God Name and Meaning

List of Gods   : "Japan"

NameOrigin Description
God name "Anus Hurrite" The king of heaven who declared war on the father of the gods, he lost
God name "Isten/ Isden" A god known from the the Middle kingdom & later
God name "Tir Mumia" he is the god of wisdom concerned with writing
God name "Were Luo'" A chief god
"Keri & Kame Bacairi" 1st nations These brothers are the accused of creating the human race
Demon name "Kankala(murti)" A violent / heavily armed aspect of SIVA Minor god. Traditionally accompanied in artworks by a skeleton, Kankala takes his place in mythology as the representation of the deity who slew V ISNU'S bodyguard VISVAKSENA. This was prompted by the refusal of Visvaksena to permit Siva an audience with Vis'nu. These illustrations were designed by Saivites as part of a propaganda exercise to demonstrate the superiority of Siva over Vis'nu....
Spirit name "Gunnodoyak" A youthful heroic deity who was once mortal Iroquois (North American Indian). He was empowered by the spirit of thunder, Hino, to conquer the Great water Snake, enemy of humankind. The serpent devoured Gunnodoyak but was then slain by Hino, who cut open the snake, recovered the body of Gunnodoyak and returned him to his rightful place in heaven....
"Wele" Abaluyia The supreme being and the creator of the world and of mankind. Abaluyia
"Apas aka Apah" Aban The Cosmic waters. Aban
Spirit name "Bmola" Abenaki bird spirit. Abenaki
God name "Afi" Abkhaz God of Rain and thunderstorms who does not tolerate women using his name. Abkhaz
"Zara-ma-yha-who" Aboriginal A little red man, about 4 feet tall, with a large head and mouth. The tips of the fingers and toes were shaped like the suckers of an octopus. They lived in wild fig trees and capture their prey by dropping on passers-by. A Zara-ma-yha-who might jump on top of the person and drain their blood with their hands and feet. Their victims rarely died from the initial encounter, but because the person was left in a weak and helpless state, the yara-ma-yha-who would return later and swallow the victim. It then drank water and took a nap. When it awoke, it would regurgitate the undigested portion of its meal, which, if the meal was a person, that person would still be alive. Aboriginal
Demon name "Lama" Acadia A feminine benevolent protective demon that later became the half man and half bull guardian of palace entrances
Demon name "Lama" Acadia Feminine benevolent protective demon who later became the half man and half bull guardian of palace entrances Acadia
Spirit name "Iatiku and Nautsiti" Acoma Sisters who, when giving life to the snakes and fishes, accidentally created the evil spirit. Acoma. Native American
"Katsinas" Acoma Children of Iatiku who could bring Rain and food Acoma
Spirit name "Tsichtinako" Acoma Female spirit of the creation myth Acoma
"Uchtsiti" Acoma Your father, Uchtsiti made you, and it is he who has made the world, the Sun which you have seen, the sky, and many other things which you will see. But Uchtsiti says the world is not yet completed, not yet satisfactory, as he wants it. This is the reason he has made you. Uchtsiti first made the world. He threw a clot of his own blood into space and by his power it grew and grew until it became the earth. Then Uchtsiti planted you in this and by it you were nourished as you developed. Acoma
God name "Bagishi" Afghanistan God of flood waters and posterity. Afghanistan
Goddess name "Disani" Afghanistan Supreme fertility and mother goddess. Afghanistan
God name "Dogumrik" Afghanistan Local warrior and guardian god. Afghanistan
God name "Gish" Afghanistan God of war Afghanistan
God name "Indr" Afghanistan Tutelary and weather god. Afghanistan
Goddess name "Kshumai Kafir" Afghanistan Beneficent goddess of fertility Afghanistan
Goddess name "Lunang Kafir" Afghanistan Patron goddess of the Prasun river Afghanistan
God name "Marmalik Kafir" Afghanistan Chthonic underworld god Afghanistan
God name "Mon Kafir" Afghanistan warrior god and hero from prehistoric origins and around today Afghanistan / Hindukush
God name "Nong" Afghanistan God of Winter and cold weather who lives in a glacier, he does not like women Afghanistan
Deities name "Panao" Afghanistan Creator god, also generic title for deities controlling the natural world, they lived in the mountains. Afghanistan
God name "Paneu" Afghanistan Seven Divine brother gods. Kafir, Afghanistan
Goddess name "Poloknalai Kafir" Afghanistan Goddess of animals Afghanistan
Deity name "Prakde Kafir" Afghanistan Local deity Afghanistan
Goddess name "Sanju Kafir" Afghanistan Harvest goddess Afghanistan
God name "Sanu Kafir" Afghanistan God Afghanistan
God name "Shomde" Afghanistan Local creator god of the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan
God name "Sudrem" Afghanistan weather god created from the breath of the god Imra. Afghanistan
Deities name "Abiala" Africa wife of Makambi; African deities. She holds a pistol in her hand, and is greatly feared. Her aid is implored in sickness.
