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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Maya"
God Name: Ab Kin Xoc Mayan Aka Piz Hui Tec, god of Poetry and War. Mayan
God Name: Ac Yanto Mayan Created European immigrants and their products. Mayan
God Name: Acat Mayan God of tattoo artists. Mayan
God Name: Acna Mayan Mother goddess Mayan
God Name: Acna/ Akna Maya/ Mexico A mother goddess
God Name: Ah Bolom Tzacab Mayan Meaning "the lead-nosed god," he was a god of agriculture, thunder and rain. He was depicted with a leaf in his nose. Mayan
God Name: Ah Bolon Dz'acab Mayan Fertility god associated with rain and thunder Mayan
God Name: Ah Can Cum Mayan Hunter god; protector of the animals Mayan
God Name: Ah Can Cum/ Acaum Maya A hunter & protector of the animals god
God Name: Ah Chuy Kak Mayan God of war Mayan
God Name: Ah Ciliz Mayan God of solar eclipses Mayan
God Name: Ah Cun Can Mayan God of war Mayan
God Name: Ah Hulneb Mayan Associated with the island of Cozumel, he was a god of war. Ah Hulneb means "he the spear thrower." Mayan
God Name: Ah Kin Mayan God of the sun, who brings drought but protects man from the powers of evil associated with darkness Mayan
God Name: Ah Kin Xoc Mayan God of poetry, a singer and musician Mayan
God Name: Ah Kinchil Mayan God of war and the sun Mayan
God Name: Ah Kumix Unicob Maya These are small attendant water gods
God Name: Ah Mun Mayan God responsible for protecting the green maize Mayan
God Name: Ah Muzecab Mayan Bee gods Mayan
God Name: Ah Patnar Uinicob Maya They are large water gods
God Name: Ah Peku Mayan Thunder god who lives on the tops of hills Mayan
God Name: Ah Puch Maya He is the god of death
God Name: Ah Tabai Mayan God of hunting Mayan
God Name: Ah Unicir Dz'acab Mayan God of healing Mayan
God Name: Ah Uuc Ticab Mayan Minor vegetation and fertility god Mayan
God Name: Ahau Chamahez Mayan One of two gods of medicine Mayan
God Name: Ahau Kin Mayan Meaning "lord of the sun face," he was a sun god and moon god; he had two manifestations. At night, he became a jaguar god and lord of the underworld. Mayan
God Name: Ahmakiq Mayan An agriculture god who protected crops from the wind. Mayan
God Name: Ahulane Mayan/Persian/Zoroastrian A war god, also called the archer. The island Cozumel was the location of Ahulane's shrine. Mayan/Persian/Zoroastrian
God Name: Ajbit Mayan One of the thirteen creator gods who helped construct humanity from maize. Mayan
God Name: Ajtzak Mayan One of the thirteen creator gods who helped construct humanity from maize. Mayan
God Name: Akhushtal Maya She is the goddess of childbirth
God Name: Alaghom Naom Mayan Alaghom Naom goddess of wisdom, consciousness, education and the intellect. Also known as Alaghom Naom Tzentel and the Mother of Mind. Mayan
God Name: Alaghom Naom Tzentel Maya The goddess of thought & intellect
God Name: Alom Mayan Sky god and one of the creator deities who participated in the last two attempts at creating humanity. Mayan
God Name: Auilix Mayan God of dawn. Mayan
God Name: B'alam Agab Mayan "night jaguar," he was the second of the men created from maize after the Great Flood sent by Hurakan. He married Choimha. Mayan
God Name: Bacabs Mayan They stand at the four corners of the world supporting the heavens. Mayan
God Name: Backlum Chaam Mayan God of male sexuality and of sex. Mayan
God Name: Balac Maya War God. Maya
God Name: Balakrsna Mayan They are guardian deities. Mayan
God Name: Balanke Mayan The name of the sun god among the Kekchi. Mayan
God Name: Bitol Mayan A sky god and one of the creator deities who participated in the last two attempts at creating humanity. Mayan
God Name: Bolon Ti Ku Mayan Collective name for the the nine underworld gods who are not well defined Mayan
God Name: Bolon tza cab Maya Ruling God of All. Maya
God Name: Bolontiku Maya A group of underworld gods. Maya
God Name: Buluc Chabtan Mayan Sometimes referred to as "God F," he was a war god who received human sacrifices. Mayan
God Name: Cabaguil Mayan God who helped create the world and mortals. Mayan
God Name: Cacoh Maya A creator god
God Name: Caha-Paluma Mayan "falling water," she was a woman created specifically to be the wife of Balam-Quitze. Mayan
God Name: Cakixia Mayan Cakixia "water of parrots," she was a woman created specifically to be the wife of Iqi-Balam
God Name: Cakulha Mayan A lightning god, an underling of Yaluk. His brother was Coyopa. Mayan
God Name: Camazotz Mayan The cult of Camazotz worshipped an anthropomorphic monster with the body of a human, head of a bat. The bat was associated with night, death, and sacrifice. Mayan
God Name: Camozotz Maya The bat god
God Name: Camulatz Mayan A bird that ate the heads of the first men. Mayan
God Name: Capakan Maya The god of earthquakes & mountains
God Name: Cay Mayan A water deity. Mayan
