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List of Gods INDIA/
Abhiyoga Jain/ India The generic name of the servile gods
Acala India/ Buddhism This god is protector of of the teaching & defends temples
Acchupta Jain/ India A goddess of learning
Agni India A god of lightning, fire, & the sun & who also mediates between the gods & humans
Agnikumara Jain/ India They are youthful appearing gods associated with rain & thunder
Akasagarbha India/ Buddhism A Bodhisattva & the personification of supreme knowledge of the absolute void
Al Shua India A goddess of Ursa Major
Alopurbi India A goddess of hunting
Amba Dravidian India A goddess of the earth
Amitabha Buddhist/ India The fourth Dhyanibuddha
Amma Dravidian/ Tamil/ India A local god
Ammavaru Hindu/ Dravidian/ India A primordial mother goddess
Anna Kuari Oraon/ India A local vegetation goddess
Annapurna India A goddess of autumn
Antai India A goddess of healing & whooping cough
Asa Poorna Chohan/ India A goddess of happiness
Ashi India A goddess of wisdom
Ashis India A goddess of happiness
Atma India The divine spark, whatever that is, in humans
Avalokitesvara Buddhist/ India A Buddha designate
Bahu India A goddess of Leo
Balarama India A god of agriculture
Banka Mundi India A hunting goddess
Bella Penu Khond India a local deity Orissa
Bentakumari India A goddess of water
Bera Pennu India A vegetation goddess
Bhagavan India N. Cent. A tutelary god
Bharat Mata Hindu The mother goddess that is the mother of India
Bhavanavasi Jain/ India A generic name given to deities that look youthful
Bhavani India A goddess of midwives
Bhumi Devata India A vegetation goddess
Bhut India A rather nasty evil spirit so don't irritate it
Bisal Mariamna India A goddess of war
Bisam India A goddess of health, Diseases
Boora Pennu Khondi India A god of light that created the earth goddess & they made the other great gods
Brihaspati India The god of incantation & ritual
Buddha India He was deified after his death
Budhi Pallien N. India A forest goddess
Cakresvari Jain/ India A goddess of learning
Candi India The goddess Durga in her moon form
Challalamma India A goddess of buttermilk [?]
Chinnintamma India A goddess of households
Chowa India A goddess of health
Daityas India The demonic enemies of the gods
Danavas India they are half divine/ half demonic beings
Devananda Jain/ India A mother goddess of happiness & joy
Devas India Some gods at perpetual war with the demons
Devi India These are female deities
Dharni Pinnu India A goddess of health
Dhrti Jain/ India A minor goddess that apparently just hangs around
Dikkumara Jain/ India A god associated with rain & thunder
Diwali Bhil/ India A goddess of happiness & merriment
Dyaus Pitar Hindu/ Vedic/ India The creator god
Dyaush India The first supreme god
Ekastaka India A goddess of healthy children
Gandhari Jain/ India A goddess of learning
Garuda India The Prince of birds that lets Visnu ride on his back
Gauri Sankar/ India A mountain goddess
Gramadevata India A generic term for the local tutelary gods
Grhadevi India A god of the household
Gujeswari India A mother goddess
Hadakai India A goddess of health & Rabies
Harihara India The twin divinity composed of Visnu & Siva
Hiranyakasipu India A demon that held the earth prisoner, under flood waters
Holi India A goddess of happiness & merriment
Isi India A goddess
Jyotiska Jain/ India The stellar gods, there are five classes
Kabandha India The chief demon and the epic of the Ramayana
Kali Hindu/ Puranic/ India A goddess of cemeteries, destruction & death that helped dance the universe into existence
Kama/ Kama[Deva] Hindu/ Puranic/ Indian A god of love & carnal desire
Karalkal Ammaiyar Hindu/ S. India A local mother goddess
Katavul Tamil S. India/ Sri Lanka Such a supreme god that he was the ultimate creator all that exists in the world & able to judge humanity & to reward or punish at well
Kinnara Indian A group of spirit beings that it looked like birds with a human heads
Kn Sgni India A goddess of war
Kodamata India A goddess of health
Korravai Davidian/ Tamil/ S. India/ Sri Lanka though sweet to the to for (?) A war goddess
Korrawi Tamil India/ Sri Lanka the goddess of battle & victory
Kottavei India A goddess of war
Krittika India A goddesses of the Pleiades
Kuan Yin Chinese/ Taoist A benign guardian goddess, probably of Indian origin
Kulisankusa Jain/ India A goddess of learning
Lakshimi Indian She is the goddess of beauty & wealth, but very fickle & claims no god can sustain her for very long
Laksmi Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A goddess of agriculture, love, beauty, prosperity, Lotus flowers, wealth, & pleasure
Lalbai India A goddess of healing, & cholera
Lalita India A goddess of happiness, playfulness
Lalita Tripurasundai Tantric India She is the symbol of cosmic energy & of the secret ruler of the world
Lohasur Devi India A goddess of the forging of iron
Mahakali Jain/ India The goddess learning
Mahaprabhu India A tutelary god
Mahaskti/ Mahesvari/ Mahakali/ Mahalkakshmi/ Mahasarasavati India She is not only in the divine mother, goddess of war, passion, & wisdom but she is the Supreme creator of the universe
Mahasthamparata India A god of knowledge
Maitreya Buddhist/ India designate
Manda/ Sani India he is the divine and regent of the planet Saturn
Mangalla India A stellar deity that rules the planet Mars
Maruts India This is a group of storm spirits
Mataras/ Ambikas India A Group of goddesses
Mayavel India Another goddess of children
Morva Andaman Is./ Indian Ocean They are invisible sky spirits
Nagini Jain/ India A goddess
Nandi India A goddess of happiness & joy
Parvati/ Sakti/ Ahladini-Sadini/ Sati/ Uma Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A goddess of the mountains
Poleramma Telegu India A plague goddess associated with smallpox
Prabha India A goddess of health
Prthivi Hindu/ Vedic/ India The mother goddess of earth
Pusti Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A fertility goddess of northern India
Radha Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A goddess of emotional love
Ranu Bai India A goddess of rivers
Saci India A goddess of physical prowess, Strength
Samundra Indian A goddess of rivers
Sati/ Sakti/ Parvati Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A mother goddess
Siva Hindu/ India The principle creative & destructive god
Skanda Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A god of war
Stanitakumara Jain/ India A youthful appearing god
Suparnakumara Jain/ India A god
Tari Pennu Khond India A chthonic goddess
Tulsi Indian A goddess of basil plants
Udadhikumara Jain/ India A generic name of one of the group of deities called bhvanavasi
Vahguru Sikh India The creator god
Vaimanika Jain/ India The generic title for a group of deities
Vairotya Jain/ India A goddess of learning
Vasu[s] Hindu/ India A generic title for the gods/ deities that attend Indra
Vayukmara Jain/ India A god
Vidyadevi Jain/ India The generic title for a group of 16 goddesses that are associated with knowledge & learning
Vivasvat Indian A god of warriors
Yaparamma India A goddess of commerce