God name "Adroa" Africa A god of the Lugbara people of central Africa. Adroa has two aspects: one good and one evil. He is the creator of heaven and earth, and he appears to those about to die. Adroa is depicted as a tall, white man with only half a body – one eye, one arm, one leg, one ear. Africa
God name "Age" Africa God of animals. Revered by hunters in the savannah regions. Benin, West Africa
God name "Ajalamo" Africa God of unborn children. Nigeria, West Africa
God name "Ajalamo Yoruba" Africa God of fetuses. west Africa() / Nigeria
Goddess name "Aje" Africa Goddess of wealth who appears as a fowl scratching the earth and was sent down with Oduduwa, the earth goddess.
Deity name "Akuj" Africa Chief deity associated with the sky. Turkana Africa
Deity name "Akuj Akuj" Africa The chief deity
Goddess name "Ala aka Ale" Africa Ana, Ani, Chthonic fertility goddess who is also goddess of the underworld linked with a cult of the dead, which rest in her womb . Ibo Eastern Nigeria, West Africa
Deities name "Alatangana" Africa With Sa, one of two creator deities he created land from swamp and placed vegetation on earth. He then eloped with the Sa's daughter and fathered seven boys and seven girls. Kono - Eastern Guinea, West Africa
Deities name "Alatangana Kono" Africa One of the two creator deities, this god created land from swamp Africa(west) / Guinea
Goddess name "Amma" Africa Creator god. He first created the Sun from a clay pot and coils of copper and the moon using a clay pot and brass. Black people were created from Sunlight and white from moonlight. He then proceeded to circumsise the earth goddess, whose clitoris was an anthill and their first offspring was a jackal. She then got pregnant by Rain and produced plants. He then became the father of mankind. Dogon Mali, West Africa
"Ammon" Africa Originally an Aethiopian or Libyan divinity, whose worship subsequently spread all over Egypt, parts of Africa, and many parts of Greece. The real Egyptian name was Amun or Ammun.
God name "Ananse Ashanti" Africa The creator of the Sun, stars, day, moon & night who often intercedes between gods & mortals
Goddess name "Andriam Vabi Rano" Africa A goddess of water & lakes
Goddess name "Ani" Africa A goddess of justice
Goddess name "Ani-lbo" Africa Goddess of Birth, death, Happiness and love Africa
Goddess name "Annalia" Africa Goddess of rivers, also the goddess of prostitutes. Africa
God name "Aondo" Africa Creator god who lives in the sky and sends the Sun each morning. Central Nigeria, West Africa
God name "Arabati" Africa Creator god worshipped by a pigmy tribe living along the banks of the river Ituri. Congo, West Africa
Goddess name "Asase Yaa / Asase Efua" Africa Chthonic fertility goddess. As the womb of the earth, she represents and is also goddess of truth. Ghana, West Africa
Goddess name "Ashiakle" Africa Goddess of wealth. The daughter of Nai, god of the sea, she was born in the ocean and came to land in a canoe. Ghana, West Africa
Goddess name "Atai" Africa Goddess who encouraged the creation of humans, choosing earth for us to inhabit. Africa
God name "Aylekete" Africa God of the sea and a member of the Vodun gods Fon
Goddess name "Azele Yaba" Africa Goddess of justice. wife of Nyamele, a sky god Africa
Deity name "Aziri" Africa A deity of salty waters, candies and confectionary. Africa
"Bagba" Africa Fetish with the power of giving or withholding Rain is ascribed to him, and he is lord of the winds, including the Harmattan, the dry, hot wind which blows from the interior. Africa
Goddess name "Buku" Africa God / goddess of the sky Africa(west)
God name "Bumba Bantu" Africa God of fire. Africa
Deity name "Cagn Mantis" Africa According to the Hottentots and the Bushman the supreme deity and creator of the world whose loves are ‘pleasing' and it is especially attached to the moon, having made it out of one of its old shoes. Africa
