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List of Gods IS./
Abeona Roman She is the goddess guardian of children leaving home to go on their own
Abora Palma Is./ Canary Is. The supreme Being that sat in heaven & caused the stars to move
Acala India/ Buddhism This god is protector of of the teaching & defends temples
Acoran Gran Canary/ Canary Is. The supreme Being who really really likes milk
Adikia Greek The goddess both injustice who is rather hard on the eyes
Adrasteia Greek/ Thrace/ Trojan/ Phyragean A mountain goddess that is the guardian of righteousness & avenges is all wrongs
Adroa Africa A god that is the an early version of Adro
Aebhel/ Aeval Irish A goddess who is a faery [interesting story]
Aesma Daeva Persia A demon of lust & anger that is ticked at the cow
Age Fon Benin/ W. Africa Revered by hunters he is the god of animals
Agwe Benin/ Africa She is the mother of the sea
Ah Puch Maya He is the god of death
Ahau Chamahez Maya He is one of two gods of medicine
Ahmakiq Maya He is a god of agriculture
Aiaru Polynesia Her function is to predict death
Aife/ Aoife Irish/ Scotland A goddess & queen of the Isle of shadow
Aizen-Myoo Buddhism A deity who is full of compassion for mankind
Akhushtal Maya She is the goddess of childbirth
Aluelp Caroline Is. job,
Amasagnul Babylon/ Akkadia She is a fertility goddess
Angels Jewish/ Christian/ Islam These spirits are messengers between the heaven & earth, with nine orders at present
Antu Babylon/ Akkadia She is derived from the older Sumeria Ki
Anulap Truk Is. The sky god
Anuradha Hindu/ Puranic A minor goddess of fortune, she is benevolent though
Asrael Islam The angel of death who takes the soul from the body.
Astoreth Palestine/ Israel/ Lebanon A fertility goddess
Atanea Marquesas Is. A dawn goddess
Atea Marquesas Is. The god of light
Atma India The divine spark, whatever that is, in humans
Atugan Mongolia The goddess of earth & the source of all life whose power is beyond understanding but can be bestowed
Au Gilbert Is. The sun god & sky lord
Audjal Caroline Islands The earth goddess
Avatea Hervy Is. A moon god
Ayas Hittite He is the keeper of the old tablets with the words of fate
Baal Phoenicia He is the god of the thunderstorm, war, good harvests, fertility, nature, winter rain & of storms
Baalat/ Ba'Alat Phoenicia She is queen of the gods who is partial to books, libraries & writers
Baldaer Anglo-Saxon The dying god who is the same as Balder
Bharat Mata Hindu The mother goddess that is the mother of India
Binzuru-Sonja Japan A god of fine vision & curing who is unable to escape pain, therefore he helps others to do so
Bishamon Japan He is one of the 7 gods of luck & the Buddhist patron of warriors
Branab Llyr Celtic He is a god of the dead & can restore him is to life
Buluga Andaman Islands A god
Calounger Brazil She is a death goddess and/ or a sea goddess
Camaxtli Maya Here he is a god of fate
Candelifera Roman She Roman is a mother goddess responsible for bringing in the child into the light
Centeotl Aztec He is the maize god
Cghene Isoko/ Nigeria A creator god with no material aspect, but a nice guy, no temple or priest
Chantico Aztec She is the goddess of hearth fires & volcanoes.
Chickcharney Andros Is./ Bahamas A small furred/ feathered spirit of the forest
Chicomecoatl Aztec She is the goddess of grain, fertility & frost
Chiuke Ibo Nigeria A sky god who is also regarded as a creator god
Cihuacoatl Aztec She is a goddess whose roaring signaled war
Cit Bolon Tum Maya He is a god of medicine
Colop U Uichkin Maya A sky sky god who with a night avatara with the same name is the bringer of disease
Corchen Irish/ Manx A goddess of which very little is known
Dala Kadavara Shinghalese This is likely an elephant goddess
Dana/ Donu/ Don/ Ana Welsh/ Irish The mortal Celtic race are her descendants, she is a goddess
Daya Hindu/ Puranic A goddess who oddly enough is considered a minor aspect of the god of Visnu
Dipankara Buddhist/ Tibet A deity that is one of the minor group of Buddhas
Doh Yenisi Siberia a rather good magician that could fly over the waves, become weary, then create islands to rest on, almost god like
Don/ Donn/ Dhonn Irish/ Wales A goddess that is called a god of death
Dwyn Kazoba Baziba Africa He is in the god of the sun and as well as the moon
Eblis Islam The chief of the evil spirits
Eibhir Irish/ Manx She is most likely a forgotten sun goddess
Eji Ogbe Yoruba/ Nigeria/ W.Africa A god that is king of the pantheon
Ekahau Maya He is the god of travelers & merchants
Empung Luminuut N. Celebes Is./ Sulawesi A goddess that gave birth to the sun god
Eostre Celtic A goddess for whom the Ostara Sabbat is named for aka Easter
Eranoranhan Hierro Is./ Canary Is. The protector of men only
Ereshkigal Akkadia/ Hittite This goddess is the mother of the storm god as well as an underworld goddess
Eriskegal Allatu/ Babylon She is one of the divinities who ruled the netherworld
Esenchebis Greek A reference to the goddess Isis
Eurynome Greek A goddess of the sea & in one account she is the goddess of all creation