God Name: Chaac Mayan God of Rain and Thunder. Mayan
God Name: Chac Mayan Gods of lightning, rain, thunder, wind and fertility. Mayan
God Name: Chac Uayab Xoc Maya A fish god known as the great demon shark
God Name: Chac Uayab Xoc Mayan A fish god and the patron deity of fishermen. He blessed their catches, yet also ate them if they drowned. Mayan
God Name: Chac Xib Chac Mayan God of sacrifice and war. Mayan
God Name: Chac/ Chac Mol Maya A god[s] of lightning, rain, thunder, wind & fertility
God Name: Chamer Mayan A god of death, particularly popular in Guatemala. He was married to Ixtab. Mayan
God Name: Chaob Mayan The four wind gods. Mayan
God Name: Chaob Mayan Wind[s] god[s] Mayan/Lacandon
God Name: Chibilias Mayan Goddess of the rainbow. Mayan
God Name: Chibirias Mayan Goddess of the earth, who sends the rain and paints the earth. Mayan
God Name: Chiccan Mayan Gods of rain. Mayan
God Name: Chimalmat Mayan A giant who, by Vucub Caquix, was the mother of Cabrakan and Zipacna. Mayan
God Name: Chirakan Ixmucane Mayan One of the new goddess formed by the four gods who made the world. Mayan
God Name: Chul Tatic Chites Vaneg Maya A creator god thought by some to be the name of the Christian God
God Name: Chul Tatic Chites Vaneg, Mayan Creator god Mayan
God Name: Cit Bolon Tum Mayan A boar-headed god of medicine and healing. Mayan
God Name: Cit Cac Coh Mayan God of war iconised as a red. Puma Mayan
God Name: Cizin Mayan God of death Mayan
God Name: Colel Cab Mayan Chthonic goddess of the earth Mayan
God Name: Colop U Uichkin Mayan Sky god who, with a night avatara of the same name, is the bringer of disease Mayan
God Name: Cum Hau Maya A god of death
God Name: Cumhau Mayan God of death. Mayan
God Name: E Mayan E. An agricultural divinity and the patron of maize and maize produce. Mayan
God Name: E Alom Mayan Primeval creator goddessess, literally, those who conceive and give birth Mayan
God Name: E Quhalom Maya/ Quiche A primeval creator god
God Name: Ek Mayan Babob Mayan
God Name: Ek Chua Mayan God of merchants and cacao growers. Black faced with a huge nose.Mayan
God Name: Ek Chuah Mayan God of war and commerce Mayan
God Name: Ekahau Maya He is the god of travelers & merchants
God Name: Ekahau Mayan God of travelers and merchants Mayan
God Name: Ekchuah Mayan An agricultural divinity who is the Patron of cacao and cacao products. He also has associations with travelers and journeys. Mayan
God Name: F Mayan F. A god of war who likes a tasty human sacrifice. Mayan
God Name: Gucumatz Mayan ("feathered serpent") was a feathered snake god, one ofthe gods who created Earth and humanity. Mayan
God Name: Gucup Cakix Mayan An evil giant, who pretended to be both the sun and the moon. Mayan
God Name: Gukumatz Mayan Feathered serpent", a feathered snake god, one of the gods who created Earth and humanity. Mayan
God Name: Hacauitz Mayan Mountains god Mayan
God Name: Hacha'kyum Maya/ Lacandon The god of the real people
God Name: Hachacyum/ Nohochacyum Maya The creator the world who was helped by three other gods
God Name: Hahana Ku Mayan Messenger god. Mayan
God Name: Hexchuchan Mayan God of war Mayan/Itza
God Name: Hun Hau Mayan God of death and the Head of Demons. Mayan
God Name: Hun Hunapu Mayan Creator god. Mayan
God Name: Hun Nal Mayan God of maize. Mayan
God Name: Hunab Ku aka Hun Itzamna Mayan . The Supreme Being and the greatest deity in the pantheon. Mayan
God Name: Hunab Ku/ Itzamn Maya The most important creator god & the greatest deity in the pantheon
God Name: Hunahpa Utiu Mayan Yet another god who helped create the human race. Mayan
God Name: Hunahpu Mayan A god, who with his twin Xbalamwque, overcame the powers of evil and of death of his father, then rose to the heavens to become the sun and the moon. Mayan
God Name: Hunahpu Gutch Maya He is one of the 13 gods that mistakenly created humans
God Name: Hunapu Maya Another creator god
God Name: Hunhau Mayan Appears, sometimes with the head of an owl, sometimes as a dog. A god of the underworld and the land of the dead. Mayan
God Name: Ih P'en Mayan Chthonioc fertility god, concerned with the growth of plants as well as family, property and other wealth Mayan
God Name: Ikal Ahau Maya A chthonic death god, that strangely enough, is considered to inhabit Christian church towers in Mexico
God Name: Itzam Cab Mayan Chthonic earth god as well as a god of fire Mayan
God Name: Itzam Na/ Hun Itzamna/ Yaxcocahmut Maya Another creator god, water, agriculture, drawing, healing, medicine & the moon
God Name: Itzamna Maya The founder of the Maya culture, taught his people to grow maize and cacao, as well as writing, calendars and medicine. He was a good-natured god who was especially worshiped by the wealthier classes. He was associated with snakes and mussels. His father was Kinich Ahau or Hunab Ku. The city of Izamal was sacred to him.