"Cagn Mantis/ Kalahari" Africa The creator
God name "Chango" Africa A warrior god that Defense morals against enemies that want the land, wealth & women
Goddess name "Coti" Africa Goddess of the oceans, of sea-life and of deep mysteries. Africa
Deities name "Dii Mauri" Africa The God of Moors. Immortal, they act as redeemers, and benevolent indigenous deities. North Africa
God name "Domfe Kurumba" Africa God of Rain and wind Africa
God name "Dwyn Kazoba Baziba" Africa He is in the god of the Sun and as well as the moon
Goddess name "Dziva" Africa Goddess of justice. Africa
Goddess name "Edinkira" Africa Tree goddess Africa
Goddess name "Egungun oya" Africa Another form of the Yoruba goddess of divination
God name "Eji Ogbe" Africa God who is king of the pantheon Africa(west) / Nigeria / Yoruba
"Eka Abassi" Africa Creator of life Africa
Goddess name "Ekineba" Africa Goddess of teaching Africa
Goddess name "Enekpe" Africa Goddess of the family and guardian of destiny Africa
Goddess name "Eseasar" Africa Goddess of the earth. Africa
God name "Fa" Africa The god with 16 eyes who brought learning to the people. Africa
"Faro" Africa Purified the earth by sacrificing himself to atone for his twin Pemba's sin. Mande. Weat Africa
Supreme god name "Gamab" Africa Supreme god and creator of the world who lives beyond the stars Africa
Supreme god name "Gamab/ Ganna/ Gawa/ Gaunab Damaras" Africa The supreme god & creator of the world who lives beyond the stars
"Gaunab" Africa The evil One. Responsible for all misfortune, disease and death. South Africa
"Gaunau" Africa The supreme being of the Bushmen. South Africa
God name "Gaunub" Africa A god of evil, the destroyer, who was associated with solar and lunar eclipses. The Khoi-Khoi, South Africa
God name "Gor" Africa God of thunder Africa
God name "Habiesso" Africa A god of thunder
God name "Heitsi" Africa Shape-shifting sorcerer God. Hottentots. Africa
Supreme god name "Huvi Bushmen" Africa Supreme god Africa
God name "Huvi Ovimbundu" Africa God of hunting Africa(west)
God name "Ifru Roman" Africa God known from an inscription at Crita Africa
God name "Imana Banyarwanda" Africa Chief god Africa(east)
Goddess name "Imo" Africa Goddess of justice Africa
"Inkanyamba" Africa A legendary serpent living in a waterfall lake area in the northern Forests near Cape Town, South Africa
"Inkosazana" Africa Who came out on the same day that men came out of the earth. She is not commonly seen. We hear it said the primitive men knew her. No one existing at the present time ever saw her. She is said to be a very little animal, as large as a polecat, and is marked with little white and black stripes; on one side there grows a bed of reeds, a Forest, and grass;97 the other side is that of a man. Such is her form. South Africa
Goddess name "Inkosikasi" Africa A Chicken hypnotist and a beneficent sky goddess. The Zulu, South Africa
Goddess name "Inna" Africa Goddess of justice. Africa
Goddess name "Isamba" Africa Goddess of the moon Africa
Goddess name "Ises" Africa Goddess of bow and arrow Africa
God name "Jokinam Lake Albert" Africa lake god Africa
"Juck Shilluck" Africa This is the creator of the world
Supreme god name "Kaang" Africa Supreme god Africa
God name "Kahdir" Africa vegetation god of the got his immortality by drinking from the well of life Africa
God name "Kalahari aka Cagn Mantis" Africa a creator god of the people of the Kalahari in Africa and in particular Botswana. He is credited with having made all things (he made the moon from an old shoe), and is the god of natural phenomena. Omnipresent, he manifests himself in everything in the world, but especially in the mantis and caterpillar, which seem to be his favored animals. He has one wife, Coti, and, with her, two sons, Cogaz and Gewi. At one time, he lived on earth but he later moved his dwelling to the top of the sky.