Evan Etruscan Considered female a being that is one of the Las
Frjorgyn Norse/ Germanic A goddess with no known cult, the name suggests that she is either a mountain/ forest goddess and possibly revered as a goddess of fertility
Gal Bapsi Hindu/ Davidian/ Tamil A local god that can expiate sins, but it is rough
Gapn Syria This god appears as a messenger of Baal & is absent in ritual texts
Giltine Lithuania A goddess of death, her preferred method is either strangulation or suffocation
Girru Sumeria A busy fellow, he is the god of fire & light & patron of civilization
Gobannon Celtic He is a blacksmith type god
Goibbiu Irish He is the god of the blacksmiths craft
Goibnui/ Govannon Celtic He is the god of the forge who's beer was so good, that the drinker gained immortality
Gong Gong China This is the devil that lets loose the great flood & is the opponent of the ruling god
Goraknath Hindu A guardian God that is an avatar of Siva
Gunura Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Babylon/ Akkadia A god whom nothing is known about, duty wise
Hachiman Japan A god of war that was based on an actual emperor, his sacred animal is the dove
Hah Egypt This is the god that was the bearer of heaven, a personification of infinity & eternity
Hamadryades Greek/ Roman Tree spirits whose existence is restricted to the tree that the guard when it dies they die
Harsiese[s] Egypt A form of the god Horus, especially as the child of Isis & Osiris
Hasam[m]eli Hittite He is the god of blacksmiths & of the craft of wrought-iron
Hasamelis Hittite/ Hurrian He is a god who can protect travelers
Hatuibwari San Cristoval Is./ Melanesia A rather strange sort, half divine/ half demonic snake & female at that
Haurvatat Zoroaster One of the spirits, it is associated with life after death
He Bo/ Bing Yi China He is the divine ruler of all rivers
Hedammu Hurrian He is a snake demon that resides in the sea and he is constantly hungry
Hedetet Egypt She is the scorpion goddess found in the Book of the dead
Heitsi Hottentot/ Africa This dying god is the god of the hunt
Helene Greek A vegetation goddess, she is the one the Trojan War was fought over
Hermanubis Egypt A god of the dead in the cult of Isis
Hermraphroditos Greek A god that it became one with a goddess & is now of uncertain status
Heros Thrace An underworld god who is also a horseman
Hinokagutsuchi Japan/ Shinto? this is the fire god whose birth killed the goddess Izanami
Hintubuhet New Ireland Is./ Melanesia This goddess is a supreme being, however she is androgynous
Hiro Easter Is. The god of rain and fertility
Holda German She is the goddess of beauty & love
Honir Norse this is the god they gave humans and their understanding & feelings
Hor-Hekenu Egypt in this form, Horus is the lord of protection
How Chu China the is the goddess of the air
Huitzilopochtli Aztec He is a god of war & the sun as well as the patron god of the Aztec nation
Hunahpu Gutch Maya He is one of the 13 gods that mistakenly created humans
Hymenaeus Greek This poor god is the goddess of marriage
Ibath Irish A Nemed who is believed to be a Tuatha ancestor/ father god
Iblis Islamic The Islamic version of the Jewish/ Christian Devil
Ida Hindu She is the goddess of prayer & devotion that was a man that turned into a woman, really
Ida Ten Japan This young god protects monasteries & is rather quick
Iegad Pelew Is. this is the god that is guilty of bringing light to earth
Ihi/ Ehi Egypt He is the lord of the sistrum
Ihoiho Society Is. The creator god that created everything including the primeval waters
Ikal Ahau Maya A chthonic death god, that strangely enough, is considered to inhabit Christian church towers in Mexico
Illapa/ Illyapa/ Katoyalla Inca He is the god of lightning, thunder & rain storms
Ilmarinen Finnish A god of good weather & the wind, he is also a protective deity of travelers & for a lark he forged the sun
Ilmatar Finland He is the god of the earth
Imra Kafir/ Afghanistan A creator god that is still worshipped today
Imset/ Amset Egypt This god is a funerary god charged with the care of the liver of the deceased
Inghean/ Crobh/ Dearg Bhuidhe Irish One of the isters who made up a triple goddess & goddess of summer
Ini Heret Egypt She is the goddess of mediators, diplomats, statesman's & other professional liars
Inta Aztec A god of fire who is associated with paternalism
Irsirra Hurrite She is the goddess of fate
Isa Buddhist A guardian deity
Isa Hindu/ Puranic An aspect of Siva
Isakakate Crow The supreme being
Isamba Africa A moon goddess
Isara Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ W. Semitic A goddess of marriage & childbirth who dealt with the enforcement of oaths
Isdes Egypt A chthonic god of death
Isdustaya Proto-Hattic A goddess of of fate
Ises Africa A goddess of bow & arrow
Ishi-Kori-Dome Japan/ Shinto A god/ goddess of stonecutters
Ishkur Mesopotamia The god of rain
Ishtar/ Inanna Babylonia She was the goddess of sexuality & of love and war
Isi India A goddess
Isinu Akkadia/ Mesopotamia this god, a messenger, was a dual faced god