God Name: Ix Ahau Mayan Goddess of the moon Mayan
God Name: Ix Ch'up Mayan Goddess of the moon Mayan
God Name: Ix Chebel Yax Mayan Goddess of teaching, childbirth, the moon, sexual relations, storms and water Mayan
God Name: Ix Chel Maya The goddess of the moon. Maya
God Name: Ix Kanan Mayan Vgetation goddess who takes care of bean plant Mayan
God Name: Ix Ku Mayan Goddess of rain Mayan
God Name: Ix Zacal Nok Mayan Inventor of weaving as well as Creator goddess Mayan
God Name: Ixbalanque Mayan God of the moon, also be twin of Hunahpu Mayan
God Name: Ixbalanque/ Hunapu Maya this god of the moon is also be twin of Hunahpu
God Name: Ixchebelyax Mayan Zapotec goddess. Mayan
God Name: Ixchel Mayan Zapotec earth goddess Mayan
God Name: Ixchel/ Ix Chel Maya She is the goddess of the moon
God Name: Ixmucane Maya Yet another of the 13 gods that created humans
God Name: Ixpiyacoc Mayan One of the thirteen creator gods who helped construct humanity. Mayan
God Name: Ixtab Maya She is the goddess of the hanged & suicides
God Name: Ixtab Mayan Goddess of suicide and wife of Chamer. Ixtab, depicted as a corpse with a rope around her neck, would accompany the suicides to their eternal rest Mayan
God Name: Kabrakan Mayan A giant demon that causes earthquakes and makes mountains disappear Mayan
God Name: Kai Yum Mayan God of music Mayan
God Name: Kakupacat Mayan God of war with a shield of fire Mayan
God Name: Kan u Uayeyab Maya He is the god who guarded cities.
God Name: Kan-xib-yui Mayan He re-created the earth after it was destroyed by the four Bacabs. Mayan
God Name: Ketchimanet Mayan Great Spirit Iowa/Fox
God Name: Kianto Mayan The god of foreign aliens, and the disease they brought with them. Mayan
God Name: Kianto Lacandon Maya This is the god of foreigners & all diseases
God Name: Kin Mayan A Mayan sun god.
God Name: Kinich Ahau Mayan God of war and the sun. Mayan
God Name: Kinich Ahau Mayan A solar deity and father of Itzamna. Mayan
God Name: Kinich Kakmo Maya He is the sun god & is symbolized by the Macaw
God Name: Kinich Kakmo Mayan God of the sun and is symbolized by the Macaw. Mayan
God Name: Kisin Mayan The god of death and earthquakes. If a person lied, was a thief, or committed murder or incest, their soul is given to Kisin, who punishes the spirit by alternate burning or freezing. Mayan
God Name: Kucumatz Mayan God who created all things from itself Mayan/Quiche
God Name: Kukulcan Maya He is the wind god that started life as a god of the Toltec
God Name: Kukulcan Mayan Wind god who started life as a god of the Toltec Mayan
God Name: Kulcan Mayan The Mayan supreme god. He was also a god of the four elements, the creator god, god of resurrection and reincarnation.