"Kalunga Ndonga" Africa Creator of all things Africa(south)
God name "Khonuum Pygmies" Africa Chief god Africa
God name "Kombu Bantu" Africa God of creation Africa
Spirit name "Koolukoolwani" Africa It is agreed among the Zoolus, that their forefathers believed in the existence of an overruling spirit, whom they called Villenangi [Umvelinqangi] (literally the First Appearer), and who soon after created another heavenly being of great power, called Koolukoolwani, [Unkulunkulwana,] who once visited this earth, in order to publish the news (as they express it), as also to separate the sexes and colours among mankind. Duling the period he was below, two messages were sent to him from Villenangi, the first conveyed by a cameleon, announcing that men were not to die; the second, by a lizard, with a contrary decision. The lizard, having outrun the slow-paced cameleon, arrived first, and delivered his message before the latter made his apperance. Amazulu, South Africa
"Lamies" Africa African spectres, having the head of a woman and tail of a serpent.
God name "Lesa" Africa Creator god Africa(south)
God name "Lesa SE" Africa A creator god
God name "Lisa Fon" Africa God of the Sun Africa
God name "Lisa Fon/ Dahomey" Africa A Sun god
Spirit name "Loa" Africa spirit beings who were imported by Africa slaves Haiti / Puerto Rico
God name "Loba Duala" Africa God of the Sun Africa / Cameroon
Goddess name "Luamerava" Africa Goddess of sexual desire. Africa
Goddess name "Ma" Africa The Goddess of Creation, and mother of Mbali-yamswira. South Africa
"Ma Kiela" Africa The personification of boiling and dyeing fabrics. Southern Africa
Goddess name "Mahalbiya Hausa" Africa Goddess of healing, fevers, ulcers Africa
Supreme god name "Mahu Fon" Africa She is the supreme goddess of the earth as well as a goddess of the moon & fertility
Deities name "Mami Wata" Africa A pantheon of ancient water spirits or deities of the African diaspora.
God name "Mantchu Muchangu" Africa Strange but by teaching humans how to make clothes & covering their bodies he ended up being the god of dressmakers
God name "Minga Bengale Shongon" Africa God of hunters, also taught humans how to make nets Africa
"Modjaji" Africa The Rain queen in South Africa's Limpopo Province
God name "Moloch" Africa Molek, either the name of a god or the name of a particular kind of sacrifice associated historically with Phoenician and related cultures in north Africa and the Levant.
God name "Mugasha" Africa God of water. Baziba, Africa
God name "Mugasha Baziba" Africa He is the god of water
"Mujaji" Africa The Rain queens who send drought to their enemies but cause Rain to fall on their people. South Africa
Goddess name "Mujaji/ Modjajji Lovedu" Africa A goddess of Rain immortalized in the Book, She by Rider Haggard
God name "Mulungu" Africa A creator God of the Nyamwezi people of Tanzania in eastern Africa. Despite being the creator and protector of the world, he is distant and has little contact with anyone. It is said that he once lived on earth, but when someone set fire to the landscape he asked a spider to spin him a web to climb up into the sky, where he lives today. He is revered now as a sky god, with thunder as his voice.
"Mungu" Africa The name of the Creator in the Swahili language. Africa
God name "Mw-ene" Africa Designates God-meaning the Master, the Chief. The Sagala, East Africa
Goddess name "Nakiwulo" Africa Goddess of justice Africa
Supreme god name "Nana Buluku Fon" Africa Supreme god Africa
"Ndjambi" Africa A supreme being whom they call by two names: Ndjambi Karunga. He lives in heaven and is omnipresent. Hereo, West Africa
God name "Ngai" Africa The name of the High God. Kikuyu, East Africa
Spirit name "Nguruhi" Africa The all-powerful but remote supreme being and creator who controls the elements and human destiny, but leaves daily occurrences to the influence of the ancestor spirits. The Wahehe, East Africa
God name "Njirana" Africa A god, father of Julana, who was alive during the Dreamtime.
