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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Hurrian"

Goddess name "Arinna" Hittite The "sun Goddess of Arinna". As well as the Weather God later associated with the Hurrian "Teshup", Arinna, the sun goddess and their children are all deriviations from the former Hatti Pantheon. Hittite
God name "Astabis" Hurrian/Akkadia Warrior God. Hurrian/Akkadia
God name "Astabis/ Zamama/ Ninurta" Hurrian/ Akkadia A warrior God
Goddess name "Hannahannas" Hittite/ Hurrian the mother Goddess
Demon name "Hedammu" Hurrian He is a snake Demon that resides in the sea and he is constantly hungry
Goddess name "Inara" Hurrian The daughter of the Storm-god Teshub or Tarhunt and the Goddess of the wild animals of the steppe. Hurrian
Goddess name "Irsirra" Hurrian Goddess of fate and destiny. Hurrian
Goddess name "Kubaba" Hurrian "gave bread to the fisherman and gave water, she made him offer the fish to Esagila" Shrines in her honour spread throughout Mesopotamia. In the Hurrian area she may be identified with Kebat, or Hepat, one title of the Hurrian Mother Goddess Hannahannah
God name "Kumarbi[s]" Hittite/ Hurrian The creator/ father of the Gods
God name "Kusuh" Hurrian God of the moon. Hurrian
"Ninurta war god" Hurrian Identified with Astabis. His Hittite name was Zamama. Hurrian
God name "Sharruma" Hurrian Weather-God. Hurrian
God name "Sutekh" Hurrian The prototype of the Egyptianized Set and an atmospheric or storm God. Hurrian
God name "Sutekh/ Hurrian" Babylonia A weather God
God name "Tarhunt" Anatolia Weather God Hurrian/Anatolia
God name "Ullikummi" Hurrian A giant stone monster, son of Kumarbi and the sea God's daughter. Hurrian
God name "Upelluri" Hurrian The Hurrian "dreaming God". The gods placed the stone giant Ullikummi on Upelluri's shoulders to form the world. In his slumber, Upelluri was unaware of his burden.
God name "Zamama" Hittite A Hittite war God. His Hurrian name was Astabis.