God Name: Mam Maya A god of evil
God Name: Mam Mayan God of evil Mayan
God Name: Manohel-Tohel Mayan Creator god. Mayan
God Name: Maya Hindu A goddess of illusion
God Name: Maya[devi] Buddhist A mother goddess
God Name: Mayahuel Aztec A minor fertility goddess associated with the maguey plant
God Name: Mayahuel aka Mayahual Aztec Mayouel, the goddess of maguey, and by extension, alcohol. Aztec
God Name: Mayajalakrama-Kurukulla Buddhist/ Mayhayana A goddess
God Name: Mayan Hindu Goddess of illusion Hindu
God Name: Mayan[devi] Buddhist Mother goddess Buddhist
God Name: Mayanhuel Mexico Goddess of the night sky and of drunkenness Mexico
God Name: Mayanjalakrama-Kurukulla Buddhist Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
God Name: Mayanvel India Goddess of children India
God Name: Mayavel India Another goddess of children
God Name: Menzabac Mayan Weather god who causes the rain by sprinkling black dye on the clouds, he has a side line as a fever god and the keeper of good souls Mayan
God Name: Mitnal Mayan Underworld hell where the wicked were tortured. Mayan
God Name: Nacon Maya He is the god of war
God Name: Nilalohita Hindu Sent by Shiva to take birth on Earth to drive away the insanity of the people under the preachings of the Mayavadis and to propagate Srouta Sivaradhya Sampradayam. Hindu
God Name: Nohochacym Maya A god
God Name: Nohochacyum Mayan "Our True Lord" a creator god of the Lacandon.
God Name: Ohoromoxtotil Maya this god was the creator the sun that made the world in habitable by destroying the jaguars that once infesterd it
God Name: Oxlahun Ti Ku Mayan Literally the Thirteen Gods, are probably the gods of the thirteen heavens of the Maya cosmos, but they are usually treated as a single god. Mayan
God Name: Pantang Mayag Borneo A goddess of love
God Name: Pantang Mayang Borneo Goddess of love Borneo
God Name: Poxlom Mayan God of disease, also seen as a fertility god and is often depicted been a hunter. Mayan
God Name: Ppiz Hiu Tec Mayan God of poetry. Mayan
God Name: Prahana or prakriti Theosophic Matter in its elemental state, is vyaya (perishable) and parinamin, subject to change. However, when Purusha and prakriti are regarded from the standpoint of the periods of manifestation, their aspects become mayavi (illusory), and hence in their interblending actions subject to the modifications of manvantaric evolution. Theosophic
God Name: Qaholom Mayan A sky god and one of the seven deities of creation and humans. Mayan
God Name: Quiabelagayu Maya God of boozy afternoons and lazy sunday bonking sessions. Maya
God Name: Seven Macaw Mayan God of the Big Dipper Mayan
God Name: Tiamontennu Maya A god of wealth who protected of human life by chasing away demons. Maya
God Name: Tohil Mayan God of fire Mayan
God Name: Totilma'il Mayan Androgynous creator being Mayan/Tzotzi
God Name: Tzacol or Tzakol Maya A sky god and one of the creator deities who participated in the last two attempts at creating humanity. Maya
God Name: Tzultacah Mayan The god who protects the crops and the game. Mayan
God Name: Xbalanque Mayan A son of Hun-Hunahpu and Xquic, the daughter of one of the lords of the underworld. His twin is Hunahpu. Together, the Twins outwitted arrogant demons, their jealous half-brothers and the lords of the underworld. Mayan
God Name: Xbaquiyalo Maya A Maya deity. Wife of Hun-Hunahpu, she was mother to the Monkey Twins.
God Name: Xibalba Mayan Also known as Xibalba or Xibalbay, is a dangerous underworld ruled by the demons Vucub Caquix and Hun Came. The road to it is said to be steep, thorny and very forbidding. Mayan
God Name: Xmucane Mayan And this is the grandmother, the daykeeper, diviner who stands behind others: Xmucane is her name. Mayan
God Name: Xmucane, Xpiyacoc, Xumucane,Ixpiyacoc Maya The mother and father gods. They agreed that animals should be created. This was accomplished, and they next turned their attention to the framing of man. They made a number of mannikins carved out of wood. Popol Vuh, Kiche
God Name: Xpiyacoc Mayan This is the grandfather, this is the master of the coral seeds: Xpiyacoc is his name. Mayan
God Name: Xpuch & Xtah Maya The worlds first heavenly servants, prostitutes
God Name: Xpuch and Xtah Mayan And the two maidens, Xtah and Xpuch, were sent to the river, to the bathing place of Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. This is what was decided by all the tribes. They went at once, well adorned, and they were truly very beautiful when they went there where Tohil was bathing, so that they would be seen, when they were washing. When they went, the lords were happy because they had sent their two daughters. Mayan
God Name: Xtabay Maya A goddesses of seduction
God Name: Yaluk Mayan The chief lightning god, and ruled over the lesser ones, such as Cakulha. Mayan
God Name: Yum Caax Mayan "lord of the woods" is a god of wild plants and animals important to the hunters. He is equally a protector of the fields against the incursions of wild nature and invoked by traditional farmers. Mayan
God Name: Yum Cimih Mayan God of death Mayan
God Name: Yum Kaax Maya A god of agriculture & maize
God Name: Zipacna Mayan God of the dawn who, every morning, trys to destroy the stars. Mayan