Spirit name "Nommo Dogon" Africa Primordial spirits who are associated of Rain and fertility Africa(west)
Monster name "Nunda" Africa Swallowing Monster and the eater of people. Kiniramba, Africa.
"Nyambe" Africa One of Nyambe's creations was Kamunu, the first human being. Nyambe gave Kamunu the task of naming all the other creations and told the human being that all the animals were his siblings. As such he should look after them. Lozi, South West Africa
"Nyambi" Africa In the beginning Nyambi made all things. He made animals, birds. At that time he lived on earth with his wife, Nasilele. Africa
Goddess name "Nyamwezi" Africa Goddess of justice Africa
God name "Nyesoa" Africa The creator god of the French Ivory Coast. Africa
God name "Nzambe" Africa the ancient god of the Kota, Sangho
Goddess name "Nzambi" Africa Goddess of justice, the earth and of death. Africa
Goddess name "Oba" Africa Goddess of the river Oba. Africa
"Obambou" Africa The devil of the Camma tribes of Africa. It is exorcised by noise like bees in flight.
Goddess name "Oboto" Africa Goddess of placid serenity. Africa
God name "Obumo" Africa The thunderer, the principal god and great First Cause. Nigeria, Africa
Spirit name "Olokun" Africa The patron orisa of the descendants of Africans that were carried away during the Maafa, the Transatlantic Slave Trade or Middle Passage. Olokun works closely with Oya, deity of Sudden Change, and Egungun, Collective Ancestral spirits, to herald the way for those that pass to ancestorship, as it plays a critical role in death (Iku), Life and the transition of human beings and spirits between these two existences.
God name "Osanyin" Africa God of Medicine and herbs. Africa
God name "Pemba" Africa God Africa(west)
God name "Qamata" Africa Creator god of the Xhosa people. South Africa
God name "Ryangombe" Africa Tutelary god and ancestral deity. Rwanda, Africa
God name "Sore-Gus Hottentot" Africa God of the Sun / sky Africa(south)
God name "Soului Hua" Africa Benevolent vegetation god also in charge of Medicine and music Africa(west)
God name "Spiniesis" Africa Agriculture - This poor minor god is charged with responsibility of uprooting thorn bushes
"Suku" Africa The supreme creator. Ovimbundu, Africa
God name "Teliko Bambara" Africa God of hot winds Africa(west)
Goddess name "Tenga" Africa Goddess of justice Africa
Deity name "Umlimo" Africa The creator deity of the Amantebele (Zulu). South Africa
"Umlungu" Africa The invisible supreme being of the lake Nyasi region. East Africa
"Umvelatanqi" Africa Ukqamata. The supreme being of the Amakxosa. South Africa
Goddess name "Untombinde" Africa Tall-Maiden. A beautiful maiden who became the goddess of the sea. Africa
God name "Unvelingange" Africa The uncreated creator god, father of mankind. The Kaffir, South Africa
God name "Uthlanga" Africa The supreme father and creator god; the source of all beings. The Zulu, South Africa
Spirit name "Villenangi" Africa The 'First Appearer'. The supreme spirit, and ancestor god. The Zulu, South Africa
Deity name "Waaq" Africa The supreme and universal deity who the universe with opposing but complementary and interdependent forces such as night and day, young and old, in fine balance. Oromo. East Africa
"Wagadu" Africa Mother of the Fulbe nation and the personification of physical prowess and hunting. Africa
Supreme god name "Wele" Africa Supreme god of the Kavirondo, Africa
God name "Were" Africa Supreme Creator God. North West Africa
Goddess name "Woyengi" Africa Creator Goddess who shaped humans from clay dolls. Africa
God name "Wulbari" Africa The Creator god who made heaven to close to earth and was uses as a towel and sniffed by dogs. Africa
Supreme god name "Wuni" Africa Supreme god of the Dagamba, Ghana. Africa
"Xamaba" Africa The supreme being of the Heikum of South Africa. Creator of all things, including mankind, he is a benevolent figure who is invoked for help when ill and when traveling. and is said to provide the Rain. South Africa.
