor. China
Kun Lun Chinese The Kunlun mountains are well known in Chinese mythology and are believed to be Taoist paradise. The first to visit this paradise was King Mu. He supposedly discovered there the Jade Palace of Huang-Di, the mythical Yellow Emperor and originator of Chinese culture, and met Hsi Wang Mu, the 'Spirit Mother of the West' usually called the 'Queen Mother of the West', who was the object of an ancient religious cult which reached its peak in the Han Dynasty, also had her mythical abode in these mountains.
So Ewe/ Hua/ Togo and weather god
Sodza Togo God of the sky, prayed to weekly to send rain. Hua, Togo
Soului Hua/ W Africa A benevolent vegetation god also in charge of medicine & music
Soului Hua Africa Benevolent vegetation god also in charge of medicine and music Africa(west)
T'ao Hua Hsiennui China This goddes guardian deity as well as the deity of the second spring month
Tao Hua Hsiennui China "peach blossom girl". A protector at the time of marriage, and the deity of the second spring month. China
Vairacocha Inca The creator god worshipped by the Huari, the Inca, and the Chavin as a distant relative of their sky god, was portrayed as a fair skinned man with a white beard who wore sandals and a long robe, and carried a staff.
Yu Huang Shang Ti China Yu Huang Shang Ti, God China