Isis Egypt A goddess of childbirth, death, the earth, fertility, marital devotion, motherhood, healing, home, magic, the moon & the mother goddess
Iskur Mesopotamia/ Sumeria/ Iraq The chief rain & thunder god
Island of Flame Egypt Though not a god, without yet it eight gods would never have came into being
Ismud Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A dual faced messenger god
Israfil Islam The angel that blows of the trumpet of doom at the last call for of the universe
Issaki Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A goddess walking around with a headless child
Issitoq Inuit This god looks for those that break the rules
Istadevata Buddhist/ Tibet A tutelary god
Istadevata Hindu A generic title for a personal God or a house icon
Istanu Hittite A god of judgment who was also a sun god
Istar/ Estar Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A goddess of fertility & war known as the star of heaven
Istaran Mesopotamia/ Sumeria A tutelary god of the city of Der
Isten Hungary The chief deity
Isten/ Isden . A god known from the the Middle Kingdom & later
Istustaya Hittite One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus
Isum Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia A minor god, possibly a god of fire
Isvara Hindu An epitaph of Siva
Itzpapalotl Aztec She is a goddess of agriculture
Ixbalanque/ Hunapu . this god of the moon is also be twin of Hunahpu
Ixchel/ Ix Chel Maya She is the goddess of the moon
Ixpiyacoc Maya This god is also guilty of creating humans
Ixtab Maya She is the goddess of the hanged & suicides
Ixtlilton Aztec He is the god of healing, feasting & games
Iya Lakota The the spirit of all that is evil
Iyatiku Navaho/ Pueblo sheet is the mother of maize & humans
Jar Sub Turkey This is the god of the universe
Jarovit W. Slavic He is considered a war god
Jawhe/ Jahve/ Jehovah Israel Thought to be a mountain god prior to becoming the god of Israel, Mount Sinai is his suspected mountain
Jayanta Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A god who is one of the 11 forms of the god Rudra
Jehovah Christian A creator god, this form was created by the the Jehovah witnesses & is not considered a true name of this god
Jori-Torem Vogul She is the goddess of foreman who supervised Num's work
Juck Shilluck Africa This is the creator of the world
Juma Mari/ Finnish/ Ugart the sky god whose name is also associated with spirits of earth, water, wind, & the home
Jumala Finland A generic name for a major deity. Originally the name given by the Finns to the sky, the sky-god, and the supreme god. Later taivas and Ukko were used as the names for the sky and the sky-god. The word means god and was later used for the Christian God. The origin of the word is unknown - some possible explanations are derivation from Jomali, the supreme deity of the Permians and origination from the Estonian word jume.
Jumala Finnish A god who it is not only a sky god but it is but by air to closely supreme god as well
Jw/ Ja'u/ Jawi Syria This god is so ancient it yhad to be deduced from the study of personal names, nothing is known for certain but it may be identical to the harvest god Ao
Kalacakra Buddhist/ Mayhayana/ Tibet A tutelary god that is personally selected
Kalisia Pygmy/ Zaire/ Congo A creator god that is the guardian of hunters & the jungle forests
Kamrusepa[s]/ Katahziwuri Hittite She is the goddess of magic and healing
Kamrusepas/ Katahziwuri Hittite She is the goddess of magic and healing
Kan u Uayeyab Maya He is the god who guarded cities.
Kantatman Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A rather obscure god, of the medicine it is thought
Kappa Japan These water spirits are strange, their food is blood & cucumbers, they are mischevious but extremely knowing & prove helpful to humans
Karei Andaman Is. de goddess of Thunder & storm
Kari Semang Malya The supreme God who lets you know he is mad when it thunders
Katavi Ntamwezi Tanzania and in a demonic being who is chief of the water-spirits
Kathar Ugart this god not only built the Palace of Baal, but is responsible for architects, artisans & weapons makers
Kaukas Lithuania A spirit being, some type of goblin that brings good luck who is also bound to the notion of a dragon guarding treasure
Keket Egypt A goddess of darkness associated with the the island of flame
Kesava Hindu This God is a minor avatar of Visnu
Khen-Ma Buddhist/ Tibet A goddess that is the controller of the earth's demons
Khentimentiu Egypt This is the god that rules the destinies of all of the dead
Khovaki/ Savaki Tungus/ Siberia This entity is guilty of being in the creator of the world
Khwarenah Persia A bit of a strange definition, possessed by all morals yet it is of fire which dwells in water
Kianto Lacandon Maya This is the god of foreigners & all diseases
Kichijo Ten Japan She is a goddess of good fortune & beauty
Kihe Wahine Hawaii A kindly goddess of demons, who from the the goodness of her heart is also a goddess of lizards
Kingu Babylon He is in the husband/ son of Tiamat
Kini'je/ Ki'njen Yukaghir/ E. Siberia This sky spirit that is in charge of keeping an accounting of the time