"Juok" Africa / Egypt Juok of the Shilluks. Juok molded all men of earth while he wandered the earth creating the rest of the world. White men were created from white sand which Juok found in the land of the white. Red or brown men were created out of the mud of the Nile in Egypt. Black men were created from black earth found in the land of the Shilluck. According to this creation story, man was given all necessary parts to function. Each part had a reason for being. For example, Juok gave man arms in order for man to work. Africa
Spirit name "Abonsam" Africa / Ghana Malevolent spirit driven away by firing guns and shouting loudly, emptying houses of furniture and beating the interiors with sticks. Gold Coast
"Among the Yoruba" Africa / Nigeria Aja also refer to a "wild wind";. It's believed that if someone is carried away by aja, and then returns,he becomes a powerful "jujuman". The journey supposedly will have a duration of between seven days to three months, and the person so carried is thought to have gone to the land of the dead or heaven (0run).
"Muso" Africa / west Is the dark moon preceding the shinning new moon sliver in the night sky. Africa(west)
God name "Eschu" Africa / Yoruba The god of mischief, is the son of Lusa and Mahu. He supported Legba in giving power of the loa to a mortal as a force of good against the evil unleashed by their brother Sagbata. Africa / Yoruba
Demon name "Bossum" African One of the two chief deities of the Gold Coast, the other being demonio. Bossum, the principle of good, is said to be white; and demonio, the principle of evil, black. African
"Yumboes" African Fairies of African mythology, about two feet high, of a white colour, and dressed like the people of Jaloff. Their favourite haunt is the range of hills called The Paps.
God name "Iruva" African Sun god. A number of tribes worship the Sun by this generic name, particularly in Cameroon, Congo and Tanzania....
God name "Jok" African Creator god. A generic term employed by a large number of tribes. Generally the jok is represented by a totem and also has an animal name. The Acholi in Uganda perceive jok to live in caves to which they deliver food and drink offerings. For the Shilluk in Sudan, Jwok created mankind from river clay....
"Aja" African  Aja is an Orisha, patron of the Forest, the animals within it and herbal healers, whom she taught their art.
"Umbanda" Afro-Brazilian Afro-Brazilian religion that blends African traditions with Roman Catholicism,
God name "Sio Humis" Ahopui Rain god Ahopui
Goddess name "Chup Kamui" Ainu Goddess of war and the Sun Japan / Ainu
Goddess name "Kamui-fuchi" Ainu Lady Hearth. A Hearth Goddess who is also known as the Supreme Ancestress and the spirit of female reproductivity and the home. Ainu, Japan
God name "Tuntu" Ainu The sky-god of the Ainu people of the island of Hokkaido.
God name "Kamui/ Tuntu" Ainu / Japan the sky god
God name "Brekyirihunuade" Akan Brekyirihunuade is the highest god in the religion of the Akan people, "he who knows and sees everything".
Deities name "Obosom" Akan A generic name for the lessor gods, sometimes referred to as the deities. These spirits are embodied in the wind, rivers, oceans, streams, trees, mountains, rocks, animals, and other objects. Akan
"Onyankopon" Akan The Supreme Being and the One Greater infiniteness. Akan
God name "Tano" Akan Stool god of Obo, associated with the ancestral stools. Akan
God name "Opo" Akan / Ghana, West Africa God of the ocean. One of the sons of the creator god NYAME, he is also considered to be the god of the great inland lakes and rivers of Ghana....
God name "Nyame" Akan / southern Ghana, West Africa Creator god. An androgynous being symbolized in his male aspect by the Sun, and his female aspect by the moon. He gave mankind its soul and is the controller of destiny. He enjoys a dedicated priesthood and is worshiped in the form of a tree trunk. Also Odomankoma; Onyame; Onyanko pon; Totrobonsu....